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As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, having reliable health insurance coverage is more important than ever. With a Hayah health insurance plan, you can have coverage for all your major medical expenses in case you need medical treatment due to an illness, injury, etc. 

AED 1 million Health cover starting @4/Day
Selecting health insurance for
  • Self Only
  • Both Self and Family
  • Family without Self
  • Domestic Workers
  • Investor



Critical Illnesses
Worldwide Coverage
Network Hospitals
80+ Network Hospitals
Claim Assistance
Claim Assistance

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Among the top health insurance providers in the UAE is HAYAH Insurance, which offers health insurance plans tailored to new-age users. With a wide array of HAYAH features and benefits offered by its health plans, you can secure health coverage for yourself at affordable rates. 

In this page, we will explore the different features and benefits of HAYAH health insurance and how these plans can help you achieve greater security over your health and finances.

Features and Benefits of HAYAH Medical Insurance

HAYAH offers its medical insurance plan under the name ‘Health Protect’, which has numerous excellent features to ensure that policyholders have access to quality healthcare through a comprehensive range of features. Some of the salient HAYAH features and benefits of this plan include - 

  • In-Patient Care - An essential feature that covers the cost of hospitalisation, medical treatment, surgeries, emergency care, and more 
  • Out-Patient Care - Covers the cost of medical consultations, diagnostic tests, laboratory fees, prescribed drugs, and more 
  • Maternity Care - The cost of prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care is also covered. This feature is crucial for expectant mothers who need medical attention during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Pre-Existing & Chronic Conditions - Much-needed support is included for individuals with ongoing medical issues regarding pre-existing and chronic conditions by the health insurance coverage. Keep in mind that a waiting period may apply for the same.
  • Hospital Accommodation & Services - Coverage is provided for both hospital accommodation and medical services received during an inpatient stay. This includes coverage for ICU, anaesthesia, surgery, and more.

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HAYAH features and benefits also include coverage for hospital accommodation and services, surgery, laboratory and radiology tests, anaesthesia, ICU, and OT services. These benefits are covered up to the Annual Medical Limit. 

In addition, HAYAH health insurance covers physiotherapy, alternative medicine, optical and dental care, and more.

Why Choose HAYAH Health Protect?

HAYAH is a reliable name in the UAE insurance industry and has plans with extensive coverage at affordable prices. With its Health Protect plan, you can have access to comprehensive HAYAH features and benefits with respect to coverage for in-patient and out-patient expenses, hospitalisation, and others. 

Another factor that makes the insurance provider quite popular is its wide network of medical services that includes hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and pharmacies among others. For UAE residents, such a wide network can be of great help in conveniently claiming this health insurance plan across the UAE and receiving the necessary assistance without any delay. 

HAYAH is also approved and regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE, which lends it a reputation for reliability across the UAE. What’s more, the HAYAH health insurance plan is also shaped by the digital era. As such, users can access the plans via any digital device for various insurance services. This digital pathway opens up a convenient way for you to manage your health expenses via its Health Protect plan.

With HAYAH medical insurance protecting you and your family, you can be assured of access to trustworthy healthcare services in case you face scenarios such as - 

In-Patient Expenses - There are expenses associated with staying in a hospital for more than 24 hours due to severe medical conditions including chronic illnesses, surgeries, and injuries. Such medical conditions usually require extended medical care and monitoring, and costs for the same - including hospital rooms and accommodation, surgeries, medications, and diagnostic procedures - can be high. With your HAYAH Health Protect plan, however, you can have all the major in-patient hospitalisation expenses covered.

Out-Patient Expenses - HAYAH medical insurance also covers out-patient medical costs such as laboratory tests, prescription drugs, consultations, maternity, and more.

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COVID-19 Treatment Coverage

HAYAH health insurance, as we saw above, offers coverage for various medical treatments and procedures to help you easily get the necessary treatments without worrying about the costs. This also extends to coverage for COVID-19, as mandated by the UAE government. HAYAH features and benefits also include coverage for COVID-19, which covers the costs related to COVID-19 testing and treatment. 

With COVID-19 cases being treated as emergency cases, the directives issued by the Dubai Health Authority ensure that all related cases are covered by HAYAH insurance.

Plans Under HAYAH Health Protect Insurance

HAYAH health insurance offers a variety of plans to choose from, split into three categories of coverage - Regional, Worldwide, and International. All of these plans cover the key HAYAH features and benefits and are also regulated by the Dubai Health Authority, ensuring that they meet high standards of quality and compliance.

  • The Regional plan offers coverage that extends all across the UAE. The coverage of this plan is AED 1,000,000.
  • The Worldwide plan provides coverage for medical treatments abroad as well. The coverage of this plan, as per further sub-categories, is AED 2,500,000 and AED 7,500,000 respectively. 
  • International health insurance offers all-encompassing healthcare coverage to individuals who are moving out of the UAE for an extended duration. The plan offers higher levels of coverage than the earlier 2, with the coverage options being USD 2,000,000 and USD 3,000,000.

Wrapping Up

Having a health insurance plan is an important aspect of personal financial planning. With a health insurance policy, you can have a sense of security in that you would be able to easily access quality healthcare services when needed without having to worry about the financial burden of medical expenses. 

The Health Protect plan by HAYAH Insurance is a great option to secure all such health coverage benefits. As a relatively new insurer in the UAE market, HAYAH has quickly established itself as a prominent health insurance provider in the country. With HAYAH features and benefits including coverage for in-patient, out-patient, maternity, and other medical services, you can easily ensure access to quality healthcare services for yourself and your family.

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