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AED 1 million life cover starting @50/month
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A term life insurance policy for your wife is a crucial step in ensuring her financial security in the UAE. This type of insurance provides high coverage at affordable premiums, offering peace of mind for the family. 


With flexible tenures ranging from 5 to 35 years and various premium payment options, you can tailor the policy to fit your financial plan. In the unfortunate event of her passing, the policy offers a significant payout to support the needs of one’s family. 


Notably, many insurance providers often provide benefits like premium waivers in case of disability and discounts for healthy lifestyles. All these aspects make term life insurance a smart and comprehensive choice.


What is Term Insurance for Wife?


A term insurance plan for your partner keeps your children financially covered in case something unfortunate happens to you or your wife. In case of the death of the insured, the policy pays a sum assured to the beneficiaries. With this amount, they can maintain their lifestyle and meet their future goals. 

With this type of insurance for wife, you can easily secure coverage for your partner at quite affordable rates. 


Why Should You Buy Term Insurance for Partner?


Here are the benefits you can enjoy when you buy term insurance for a partner —

  • Secured Future — Even if the sole earning individual of a family passes away, term insurance can provide a financial shield for the family. With the sum assured of this insurance type, your family can easily cover their day-to-day expenses without denting their savings. 
  • Affordable Premium — Since it is a basic insurance plan, it is usually more affordable than other life insurance plans. 
    Important: Premiums are based on your age. The younger you are, the lower the premium. 
  • Transparent — Term insurance for a wife is a straightforward insurance plan. By paying a fixed premium, you can get coverage for your family. 
  • Flexibility — An interesting aspect of term insurance for a wife is its flexibility. You can customise the plan and choose the tenure, coverage amount, and any additional covers as per your requirements.


Features of Term Insurance for Wife


Check out the major features of term insurance for your wife —

  • High Insured Sum: You can get high sum assured or death benefits compared to premiums. 
    In the UAE, for instance, you can pay a monthly premium of around AED 300 and get coverage for a whopping AED 5 million!
  • Easy to Buy: The application process is quite easy with lenient criteria. In fact, many plans may not even require medical check-ups.
    Ease of buying is especially valid for online purchases, where you can easily compare term insurance plans and buy the best one in just a few clicks.
  • Long Tenures: You can choose term cover plans with tenures ranging from 5 to usually 45 years, depending on the life assured’s age. 
    As per the requirements of most term policies, you must be at least 18 years old at the time of applying.
  • Flexible-Premium Payment Options: Pay your premiums monthly, half-yearly, annually, or make a one-time payment for the entire term.
  • Multiple Payout Options: Choose between lump-sum or periodic payments as per your needs.


Best Term Insurance Plans for Wife


Here are some plans to check if you’re seeking the best term insurance for a partner —


Plan Name Features  Apply
Zurich International Term Assurance
  • Medical Check-up — Depends on the age, sum cover, and the health condition
  • COVID-19 Coverage
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Pre-existing Disease Coverage (subject to insurer)
  • Level Term Plan
  • Sum Insured Payout — In case of death due to accident or sickness
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Al Buhaira Life Protect
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Cover (subject to the provider’s approval)
  • Level Term Plan
  • COVID-19 Coverage
  • Sum Insured Payout in case of death due to accident or sickness
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MetLife Live Life
  • Death Benefit
  • Terminal Illness — Accelerated Life Benefit
  • Non-participating Plan
  • Medical Checkup Required
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Cover
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Sukoon Insurance DigiTerm
  • Level Term Plan
  • COVID-19 Coverage
  • Medical Check-up — Depends on the policyholder’s health condition, age, and sum cover
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Benefit — Subject to the provider’s approval
  • Sum Insured Payout — In case of death due to accident or sickness
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Sukoon Insurance LIFE GUARD
  • Regular Pay Plan
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Multiple Payment Mode
  • Death Benefits
  • Multiple Currency Options 
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MetLife Live Life Now
  • Death Benefits
  • Terminal Illness — Accelerated Life Benefit
  • Non-Participating Term Insurance
  • Medical Check-up Required
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Where to Buy Term Insurance for Wife?


  • You can easily get the best term insurance for your wife on Policybazaar.ae. 
  • This website hosts plenty of term insurance plans from the top providers in the country — all under one roof! 
  • When you buy term life insurance from Policybazaar.ae, you'll need to fill out a lead form with your age and income. Next, you'll be taken to the term insurance quotes page.
  • Here, you can adjust the life cover amount and tenure as needed. Compare your options, then click on the ‘Apply Now’ button.
  • So what are you waiting for — Apply Now!


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