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Several small and big components and covers come together to create a comprehensive insurance cover for your car. Roadside Assistance in car insurance or RSA cover is one of these elements. It offers help or assistance if the car of the policyholder happens to break down while driving on an unfamiliar road or when there are no mechanics nearby the site of breakdown. Roadside assistance cover is often offered as an inclusive part of the basic insurance cover while others offer it as an add-on benefit like engine protection cover, car accessory cover, etc.

What are the Services Covered in Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance?

There are plenty of little things that are covered under roadside assistance cover that can come in handy during an emergency. Given following are the basic things that all roadside assistance covers provide for:

Mechanical Breakdown: Mechanical or even electrical breakdown of the car is covered by roadside assistance in car insurance plans. The policyholder simply needs to contact the insurance company and they will arrange for a mechanic to help you out with the repairs. This may include tire replacements, battery jump-start, providing a spare key to the car, etc.

Extrication Services: Ditches and potholes can cause a huge problem if your vehicle happens to get stuck in one. Roadside assistance in car insurance cover will ensure that your insurer sends help to extricate the car from the ditch.

Towing Services: Roadside assistance in car insurance offers towing services in case your car can need to be repaired in a garage or have had an accident and requires towing. The towing services from roadside assistance cover generally take the car to one of the nearest network garages.

Fuel Arrangements: Fuel emergencies are also dealt with by the car insurance companies under roadside assistance cover. You will be liable to receive up to 5 litres of fuel in case of an emergency.

Medical Coordination: Roadside assistance in car insurance by a few companies also offer emergency medical assistance. This is applicable in the case where your vehicle has broken down and you need medical attention following the breakdown. The policyholder will have to bear the cost of the treatment themselves though.

Alternate Vehicle Arrangement: The insurance will also help in arranging an alternative ride for you to reach your destination. This service is only applicable to one destination of your choice. You can get a taxi ride or a vehicle to drive yourself.

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Should You opt for Additional Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance Plan?

Since roadside assistance in insurance is not always included in basic services, you may wonder if it is worth buying it separately. Whether you should have roadside assistance in car insurance depends on a few factors which are given below:

Age of the Car: If your car is brand new, the chances of it breaking down are rather slim. It will be alright even if you do not opt for roadside assistance additional as an add-on service. However, if your car is older now, it is more prone to a breakdown so, it is wise to have a roadside assistance cover.

Convenience: Roadside assistance in car insurance is not just about a necessity. It is also a huge convenience factor. So, even if your car is new but you would still like to have the safety and convenience of the option, you can opt for roadside assistance in car insurance.

Frequency: The more you drive your car, the more it is prone to breakdown. If you are using your car for commuting to work every day or something similar then roadside assistance in car insurance cover is a good option to have.

The Expertise of the Drivers: One vehicle in the house is often driven by multiple members. If you think that any of the frequent users of the car are not well-familiar with small repairs, nearby garages and other emergency services, you should have roadside assistance in car insurance for your vehicle.

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If an added expense, roadside assistance car insurance plans will be something that required little thinking over before over before buying. Assessing your need to make a decision is the best. Although, it will not be a bad idea to have it as a service to fall back on in case of an emergency. Check if your insurance company is already offering roadside assistance in a car insurance plan that you are buying. Most top car insurance companies in UAE offer it as a basic service now.

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