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The importance of travel insurance plans has been heavily stressed recently, and travel insurance is, in fact, the new must-have. Travel flight insurance has been in vogue for the right reasons especially because of the challenges people faced struck away from home. An easy way out is exactly what you need when stuck in a foreign country, and a travel insurance plan provides you right with that and that too hassle-free. So, why wouldn't you buy that? However, just like any other kind of insurance plan available out there, you may not need every benefit included in a policy. For example, if your employer covers trip-related and medical benefits, you will not need them from your personal travel insurance. This is why travel insurance can be segregated in parts, and Flight travel insurance or flight insurance is one of the three parts of a travel insurance plan.

For now, let's dive into Insurance to get all your questions answered right here:

What is Flight Insurance?

Flight insurance plans are a part of basic travel insurance policies. Further, travel insurance plans can be divided into three main parts:

medical insurance deals with all kinds of medical emergencies and trip-related benefits and takes care of any troubles you might face during your trip. However, flight insurance is solely related to emergencies, uncertainties and losses directly or indirectly related to flights. Adding to that, flight insurance, also known as airline flight insurance, is one of the most critical parts of your travel insurance plan, given the level of uncertainties it can handle and cover. On a different note, everybody's stressing over the importance of Flight travel insurance, but you must be wondering why you should take that in the first place? What will be the benefits you'll receive by taking Flight Travel Insurance? Let's read on!

Features and Benefits of Flight Insurance

  • Handles All Flight Emergencies: As the name suggests, flight travel insurance plans are designed to handle most in-flight emergencies for you. Whether it is a medically urgent situation or a hijacked flight, you don't need to worry, as your flight insurance will cover the compensation effectively. Over and beyond, your Airline flight insurance is ideal for handling all your flight-related and in-flight troubles. 
  • Saves from Losses: A traveller stands to lose a lot of money between missed boarding to cancelled flights, delayed departures or missed connection flights. But if you have a proper flight travel insurance plan backing you up, you can easily make up for all the lost money. Interesting right? Moreover, an airline flight insurance plan also covers the loss you face with airline tickets and other pre-booked activities that you missed due to delays and troubles at the airport. 
  • Helps in Securing Baggage: There is a well enough chance that your baggage will either get delayed or lost when travelling long distances. This is even more probable if you have a connection flight in your flying schedule. Therefore, your Flight delay insurance for baggage ensures that you get promptly compensated for the wait and time loss that the airline has caused you. Moreover, the baggage loss flight insurance also covers the lost checked-in baggage. 
  • Covers Pre-Flight Emergencies: If you happen to run into an emergency before setting out on the trip, the flight travel insurance plans cover the financial loss of flight tickets. In addition to that, if you need to postpone your trip and the flight tickets are non-refundable, the flight insurance is there for your rescue as it covers the cost. 
  • Aids Post-Flight Troubles: Since trips and travel plans are packed itinerary, delay on one step ends up delaying many further steps you planned to take. For example, if you are facing a 10-hour delay in boarding or baggage arrival, you may end up missing the pre-booked activities you scheduled right after your arrival. Thus, your flight travel insurance plan comes in handy here as well. This is because you can get compensated for any pre-booked activity that you happen to miss because of delays at the airport. 
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Why Should You Consider Taking Flight Travel Insurance?

Air travel is probably one of the fastest and the most comfortable ways to go around the world, true. However, it is also the mode of transportation susceptible to grave mishaps and uncertainties. For example, even weather changes can lead to a complete change of plans or, worse, cancellations in many cases. On top of it, as you know that air travelling is very expensive. So, an expensive mode of transportation subject to so many uncertainties and higher levels of risk would naturally translate to higher chances of facing both monetary and medical loss. 

This is why flight travel insurance is of utmost importance to buy whenever you travel via flights. It not only covers for all plausible monetary losses due to unexpected circumstances but also handles emergency medical treatment expenses. Apart from that, missed connection flights, delayed flights, delayed boarding, delayed baggage and loss of baggage compensation is also offered to cover all aspects of your air travel. So if something unforeseen happens on your vacation abroad, you take a deep sigh as you've got your flight travel insurance and do not panic boundlessly.

