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AFNIC offers motor comprehensive cover and third-party liability cover. Besides, add-on covers are also available such as roadside assistance, natural disaster cover, oman cover, and driver and passenger cover. Offering both agency repair cover and non-agency repair cover, the provider offer plans at reasonable premiums. In addition, the customer support team is also available to provide guidance to their more more

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Al Fujairah National Insurance Co (AFNIC) is one of the best insurance providers based in the east end of the UAE in Fujairah. The insurance company aims to offers a wide range of clientele throughout the UAE with its customizable insurance plans that offer unmatched features and benefits. AFNIC is known for its brilliant auto insurance plans that are designed to cover almost all kinds of damages and losses in case of an accident.

Let us take a look at the types of insurance plans AFNIC Car Insurance company provides:

Types of Car Insurance by AFNIC Car Insurance

There are two types of insurance plans that AFNIC offers:

  1. Comprehensive Car Insurance: The comprehensive car insurance plans cover policyholders for all kinds of personal and third-party damage in an accident. The average premium for this kind of insurance plans is around AED 1300.
  2. Third-Party Car Insurance: The third-party car insurance plan offered by AFNIC Car Insurance covers for damages incurred by the third-party vehicle in case of collision by the insured vehicle. Premiums for third-party insurance plans are comparatively low.


Features and Benefits of AFNIC Car Insurance Plans

Here’s a list of features and benefits offered by AFNIC Car Insurance:

  1. Cover against Natural Disasters: AFNIC has some amazing insurance plans that provide you with cover against different types of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, rain, hail storms, etc.
  2. Cover against Man Made Hazards: AFNIC Car Insurance plans also cover you against man-made hazards like fire, theft, lightning, overturning, self-ignition, external explosion, etc.
  3. Full time Help and Support: AFNIC provides round-the-clock support for the policyholders to help them with all kinds of queries and offer assistance whenever required.
  4. Roadside Assistance: AFNIC Car Insurance provides roadside help and assistance to the policyholders in case the vehicle is rendered immobile due to an accident. In such situations, the insurance provider get the car towed to the agency repair centre.
  5. No Claims Discount: AFNIC provides you with a no claims discount in case you don’t file a claim for one insurance tenure. You can avail this discount at the time of renewing AFNIC Insurance policy renewal.

AFNIC Car Insurance Inclusions

Here is a list of what all is included in AFNIC Car Insurance Policies for:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

  1. Damage caused to your own car: AFNIC Insurance plan provides cover for the damage caused to your own car in an accident. All you need to do is report a claim. The insurance company also provides you with roadside assistance to help you get your car towed and sent to one of the network garages for repair.
  2. Personal accident cover: AFNIC Car Insurance  has an additional personal accident cover of AED 200,000. This cover helps you pay the bills for your family members’ treatment if they get injured in an accident.
  3. Theft of your car: AFNIC Car Insurance provides you with cover against the theft of your car. It lets you report the claim for an amount almost equal to the declared insured value of the vehicle as mentioned in your insurance policy.
  4. Man-made disasters: AFNIC offers helps you cover the damages caused due to various man-made hazards like self-ignition, fire, external explosion, lightning, strikes, terrorism, etc.
  5. Agency Repairs: AFNIC Car Insurance offers excellent agency repair benefits. You can opt for a cashless repair facility if you chose to get your vehicle repaired at one of the network garages.

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Third-party Car Insurance

AFNIC Car Insurance also provides accidental cover for third-party vehicle damages caused by the insured vehicle in an accident.

  1. Third-Party Injury or Death: AFNIC Car Insurance provides third-party injury cover for the policyholders. This helps them pay for the injuries of other people who got injured by the insured vehicle in an accident. 
  2. Third-Party Property Damage: The third-party insurance offered by AFNIC Car Insurance provides the policyholders with cover for third-party property damage. With this cover, you can take care of all the damages and losses of the third-party vehicle damaged by your own vehicle.

