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Incorporated as a Public Limited Company in 1960 and listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited, Adamjee Insurance Company Limited has been one of the most successful and reliable insurance companies in the UAE. The company offers numerous insurance products to safeguard your financial interests. One of the most popular and reliable products offered by the company is Adamjee Health Insurance also known as Adamjee Medical Insurance.

When you are hospitalized, even just one long medical bill can exhaust your years of savings. Financially speaking, a serious illness can take you a few years back. However, Adamjee Health Insurance provides you with brilliant healthcare options. In case of hospitalization, Adamjee Health Insurance covers your medical bills ensuring that you receive the best care without denting your savings.

Top Adamjee Health Insurance Plans in UAE

Plan Name Medical Cover (AED) Network Price
Silk Road - Plan A
Upto Medical Cover
Silk Road - Plan B 1,000,000 Upto Medical Cover
Silk Road - Plan C 1,000,000 Upto Medical Cover
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Why you should choose Adamjee Health Insurance?

Adamjee Health Insurance offers several unique benefits that provide you premium medical care at a low premium. Here are some of the expenses covered by Adamjee Health Insurance:

  • DHA Complaint Plan
  • Hospitalization and services
  • Coronary Artery Disease Treatment
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Consultant Fee
  • Physician Fee
  • Anesthetist Fee
  • Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, and Physiotherapy
  • Cost of Repatriation
  • Ambulance Service
  • Organ Transplantation service excluding expenses and charges related to the donor
  • Use of hospital medical equipment such as heart and lung support systems
  • Outpatient Treatment with multiple options
  • Vaccinations
  • Maternity cost
  • Dental cost (optional)

*Please note that the aforementioned benefits are not applicable for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Policies.

Benefits Coverage

Plan Family Care
Annual Benefit Limit per person AED 1,000,000/-
Geographical Scope of Coverage for Elective & Emergency Treatment Worldwide
Coverage Criteria for Treatment outside UAE Coverage outside UAE is limited to 90 days per treatment A single holiday or business trip may not exceed 90 days
(Require pre-authorization)
Covered up to 15 sessions/ PMPY
Alternative Medicine Benefit covers: Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Herbal Treatments Covered up to AED 1,600/- PMPY
Only on a reimbursement basis
Vaccination Covered as per MOH schedule
(Require pre-authorization)
Covered both on *Free Access & reimbursement basis
Reimbursements claims are settled at 100% of actual covered cost subject to a maximum of 100% of Applicable Network rates
*Free Access facility is available only within specific MedNet Vaccination Network.
Work-Related Injuries Covered
New Born baby coverage Babies born in UAE - Newborn expenses are covered from day 1 (from Date of Birth) under the policy up to the policy annual limit.
Babies born outside UAE - coverage will be offered upon acquiring UAE residency status and will be subject to medical underwriting.
Coverage for a newborn is in line with DHA benefit guidelines.
Maternity Cover Up to AED 10,000
C-Section delivery or maternity expense Up to AED 10,000
Maternity related medical emergency Up to AED 150,000
Dental Cover (Optional) Free Access
  • Covered with Pre-authorization only
  • Co-payment 20% applicable
  • Additional 20% Co-payment applicable over Free access
    *No reimbursement for Silk Road plan inside UAE.

Network Coverage

Adamajee Insurance has allied with numerous hospitals across the UAE to provide you with the best cashless medical care. However, the hospitals covered in the cashless hospitalization network vary according to the health insurance plan you choose. Adamjee Health Insurance is available in five network plans:

  • Gold
  • Silver Premium
  • Silver Classic
  • Green
  • Silk Road

Please note that in Silk Road Plan, outpatient treatment restricts to the clinic only. However, after the clinic hours, outpatient treatment can be availed at network hospitals between 10 PM and 8 AM.

Types of Adamjee Health Insurance Policies

  • Individual Health Insurance Plan
  • Group Health Insurance Plan

Individual Health Insurance Plan

Individual Adamjee Health Insurance Plan is suitable for those who are single or without any family responsibility. If you are looking for a health cover for just one person, this health insurance plan will suit your needs.

Group Health Insurance Plan

Group Adamjee Health Insurance Plan is usually beneficial for those who are looking to purchase health coverage for entire families or companies and corporates seeking health cover for their employees. Providing a health insurance plan for a group, this plan is cheaper to cover many people.

Am I eligible to purchase Adamjee Health Insurance?

You are eligible to purchase Adamjee Health Insurance in the UAE if:

  • You are a UAE national or expat residing in the UAE
  • Your age is above 18 years old

Documents Required

As per Dubai Health Authority’s guidelines, these are the following documents you require to purchase Adamjee Health Insurance policy in the UAE:

Overseas treatment application signed by the applicant,

- An approved medical report,

- Valid passport,

- Family book or a copy of the supreme decree,

- A valid UAE identity card.

- Health insurance card-if any.

-Overseas treatment undertaking

How can I purchase Adamjee Health Insurance?

To purchase Adamjee Health Insurance, you can choose between offline and online platforms.


If you wish to buy Adamjee Medical Insurance offline:

  • Visit Adamjee Insurance Company’s nearest branch
  • Provide duly signed Adamjee Health Insurance form with required documents
  • Submit the premium amount


You can also buy Adamjee Medical Insurance without going anywhere from the comfort of your home through an online platform:

  • Visit Adamjee Health Insurance UAE webpage
  • Fill the e-form on the page requiring your name, contact details, and the type of plan you wish to purchase
  • The company’s executive will get in touch with you to further the process

Alternatively, you can purchase Adamjee Health Insurance from our health insurance page:

  • Visit health insurance page
  • Fill in the e-form
  • Find Adamjee Health Insurance quotations
  • Select the plan
  • The company’s executive will contact you to finalize the plan and submit the payment


With the Adamjee Health Insurance plan, you can find financial cover for your and your family’s health at a reasonable price. There are several options to purchase an Adamjee Health Insurance plan. However, for a smooth and hassle-free purchase, you can visit our website’s health insurance and purchase an Adamjee Health Insurance policy in minutes.