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In the UAE, it's legally necessary for all car owners to have valid car insurance. Driving without proper car insurance can lead to penalties, fines, or even the confiscation of the vehicle. With that said, beyond the legal obligation, having car insurance is a responsible measure to secure your financial well-being as a car owner.

If you are new in Sharjah or have recently purchased a vehicle in this Emirate, this article will provide you with valuable insights about how to buy car insurance in Sharjah and other important details associated with it.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Types of Car Insurance in Sharjah

In Sharjah, insurance companies mainly offer two main types of car insurance — 

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This type of auto insurance provides comprehensive coverage against a wide range of risks as well as third-party liabilities. Comprehensive car insurance goes beyond basic coverage and safeguards the policyholder's own vehicle. It includes coverage for non-collision incidents such as theft, vandalism, and more. 

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, this type of insurance ensures financial support for the repair or replacement of the insured vehicle. Comprehensive car insurance coverage comes at a higher premium compared to basic plans.

Third-Party Liability Car Insurance

Third-party liability car insurance is designed to cover the policyholder against damages or injuries caused to other parties by their car. This type of insurance compensates third parties for medical expenses or property damages resulting from the policyholder's negligence or fault in a car accident. 

Third-party liability car insurance provides essential coverage while being more affordable than comprehensive policies. It helps policyholders fulfil legal requirements and ensures that they have financial protection in case they are responsible for an accident

Features & Benefits of Having Car Insurance in Sharjah

Car insurance in the UAE, including Sharjah, offers numerous advantages that are crucial for both legal compliance and financial protection. Let's explore these benefits in detail — 

Legal Compliance

The foremost advantage of having car insurance in Sharjah is that it fulfils the country's legal requirements. 

In the UAE, it is mandatory for all vehicle owners to possess valid car insurance. Without it, individuals can face serious consequences including fines, the accrual of black points on their driving records, and even the confiscation of their driving licence. Having a car insurance plan keeps you on the right side of the law.

Financial Protection

As car repairs can be pretty expensive, unexpected accidents or damages can lead to significant financial burdens. Additionally, rising inflation can increase the cost of repairs. 

Car insurance serves as a financial safety net in these situations. It covers repair and replacement costs, alleviating the financial strain. This protection extends to both your own vehicle and third-party damages.

Coverage Against Theft or Loss

Your car is a valuable asset — losing it or seeing it damaged in an accident can have both emotional and financial consequences. 

Car insurance provides financial support amidst such unforeseen circumstances. If your car is stolen, completely damaged in an accident, or suffers substantial damage, your insurance company can compensate you based on your car's current market value. This coverage significantly reduces the financial impact of such incidents, allowing you to recover more easily.

Protection From Third-Party Lawsuits

Accidents are a common risk while driving. If you are involved in an accident where others are injured or their property is damaged, you could face legal action and be held financially responsible for the losses incurred. 

Car insurance plays a crucial role in these situations by providing third-party liability coverage. It covers the damages caused to others by your actions. Additionally, car insurance often includes coverage for legal fees (if any), ensuring that you have the necessary support throughout the legal process.

Availability of Riders and Add-Ons

Car insurance policies in the UAE offer the flexibility to enhance your coverage through riders and add-ons. Riders are coverages that are automatically included in your policy without extra charges, enhancing your protection. 

Add-ons, on the other hand, can be selected by paying a small additional premium. These options vary among insurance providers but can include options such as off-road recovery, roadside assistance, towing service, flat tyre assistance, and so on. These supplementary covers allow you to tailor your car insurance to your specific needs.

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How to Buy Car Insurance in Sharjah?

It may seem to be a bit challenging to get the best deal on your vehicle insurance in Sharjah, considering the sheer number of insurance providers across the emirate. Evaluating which one is the best for your car and whether it aligns with your requirements can indeed be difficult.

With our digital platform of, however, you can easily get car insurance in Sharjah for the best coverage at reasonable prices. Heres how you can buy car insurance online through our site — 

  • Step1- Click on the ‘Insurance’ drop-down on the homepage of our website. 
  • Step2- Choose & Car Insurance and fill out the lead form on the next page. Note that you can also click on the icon of car insurance on the homepage to reach here.
  • Step3- Complete the form and submit it to get to our car insurance quotes page.
  • Step4- You will find several quotes. Go through all of the options and compare them.
  • Step5- After selecting the most suitable one, follow the prompted steps to initiate your application.

Note: Once you successfully make the payment, your policy details will be sent to your registered email ID.

Here are the benefits that await you when you buy car insurance Sharjah through our website — 

  • As an insurance broker, we have collaborated with some of the most eminent car insurance providers in Sharjah. This way, you can find the best car insurance plans in one place.
  • We have plans exclusively curated for all car insurance seekers tailored to their requirements.
  • On our platform. you can efficiently compare multiple plans at a time, which eventually helps you in making an informed decision.
  • We offer a hassle-free and smooth insurance renewal experience. On top of that, we keep sending you reminders regarding your due date of renewal.

How to Find the Best Car Insurance in Sharjah?

When it comes to securing the best car insurance deal in Sharjah, you can make an informed decision by considering these essential points — 

Know Your Needs and Requirements

Understanding your specific requirements is a fundamental step in finding the best car insurance deal

Take into account factors like your driving habits, the type of vehicle you own, and your budget. This assessment allows you to tailor your coverage accurately to your unique circumstances. By doing so, you can avoid paying for irrelevant coverage or being underinsured when you require assistance the most. 

