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Union Health Insurance was established in the year 1998 with paid-up capital of more than 330 million AED & has its corporate office in Dubai. The company is licensed by the United Arab Emirates Insurance Authority and it is listed on the Security Exchanges of Abu Dhabi. The Union medical insurance company is renowned for offering a comprehensive range of commercial & retail insurance products to its clients in the UAE and Middle East region.

In its health insurance range, the company offers an array of plans for securing the health of the individual and /or group. The customer support team of Union Health Insurance Company is available 24x7 to help its clients in case of emergencies. 

Best Union Health Insurance Plans in the UAE

Here are the Union Medical Insurance Plans in Dubai, UAE for 2021:

Plan Name Annual Limit (AED) Network Price
Essential Benefits Plan 1,50,000 NextCare PCP -C Network
Sanad Plan 1,50,000 NextCare TPA -PCP & RN3 Network
Enhanced Individual Plans
Plan A 10,00,000 General Network Plus
Plan B 5,00,000 General Network
Plan C 2,00,000 Restricted Network
Plan D 2,00,000 Restricted Network 2
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Features & Benefits of Union Health Insurance

Following are the features & benefits of the plans offered by Union Health Insurance:

  1. Coverage: Union Health Insurance Company offers comprehensive coverage to secure the health of an individual.
  2. Geographical Territory: It offers coverage in UAE and can be extended to South East Asia (only for inpatient treatments as per 100 percent UAE customary rates).
  3. Competitive Rates: The Union Medical Insurance Company offers health insurance premiums at competitive rates. Therefore, the company helps an individual to deal with the requirement of minimum medical insurance as per the Dubai Health Authority.
  4. Easy Claim Settlement: The claim settlement process is quite convenient. The team of experts at Union Health Insurance makes sure that the claims of the policyholder are processed in a hassle-free manner.
  5. Best Customer Support: The Company offers 24x7 customer support to its clients in case of emergencies.
  6. Network ListUnion Insurance Network hospital list Availble.

Plans under Union Health Insurance

The Union Health Insurance Company offers an array of flexible health insurance plans to secure the health of individuals. The company provides the best health insurance solution that meets individual & corporate needs. With Union health insurance plans, one can live freely & make the most of their life. Following are the plans offered by Union Health Insurance Company:

For Individual:

Union health insurance products by Union Health Insurance for an individual are:

  • SANAD: It is a unique health insurance policy for the dependents having the visa of Dubai. It is one of the pre-underwritten medical insurance schemes that don’t require any further declaration from the members of their medical history. With its competitive rates, SANAD helps an individual to deal with the requirement of minimum medical insurance as per the Dubai Health Authority. All one needs to submit the required documents & the insurance policy will be activated through the help of Emirates ID.
Age Band Sanad Premium Rates (Per Person)*Excluding VAT
0 to 5 755 AED
6 to 17 755 AED
18 to 25 824 AED
26 to 30 1360 AED
31 to 35 1500 AED
36 to 40 1500 AED
41 to 45 1500 AED
46 to 50 1950 AED
51 to 55 1950 AED
56 to 60 1950 AED
Greater than 60 3950 AED


  • Essential Benefits Plan (EBP): Union Health Insurance Company offers EBP plan for housemaids/ employees having the visa of Dubai and who are earning a monthly gross salary of 4000 AED or less. This EBP plan enables an individual with a low salary band to avail the basic medical insurance in Dubai at the rate of 525 AED (excluding VAT).

For Corporate

The types of corporate Union Health Insurance Plans are as follows:

  1. Small & Medium Enterprises: If one owns a small or medium size organization with fewer employees, the health issue with only one employee directly affects the health of the organization. In order to avoid such situations, Union Health Insurance Company offers this health insurance plan. It benefits the organization with employee strength as low as fifty.
  2. Corporate Plans: Benefits are always appreciated more than salaries in large organizations and health care plan is one of those advantages that every employee praises. Therefore, Union Health Insurance Company utilizes innovative approaches to provide customized & comprehensive health insurance coverage to the employees at low rates. The technical team of the company provides a complete gap analysis for developing a healthcare plan which will include add-ons as well as essentials to provide employees a wider coverage.
  3. Essential Benefits Plan (EBP): Union Health Insurance Company offers EBP plan for housemaids/ employees having the visa of Dubai and who are earning a monthly gross salary of 4000 AED or less. This EBP plan enables employers to provide the basic health care facilities & services for their employees with an economic rate of 572 AED.

