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Having car insurance in Abu Dhabi secures you against the financial troubles you might need to face in case of a road accident. It is compulsory to obtain third-party car insurance in Abu Dhabi so that the damages you cause to the other party’s car in a road accident are covered. Other car insurance plans you can opt for are comprehensive car insurance and temporary car insurance. Car insurance will financially cover you in case of theft or fire, third-party damages, and more. more

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Having a car insurance plan in Abu dhabi for your beloved vehicle is of utmost importance. Car insurance Abu Dhabi is compulsory for all vehicles. It not only protects you from financial instabilities but also ensures that you do not have to go through the trouble of fulfilling third-party liabilities in case of an accident. This is why the government of the UAE and Abu Dhabi has made it legally necessary to buy a car insurance plan for all car owners.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Let’s cover everything you must know about car insurance Abu Dhabi in detail.

Type of Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

1. Third-party Liability Insurance

As the name suggests, a third-party car insurance plan covers the damages incurred by the third party in a car accident that was your fault. A third-party liability car insurance plan is the most basic level of protection that every vehicle must have in Abu Dhabi. These plans cover any damages caused to the third-party vehicle as well as the injuries incurred by the third-party driver. However, any damages incurred by own vehicle are not covered. Hospital expenses are also not covered by the policyholder. 

2. Comprehensive Car Insurance

With a combination of own damage cover and third-party liability cover, a comprehensive car insurance in Abu Dhabi will cover both the third-party damages as well as own damages of the policyholder’s vehicle. In addition to that, a comprehensive car insurance plan covers damages caused by natural disasters, man-made disasters, theft of the car, or damages caused due to fire and explosion. Comprehensive car insurance plans can also be combined with add-on covers and customised as per the requirements of the policyholder. 

3. Temporary Car Insurance

Available as both third-party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance plans, temporary car insurance plans are a short-term solution for your car insurance requirements. The same benefits are offered in these car insurances in Abu Dhabi. However, the tenure of temporary car insurance plans may differ. While generic car insurance in Abu Dhabi is available for 12 months, temporary car insurance plans can be signed up for any duration starting from just a day to a few months. 

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Benefits of Having Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi 

There are several benefits you can enjoy when you have proper Abu Dhabi Car nsurance. Given below is a list for some of the top ones: 

Fulfills Legal Requirements

Since it is compulsory to have proper, valid car insurance in Abu Dhabi at all times, having one will save you from going through easily avoidable legal ordeals. Not having valid car insurance in Abu Dhabi can lead to a fine of AED 500 plus four black points on your driving license. Your car may also get seized for a few days. You can easily avoid all the legal issues when you have up and running car insurance in Abu Dhabi at all times. 

Protects from Third-Party Lawsuits

Accidents are almost evident when it comes to driving, whether small or big. If you happen to cause an accident where a third party sustains damages, you may have to deal with a lawsuit to pay for the said damage. Having a car insurance plan here saves your neck. Since every car protection plan is designed to cover the damages caused to the third party because of the policyholder, the responsibility does not fall onto you. The insurance plan not only handles the expenses but also cover legal fees in many cases. 

Helps Maintaining Financial Stability

Having good car insurance in Abu Dhabi is a wonderful backup plan to ensure your financial stability. Car repair expenses are not small ones. In addition to that, if accidents have been caused, the expenses add up quite a lot. With a car protection plan to rely upon, you can at least expect your burden to get lighter. Without a car insurance plan in place to protect you, an accident or even a breakdown in your car leads to very high repair bills.  Add third-party liabilities to it and the financial dip gets even worse. This is why is not only legally necessary but also smart to have a proper car policy in place. 

Cover Against Loss or Theft of Vehicle

Cars are not only an asset but a dear commodity to many. Losing your car, having it totalled in an accident or simply having it stolen is something that can set one back quite a lot, emotionally and financially. Car insurance in Abu Dhabi is designed to cover your car insurance plan it happens to get stolen or is totalled in an accident. The insurance company pays you compensation equal to that of the current value of your car to ease the financial setback at the least. 