Best Flight Travel Insurance Online

Here is a comprehensive list of cheap flight travel insurance online plans in UAE :

Plan Name  Medical Cover Max Duration Starting from Price
Alliance Insurance AED 150,000 90 days/trip AED 33
Orient Insurance AED 150,000 92 days/trip AED 183
See More Plans >>

What is Included in Travel Flight Insurance?

  • Flight Ticket Cancellation Insurance: Compensation for flight tickets and other flight-related bookings is offered if your trip happens to get cancelled due to an unforeseen reason. This applies in case of medical emergencies, death of a family member, death of a travel companion and other similar situations. Also, note that only unexpected and unforeseen reasons are covered for compensation here. In addition, travel insurance flight cancellation for any reason cover may also be included as per your provider's policies. However, some providers also offer it as an add-on benefit to be bought separately. Under this cover, you will be entitled to compensation for all cancellations regardless of the reasons.
  • Trip Curtailment Cover: If your trip happens to get cut short due to any unforeseen reason, you can get compensation to cover the cost of your new flight tickets. Furthermore, the trip curtailment benefit is only valuable when you need to leave early for truly unexpected reasons like health issues, death in the family, the sudden arrival of a natural calamity, etc. Please keep in mind that pre-suspected reasons are not covered here. For example, if there has been a weather announcement of a suspected storm in the region you are planning to visit, trip curtailments for the same reason will not be covered. 
  • Flight Accident Insurance: If the policyholder or a covered member happens to meet their demise on the flight, the dependents are liable to receive a death benefit from the provider. Under Flight Accident Insurance, the accidental death benefit or flight accident insurance cover is only applicable if the death of the insured is accidental. Moreover, death due to other reasons like health issues is not covered here. 
  • Baggage Cover: You get two kinds of cover for your checked-in baggage in travel flight insurance – baggage delay cover and baggage loss cover. So, if your checked-in baggage has been delayed, you are liable to get compensated as per the number of delayed hours. Note that sub-limits like minimum delay time apply here. For example, baggage delays cover AED 100/5 hours after a 6-hour minimum delay. This means you will start getting compensated AED 100 for every 5 hours of delay after you have covered the minimum 6-hour delay. In case of baggage loss cover, you get compensation as per the sub-limit of the benefit after your airline has established that your luggage has been lost during the transportation. 
  • Missed Connection Flight Cover: Compensation for missed connection flight is offered when you miss your connecting flight due to a flight delay. For example, if the delay to reach your final destination exceeds 3 hours, you are liable to get compensation in most cases. However, the delay duration may differ as per the provider and the plan you choose. Other reasons for which missed connection flights may be covered include boarding denial, flight cancellations, mechanical problems in the initial flight, etc. In many cases, the airlines are also liable to book you another connecting flight free of charge if the missed flight is their fault. 
  • Flight Delay Insurance: As the name suggests, flight delay insurance cover of a travel flight insurance plan entitles you to compensation if your flight has been delayed. However, the compensation is often offered after a specific time limit has been crossed, like in the case of baggage delay benefit. Additionally, flight delay insurance cover may also compensate for the pre-booked activities you fail to attend due to the flight delay. 
  • Hijack Cover: If your plane happens to get hijacked, the insurance provider is liable to pay you compensation for the duration of the hijack. Hijack benefit is also provided for a set of hours as in case of flight delay insurance or baggage delay benefit. 
  • Medical Emergency Cover: If the insured person faces a medical emergency while on-board a flight, the travel flight ticket insurance plan covers all treatment expenses for it. However, remember that medical emergencies are only covered if they happen on the flight or the airport; other medical emergencies during the trip are not covered.

Best Flight Travel Insurance Partners in UAE

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RSA Travel Insurance Union Travel Insurance AIG Travel Insurance AXA Travel Insurance  

What is not Included in Travel Flight Insurance?

  • Cancellations and curtailments due to expected or known reasons. 
  • Insurance plans bought after expecting a potentially upcoming cancellation. For example, if you buy your insurance plan after knowing about an upcoming storm that would lead to flight cancellation, you will not get compensation for cancelled flights. 
  • Travelling against doctor's advice – if you make travel plans and buy your tickets even when advised not to, the flight travel insurance will not cover cancellation.
  • Medical treatment for pre-existing diseases is not covered. 
  • Medical emergencies due to substance abuse is not covered. 
  • Natural calamities are generally not covered unless stated otherwise in the plan. 

