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Buying and owning a car is a commitment. You are not only committing to drive safely, keeping both you and other drivers out of trouble but also keeping your car healthy, up and running at all times. Maintaining your car can often be a troublesome task, given that you have to find quality services and genuine parts for it. Having guaranteed quality servicing for your car is all about finding the right place for repairs and maintenance. This is why most car insurance plans include agency repair cover as either a basic or add-on benefit. Offering the best possible repairs for your car, agency repair is a benefit that significantly increases the level of comprehensiveness for your car insurance plans.

Let’s cover all the basic things that you need to know about agency repair cover, how they work and how they differ from the infamous garage repairs. 

What are Agency Repairs?

Agency repair cover benefit is an insurance benefit for your car that allows you to get your car repaired at the agency or dealership from where you bought the car. This means you are entitled to get your repairs done by manufacturer-certified technicians and the complete cost is covered by the insurance company, minus the deductibles. Needless to say, agency repairs are expensive because every emirate in the UAE generally has only one dealer for each manufacturer. The car insurance plans that carry agency repair cover are relatively more expensive than the ones that don’t. 

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How Do Agency Repairs Work?

The process is simple when it comes to agency repair cover. When you submit a claim for damage repairs for your car, it is taken to the dealership shop from where you bought it instead of one of the normal garages. The car gets repaired in the dealership workshop and you can pick it up from there as you would from any other garage. The cost of the repairs is covered as per your insurance plan and the coinsurance or co-payment arrangement. Of course, the repairs are of top quality and so are the parts installed in your car. Authenticity is always at its best when agency repairs are involved. 

Should You Opt for Agency Repair Cover? 

Opting for agency repairs is mostly an option with car insurance plans. If agency repairs are available as basic benefits, the cost is added to the overall cost of the plan. With add-ons, you have to pay extra on top of the premium amount. Since the repairs are done at the dealership itself, the cost of an add-on or benefit like agency repair cover is very high. This means you have to think hard and fast before you pick an agency repair cover with your plan. It is best to go with agency repairs when you have just bought your car or until it gets 3 or 4 years old. Other times when agency repair cover is perfect for you is if you own a luxury high-performance car or a classic vintage vehicle. It is hard to get genuine parts for these vehicles in the general market, which is why it is beneficial for you to get agency repair cover. 

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Agency Repairs Vs Garage Repairs

Most people often confuse agency repair cover with the garage repair service of a car insurance plan. Garage repairs are done at garages that have been approved by the insurance company and not at the dealership workshop. The insurance company is responsible for authenticity and services provided since garage repairs are done at one of the network garages. This is not something you can get with agency repairs, although it is evident that genuine parts and expert technicians are used. Additional services are available when garage repairs are concerned.

Many insurance providers even offer pick up and drop services for vehicles to be repaired. Apart from that, since network garages are in a contractual arrangement and get quite a lot of business from the insurance company, they are relatively cheaper than the dealerships that handle agency repairs. On top of everything else, garage repairs may be quicker than agency repairs. 

Difference Between Agency Repair and Garage Repair in Car Insurance

When Should You Choose Garage Repairs?

As discussed, the agency repair cover is perfect for you if your car is new or expensive or an older collectable model. Garage repairs are perfect for you if you want your repairs done quickly or if your car is older and not a very uncommon model. Since your insurance company approves the repairs and every charge, network garages do not charge extra or unfairly. For cost-effective, quick and genuine repairs, choose garage repair cover. For specialist services, with genuine company parts, and when you do not mind paying a bit more for your insurance plan, choose agency repair cover. If your car is new and you haven’t made any claims, or if your car is still under company warranty, agency repair cover is perfect for you.

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In a Nutshell

Finding the right insurance cover for your ride is one of the most important things to do when you are preparing to buy yourself a new car. Whether it is about choosing the overall plan and finalising the purchase or making a decision about a small part of the plan, make sure that you have figured out the current requirements of your car and choose a cover accordingly. Agency repair cover is perfect for your car if it requires specialist service. Take assistance from our finance and insurance experts to make sure you choose the right cover for your car.

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