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Earlier known as Oman Insurance, Sukoon Insurance offers DHA-compliant health insurance plans. Right from purchasing a health insurance plan to filing claims, the process is straightforward and the provision of documents is minimal. The distinguishing feature of Sukoon health insurance plans is that all chronic and pre-existing medical conditions are covered without any waiting period for previously insured members. In addition to the stated benefits, Oman Insurance is renowned for its excellent customer services. more

Protect Your Wellbeing with Sukoon's Trusted Health Insurance Plans!

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  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Covid-19 Covered
  • Claim Assistance
Secure Your Health with 1 Million Cover at AED 4/day
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  • Self/Family
  • Domestic Workers
  • Investor

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Sukoon insurance previously known as Oman Insurance Company or OIC is a composite insurance company that is dedicated to offering DHA-compliant health insurance plans. Headquartered in Dubai, OIC is one of the largest, publicly-listed insurance providers, offering a wide range of services, including but not limited to life, motor, medical, and general insurance.

It is known for its wide network of healthcare facilities with direct billing options for its buyers and quick claim settlements to add to the experience of its policy buyers. If you’ve been looking for excellence, reliability, and innovation in the field of insurance, then Oman Insurance Company is your go-to.

Why Choose Sukoon Insurance Company (Oman Insurance)?

Oman insurance company Dubai is one of the most reliable and popular insurance and finance service providers in the UAE. You can opt for one of the best health insurance plans from Oman Insurance Company to experience globally recognized customer services and enjoy plans that are curated to suit your medical needs.

Sukoon (Oman) Insurance Company’s DHA Compliant EBP Plans

Sukoon insurance company offers DHA compliant, affordable health insurance plans starting at AED 560 a year with a direct billing facility by 1,500 providers.

With OIC’s user-friendly online platform, customers can easily access, view and manage their plans from the comfort of their homes. Right from purchasing plans to filing claims, all the processes can be initiated online without the hassles of visiting providers’ offices.

In case of emergencies, you don’t need co-insurance in medical facilities outside the network (within UAE). Chronic and pre-existing medical conditions are covered without any waiting period for previously insured members.

Features and Benefits of Sukoon/Oman Health Insurance

Let’s take a quick look at the features and benefits of Sukoon health insurance: 

Extended Coverage

With Sukoon Insurance Company, buyers can get an extended coverage of up to 95 years of age, for both expatriates and UAE nationals.

Offers and Discounts

Customers are eligible to enjoy ongoing offers and discounts offered by the provider.

Changing Premium during Policy Period

Customers looking forward to changing their premium during an ongoing policy can do so simply by contacting OIC’s customer service team or by raising a request through their online portal.

Worldwide Coverage

OIC offers worldwide ensuring coverage for its customers irrespective of their location.

Permanent Disability and Critical Illness Coverage

Policyholders can increase the protection cover by opting for permanent disability and critical illness coverage that ensures protection till the age of 65.

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Network Hospital

You will find 14 different kinds of networks in the Sukoon insurance network hospital list. There are thousands of hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities added in the Sukoon insurance hospital list and Sukoon insurance clinic list.

Types of Sukoon Health Insurance Plans

Sukoon Insurance Company offers DHA (Dubai Health Authority) approved EBP plan that provides coverage to policyholders and their family members in the UAE. Refer to the section below for a quick run-down on the details of DHA EBP plans:

The DHA EBP by Sukoon insurance company provides an annual benefit of AED 150,000 within the UAE and Abu Dhabi in case of emergencies. The plan includes a co-payment of 20% for inpatient, outpatient, and laboratory services. Similarly, 30% co-payment for pharmacy expenses incurred during the treatment under the health insurance uae plan. Sukoon health insurance has an extensive billing network of over 500 hospitals and 1400 pharmacies.

Under this plan from OIC, there is a mandatory waiting period of six months. However, buyers who are already insured with OIC are exempted from this.