How to Buy Travel Flight Insurance in UAE?

You can easily buy your travel flight insurance online or offline in the UAE. Needless to say, buying travel flight insurance online is far easier than offline. This is because, in online mode, the comparison is readily available, and the coverage begins almost instantly after you purchase the policy. Given below is an explanation of both online and offline purchasing procedures for travel flight ticket insurance:

Online Purchasing Process for Flight Insurance

  • Go to the travel insurance portal for and head to the lead form. Here, simply fill out the required information in the lead form. 
  • You will get a list of all available flight travel insurance plans suiting your provided details. 
  • Compare the plan and select the one that you want to buy. Now, proceed to fill out the application form.
  • Fill in the required details duly and check the plan details that you have chosen one final time. 
  • Take any available add-ons if you like and upload the required documents. 
  • Pay the required premium and apply to complete the process. 
  • The insurance documents will be sent to your registered email address, and a confirmation will arrive on your registered phone number. Interestingly, the coverage will instantly begin, which is impressive and incredible!

Offline Purchasing Procedure for Flight Travel Insurance

  • Contact your agent or visit one of the branch offices of the provider you have chosen.
  • Now, connect with a representative at the branch to help you with your purchase. If you have an agent already, let them know about your plans to buy flight travel insurance and ask for available options. 
  • Have your pick from the options presented to you and continue with the buying procedure. 
  • Fill out the form and submit all essential documents. Now, pay the premium of the plan and complete the process.
  • You will be required to submit physical copies of important documents like Emirates ID and passport here. 
  • Soon, you will get your policy documents physically via mail, or your agent will drop them off. However, coverage may take a few days to start.

How to Submit Travel Flight Insurance Claims?

Most flight travel insurance claims are filed as reimbursement claims, meaning that you can fill out a form, submit the supporting paperwork and receive the compensatory amount at a later date. Do you know that filing reimbursement claims is a very simple process? Given below are all the steps you must follow when a claim-demanding situation presents itself:

  • Call your insurance provider immediately and inform them about the situation at hand. For example, if you have missed your connecting flight, call the provider and tell them so. 
  • Obtain a reimbursement claim form from the official website of your provider and fill it duly. Please ensure that you have the right form as per the claim you need to make. 
  • Gather all the required supporting documents for your claim. Albeit, supporting documents can differ as per the kind of claim you need to make. For example, you will have your flight tickets, confirmation from the airline, etc. In case of a lost baggage claim, you will need confirmation from the airline that your baggage is untraceable in writing. In fact, get the exact list of the required documents from the provider beforehand to avoid further trouble during the existing times of trouble. 
  • Combine all your paperwork and send it to the claim settlement cell via mail services or online, as per the available options. You will need a scanned version of all the documents for online submissions. Besides, offline submissions will require you to send all original documents. 
  • Once the claim is checked and verified by the provider, you receive the settlement amount in the bank account you mentioned on the claim form.

How to Buy Cheap Flight Insurance in UAE?

  • Compare Plans: The first ground rule to buy cheap flight insurance plans is to invest time in comparing available top options. Needless to say, there is a vast see of options you have to go through when it comes to picking a flight travel insurance plan. Even though it may seem a little overwhelming, spend some time to find cheap yet cost-effective flight insurance. To proceed, pick the top three options out of the lot and compare them to get a fairer idea of the benefits offered and the cost involved. 
  • Be an Early Worm: Whether we talk about health or a flight travel insurance plan, buying early would save you some tidy sum. Therefore, try and buy your flight ticket insurance as soon as you buy the tickets. Buying your insurance early would help you buy cheap flight insurance and give you extended coverage for flight cancellation. 
  • Steer Clear of Bundle Deals: Many airlines offer bundle airline flight insurance deals when you buy tickets. While this may seem like the easy way out, it is not very cost-effective. This is because bundle airline flight insurance deals cost more and offer minimal additional benefits. Instead, buy a plan later, separate from your flight tickets, if need be. 
  • Declare Pre-Existing Conditions: Note that pre-existing diseases are not covered by the emergency medical cover of flight travel insurance plans. However, you may be able to take an add-on to get them covered. So, if you do plan to take a pre-existing diseases add-on, reveal all your pre-existing diseases. The point of emphasis here is that undeclared conditions are not covered. So, declaring your conditions will help you get full coverage for everything and hence save you big money. 
  • Choose Family Plans: If you are travelling with your family, take family flight travel insurance instead of buying individual plans separately for all. This is because family plans will cost you less and still provide all the same benefits to everyone insured. 
  • Customise Your Plan: Customising your travel insurance plan is very important if you want to lower the prices of your plan. Therefore, remove the benefits that you don't want and are removable. Moreover, make sure that you only pay for what you will potentially end up using. 

