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UAE has its own unique standing when it comes to the love for luxury, high-performance cars. Not only do the tourists here have a craze for rides in luxury vehicles on their vacations, but the residents and citizens also share the same enthusiasm about expensive high-performance cars. ...read more

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Porsche cars are one such entity in this list of beloved luxe cars of the UAE. But owning a luxury car is not all about glamour as it is to ride one.

Owners have to take care of the maintenance, the repairs and the potential damages that the car may incur in an accident. This is why getting a proper Porsche insurance plan for your luxury ride is essential for all owners/drivers. Let’s examine all the important facts and factors you must know to find the best insurance for Porsche cars. 

Porsche Car Insurance Price in the UAE

Porsche insurance prices are influenced by a lot of small and big factors. From the age, make and model of your Porsche to your own driving record, many things can decrease or increase your Porsche insurance cost significantly. Keeping these factors in mind, Porsche insurance cost falls somewhere in between AED 8000-9000 in the UAE. Yet again, the price is lower for cheaper models and higher for more expensive ones. You can expect to spend around AED 14,000 on a fully-comprehensive insurance plan for Porsche. But do not forget that it’s not just your car model that would change your Porsche insurance cost. Other seemingly small factors are equally important. Some major add-ons like engine breakdown cover can cost almost as much as the basic comprehensive plan itself. 

Types of Porsche Insurance Cover 

Third-Party Liability Insurance: As the term suggests, a third-party liability insurance plan for your Porsche car takes care of all the third-party liabilities that may arise after an accident caused by you. This includes any damages caused to the third party vehicle, injuries to the driver and liability towards the family of the driver-owner. Porsche third-party liability car insurance plans do not cover any damages caused to your own car or your own injuries. 

Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover: Comprehensive car insurance for Porsche cars is an all-inclusive plan that covers not only third-party liabilities but also your own car damages, injuries and more. This is a third-party liability + own damage + fire and theft protection insurance cover for Porsche cars. Porsche comprehensive car insurance plans can also be customised by purchasing add-ons.

Features and Benefits of Porsche Car Insurance 

  • Cost-Effective Protection for Expensive Rides: While buying a Porsche is an expensive feat, everything about owning it doesn’t have to be expensive as well. Porsche car insurance plans can be bought for a fairly low cost as far as car insurance for high assured value vehicles is concerned. The average cost you can score for a Porsche insurance plan generally ranges around AED 8000.  
  • All-Inclusive Coverage: Ensuring that the expensive upkeep and repairs of your Porsche are fully covered, the Porsche car insurance plans available in the UAE are designed to cover not only the damages your car incurs in an accident or collision but also miscellaneous things such as roadside assistance, agency repairs, engine breakdown, etc. are also arranged for in Porsche insurance in the UAE. 
  • Personal Accident Protection: Both you and your loved Porsche are covered ideally by Porsche insurance plans in the UAE. Available to take with all comprehensive Porsche car insurance plans, personal accident cover for the driver takes care of all your emergency treatment expenses and you are compensated for any disabilities or death that an accident causes. 
  • Fire and Theft Protection: Losing your Porsche to theft or fire can be both traumatic and financially devastating. The fire and theft cover that Porsche insurance plans come with is the perfect way to ensure that you do not get any huge financial hit if the car is totalled in a fire or stolen and never recovered. 
  • Smooth-Sailing Claim Process: It only takes a well-filled claim form, lined up documents and a simple online submission to file a claim against your Porsche insurance plan. Most car insurance plans come with a rather streamlined process for car insurance claims, with options to file them online as well as offline. Choose the method that suits you the best and file claims easily. 
  • Curated Plans: With a series of add-ons available at your altar, there is no limitation on the ways in which you can customise your Porsche car insurance plans in the UAE. From small ones like key replacement cover to more important ones like engine breakdown cover and return to invoice cover, you can choose any type and number of add-ons you like. 
  • Easy Renewals: Renewing your Porsche insurance plans is as easy as buying them. Most car insurance companies allow online renewals for plans bought both online and offline. Simply visit the renewal portal, log in and select the plan you want to renew to ensure that your Porsche is protected without interruption. 

