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Cigna is a global health insurance provider which started its journey in America over 60 years ago. Cigna health insurance now has jurisdiction over 30 countries worldwide and offers exemplary health insurance services to over 180 million customers worldwide. Cigna is proud of itself in providing the right kind of services on the right time and in the right setting to its customers. Cigna was also recently ranked 13 on the Fortune 500 list, 2020. In order to advance complete personal health, Cigna offers comprehensive health care insurance plans to the customers which are chosen on the basis of predictability, affordability, and integrated personalized solutions so that everyone gets what they need – a well-thought insurance plan customized to every customer personal needs.

Thanks to the widespread network and a solid base, Cigna health insurance is able to provide world-class facilities and services to its customers and hence is considered one of the top insurance providers in not only the UAE but also globally. Cigna offers several local and global medical insurance coverages for individuals, families, corporate offices, brokers, employees, and even government and non-government organizations. Cigna health insurance aims to develop affordable and innovative solutions to all medical insurance needs of its customers to provide them with a holistic quality of life and empower them enough to be able to manage their health.

Top Cigna Health Insurance Plans in UAE

Plan Name Annual benefit maximum Price
Regional AED 2,750,000  
International AED 7,350,000
International Plus Unlimited

Features & Benefits of Cigna medical insurance  

  • Comprehensive plans with at least eight common basic benefits covered across them all.
  • Access to the healthcare provider network of all 192 countries for better and maximum coverage for customers.
  • Every customer is free to customize their benefits as per their needs and desires regardless of the plan they choose.
  • Easy online claim and renewal process that gets processed in a matter of days with minimal paperwork and hassle.
  • A 24x7 dedicated customer support helpline that functions for all the customers worldwide ensuring immediate help to anyone in need.
  • The insurance plans made available to UAE applicants are approved by the Dubai Health Authority and the Insurance Authority to maximize authenticity and trust.

Cigna Medical Insurance Plans

Cigna health insurance offers a range of medical insurance plans in the UAE that cater to individuals as well as families that are living or working in the UAE. These plans are divided into several categories depending on the type of benefits offered and the coverage – local/regional and international. The base plan offered by Cigna to individual and families of UAE is called the HealthguardSM

Regional Plan

  • The coverage extended to GCC (gulf countries), Middle East Countries and Asia (apart from Singapore, China, and Hong Kong) along with the Emirates.
  • Customizable with optional and basic services for every individual as per their needs.
  • Full coverage of private room in case of hospitalization. 
  • Cancer screenings and care are paid for and covered in full.
  • Mental health care is also included in the coverage plan.
  • Include health checkups, prescription drugs, and preventive dental care and treatments. 
  • Medical Evacuation and repatriation expenses paid in full for the policyholder.
  • Maternity care with an optional mother and baby care module.
  • Out of area emergency coverage for the insured.
  • All kinds of preventive health check-ups.
  • A choice among the four basic tiers of the network of healthcare providers in UAE. 

International Plan

  • Worldwide coverage along with an additional option to include the USA on the list as well. The coverage comes with a maximum cap on the annual insured amount like the regional plan.
  • Customizable using the additional benefits and services available. 
  • Fully paid standard private hospital rooms.
  • Cancer screenings and care are paid for and covered in full.
  • Inclusive of mental health care coverage.
  • Regular health checkups, preventive dental treatments, and prescription drugs are included.
  • Fully paid medical evacuation expenses and repatriation.
  • Covered maternity care.
  • Out of network emergency cover.
  • Insured preventive health checkups.
  • An option among four basic tiers of the network of healthcare providers in UAE. 

International Plus Plan

The international Plus plan covers all treatments and services covered in the internal plan for individuals and families. It also covers medical expenses in all countries and excludes the USA by default. There is an option to include the USA in the cover as well. No cap on the maximum sum insured annually aka – unlimited coverage.

Optional Services/Additional Benefits (All Plans)

  • Comprehensive physical examinations and screenings (includes cancer screening to determine genetic cancer and allergies).
  • Counseling sessions for stress management and support.
  • Routine eye examination plus expenses of lenses and frames.
  • Preventive, routine, and any major dental care services, treatments and facilities.  
  • Return home cash benefits if the patient needs to return home due to any medical emergency or treatment. 

Cigna Health Insurance Inclusions

Following is a list of basic inclusions that you will find in all plans offered to individuals and families by Cigna medical insurance:

  • A choice among four tiers of medical networks of Cigna medical insurance.
  • Mental and preventive health care and treatment.
  • Out of network area emergency health cover.
  • Coverage for chronic diseases as well as pre-existing diseases.
  • Maternity care.
  • Consultations, diagnostic tests and prescription drugs – outpatient. 
  • Hospital treatment and accommodation expenses coverage – inpatient and day-patient. 
  • Rehabilitation treatments and sessions. 

Cigna Health Insurance Exclusions

  • Services of emergency room taken for conditions that are not specified as emergency medical conditions by EOC.
  • Assistive services for activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing.
  • Any services, treatment, and supplies as a part of an experimental or unproven treatment plan.
  • Cosmetic surgeries, therapies, and procedures
  • Applied behavior therapy and treatments.
  • Therapies to improve general health conditions
  • Complimentary and alternative medical services

Cigna health insurance Claims Process

The claim process of Cigna medical insurance is a piece of cake you simply need to visit the website and download the “claim form” available there. If you are uncertain about filing the claim or are facing any difficulties in finding the appropriate reasons then you can take help from the pdf guide available on the same page. Once you have downloaded and filled the form, attach the required documents like medical bills and such and mail the set to the Cigna Healthcare Claims Office. Physically filed claims take 10-28 days to process. The claims can also be filed online using the website portal.  

Why Choose Cigna Health Insurance?

Apart from a wide range of coverage facilities that are catered to meet the requirements and demands of every individual customer out there, Cigna medical insurance offers a range of benefits that need to be a crucial part of any health insurance policy. Keeping their customers on the top, Cigna ensures that they are ideally served with a wide coverage applicable not only regionally but globally. The years of experience and trust built by this insurance provider are nothing short of exceptional and provides the sense of security that all policyholders seek from their insurance provider. On top of that, the easy to browse through the website and the handy mobile application of the provider makes it a matter of seconds to keep track of your medical insurance plan.