Travel Flight Insurance FAQs

Q. How does travel flight insurance work?

Ans: A travel flight travel insurance plan is designed to protect the policyholder against all plausible uncertainties while travelling. This includes flight cancellations, trip cancellations, delays, baggage loss and other flight and related occurrences. Situations like hijacks are also covered by travel flight ticket insurance in Dubai.

Q. Is it worth taking flight travel insurance plans?

Ans: Given the highly uncertain nature of flight and the high dependency on weather, it is worth taking travel flight insurance plans. While you should expect that your travels will go smoothly to maintain a positive air, it is always a good idea to be prepared for possible emergencies.

Q. Can I buy travel insurance after booking flights?

Ans: Yes, you can easily buy your travel flight insurance plan after booking your flight tickets. 

Q. Can I buy my travel flight insurance after boarding the flight?

Ans: No, unfortunately, you cannot buy travel flight ticket insurance plans after boarding the flight.

Q. Does travel insurance cover cancelled flights?

Ans:  Travel insurance plans cover cancelled flights as long as it is due to an unforeseen reason. The list of cancellation reasons covered may differ as per each provider.

Q. Does travel insurance cover missed flights?

Ans: Yes, missed flights are covered by flight travel insurance plans if you miss them due to the fault of the airport. 

Q. Do credit cards offer travel insurance as well?

Ans: Yes, some credit cards offer complimentary travel insurance plans to primary and supplementary cardholders.

Q. When will my flight travel insurance cover begin?

Ans: The coverage of your travel flight insurance plan begins as soon as you purchase it. This is because travel flight insurance plans also cover trip cancellations. So, you get compensated for flight tickets if your trip gets cancelled due to an unforeseen reason.

Q. Are medical emergencies covered by flight travel insurance plans?

Ans: Yes, any medical emergency that occurs in the flight. No other travel medical emergency is covered by travel flight insurance plans apart from in-flight medical emergencies. Therefore, you may consider buying a comprehensive travel insurance plan to cover all travel-related medical emergencies.

Q. Will hijacking of the flight be covered by a flight travel insurance plan?

Ans: Yes, travel flight ticket insurance plans do cover hijacked flights. In addition, compensation is offered as per the number of hours for which the flight was hijacked.

Q. How much does flight insurance cost?

Ans: Travel insurance plans generally cost 5%-10% of your total trip value. These plans can often be bought for a very low premium. On top of it, if you are planning to buy only a flight travel insurance plan, you will pay almost one-third of the cost of a comprehensive travel insurance plan.

Q. How much will a travel insurance plan cost?

Ans: Since travel flight ticket insurance is a part of travel insurance plans, they are very cost-effective. 

Q. How can I buy cheap flight travel insurance plans?

Ans: The best way to buy cheap travel flight insurance plans is to buy them as soon as possible, ideally as soon as you buy the travel tickets. 

Q. Can I buy airline ticket insurance for my family?

Ans: Yes, you can easily buy flight travel insurance for yourself and your family. In fact, most travel flight insurance plans only cover one adult and two children apart from the policyholder themselves.

Q. Can I buy travel flight insurance online in UAE?

Ans: Yes, you can buy flight travel insurance in UAE via online as well as offline platforms. So, you can either use the provider's website or to book your travel flight ticket insurance.

Q. Is the loss of travel documents covered by flight travel insurance?

Ans: Loss of travel documents is only covered when you lose the documents with your checked-in luggage on the flight. Travel documents lost any other time while travelling is not covered. 

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