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Dental insurance in the UAE provides crucial financial support for quality dental care. Available through comprehensive health plans or as add-ons, it covers preventive and restorative treatments, including orthodontics. Emphasizing preventive measures like regular brushing, these plans offer coverage for emergency and routine dental needs. With varying coverage amounts, eligibility criteria, and straightforward application processes, dental insurance ensures accessible and affordable oral healthcare for residents. more

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Whether possessing one as part of a comprehensive health insurance plan or an add-on, dental plans in the UAE are immensely beneficial. If you require any aid related to your dental health, you can easily obtain so without worrying about finances. To know more about the leading dental insurance plans in the UAE, their key features, and the best dental insurance in the UAE, keep reading below.

Types of Dental Insurance UAE

Dental Insurance has become essential amidst a need for dental treatment at affordable prices in the UAE. However, while the UAE has become a hub for some of the best dental insurance plans in the world due to its advanced technological infrastructure, the involved expenses often deter individuals from accessing such plans. 

In such cases, the best course of action involves obtaining a dental insurance plan in the UAE to ensure timely and high quality dental care. One can obtain a dental insurance plan in UAE in any of the following ways:

  • Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan: Several health insurance plans in the UAE from the leading providers included dental coverage. If you have such a plan, you can easily access several facilities like regular dental check-ups, cleaning of teeth, etc., and have your insurance plan provide cover.
  • Add-ons: If you have an insurance plan that excludes dental coverage, you can still avail of the benefits with required add-ons. While several health insurance plans may not include dental coverage, most of them have the option of health insurance add-ons for dental coverage. Adding such an add-on at a nominal price can ensure access to all the benefits related to dental treatment in the UAE. 

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Prevention Measures Associated with Dental Health

Getting a dental insurance plan from any of the best dental insurance providers in the UAE can save you from high medical expenses. However, you can always follow a few practices to maintain proper oral hygiene, which can save you from expensive (and often agonising) dental treatment. These steps include:

  • Regular brushing of teeth
  • Proper mouth cleaning after meals
  • Using Listerine and other mouth cleansing liquids to eliminate germs from your teeth and mouth 
  • Increased consumption of nutritious foods 

It should be noted that the last point, i.e., healthy foods, is beneficial for the overall health of an individual as well. 

Coverage Benefits and Insurance Options

If you get a dental insurance plan from any of the eminent UAE insurance providers, you may receive dental insurance coverage for both emergency and regular dental and gum treatment. Due to the prevalence of exquisite dental (and overall medical) facilities in the UAE, the coverage granted by such dental insurance plans is extensive in nature. 

The following benefits are offered through the best dental insurance options in the UAE:

  • Preventive dental treatment: Under preventive dental treatment, a dentist can perform the requisite procedure on detecting any potentially harmful medical condition. If you have the cover for preventive dental treatment in your dental insurance plan, you can easily tackle any situations that may lead to significant deterioration of your oral health. 
  • Routine dental treatment: Several dental insurance plans provide cover for routine dental treatment in the UAE. This is an immensely beneficial provision, as you can regularly get your teeth and oral health examined, and avoid most of the major dental ailments. 
  • Major restorative dental treatment: Restorative dental treatment is among the most essential aspects of dental plans. With various plans providing cover for the same, you can easily get your teeth replaced (whether in case of teeth loss or damage) and have the expenses covered with these plans. 
  • Orthodontic treatment: Orthodontic treatment refers to services that enhance the dental appearance of an individual through the straightening of teeth, improving the alignment of lips and teeth, closing teeth gaps, and so on. While such treatment can prove quite expensive, you can always avail of it without being concerned about the costs with the right dental insurance plan. However, one should verify this type of coverage as several plans may exclude this type of treatment.

Things to Remember While Getting Dental Care Plans and Insurance

With different types of dental care plans available in the UAE, it is easy to get overwhelmed regarding the sheer variety of choices. However, if you have clarity regarding your requirements and financial conditions, you can easily select the best dental insurance plan for yourself. 

While getting a dental care plan in the UAE, you can check if the plan:

  • Covers preventive dental treatment like sealants, X-ray tests, fillings, and so on
  • Covers major procedures like root canals, inlays, crowns, and so forth
  • Offers Healthy Connect Module, which is an optional coverage plan under the Healthguard plan and offers dental insurance coverage that includes a wide range of benefits

Eligibility Criteria for Dental Insurance Plans in the UAE

The eligibility criteria associated with dental insurance plans are similar to health insurance dubai plans in the country. Here are a few requirements for the same:

  • The applicant must fulfil the minimum age requirement, which could be 18-21 years 
  • The income level of the individual applying for the dental insurance should have the specified income level for the plan 
  • The applicant must be a UAE resident or citizen

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How to Apply for Dental Insurance in UAE?

Applying for a dental insurance plan in the UAE is a straightforward process, similar to the one followed for standard health insurance plans in the UAE. However, it should be noted that if one is availing of dental cover as an add-on, they have to wait till the time of renewal to add the cover to their base plan.

With that said, if you are applying for a comprehensive plan that is inclusive of dental insurance, you can take any of the given modes for application:

  • Online application: You can start by visiting the website of an insurance provider and searching for the health insurance section. After finding a suitable plan, you can fill out the relevant application form and submit it after uploading the documents demanded by the provider. 
  • Offline application: This traditional method of application can also be followed in the UAE. Visit a branch of your insurance provider and request a form regarding your chosen plan. Carefully fill it up, attach the necessary documents, and submit it to the bank personnel. 

You can also compare the best dental insurance plans in the UAE with us and apply for the one that fits your requirements the best. Check out our ‘health insurance’ category to proceed. 

More to Know

Is the dental insurance plan suitable and acceptable if the person is subscribing to an out-network service provider?

Yes, the patient may be covered even if they avail of medical services at a provider outside the list of network providers. It’s worth noting that while you can avail of cashless services at network hospitals, you can make the payment and receive the compensation later at hospitals out of the network.

What are the coverage benefits and insurance options for insurance companies in the UAE?

With the leading dental insurance plans in the UAE, you can avail of several benefits like emergency dental and gum treatment, preventive dental treatment, routine dental treatment and check-ups, orthodontic treatments, and so on. However, as the actual benefits offered by an insurance provider may vary, one should always verify the benefits available with an insurance plan in the UAE.

Why is dental insurance necessary?

Dental care can be expensive in the UAE and the world in general. Whether going for minor processes like annual check-ups or surgeries, getting a medical treatment done can prove expensive. In such cases, dental insurance becomes necessary as it ensures adequate financial aid.

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