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MetLife is an international health insurance company that has been a part of the insurance sector of the UAE for over 65 years. MetLife offers a huge range of health insurance services and products lined with several benefits. From choosing and buying the plan to filing and settlement of claims, your experience with MetLife health insurance is going to be very smooth. Even then, initiating cashless claims is relatively easier as compared to MetLife reimbursement claims. Your focus when filing a MetLife reimbursement claim should be on how to correctly fill the MetLife reimbursement form and what documents to attach it with. Let us figure out the correct way to walk through the procedure.

Download MetLife Reimbursement Claim Form PDF

MetLife Complete Claim Process

Filing a MetLife reimbursement claim is a three-step process. Following are the steps that you will be undertaking while you are attempting to initiate a medical reimbursement claim:

Step 1: Filling the MetLife claim form for reimbursement of services/treatments and hospitalization.

Step 2: Collecting the documents. You are going to need to attach a few documents with your filled-out claim form to complete the set for example, Emirates ID, insurance card, bills, and receipts, etc. 

Step 3: Submitting the claim form with all the required documents and a perfectly filled reimbursement form. 

How to Fill MetLife Reimbursement Form

Given below is a complete list of each step that you need to follow when filling the MetLife reimbursement form. Make sure that you are meticulous in your work and follow the steps ideally to avoid any mistakes:

  • Download the MetLife reimbursement claim from or MetLife using the MetLife claim form a download link for offline submissions. For online submission via MetLife clam portal, log in to the portal and open the MetLife reimbursement form and fill it instead. 
  • Make sure that you have the right form for the kind of reimbursement you are looking to file. For example, MetLife dental reimbursement form, MetLife reimbursement form for general health services claim and MetLife Hospitalisation claim form. 
  • The process of filling out each of these forms is identical to most extent so you can follow the same steps when applying for any kind of reimbursement claim.
  • The form begins with some basic information about the submission of the claim form and documents.
  • You will begin filling the form with your personal information like name, policy number, date of birth, policy number, certificate number, etc. Make sure that these details match your insurance card provided by MetLife.
  • Next, you will have to choose the way you want to receive the reimbursement claim settlement amount and the currency.
  • Be diligent when filling in the bank details on the form as even the smallest of errors may result in a delay of transfer of claim amount. 
  • Sign and put on the date of submission on the form and close this section. 
  • The next section will be filled out by your doctor or medical office as will contain the conditions and treatments you are seeking reimbursement for. Pay your doctor a visit and have them fill the sections in the following way.
  • Main complaint(s) for which you took the treatment and/or services. The doctor is allowed to be as descriptive as required in this section. 
  • The final diagnosis of the doctor goes in the next cell. The doctor will have to fill out a few more sections including the term of the condition(s), details of the treatment that was taken by you, the patient, and any further required treatment.
  • The doctor can end the section with their signature, contact details, and stamp proving the authenticity of the information.

Documents Required for MetLife Reimbursement Claim

Following is the list of the documents that you will need when filling out a MetLife claim form. Make sure you have them handy with you beforehand so that the process is smooth and easygoing.

  • A copy of your Emirates ID and the Insurance card issued by MetLife
  • Detailed report of the medical condition and treatment. This must be written and attested by your doctor.
  • Clinic or hospitalization bills and receipts
  • Bills or invoice of the medicines and drugs as well as original prescriptions
  • All lab tests and diagnostic tests related and relevant to the incident here.
  • Ambulance bill – if applicable
  • Copy of the police report if the treatment is related to an accident 

All the bills and receipts must be the original copy and the lab tests and diagnostics reports must reflect your name on them. There is a document checklist on the MetLife reimbursement form as well so, you can use it to confirm whether you have everything you need to submit the claim. 

How to Submit MetLife Reimbursement Form

There are several ways for you to submit your reimbursement claim including online and offline methods. Following are the ways you can submit your MetLife claim form with ease:

  • Online via MetLife Claim Portal: MetLife has an online claim filing portal on their website which can be used to initiate claims. You can use the above-given steps to complete the MetLife insurance reimbursement form and submit it right there and then with scanned documents.
  • Online via Email: You can also email a pdf of the MetLife insurance reimbursement form along with scanned document files to the official email address of MetLife. 
  • Offline via Fax: There is an option to fax the physical documents to the fax machine of the MetLife office. You can obtain the fax from the contact information of MetLife main office located in Dubai. 
  • Offline via Mail: It is also possible to send the MetLife claim form and documents via mail or courier to the main office of Dubai. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Filling MetLife Reimbursement Form

  • Your MetLife reimbursement claim form needs to be free from any and every kind of error. Even the smallest mistake can lead to the rejection of the claim. You will have to submit everything once again which is not only time consuming but expensive too. 
  • You need to notify MetLife of the incident/accident/ illness within 10 days of its occurrence of identification. You can call the company or email them for the same. 
  • The reimbursement claims for an incident need to be initiated within 90 days of the services received related to the illness/incident.
  • All the documents submitted in the MetLife claim form setting should either be in English or Arabic. Documents and receipts in any other languages must be translated by an official public translator of UAE and stamped for approval. 
  • The same rules apply to the MetLife insurance claim form as well. It should be filled in either English or Arabic. 
  • Separate forms should be used for each claim. 
  • You can track the progress of your claim application via your MetLife members’ login.
  • Once the claim is approved by MetLife, you will receive the reimbursement amount within 5 business days in your specified bank account. 


With the right information in hand and a clear understanding of the process, initiating a MetLife reimbursement claim is quite easy. Just make sure that you are clear about all the steps that are involved in preparing the documents, filling the form and submitting the claim and should sail through it all. Also, use only authentic MetLife claim form download links to obtain the reimbursement claim for your application. 

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