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If you are an avid traveler, then you must have pinned Turkey on your list, but the thing which crosses every traveler's mind is whether to buy travel insurance or not. Here in this blog, we will cover the same.

Turkey has a rich and mixed ancient history. It is called the home of various diverse and contemporary cultures. The place is known for its colorful market, and it is one of the central attractions for tourists from all across the globe. From its bustling cities to Mediterranean beaches to unique cuisine, a visit to Turkey will please you. 

However, the trip often becomes painful due to unforeseen challenges, which can be easily avoided if the travelers prefer to take travel insurance for turkey.

Turkey Travel Insurance

No doubt, you want to enjoy Turkey's shimmering beaches, colorful markets, and historic settlements without worrying about anything. But unexpected things like accidents, medical emergencies, loss of luggage, and so on can happen while traveling. But you can prepare for such cases by booking the best travel insurance for Turkey, which looks out for emergencies such as personal liability, medical issues, loss of baggage, etc. The insurance service provider will be your support in the foreign land. In an emergency, all you have to do is reach out to the service providers, who will help you out.

Do You Need Travel Insurance For Turkey?

Now, that's the question that pops in the mind of most travelers: is travel insurance mandatory for turkey? The answer is yes. Turkey has made it mandatory for foreign travelers to have travel insurance before visiting the place. Visitors need to show a copy of insurance while visiting the place. It is also mandatory for people applying for a Turkey Visa. Not just this, if you take travel insurance for turkey, you are covering yourself from unwanted problems. There are various benefits of taking cheap travel insurance to Turkey. Some of them are listed below:

1. Medical Expenses:

Health is wealth, and nobody wants to get sick while traveling, but due to weather changes, things can happen. So with a travel insurance plan in your hand, you can get yourself covered for all kinds of medical emergencies. The thing which is covered in the plan is medical evacuation, emergency cash, and more.

2. Loss of Property:

Losing important documents or luggage while traveling to different lands can be painful. But with a travel insurance plan, you don't have to worry about the same as the insurance provider will reimburse the travelers for all the essential items, documents, and more. 

3. Personal Liability:

The third benefit of having a travel insurance plan to Turkey is financial coverage from accidents or damage caused by you in a foreign country. It only covers the unintentional damage during the visit; insurance providers do not cover illicit activities.

4. Delayed or Canceled Flight:

Insurance company providers also look out for delayed and canceled flights and reimburse clients for the same.

5. Travel Assistance:

While traveling to Turkey, if you come across any difficult situation where you need support, then insurance agencies are here to help you out by assisting you via call, email, or video call in a different land.

Travel Insurance Turkey: Types

There are different types of travel insurance plans for turkey; some of them are listed below:

1. Single Trip Travel Insurance:

This is one of the most popular travel plans good for non-frequent travelers. This insurance policy provides full coverage for an international trip until you return home. The plan includes medical emergencies, flight-related benefits, etc. All the age groups are eligible for this plan.

2. Family Travel Insurance:

Further, this one is another important travel insurance plan for families who like to travel together. This insurance plan protects all family members from unforeseen events such as personal liability, luggage loss, etc.

3. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance:

As the name suggests, this insurance plan is for older people 61 years and above. The insurance plan provides necessary coverage to older citizens, such as travel assistance, flight cancelation, delay, passport loss, etc.

4. Annual Multi-Trip Insurance:

This travel plan is all you need if you travel more frequently. The plan will cover all the international trips one takes in a year. This insurance plan saves both time and money. Under this plan, all the necessary benefits like medical emergencies, luggage delay, etc., are covered.

5. Group Travel Insurance:

This is the travel insurance plan for individuals who travel in a group. They can be friends or business colleagues. The purpose of this insurance plan is to provide coverage against unforeseen events.

6. Student Travel Insurance -

Many students who prefer to pursue further studies abroad can avail from insurance plans that cover international travel and health benefits. This plan covers medical benefits, loss of luggage, and much more.

Turkey Visa Requirement

Below are the documents needed before applying for a Turkey visa.

  • Thoroughly filled out Turkey visa application form. All details should be filled in correctly in this form.
  • Clean and appropriate 2 passport-size photographs.
  • Original passport and other travel documents must be valid for six months after arriving in Turkey. And the passport must have at least one blank page for stamping the visitor visa.
  • Further, you must provide all the necessary information about your stay in Turkey. It can be a hotel booking or an invitation letter from any of your friends or relatives.
  • Moreover, it is important to submit a bank statement, letter of support, or proof of any other income to ensure you have enough money for your trip.
  • Plus, travel itinerary and booking are also crucial for the Turkey Visa department to know all about your plan in the country.

After providing all the details, you must pay the required visa fees.

Turkey Travel Visa

Documents Required to Travel from UAE to Turkey.

One needs to provide the following documents at the airport.

  • Passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Journey Description
  • Address Proof
  • Turkey Visa

Best Travel Insurance Providers

adamjee-travel-insurance allianz-travel-insurance Oman Travel Insurance Orient Travel Insurance Emirates Travel Insurance
RSA Travel Insurance Union Travel Insurance AIG Travel Insurance AXA Travel Insurance  

Now comes the part of exploring beautiful Turkey. One must visit the place listed out below:

1. Ankara -

The very first place to explore is Ankara. It is the second-largest city in Turkey and is well known as a calmer version of Istanbul. The city got everything from cobblestone alleys to panoramic views, visitors won’t get bored.

2. Cappadocia -

Cappadocia is the rock valley loved by photographers. It is one of the best hiking places to observe natural beauty, and if not for hiking, then to witness the famous hot balloon ride, one must visit the place.

3. Mount Nemrut -

Mount Nemrut is one of the attraction spots among tourists because of its archaeological beauty. One will notice giant stone heads on this site, known as heads of long-forgotten gods.

4. Aspendos -

If visiting Turkey and not witnessing the beauty of classical age theater, your trip would be incomplete. Aspendos is a living example of classical theater and art with around 15000 seats.

5. Patara -

If you are someone who longs for the beach and sea, Patara is your destination to hang out in Turkey. It is one of the famous beaches with around 18 km of trailing shoreline.

6. The Bosphorus -

If you want to witness the world's biggest waterways linking the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, you must visit the Bosphorus. It is one of the relaxing places to visit in Turkey.

Best Time to Visit Turkey

The best time to visit Turkey is autumn and spring. One might face extreme warmth while traveling in summer and in winter, chill and snow might trouble the tourist. The best time to travel to Turkey is between April and May, as the weather conditions are not extreme and the sky is clear.

How To Get Travel Insurance Online For Traveling to Turkey From UAE?

If you want the best travel insurance for Turkey, visit our quotes section. The procedure is simple. To get the Turkey travel insurance plan from Policybazaar, you must follow the steps mentioned.

  • Go to the our quotes section and click on the travel insurance option.
  • Further, the tab will display inbound and outbound travel options, go with the outbound travel option and proceed.
  • Select the trip type.
  • Then you need to provide the details of the country you are traveling to, the start and end date of the trip, the number of people traveling and all. Click on the next option.
  • After filling in your details, click on the get quote option, which will take you to the next window with the most reasonable travel insurance plan from UAE to Turkey. Choose the one that fits your needs.
Travel Insurance by Age Group
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Is travel insurance compulsory for Turkey?

Yes, Turkey has made it mandatory for all visitors to have insurance while applying for a Turkey Visa.

What if my flight gets canceled?

The insurance provider reimburses the amount.

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