Union Health Insurance Inclusions

Listed below are some inclusions of Union Health Insurance:

Category Inclusions
In-Patient Benefits  Costs on Room & board for hospitalization
Day-care patient and in-patient
Specialist physicians services for in-patient treatment coverage.
Cover for in-patient specialist services including diagnostic procedures & consultations.
Cover for surgeon’s & Anesthetists services.
Cover for pre-approved minor surgical procedures at a recognized hospital, medical facility or private hospital.
Cover for Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, & Computerized Tomography received as an inpatient as referred by an approved specialist.
Cover for the use of private road ambulances in times of emergency
Cover for prescribed medicines & drugs
Cover for accommodating a person with an insured child (up to 16 years of age)
Cover for accommodating a person with an in-patient in that same room
Out-Patient Benefits Consultations including initial consultations & examinations in respect of a medical condition.
Prescribed out-patient diagnostic tests & physiotherapy treatment coverage
Cover for Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, & Computerized Tomography received as an out-patient as referred by an approved specialist.
Out-patient medicines & drugs which require a prescription (except those being list in the list of exclusions)
Maternity Benefits Out-patient  maternity benefits
In-patient maternity benefits
Coverage for newborn
Additional Benefits Preventive services as specified by DHA for including initially the diabetes screening
Necessary inoculations and vaccinations for children as well as a newborn as specified in the policies of DHA
Medical emergencies in case of treatment and diagnostic services for gum and dental treatment
Medical emergencies in case of vision and hearing aids and vision correction through surgery & laser

Union Health Insurance Exclusions

Following are the exclusions for Union health insurance individual plans only:

  1. Healthcare services which are not necessary medically.
  2. All medical expenses which are related to orthodontic treatments, dental treatment, & dental prostheses.
  3. Care for the sake of travelling.
  4. Custodial care which includes:
  5. Non-medical treatment services.
  6. Health-related services which do not result in an improvement in the medical condition of the patient.
  7. Services that don’t require continuous administration by specialized medical personnel.
  8. Surgical & non-surgical treatment for obesity as well as any other weight control programs, supplies, & services.
  9. Healthcare services for smoking cessation programs as well as the treatment of a patient who is addicted to nicotine.
  10. Services & treatment for contraception.
  11. External prosthetic devices & medical equipment.

Union Health Insurance Claim Process

The dedicated health insurance claim department of Union Health Insurance Company is always eager & available to help their customers in times of need. One can easily buy Union health insurance plans online and make a claim for the same online without any hassle. The easy online claim submission service ensures quick & smooth claim settlement. The four steps of the claim process are as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit unioninsurance.ae and then log on ‘CLAIMS’ section.
  • Step 2: Submit all the required documents.
  • Step 3: The claim processing begins. Most of the times, it is because of improper documents that cause rejection of the claim. So, resubmit the documents to proceed further.
  • Step 4: Claim will get approved.

Union Health Insurance FAQ's

Q.1. Is treatment for pre-existing & chronic conditions covered under this Union health insurance Dubai?

Ans: Treatment for pre-existing & chronic conditions is covered subject to a waiting period of six months of first insurance membership with the insurer. After the 6 months, they are included.

Q.2. Are maternity services covered?

Ans: Yes, you can opt for both in-patient & out-patient maternity services with Union Health Insurance Dubai, UAE. For in-patient, 10 percent coinsurance payable by the insured. In addition to this, normal birth delivery of a maximum of 7000 AED, up to 10,000 AED for medically necessary C-section, complications & for medically necessary termination of pregnancy is included under this Union health insurance plan. For out-patient, 10 percent coinsurance payable by the insured & covered up to eight visits. All care offered by the obstetrician for low risk or specialist obstetrician for high-risk referrals initial investigations is covered under this medical insurance plan.

Q.3. Are dental services covered?

Ans: All medical expenses related to dental treatment, orthodontic treatments, & dental prostheses are excluded from the Union Health Insurance plans.

Q.4. What is the mode of claim settlement?

Ans: Following are the modes of claim settlement:

UAE Network: In-Patient & Out-patient: Direct Billing
UAE Non-Network (if covered): In-Patient & Out-patient: Not Covered
Abroad (if covered) Reimbursement


Q.5. What does Union Health Insurance Dubai cover?

Ans: Union Health Insurance Dubai covers in-patient as well as out-patient medical encounters, healthcare treatments, surgical procedures, tests, medication, and maternity services to an annual aggregate limit of 150,000 AED.