Best Car Insurance Provider UAE 2022

Car Insurance Companies Types of Car Insurance Plans Offered Plan Details
ADNIC Platinum Cover Gold Cover Standard Cover
AXA Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance cover, Third-Party Liability Cover
RSA Car Insurance Motor Executive (Comprehensive), Motor Smart (Comprehensive), Motor Value (Third-Party)
Oman Car Insurance Comprehensive Cover Third-Party Insurance InsureMyTesla High Net Worth Covers (premium covers for luxury cars/vehicles)
Noor Takaful Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third-Party Liability Car Insurance
Orient Car Insurance Comprehensive Plans, Third-Party Liability Plans
Salama Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans
Tokio Marine Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans
New India Car Insurance Third-Party Plans, Comprehensive Plans
RAK Car Insurance Comprehensive and Third-Party liability
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Inclusions of Porsche Insurance 

  • Third-party liabilities – everything from vehicular damages to injuries of the driver and familial liabilities
  • Damages incurred by own car and emergency care for the injuries of the driver 
  • Natural and man-made disasters causing injuries 
  • Theft of your Porsche resulting in an unrecovered and unresolved case
  • Totalled car due to unrepairable accidental damages
  • 24x7 roadside assistance 
  • Damages caused to the vehicle due to fire as well as damages caused by an explosion
  • Personal accident cover for drivers may also be available as an add-on in some plans
  • Personal accident cover for passengers
  • Personal accident cover for the driver, if not included as a basic benefit
  • No depreciation cover
  • Engine breakdown cover
  • Return to invoice cover 
  • No claim bonus retention cover
  • Off-road driving cover
  • Key loss and replacement cover
  • Car accessory cover for accessories 
  • Geographical extension cover
  • Transportation allowance cover
  • Courtesy replacement car 
  • Windshield protection cover

Exclusions of Porsche Insurance

  • Damages you cause when driving under the influence of alcohol or any other type of drugs/intoxicating substances
  • Driving without a valid permit or license and causing property damages or injuries
  • Consequential damages that your car incurs
  • Damages caused by the negligence of the car’s owner-driver 
  • Normal wear and tear 
  • Damages caused by radioactivity including nuclear explosions
  • Damages incurred in war or war-like situations
  • Damages caused when using a personal car for commercial purposes

Tips to Buy the Best Insurance for Porsche 

  • Compare Your Options: No matter which type of car insurance plan you are looking for, never forget to compare your options before you go ahead and make the purchase. Choose a few top providers, obtain quotes from them and then compare the benefits and prices as well as the availability of customer service. 
  • Conduct Research: Even when you choose to take financial advice from an expert, always take some time to conduct your own research. Make sure that you have checked every aspect of your Porsche insurance plan that holds even the smallest amount of significance to you. 
  • Do Not Compromise on Coverage: Finding a cost-effective plan is a priority when buying Porsche insurance, but try not to compromise on the coverage. It is good to drop extra add-ons that are not as important, but make sure that you keep all the important ones. Take the riders that can be beneficial for your car, even if it comes with a little extra premium. 
  • Check Add-On Availability: Not all providers will have the same range of add-ons. This means you have to stop and compare the add-ons that different providers are offering. On that note, some providers often offer certain add-on benefits as a basic benefit of their more comprehensive plans. An example here can be off-road driving cover. Make sure you scan both the basic cover and the add-ons to get a fair idea of all the benefits. 
  • Try and Purchase Online: Online shopping comes with several perks. You can shop from your bed or couch and get everything at your fingertips without even moving a muscle. Not to mention the additional discounts you can score since most Porsche car insurance providers offer interesting discounts for online purchases. It is rare to come across discounts on insurance prices, so make sure that you make the most of it. However, remember to shop online only from safe platforms like Policybazaar UAE to get the best insurance for Porsche in the UAE. 
  • Evaluate Providers: In the midst of comparing plans and benefits, do not forget to compare providers as well. Make sure to check reviews about the providers from whom you are considering buying your Porsche insurance plans. Also, check their claim settlement ratio or CSR. Ensure that the customer service executives are ideally helpful. 
  • Score Special Discounts: Keep an eye out for any festive discounts. Many insurance companies roll out sudden deals and offers on special occasions and special months. Buy your Porsche car insurance during these times to save a few extra dirhams. 

Note - Your insurer may require additional documents for investigation and verification during the settlement process. It is advisable to contact your insurer, report your mishap, and ask for all the documents you need to submit.