Evaluating your needs allows you to effectively compare insurance options and find the most cost-effective policy that doesn't compromise essential coverage.

Look for Multiple Providers

Most insurance companies offer a range of coverage options, premiums, and discounts. To find the most suitable policy for your needs and budget, it's essential to compare multiple providers. Exploring various options allows you to identify additional benefits and money-saving opportunities. Furthermore, this approach provides you with a comprehensive view of the market, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Check a Few Quotes

Insurance companies offer diverse rates and coverage options. By obtaining quotes from various providers, you can find the most cost-effective policy that meets your specific requirements. Gathering multiple quotes lets you gain insights into the range of premiums available in the market. This process helps you make an informed comparison and select the policy that offers the best value.

Know the CSR of All Shortlisted Providers

The Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) is a crucial metric that signifies the percentage of claims settled by an insurance company against the total number of claims received. A higher CSR indicates a greater likelihood of the insurance company promptly and fairly settling claims.

Considering the CSR of insurance providers is essential to ensure that you choose a company with a strong track record of settling claims. This provides you with the assurance that you will receive the necessary financial support and assistance in the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle. Opting for a provider with a high CSR enhances your confidence in the reliability and integrity of your car insurance coverage.

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What is the Process to File a Claim for Car Insurance in Sharjah?

Mishaps like accidents can cause huge financial losses as there are car repair expenses and medical treatment bills involved. In such a case, it can be difficult to bear the fees as well as legal fees (if applicable).

To obtain the necessary financial assistance from your insurer, claiming your insurance the right way is important — even a minor error can lead to rejection.

For your reference, we have provided a step-by-step guide to filing a claim for your motor insurance in Sharjah — 

  • Step1- The first step is to obtain a police report. Visit your nearest police station and inform the concerned official regarding the incident. Make sure to provide them with all the minute details.
  • Step2- Notify your car insurance provider and download the claim form from their official website.
  • Step3: Fill out the form and correctly attach the required documents.
  • Step4- Submit the duly-filled form and wait for a revert from your insurance company.
  • Step5- Once approved, tow your car to one of the workshops present in your insurer’s approved list.
  • Step6- The authorities of the workshop will analyse the damages and draft an invoice regarding the related cost of repair.
  • Step7- This invoice will be sent to your car insurance company to get final approval.
  • Step8- Upon confirmation from the provider, the servicing of your car will begin.
  • Step9- A notification regarding the delivery date of the car will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Step10- Collect your car from the workshop and fill out the feedback form.
How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

Car Insurance Renewal Process in Sharjah

Irrespective of the Emirate you reside in, it is mandatory to renew your car insurance within 13 months of its issuance. While the validity of car insurance in the UAE is 12 months, insurers give an additional 1 month as a grace period to renew the existing car insurance policy. You must renew your insurance within the given timeframe to avoid issues later. 

In case you fail to renew your insurance within the due date and if any accident happens during that period, you will not be able to claim your insurance. Moreover, not adhering to the legal requirement of mandatory car insurance can also lead to the confiscation of your driving licence and hefty fines, not to mention the black points due to illegal driving.  

By performing car insurance renewal on time, you can ensure that you abide by the legal guidelines and protect your car in case a mishap takes place. 

Discussed below are the steps to be followed to renew car insurance through your portal: 

  • Step1- On, log into your account.
  • Step2- To view your existing policies, navigate to the dashboard.
  • Step3- Locate your car insurance policy and select it.
  • Step4- Go through the current policy wording and make customisations if needed.
  • Step5- Choose the ‘Renewal’ option and move forward with the instructions prompted on the screen.

Note: Once you successfully renew your insurance, your policy details will be sent to your registered email ID.

There are some crucial points that you must keep in mind before renewing your car insurance in Sharjah — 

  • It is essential to remember the policy renewal due date. You can set automatic reminders so that you don’t miss it.
  • In case you are not satisfied with your current provider, switch to a new provider before renewing the policy.
  • Know the terms and conditions of your car insurance provider as it can change its guidelines.
  • Over time, your insurance requirements may change. Make sure to read your policy and make necessary changes, whether through add-ons or getting a new policy altogether.
  • Your insurer may ask you to present a few documents during the insurance renewal process such as — 
    • A copy of your Emirates ID
    • UAE driving licence
    • Car registration details

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Which Documents are Required to Buy Vehicle Insurance in Sharjah?

To purchase car insurance in Sharjah, you are required to provide several essential documents — 

  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Valid driving licence
  • Vehicle registration (Mulkiya) if the vehicle is already registered 
  • Details like the chassis number and engine number in case your vehicle is being registered in the UAE for the first time 
  • Valid trade licence copy (if the car is owned by a company)

While these documents are standard requirements, specific insurance providers may request additional documentation based on their individual policies and criteria. It's advisable to check with your chosen insurance provider for any additional document requests.

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Can I file my car insurance claim offline?

Yes, you can claim your car insurance offline by either calling your insurance provider or visiting its office branch in person.

What documents do I need to submit while renewing my car insurance in Sharjah?

You will need the following set of documents for renewal of your car insurance — 

  • Your driving licence
  • Car registration details
  • Your Emirates ID
I am new in Sharjah. Is third party liability car insurance mandatory in the Emirate?

Yes, you must have at least a third-party liability car insurance policy as a car owner in the UAE, irrespective of the Emirate you are residing in.

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