Sukoon Health Insurance Prices in UAE

Here is an overview of  Medical Insurance Prices in Dubai, UAE:

If Income is less than AED 4,000:

Category Price
Domestic Help AED 2,636 Yearly
Family and Yourself

If Income is more than AED 4,000:

Age Price (AED)
Male Female
0 - 6 1,658 1,517
7 -16 825 803
17 - 35 868 2,927
36 - 45 1,366 2,239
46 - 50 1,901 2,498
50 - 55 2,471 2,525
56 - 60 3,201 3,711
60 - 65 3,602 4,179
66 - 70 4,310 5,003
> 71 5,160 5,990

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Sukoon/Oman Health Insurance Plan Inclusions

Inpatient inclusions under the DHA EBP from Sukoon Insurance Company are:  

  • Total coverage of AED 150,000
  • Patient accommodation in hospital with 20% co-payment
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Medical emergencies with 20% co-payment
  • Transportation (ambulance and airlifting) with 20% co-payment
  • Gynecological procedures and expenses incurred in inpatient maternity 
  • Accommodation for individual (up to 16 years old) accompanying patient for AED 100 per night.

List of inclusions on outpatient services offered by Sukoon Insurance Company:

  • Medical examinations
  • Diagnostics
  • Consultations with 20% co-payment
  • Laboratory tests with 20% co-payment
  • Diagnostic Imaging test  with 20% co-payment
  • Physiotherapy with 20% co-payment
  • Pharmacy expenses

Oman / Sukoon Health Insurance Plan Exclusions

The exclusions under Sukoon Health Insurance plans are: 

  • Procedures and treatments that are not medically necessary.
  • Orthodontic procedures.
  • Surgical procedures performed by unauthorized practitioners
  • Mental illnesses both inpatient and outpatient
  • Acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathic treatments, etc.
  • Ailments caused due to nicotine consumption

Sukoon (Oman) Health Insurance Renewal Process

For getting your Sukoon Health Insurance Plan renewed all you have to do is log in to the portal and request for renewal. Once you’ve raised a request, you will be redirected to the payment gateway. Your renewal request is successfully completed once the payment is made. 

Sukoon/Oman Health Insurance Claim Process

The Sukoon health insurance claim process is simple and hassle-free. Customers can choose the medium of the claim based on their preference and convenience. All you need to do is fill out the Sukoon Insurance claim form and submit it along with relevant documents for further processing. This can be done by both online and offline means. Funds are disbursed on successful submission of the claim form and investigation. 

Documents required for claim submission and processing:

  • Claim form - Download PDF Sukoon Claim Form
  • Medical bills and invoices
  • Policy papers
  • Identification proof
  • Valid UAE visa for expatriates
  • Other documents as per the provider’s requirement.

Download Sukoon Outpatient Claim Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sukoon Insurance offer DHA-compliant EBP plans in UAE?

Yes, Sukoon is one of the insurance providers in the UAE that offer DHA-compliant EBP plans.

What are hospital networks available for Sukoon health insurance plans?

Premium, Edge, Signature + Medcare, Signature, Advance, and Vital are the hospital networks available for Sukoon health insurance plans. 

What is the maximum age to get coverage from Sukoon Insurance health plans in the UAE?

Sukoon health insurance plans can offer coverage for policyholders up to the age of 95 years.

Does Sukoon Insurance offer worldwide coverage for its health insurance plans?

Yes, several Sukoon health insurance plans offer worldwide coverage, although some plans offer regional coverage.

What is the assured sum offered for Sukoon Insurance essential benefits plan?

The sum assured offered for Sukoon's insurance essential benefits plan is AED 150,000.

Are laboratory tests and diagnostic tests covered by Sukoon health insurance plans?

Yes, lab tests and diagnostic tests are covered by Sukoon health insurance plans.

How can I renew Sukoon health insurance plans in the UAE?

You can renew your Sukoon health insurance plans by visiting the provider's website. For this, simply log into your customer profile and initiate the renewal process.

How much does Sukoon (Oman) health insurance cost?

Sukoon health insurance cost for basic health insurance plans starts from AED 1,500, with the premium for the EBP starting at AED 560.

What is Sukoon health insurance contact number?

8004746 is the Sukoon health insurance contact number for the UAE region.

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