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With over 65 years' experience in the Gulf region, METLIFE health insurance offers coverage to both individuals and businesses. METLIFE primarily offers coverage against critical illness, hospitalisation, accident, and disability. The insurance company aims to fulfil the requirement of its customers with utmost dedication and has its customer service team available round the clock to provide accurate guidance. more

AED 1 million Health cover starting @4/Day
Selecting health insurance for
  • Self Only
  • Both Self and Family
  • Family without Self
  • Domestic Workers
  • Investor



<span>Worldwide Coverage</span>
Worldwide Coverage
<span>Covid-19 Covered</span>
Covid-19 Covered
<span>Claim Assistance</span>
Claim Assistance

MetLife is a leading healthcare insurance provider that helps you plan and manage your medical expenses. To put it simply, it equips you to deal with a medical emergency without straining your savings. MetLife health insurance plans are specifically designed to cater to the needs of a modern customers who likes to keep his/her financial game on point.

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Best MetLife Health Insurance plan in UAE

Here, we’ll walk you through the top MetLife medical insurance plan in Dubai, UAE for 2021:

Plan Name Essential Benefits Plan (EBP)
Annual Benefit Limit AED 150,000
Network Type EBP Network
Co Participation Co-Pay 20% Max up to AED 500
Territory of Coverage UAE Only
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Benefits and Features of MetLife Medical Insurance

Here is the list of benefits that MetLife offers.

  1. Customer-Focused Insurance Plans: With MetLife, you can buy a variety of health insurance plans that are designed to cater to your needs. Metlife has a team of experts that assist you in finding a plan that best fits your medical requirements.
  2. Cashless Hospitalization: MetLife health insurance plans offer cashless hospitalization for multiple hospitals that fall under their network.
  3. Insights and Tools: MetLife provides various insights and tools to help you perform your research by exploring the best available options, and choose the best health insurance dubai plan based on your medical needs.
  4. Expert Teams to Help: MetLife has a team of experts that assist you in making the right decision.

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What are Different Types of MetLife Medical Insurance Plans?

Here are a few types of health insurance plans that MetLife offers.

  1. Critical Illness Insurance: The critical illness MetLife health insurance policy covers the buyers for critical illnesses like - heart attack, cancer, stroke, etc. The plan provides financial assistance when the buyer is ridden with a critical illness and allows the recipient receive care worry-free.
  2. Accidental Insurance: MetLife’s accidental insurance plan comes with various exceptions to give you additional financial support. The plan covers the medical expenses for the injuries such as dislocations, severe burns, concussions, fractures, etc. It also provides you benefits related to hospitalization, therapy services, emergency services, diagnostics, and tests, etc.
  3. Dental Insurance: MetLife has a dental insurance plan to cover for dental procedures. It not only covers routine visits, teeth cleaning, tooth filling, braces, etc. but also it gives you the ability to pay for unexpected dental services like placing a crown.
  4. Vision Insurance: MetLife offers vision insurance with a wide network of certified ophthalmologists. The plan covers for eye wear, eye exams, glasses, laser vision correction services, and much more. It also offers annual eye examinations to help you prevent any vision-related problems.
  5. Disability Insurance: MetLife health insurance coverage offers different long and short-term disability plans. It offers a disability calculator to help you come up with an amount required to cover for your yearly needs. It’s an easy three-step process – you enter your monthly gross income, check the range of different possible amounts, and take a plan as per your preferences.
  6. Cancer Insurance: MetLife offers a cancer insurance plan to help you meet all your medical needs during cancer treatment. The cancer insurance plan provides you the flexibility of using the funds for both medical and non-medical expenses that occur while you go through cancer treatment. The plan covers initial cancer diagnosis and annual health screening benefits.

What are MetLife Health Insurance Plan Inclusions?

Here is the list of MetLife Health Insurance policy inclusions.

  • Doctor’s consultations
  • Diagnosis and tests
  • Hospitalization benefits
  • Health screening benefits
  • Dental services
  • Vision-related expenses
  • Therapy services
  • Certain types of surgeries
  • Annual exams and evaluations
  • Medical appliances
  • Medical transportation
  • Ambulance services
  • Disability services
  • Emergency care

What are MetLife Health Insurance Plan Exclusions?

Here is the list of MetLife Health Insurance policy exclusions.

  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Pre-existing medical issues
  • Addiction-related treatment
  • Infertility-related treatment

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Why Choose MetLife Insurance?

Here is the list of reasons why you must choose MetLife health insurance coverage.

  1. Variety of Health Insurance Plans: Unlike other medical insurance providers, MetLife comes with a wide range of health insurance plans including dental care and vision services. It has plans to cover for cancer treatment, accidental insurance, and a lot more.
  2. Easy Claim/Renewal Process: MetLife comes with a hassle-free claim and renewal process for its clients. All you need to do for the claim settlement is visit the MetLife online portal and upload your documents. Once done, just wait for your claim to be approved.
  3. Fulltime Help and Support: MetLife offers full-time help & support services for clients. From registration to claims, the support teams guide you through the steps.
  4. Competitive Compensation: MetLife health insurance plans offer various supplemental compensation programs to help you establish a long-term relationship with the company.

What is MetLife Health Insurance Claims Process?

Here is a simple process for you to claim health insurance with MetLife.

  1. Fill Out an Online Form: Go to the MetLife website, download the relevant form, fill it up, and submit it back on the portal.
  2. Submit Your Documents: After you have submitted the form, submit all the required documents to get approval for your claim.
  3. Wait for Approval: Once done, sit back and relax. Wait for the claim to be approved from the insurer’s side.

What is MetLife Health Insurance Renewal Process?  

Here is the simple process that you can follow to renew your health insurance plan with MetLife.

  1. Visit Online Portal: Visit the MetLife business website and fill out the essential forms to start the renewal process. These forms would ask you for basic plan information like policy number, the issue, and the expiration date.
  2. Submit the Forms and Other Documents: After filling out the forms, submit them with the other required documents.

Check the Status: Once done, go to re-launch the MetLife website to check the status of your plan

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