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AFNIC Car Insurance Exclusions

Here is a list of exclusions by AFNIC Car Insurance :

  • Intentional car damage
  • Damage due to vehicle roll-over
  • Damage caused by racing a car
  • Damage to electrical equipment
  • Damage incurred during the war
  • Damage due to natural disasters

What are the Add-ons Offered by AFNIC Car Insurance ?

Here is a list of add-ons to make your plans more suitable to your needs:

  1. Driver & Passenger Cover: You can get an additional cover for driver and passenger added to your policy at a nominal payment.
  2. Orange Card for Third-Party Cover: You can get an orange card for a third-party insurance claim. This helps you take care of all the third-party vehicle expenses that get damaged by the insured vehicle, in an accident.
  3. Road Side Assistance Services: With AFNIC Car Insurance, you can also add emergency roadside assistance services to your car insurance policy. You can use these services whenever your car breaks down or your fuel tank is emptied. You can also call in for assistance if you meet with an accident.
  4. Natural Disaster Cover: AFNIC Car Insurance also allows you to get additional cover for damages caused due to natural disasters like floods, wind storms, earthquakes, hail storms, etc.
Car Insurance Addons
Personal Accident Cover Agency Repair
Engine Protection Cover IDV-Insured Declared Value
No Claim Bouns Passenger Cover

What are the Documents Required to Buy AFNIC Car Insurance?

Here is a list of documents required to buy an AFNIC Car Insurance policy.

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car Policy Registration Documents
  • Passport copy with the residence visa page

RTA/Driving License

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Sharjah Transfer Car Registration
Driving License UAE Driving License in Dubai

What are the Documents Required to Claim AFNIC Car Insurance?

Here is a list of essential documents to report a claim for the AFNIC Car Insurance policy.

  • Police accident report
  • Vehicle registration card
  • Driving License
  • High-resolution images of damage or loss
  • A claim form
  • A detailed inventory of damaged items
  • Proof of claim letter sent to a third party (if any)
  • A cost estimate for damage repair

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How do You Claim AFNIC Car Insurance?

Here is a easy way to file a claim for your AFNIC Car Insurance policy.

  1. Call Helpline and Report the Claim: Call the AFNIC Car Insurance Company’s helpline number to report the claim.
    AFNIC Car Insurance contact number number is 800 23642. You can also ask them for roadside assistance.
  2. Gather Evidence: Collect the relevant documents like police accident reports, high-resolution accident images, driving license, vehicle registration card, etc.
  3. Claim Survey: Contact the claims department to verify the damages. This will be done at the agency that you choose for your car repair. Make sure you post the claim form along with the other required documents to one of the company office addresses.
  4. Get the Confirmation: Wait for the claiming team to get in touch with the garage and confirm the claim so that it could be processed. As soon as your insurance company confirms and approves the claim, the agency starts working on your vehicle. The garage gives you a call when your vehicle is ready to be picked up.
  5. Vehicle Collection: Make sure you sign the confirmation form at the time of vehicle collection and check if all the bills have been settled.
  6. SMS Survey:  Once you have got your vehicle repaired, you will get an SMS to share your feedback. Let the company know if you were satisfied with the services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do I need Car Insurance?

Ans. Car insurance is a way to safeguard you against financial losses in case of an accident. There are two types of car insurance in Dubai – Comprehensive and Third-Party Car Insurance. Comprehensive car insurance covers the damages for both, your own and third-party vehicle. Whereas third-party car insurance, offers cover for third-party damages only. The best thing is that you can opt for any of these plans based on your preferences.

Q2. How do I claim my Car Insurance?

Ans. You can simply gather the required documents and send them to one of your preferred AFNIC Car Insurance Offices. The company has branches in Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Dibba. Here is a list of documents that you might need:

  • Police accident report
  • Vehicle registration card
  • Driving License
  • High-resolution images of damage or loss
  • A claim form
  • A detailed inventory of damaged items
  • Proof of claim letter sent to a third party (if any)
  • A cost estimate for damage repair
Q3. What are the elements that impact the premium amount?

Ans. Several factors like age of the driver, type of plan and market value of the car are important factors that are considered while calculating premiums. You can also opt for a no claim bonus in car insurance premiums if you don’t file a claim for one policy tenure.

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