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With car insurance add-ons, you can get additional coverage for your car on top of your car insurance plan. The add-on services provided by insurance companies are numerous and can be availed of at nominal additional costs. more

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While one may be tempted to cut back on the add-ons for the costs, it’s worth noting that they are essential for enhancing car insurance plans and can be great additions if you want a few more additions to your plan.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

List of Car Insurance Addons in UAE

  • Personal Accident Cover 
  • Replacement Cars
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Oman Extension
  • Rent a Car
  • Windscreen Coverage 
  • Off-Road Recovery Cover
  • Natural Calamity Cover
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection Cover
  • Agency Repair

This write-up offers insights into the various types of car insurance add-ons available in the UAE and their benefits. 

Benefits of Car Insurance Add-ons

As mentioned earlier, auto insurance add-on covers offer better coverage to your car. With an auto insurance add-on policy, you can effectively handle a variety of problems and have coverage specific to your requirements.

Top Car Insurance Add-ons 

Here are the top car insurance add-ons available in the UAE -

  • Personal Accident Cover - Although a comprehensive car insurance plan in the UAE safeguards an individual’s vehicles and personal property, it is the personal accident rider that protects the person against bodily harm. The add-on provides them with a fixed payout in relation to the specific injuries, which can be useful for covering hospital fees and other medical bills.

This rider covers the insured individual in case of any unfortunate event like -

  • Medical expenses
  • Accidental death
  • Driver disability 
  • Replacement Cars - Occasionally, a car collision can render the vehicle totally unusable. In such cases, this add-on can prove effective - most car insurance providers in the UAE offer this add-on which gives you access to a replacement vehicle while your original vehicle is being serviced. 

Losing a mode of transportation can have a major impact on a working professional's ability to perform their duties. With this add-on, however, productivity loss can certainly be minimised.

  • Roadside Assistance - Roadside assistance is an essential rider that you should consider including in your car insurance policy. The cover provides assistance in case of a tyre puncture, car lockout, fuel shortage, battery drainage, flat tyre, and more. Several insurance providers also provide on-call services if required.

It is advisable to consider the following aspects when opting for roadside assistance -

  • The age of the vehicle
  • Travel route
  • Number of vehicle services available

These provisions can help you get better coverage with this add-on. 

  • Oman Extension - You can easily secure an Oman extension rider on online portals like Policybazaar UAE or even at the Oman border. This car insurance add-on widens the geographical scope of the car insurance policy in Oman. 

It is important to remember that this car insurance add-on enables you to avail of the same coverages that are offered in the UAE for your own vehicles only - it does not cover third-party damages caused by you. For this reason, you would be required to purchase third-party liability car insurance online for coverage.

  • Rent a Car -  If your covered automobile sustains any accidental damages, several car insurance firms may allow you to rent a car insurance rider as part of their company portfolio. The service provider will set up automobile rentals for you for a set period while the damaged vehicle is taken to the garage for maintenance and repair. 

It must be noted that this add-on cannot be used at the point of theft or write-off.

  • Windscreen Coverage - A majority of comprehensive coverage policies include smaller car protections, such as theft, vandalism, physical injury, and so on. Many people believe that having a comprehensive insurance plan would also cover the car's windscreen, which is not the case, though. 

Several insurance providers do not include windshield coverage as a component of the insurance plan; instead, it is considered an optional addition to automobile insurance that comes at a minor additional cost.

With this cover, the side windows, rear view screen, and the complete screen of the car would be covered. Moreover, this add-on can also cover the replacement of tiny fractures, chips, and other problems.

  • Off-Road Recovery Cover - Basic car insurance in the UAE is inadequate to protect the interests of vehicle owners who love the excitement of dune bashing and other all-terrain experiences. The off-road rider gives automobile owners more freedom to discover the stunning UAE off-road sceneries and forge new paths.
  • Natural Calamity Cover - This car insurance rider provides coverage in case there is a loss caused by a flood, hurricane, storm, sandstorm, or earthquake.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection Cover - An NCB protection cover protects your no-claim bonus even if you raise a claim, which reduces the premium amount irrespective of the filed claims. This car insurance add-on applies only to damage to the insured’s own car.
  • Agency Repair - The cost of car insurance in the UAE is primarily influenced by the type of auto repairs. Agency repairs are completed only with the use of genuine replacement parts. On the other hand, non-agency repairs do not employ real replacement parts and lower the car's market value. 

A maximum of three years of agency repair is included in a majority of online car insurance policies in Dubai before it becomes an add-on option.

To Conclude

Numerous car insurance add-ons are out there, some of which may be important to certain people while being unimportant to others. The amount of study and understanding will determine what add-ons can be included in a car insurance plan. 

Before making a decision, you should always do your research on the finest vehicle insurance in the UAE and the benefits of car insurance add-ons. 

Visit the ‘car insurance’ section on to find out more details regarding car insurance in UAE, the top add-ons, and more.

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