Car Insurance for Luxury Car in UAE

Car Insurance Renewal for Porsche Insurance 

Porsche car insurance plans can be easily renewed online with little to no hassle. Go to the renewal portal of your provider or aggregator and log in using your policy credentials. Begin the renewal process and choose the IDV of your Porsche. Move forward to choose the details of the car insurance plan you want to renew. Change the plan here as per the available options or move ahead with the same cover if you like. Add or remove add-ons in the next step. Finalise the details of your plans one last time and proceed further. Next, upload all the required documents. Also, select the no claim discount and other applicable discounts here. Make the final payment via the portal and you are done. You will receive the renewal confirmation on your registered mobile number as well as your registered email id. Your updated policy documents will be sent to your email.

How to Claim Your Porsche Car Insurance?

Submitting claims for your Porsche insurance plan in the UAE is quite easy. Given below are the steps you need to follow to submit cashless claims for Porsche insurance plans:

  • Contact the police and your insurance provider when you find yourself in an accident or dealing with a collision. 
  • Make sure that the injured have received first aid before you do anything else. 
  • File a report of the incident and make a personal record of the people involved in the incident. Include names, contact details (if possible) and vehicle numbers. 
  • Once you have informed your insurance company about the accident, use the roadside assistance services to transfer your car to the allotted network garage or the nearest network garage. 
  • Obtain a claim form from your provider, fill it out and attach it with your driving license, car registration documents and policy documents if required. 
  • Take these documents with you to the network garage and submit them there at the provider desk. 
  • Your claim will be examined immediately after that and an available supervisor will assess the damages, your coverage and what would be paid by the insurance company.
  • Once the payment details are settled, the garage will start repairing your car. You can pick it up or have it delivered if your insurance plan covers that benefit as well. 

Eligibility Criteria for Porsche Car Insurance

Any UAE resident or citizen with the proper paperwork to support their citizenship or residency is eligible to get a Porsche insurance plan. The applicant should be at least 18 years old and he/she must hold a valid driving license. The car must also be registered in your name if you want to register the policy in your name. Given below are the documents you will need to get a Porsche car insurance plan in the UAE:

Required Documents

  • Car registration number 
  • Number of your previous car insurance policy (if any)
  • Your driving license 
  • Car chassis number and other details 
  • Make and model of your car 
  • Passport, Emirates ID and your resident’s visa (for UAE residents only)
  • No claim bonus certificate (if applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should I add zero depreciation cover to my Porsche car insurance plan?

Ans. Yes, zero depreciation cover can be a very useful add-on for Porsche cars, especially if your car is still in its initial years. Since the ex-showroom price of Porsche cars is very high, a no depreciation cover will allow you to claim the full amount, minus deductibles, if your car gets totalled.

Q2. What is the maximum no claim bonus I can get with my Porsche insurance?

Ans. 50% is the maximum no claim bonus amount one can avail of on their Porsche car insurance plans or any other car for that matter. Some special scenarios may take your no claim bonus to even 60 or 65%. But that is a very rare case.

Q3. Can I renew the same Porsche car insurance policy even if it has expired?

Ans. Yes, you can renew the same Porsche insurance plan even if it has expired.

Q4. Am I allowed to switch Porsche car insurance plans without losing the accumulated no-claim bonus?

Ans. Yes, you can easily switch or port your Porsche insurance plan to another plan that you like or another provider that you find better suited for your needs.

Q5. Is it mandatory to buy Porsche car insurance in the UAE?

Ans. Yes, it is mandatory to buy at least third-party liability insurance for your Porsche car in the UAE. Comprehensive plans are optional to buy for all. 

Q6. What are some important add-ons for Porsche insurance plans?

Ans. No depreciation cover, NCB retention cover, engine breakdown cover and off-road cover are some of the important add-ons that you can buy with your Porsche car insurance. 

Q7. When do stolen car insurance claims get settled?

Ans. Stolen car insurance claims for your Porsche insurance plans may take longer than standard damage repair claims to process since it involves a lot of verification steps. Your car must also be declared unrecoverable by the police before the insurance company can settle the stolen car claim. Most claims are settled within 2 months. 

Q8. How can I buy my Porsche insurance online?

Ans. You can choose the simplest way and make your purchase with Policybazaar UAE or buy your insurance plan directly from the providers. Simply go to the Policybazaar UAE website, compare plans, choose your coverage and proceed to buy. If buying from a provider’s website, make sure that the purchasing platforms are authentic and safe. 

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