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In the current scenario, when the cost of medical care is soaring exponentially, holding medical insurance in the UAE is crucial as well as beneficial in case of emergencies. However, most health insurance plans are valid for a period of 1 year and may not even provide worldwide coverage to the policyholder. Therefore, it may not be feasible for individuals visiting abroad for a brief period. To address this concern, several insurance providers offer short term international health insurance in the UAE with comprehensive coverage against a wide range of health conditions. 

The best part about these short term international health plans is that they are customisable as per your needs. If you are a frequent traveller or visiting your family abroad, short term international health insurance plan is the best option for you to choose against various possible mishaps. Read the article below to know the best short term international health insurance plans in the UAE along with their features and benefits. 

What is a Short Term Health Insurance Plan?

Short term international health insurance, as the name suggests, offers health coverage ranging from 3 to 11 months or it can also last up to a year. The plans provide temporary medical coverage through the UAE, Middle East, and across the globe. Since the plans are customisable, you can opt for a specific package or modify it according to your needs and location of travel. Individuals planning to visit a location with low health care facilities or have a risk of injury/illness can select the plans offering evacuation and repatriation. On the other hand, if an individual is travelling to a location with adequate health care facilities, he/she may require a plan with a minimal cover making it cost-effective.

Short term international health insurance features and benefits vary depending on the plans, however, most plans include the following benefits:

  • Outpatient and inpatient medical services
  • Routine medical check-ups
  • Coverage for pre-existing and chronic conditions
  • Flexibility to choose the medical providers

In addition, you can also opt for specific add-on covers as mentioned below depending on your needs.  

  • Maternity care,
  • Dental care,
  • Emergency evacuation,
  • Repatriation and more.

Why Choose a Short Term International Health Insurance?

While venturing into another country, your local health insurance may not be apt for providing extensive protection against various health issues. Having a right insurance plan can provide you with the required security whenever in need. Here are a few reasons to choose short term international health insurance. 

  • Flexible Health Plans - Offering you the flexibility to choose your preferred type of coverage, short term health insurance plans are a viable option for you and your family when staying abroad for a brief period of time. 
  • Cost-Effective - Since you can choose the type of coverage based on your travel location and tenure of stay, the plans are cost-effective and suit your budget. When heading to a low health care facility area, you can opt for location-specific coverage or choose a minimal coverage plan when moving to an area with better medical facilities. 
  • Flexible Tenures - Short term international health insurance offers flexible tenures ranging up to 11 months. When staying abroad with your family for a short tenure, you can opt for the right health insurance. However, if you are travelling abroad for lesser than 3 months, you can opt for various travel insurance plans that provide security for a period of up to 90 days trip. 
  • Extensive Coverage - Similar to a normal health insurance plan, short term health cover tend to provide the same level of security. You get protection from various health conditions including coverage against pre-existing and chronic conditions, regular medical check-up, emergency hospitalisation and ambulance services and more. Additionally, you can opt for a range of add-on riders to enhance the coverage of your insurance plan. 

Difference Between Short Term Health Plans and Travel Insurance

It is confusing for most individuals travelling abroad to choose between short term health insurance and travel insurance. While travel insurance secures your travel covering expenses for travel inconveniences and accidents for a specified period, short term international health insurance secures you against various health conditions comprehensively. Although both products focus on individuals spending time abroad, the purpose of each is different. Depending on your needs, you need to choose the right insurance plan to get adequate cover while you are away from home.

Best Short Term Health International Insurance Plans in the UAE

A flight ticket is not the only thing you need while travelling abroad. Changing location can impact your health and make you sick. Health care facilities are not the same around the world and, it can become way inconvenient to get a proper medical care without health insurance. This is the reason you must find the best short term health insurance plan that provides you with extensive cover and caters to all your medical needs. To ease your research we have compiled a list of top short term health insurance plans in the UAE. 

Allianz Care Short Term Health Insurance Plans

Allianz Care provides customer-oriented insurance products offering extensive security against a broad range of medical threats. Allianz Care's short term health insurance offers immense flexibility and customisation for individuals travelling to another country for a shorter duration. You can choose between 3, 6, or 9-month tenure and opt for your preferred coverage type based upon your needs. The Allianz Care short term insurance plan provides following coverage and benefits. 

  • Hospital visits and general consultations, 
  • Minor and Major surgeries, 
  • Prescription drug expenses,
  • Cancer and Coronary treatments, 
  • Diagnostics and Lab Tests,
  • Emergency hospitalisations and ambulance services 

The company settles the hospital bills through direct payment for most in-patient treatments. Additionally, it settles all outpatient bills within 48 hours of claim. With multilingual customer support, you can report claims, find answers to your queries and get 24/7 assistance for all healthcare-related problems conveniently.

Expatriate Care Short Term Health Insurance

With flexible plans offering coverage from 2 to 11 months of flexible tenure, Expatriate Care short term health insurance can be a suitable choice if you are visiting another country for less than a year. In addition to the benefit of flexibility, you can also opt for specific types of coverage based on your medical care requirements and the country you are visiting. With Expatriate Insurance, you get an instant health cover through an online application. Short term health insurance plans from Expatriate Care are also available for students, individuals on overseas secondment, travellers and businessmen. Following are the covers provided under Expatriate Care short term health insurance plans. 

  • General consultation and outpatient services, 
  • Anaesthetist expenses, major and minor surgeries, 
  • Prescribed drug expenses, 
  • Diagnostics and lab tests, 
  • Oncology and cancer treatment, 
  • Psychiatric, 
  • Emergency hospitalisation, 
  • Hospital bed charges and more

In addition, you also get maternity and dental cover as per your requirements. The company also offers you the option of choosing the hospital network including the specialised doctors. A dedicated support team helps you resolve your queries and get quick and convenient claims round the clock. 

ADNIC Hala Medical Insurance

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company is one of the largest insurance providers in the UAE. It offers a wide range of medical insurance products suiting your specific needs. ADNIC Hala Medical Insurance is a short term health insurance for you and your family providing medical coverage for your brief stay in the UAE. Individuals with valid UAE visit visas can opt for a health cover of up to AED 150,000 during the course of their stay. With the reliability of ADNIC, you get comprehensive medical coverage across the network of 3000 hospitals in the UAE.

Following are the key benefits of ADNIC Hala Medical Insurance. 

  • Diagnostics and Lab tests including MRI, CT scanning, Ultrasounds, etc.
  • Major and Minor surgeries, 
  • Inpatient and outpatient services, 
  • Prescription drug expenses, 
  • General consultations and hospital visits, 
  • Hospital bed charges, intensive and coronary care,
  • Emergency hospitalisation, Ambulance services and more.


Health care can be expensive while travelling through different locations across the world. So, it can be very problematic to bear the medical expense from your own pocket. However, with a short term international health plan, you can conveniently secure yourself and your family during your stay in another country. The plans are extremely flexible providing adequate customisation and focusing on your needs. With shallow research, you can find the best short term international health insurance plan suiting your requirements.

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