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RSA Insurance

Motor Executive (Comprehensive), Motor Smart (Comprehensive), Motor Value (Third-Party)

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Noor Takaful Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third-Party Liability Car Insurance

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AXA Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance cover, Third-Party Liability Cover

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Oman Insurance

Comprehensive Cover, Third-Party Insurance, InsureMyTesla, High Net Worth Covers

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Documents Required for Buying Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

There is a comprehensive list of documents you will need to buy a car insurance plan. If you plan to buy car insurance Abu Dhabi online, you will need a scanned copy of all the documents. Although if you buy the plan offline, physical copies and original will be required. Given below is the complete list of all the documents you will need: 

  • Registration documents of the car aka mulkiya. Have a physical copy of the registration card if you apply offline.&nbs;
  • Chassis number, make, model and other details related to your car
  • Driving license
  • Address proof like a utility bill
  • Your passport
  • Your resident’s visa 
  • Emirates ID
  • Policy number of your previous car insurance plans, if you had any

Car Insurnace Also Available in  - 

Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain

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How to Buy Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

You can easily buy your car insurance in Abu Dhabi online as well as offline. 

Use the provider website or the website of your insurance aggregator like Policybazaar UAE to buy your car insurance in Abu Dhabi online. The process for both these platforms is pretty similar. To buy your car insurance in Abu Dhabi from Policybazaar UAE, simply go to the car insurance portal and fill up the lead form. Enter a few personal details and the details of your car when prompted. Once you are done with that, you will be directed to the list of available car insurance plans as per the details you have entered. Choose the plan you want once you have compared the available options from different providers and proceed to fill out the application. Make the final payments and complete the purchasing process. 

The same process can be repeated when you are purchasing the plan from the provider website directly. Go to the provider website instead of the aggregator website and locate the purchasing portal there. However, you will have to pick your plan and provider beforehand since you won’t have enough room for comparison on the provider website. 

If you plan to buy your insurance plan offline, you will either need to visit one of the branch offices of the provider or a car insurance broker in Abu Dhabi. If you have a car insurance broker in Abu Dhabi, simply let them know about the plan that you wish you buy and they will take the process further for you. If you want to buy your insurance plan from the provider directly, get in touch with a representative when you visit the branch. You will find all the available options for car insurance in Abu Dhabi with the provider in the branch itself. Have your pick and fill out the paperwork to finalise the purchase. You will need originals and physical copies of all the documents required to car insurance in Abu Dhabi offline. 

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How to Find the Best Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi 

Choosing the perfect car insurance Abu Dhabi is a tricky task. There is a lot to figure out and do before you can finalise one plan. Several factors must be taken into consideration to buy an ideal plan that suits your every need. Given below are some pointers that you can consider to ensure that you buy the perfect plan for your car:

  • Consider Your Unique Needs: Every car owner and their precious car have different needs when it comes to car insurance plans. The very step of buying a car insurance Abu Dhabi for your precious car is to examine what you need on an individual level. All the benefits offered in a particular car insurance plan may not be something you need. If possible, customise your car insurance in Abu Dhabi as much as you can using add-ons. An example can be off-road driving covers or a geographical extension. If you go on adventure rides in your car, getting an off-road cover may be a good choice. 
  • Research for Providers: Do not go with the very first provider you happen to lay your eye upon. Search a little bit and get to know your options. Read car insurance reviews in Abu Dhabi for every provider you find and see what the current customers have to say about them. Also, check out the different plans available with each provider and then compare them to find your pick. Gather information about everything from customer support to claim settlement ratio and roadside assistance services. Choose your provider calmly and carefully because they will be your first point of contact in case of an emergency. 
  • Get a Few Quotes: Once you have a few providers shortlisted, make a list of the top car insurances in Abu Dhabi that can be perfect for your car. Obtain car insurance Abu Dhabi quotes for the plans that you have chosen and take some time to compare them. Compare the benefits offered by each of the plans and then compare the car insurance Abu Dhabi prices as well. See which plan is the most cost-effective plan for your car. 
  • Search According to Your Emirate: Insurance providers, as well as car insurance plans, can differ as per the emirate you are living in. If you live in Abu Dhabi, you will have some very fine choices. Make sure you narrow down your search to Abu Dhabi only and then find the best plans available. This will not only make the work easier but also help you make sure the search is more refined. 
  • Check The CSR: Claim settlement ratio is one of the most important things one has to check before buying a car insurance plan. After all, claims are the only thing you need your car insurance in Abu Dhabi for. Make sure the claim settlement ratio of the provider you choose is close to perfect at the least. Check out the kind of claims most denied by the insurer. 

