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Ensuring a safe and secure trip, especially for senior citizens and children, is one of the primary concerns while travelling. As unexpected events can occur at any time during the entire trip, it is essential to get travel insurance to have adequate financial support to deal with losses, if any. 

Insurance providers offer separate insurance for senior citizens to provide them coverage when traveling. Continue reading the article below to gain an in-depth insight into seniors travel insurance in the UAE. 

What is Senior Citizen Travel Insurance? 

Senior citizen travel insurance, as implied by the name, is a type of travel insurance that specifically provides coverage to individuals above the age of 65 on a trip. If any of your elderly family member over 65 years of age is travelling, it is required to purchase a travel insurance policy to get them covered against any mishaps during the trip. 

It should be noted that senior travel insurance is different from standard travel insurance in terms of medical coverages, premiums, eligible users, and more.

Why Choose Senior Citizen Travel Insurance? 

Travel insurance is necessary to ensure the availability of assistance in case you face any mishap on a trip. This is especially the case for senior citizens, who can face additional issues owing to old age and corresponding medical complications. As the general travel insurance plans generally don’t offer coverage to individuals above the age of 65, it becomes necessary to get specific senior citizen travel insurance. 

By getting the best travel insurance for senior citizens, users can avail of a list of advantages –

  • Outbound and Inbound Travel Insurance: Many insurance companies in the UAE provide long-term travel insurance for senior citizens, both inbound and outbound. So whether you are travelling to another country from the UAE or flying to the UAE, you can easily opt for a seniors travel insurance plan.
  • Emergency Medical Cover: As older people are generally more prone to health issues, getting seniors travel insurance can prove beneficial for them as they can get coverage in case of any medical emergency on the trip.
  • Loss of Personal Belongings: Whether due to personal negligence, that of the airlines, or any other factor, one can have their important documents like passport, visa, and others lost or stolen while on a trip. Losing such documents can land you in trouble. Having a seniors travel insurance plan, in such cases, can help you get adequate compensation using which you can the necessary arrangements and get duplicate copies.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Eligibility Criteria 

Not all old people can apply for a seniors travel insurance plan, as the individuals would still need to fulfil certain criteria to be considered eligible to buy such insurance. The following is a list of general eligibility criteria to avail of seniors travel insurance policy –

  • The applicant must be at least 65 years old to apply for seniors travel insurance
  • The maximum age to apply for seniors citizen travel insurance is generally up to 80 years, depending on the provider
  • The applicant must be a UAE national or an ex-pat

Coverage Under Senior Citizen Travel Insurance 

Here is the list of plans you can avail of when purchasing a seniors travel insurance policy –

  • Trip Cancellation and Curtailment: If an unusual situation arises, whether related to a medical emergency or on the part of the airlines, the cancellation of flight and hotel bookings are always possible. With a senior citizen travel insurance policy, you can get compensated for the non-refundable amount for your flight and hotel bookings.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses: During your entire travel period, the seniors travel insurance will cover you against any medical emergency. Some medical expenses for which cover is provided include hospital-related bills, transportation for care, and treatment.
  • Loss of Personal Belongings: In case any of your personal belongings like wallet, passport, luggage, or visa get stolen or lost, you would be able to get coverage from your seniors travel insurance to recover these items or arrange for replacements. 
  • Personal Accident Cover: Accidents and bodily injuries, which can happen anytime during a trip, may often require considerable funds for treatment. In such cases, a senior citizen travel insurance plan can help you get the necessary treatment without any major expenditure on your side, which can help you save money.
  • Personal Liability Cover: In case you are responsible for any third-party liabilities during the trip, seniors travel insurance can come in handy as it can cover the liabilities as well as the legal fees involved.
  • Delayed Departure: In case your flight gets delayed due to any technical fault or bad weather, your insurance provider can provide you with the necessary compensation.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: Travel insurance companies also offer COVID-19 coverage to provide relevant medical assistance in case the policyholder is affected by the disease. 

What is Not Covered in Senior Citizen Travel Insurance? 

Some coverages that are generally not included under the seniors travel insurance are as follows –

  • Pre-existing health issues
  • Claiming insurance after visiting a place that had previously been advised against due to reasons like epidemic diseases, terrorism threats, and more
  • Damages, injuries, or liabilities incurred when under the influence of drugs or alcohol 
  • Claims brought due to inadequate vaccinations as per the location of the trip

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Claim Process 

Here are the key steps involved in the process of filing a claim for seniors travel insurance –

  • Claim for Stolen or Theft of Personal Belongings- File a report at your nearest police station immediately after the incident occurs. The next step is to inform your insurance company about the loss incurred. You can then proceed by filling out the claim form and submitting all the relevant documents including the police report to the provider. If your claim is approved, you will receive a reimbursement from your provider.
  • Claim for Emergency Medical Expenses – Reach out to your insurance provider the moment you need any emergency medical assistance. Go to a nearby network of healthcare centres and submit your insurance-related documents. Once your insurance-related details are successfully verified, the treatment will start and the insurance company will cover the medical expenses.
  • Claims for Travel Inconvenience – As part of reimbursement claims, it is possible to make a claim with respect to trip cancellations, flight curtailments and delays, and more. In such cases, you can connect with your insurance provider and intimate them about the situation at hand. Make sure that you have all the essential documents such as tickets for flights and confirmations for hotel reservations.

How to Choose/Buy Senior Citizen Travel Insurance? 

Buying suitable travel insurance for senior citizens can be challenging, as the number of options is less compared to regular travel insurance plans. With, however, you can easily get cheap travel insurance for seniors and have the best plan on your side. 

All you need to do here is visit the official website of Policybazaar UAE and navigate to the ‘travel insurance’ section. Fill up the lead form with the relevant details to get the best travel insurance for senior citizens quotes. A list of plans will appear on your screen. Go through them and compare them as per their inclusions and exclusions, premiums, and more. Additionally, you should look for the add-on offered by the respective company. Based on this comparison, you can select a plan for yourself and apply for it in an instant. 

Why Buy Seniors Travel Insurance from 

As the best and fastest-growing insurance aggregator in the region, Policybazaar UAE offers a plethora of benefits to its users for purchasing travel insurance plans. Here are the major benefits – 

  • Our website is designed such that visitors can easily navigate through it and find the required details and plans without any hassle 
  • You can compare the best plans from the leading travel insurance providers in just a few clicks from the comfort of your home
  • Our offers and discounts ensure the availability of the best plans at the most reasonable premiums
  • Customer care representatives of are available round the clock to resolve your queries
  • Our insurance experts can help you select the best travel insurance for senior citizens

With all these mentioned benefits, the whole process of selecting, comparing, and purchasing seniors travel insurance becomes trouble-free and requires minimal effort on your part.

To understand the finer details of senior citizen travel insurance in the UAE, have a look at the FAQs below – 

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance FAQs

What is the minimum age for purchasing a seniors travel insurance policy in the UAE?

The applicant must be at least 65 years old to be considered eligible for seniors travel insurance in the UAE.

How to choose the best and cheap travel insurance for senior citizens?

You can browse through various insurance providers and plans on to get the best and the most affordable travel insurance plans. 

Do travel insurance companies offer medical coverage for a pre-existing health condition in a seniors travel insurance plan?

No, a pre-existing health disease is not covered by any provider of seniors travel insurance.

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