SALAMA Health Insurance

SALAMA Health Insurance

SALAMA is one of the leading insurance providers that offer Shari’ah compliant insurance products. The company was established in the year 1979 in Dubai, UAE as one of the pioneers of the insurance industry. SALAMA provides insurance products to both individuals and group or industries. Here we are going to discuss health insurance products of this company.

To get affordable healthcare services is the right of every human and SALAMA works on this theory by offering flexible and affordable health insurance plans. SALAMA health insurance plans are available for individuals, corporate, dependents, and members of the small, medium, and large-sized businesses.

Individual Health Insurance Plans:

SALAMA health insurance offers smart choices of health insurance plans for both individuals and families. The cost-effective plans of this company cover a wide range of medical services to its customers. The plans are available for:

  • Families
  • Singles
  • Self-employed
  • An individual who is in-between jobs or without any group insurance coverage
  • People who have taken early retirement

The ‘Premium Health Plan’ under this category is available separately for individuals and families.

Group Health Plans:

To get the greatest possible health care facilities to a group of people, this health insurance plan is launched by SALAMA. The plans under this category provide an extensive range of services with superior quality and excellence to its customers.

Small Group Health Plans:

To offer health insurance coverage to small sized employers so that they can easily provide health care benefits to its employees, this plan is launched.

The range of Services Offered:

Most of the plans under this category offer the below services to its customers:

The Daycare and Inpatient Benefits Offered by SALAMA:

  • Hospitalization in the private room of a standard hospital
  • Coronary and intensive care unit
  • Chemotherapy
  • Internal prosthesis and stents
  • Organ transplant
  • Home nursing service
  • Parental accommodation
  • Congenital cases to newborn babies

Outpatient Benefits:

  • Consultation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Diagnostic such as radiology, laboratory, and imaging
  • Alternative medicine
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Vaccination

Additional Benefits:

Apart from inpatient and outpatient benefits, the additional benefits offered by SALAMA Insurance Company are:

Maternity Benefits -

SALAMA health insurance maternity benefits offer coverage for pre and post-natal care, miscarriage, delivery, or any other maternity complications.

Vision Care Treatments -

SALAMA health insurance policy offers a premium Vision Care Plan, which caters to the needs of employees including valued savings and quality eye care.

Dental Issues -

SALAMA health insurance online offers affordable and economical dental care policies including restorative, remedial treatment, dental procedures, and unexpected dental procedures.

Mental and Behavioural Issues -

The integrated approach for mental and behavioral procedures is what makes it best SALAMA health insurance plan. This plan offers all the benefits, services and programs addressing your physical and mental health.

International Assistance -

SALAMA health insurance policies offer International Assistance, which allows the access to a vast number of healthcare insurers across the globe for emergency medical procedures.

Everyone deserves optimum health care that ensures that they are leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. That is why SALAMA caters a wide range of flexible and affordable health insurance plans to both individuals and group or industries with extraordinary benefits. You can opt for a suitable plan to give you and your loved ones the protection they deserve.

SALAMA Health Insurance
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