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How to Claim Insurance For Car Accident In Abu Dhabi?

The steps for submitting a claim for your car insurance in Abu Dhabi may differ a little bit when fine details are concerned but the gist remains to be the same. Given below is a list of all the steps you must follow when trying to make an accident claim against your car insurance Abu Dhabi: 

  • Contact the insurance provider through the customer service helplines and inform them about the accident/incident and the fact that you may need to make a claim. 
  • Contact the police and tell them about the accident. Have an official police report generated if the accident/incident in concern involves road accidents, collisions or theft. 
  • If your car needs towing, call the roadside assistance helpline as provided in your insurance documents. Have your car towed to a nearby garage or the one assigned by your insurance company for repairs. 
  • Get a claim form from the provider website. Fill it out properly and attach the required documents with it. You will need the registration documents of your car, your driving license and the car insurance Abu Dhabi wordings. If someone else was driving the car, get their license as well. 
  • Take the claim form and the rest of the documents and head to the assigned garage. Submit the documents at the insurance desk there and wait for approval. 
  • The present supervisor from the insurance company will examine the claim documents as well as the damages and give a green signal for the repairs. 
  • Once everything has been settled, the garage will begin the repairs. 
How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

Car Insurance Renewal in Abu Dhabi 

Follow the below-given steps to renew your car insurance Abu Dhabi online with little to no trouble:

  • Visit the car insurance renewal portal on the website of your insurance provider. Use your credentials as provided by the insurance company to log in. 
  • Click on ‘renew car insurance and you will be taken to the renewal form for car insurance in Abu Dhabi online. 
  • Add the relevant details on the form and complete it. You may need your car registration details, policy number, etc. 
  • Select your plan as well as the insured declared value of the car. Get add-ons if you need them. 
  • Check the terms of the plan for any new updates and have a final look at the car insurance Abu Dhabi price. 
  • Complete the payment and submit the plan. Download your policy documents from the provider portal or wait to receive them via email.
  • The renewal steps may differ a little for every provider. So be sure to improvise a little as required. 

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Q1. Is own damage covered by car insurance plans in Abu Dhabi?

Ans. Yes, own damage is covered by all comprehensive car insurance in Abu Dhabi. All accidental damages, as well as theft and damages by fire and explosions, are covered by comprehensive and own damages car insurance plans. 

Q2. What are the main factors that affect car insurance premium rates in Abu Dhabi?

Ans. Several factors can affect the car insurance premium rates in Abu Dhabi. The tops ones include the make and model of the car, age and experience of the driver, geographical location of the driver, age of the car and driving record of the driver-owner. 

Q3. Who is eligible to get car insurance in Abu Dhabi?

Ans. Anyone older than 18 years of age with a valid driving licence and car registration under their name can buy a car insurance plan in the UAE. The policyholder has to be either a resident or a citizen of the UAE. A non-owner car insurance plans are something driver without a car registration on there can also buy if they meet the rest of the eligibility requirements. 

Q4. What is IDV?

Ans. IDV or the insured declared value of a car is a reflection of the current market value of the car. 

Q5. What is NCB? Can it be transferred?

Ans. No claim bonus is a reward the policyholders get for not making any claims for the entire tenure. The longer you do not make any claims, the higher your no claim bonus gets. The higher no claim bonus a person can get is generally capped at 50%. Policyholders can use their no claim bonus to get discounts on their car insurance premiums. 

Q6. Can I get my car insurance papers online?

Ans. Yes, you can easily get your car insurance paper online at the login portal of the provider/aggregator or via email as well. 

Q7. Are car accessories covered in car insurance?

Ans. The basic insurance coverage of any Car insurance plan does not cover damaged or lost accessories, whether electrical or non-electrical. However, you can get an add-on for it.

Q8. Can I have two car insurance in Abu Dhabi?

Ans. No, you can only have one car insurance plan for your car. Having more than one car insurance plan for a vehicle is not possible.

Q9. Is there a renewal deadline on Abu Dhabi car insurance plans?

Ans. Yes, there is a 30-day grace period to renew your car insurance in Abu Dhabi after the expiration of the 12-month validity of the plan.

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