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Salama Islamic Arab Car Insurance Company aspires to be the top insurance company by offering innovative and tailor-made Takaful Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE. Salama car insurance company religiously follows Shari’ah principles in order to conduct their business. The insurance provider focuses on its customers and aims to provide a quality service as set by the international standards. Guided by the principles of integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and fairness, the insurance provider deals with its stakeholders in an ethical manner. 

Why should you buy Salama Car Insurance in Dubai?

As you know, it is mandatory for vehicle owners to buy Auto insurance in UAE. When you buy Salama Car Insurance in UAE, you buy insurance in accordance with Islamic laws.

The framework of Salama strictly avoids the elements of Riba, i.e. interest & usury, and Gharar i.e. the ambiguous/unknown factor in the contract. Riba & Gharar are the main reasons why Muslim scholars consider conventional insurance policies against the basic principles of Shari’ah.

Takaful helps manage potential financial needs and secures the policyholder against any unpredicted events in complete compliance with Sharia’h.

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Principles of Salama Car Insurance Dubai

Mentioned below are the core principles of Takaful.

  • Common Good- Members of a Takaful group cooperate among themselves with the sole objective of their common good.
  • Helping Each Other- Each member pays a pre-decided sum in as a contribution and the pooled sum is used to insure each member’s asset.
  • Equal Division of Losses- Losses, as well as liabilities, are equally divided among the members with the help of a pooling system.
  • Elimination of Uncertainty- Any uncertainty regarding compensation and subscription is eliminated as the subscription is decided on the basis of donations.
  • Selflessness- Members don’t derive advantage for themselves.

Salama Car Insurance

Mentioned below are the plans for car insurance UAE offered by Salama Insurance.

1. Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Salama Insurance Company provides insurance coverage to the policyholder against damages/losses caused to the insured automobile, its spare parts, and accessories due to the following reasons-

  • Accidental collision, accident, or overturning resulting in a mechanical breakdown
  • Regular wear and tear of the insured
  • Any damage caused due to an explosion, fire, self-ignition, thunder-bolt, and lightning.
  • Any damage caused due to theft or burglary.
  • Any damage caused due to a malicious act of a third-party.
  • Any damages caused during loading and unloading of the insured vehicle while it is in transit (rail, road, inland waterway, elevator or lift).

2. Third-Party Liability

Salama car insurance will cover any third-party liabilities of the policyholder (as per the limit mentioned in the plan). In case an accident is caused due to the insured vehicle, and the policyholder is legally bound to pay compensation, the plan will save the day.

In case of death or bodily injury caused to any person, including the passengers in the vehicles involved, proper insurance coverage is provided. Under a third-party plan, the insured vehicle, the driver and his passengers are not covered. Only the liabilities are covered.

Any damage caused to a third-party property due to an accident is covered. However, any damage caused to the insured vehicle won’t be covered.

3. Vehicle Export Insurance 

This insurance policy caters to the vehicles that are exported from one Emirate to another within the geographical boundaries of the UAE. Vehicle export insurance can be purchased after an Export Plate is granted by the concerned officials who authorize the export.

The insurance ceases to exist the moment a covered vehicle reaches its final destination or the validity of cover expires, whichever occurs first.


Salama Comprehensive Car Insurance: Exclusions

For the issues mentioned below, Salama Car Insurance Company will not pay any compensation.

  • Indirect losses- Any losses arising out of devaluation of the insured vehicle due to any defect, breakdown, breakage of the electrical or mechanical equipment, etc.
  • Overloading- Any damage arising due to overloading of the vehicle beyond the permissible limit of width, length or height. No coverage will be provided if the number of passengers in the vehicle exceeds the permissible limit.
  • Tires Damage- Any damages caused to the tires of an insured automobile as a result of normal wear and tear.
  • Damage or Loss- Any damage or loss occurring to the insured vehicle in the following cases isn’t covered:
  • Use of the insured vehicle for any purpose other than that mentioned in the insurance application.
  • If any loss or damage is caused due to a violation of the law such misdemeanor or intentional felony.
  • Participation in Racing Event- In case the insured vehicle is used in a racing event and meets with an accident.
  • Invalid License- Any damage or loss caused to the insured during the following situations:
    • When is Vehicle being operated by a driver who doesn’t have a driving license.
    • When the driver doesn’t have a driving license for the category/ kind of automobile he is driving.
    • If a driver doesn’t hold a valid license.
    • If a drivers license is suspended by the concerned authorities or the court.

Salama Car Insurance: Inclusions

For the issues mentioned below, Al Salama Car Insurance Company will not offer any coverage.

  • Geographical Location - Any damage occurring outside the geographical boundaries of the UAE.
  • Damage Arising Due to Natural Calamities - Any damage occurring indirectly or directly due to natural calamities such as tornadoes, floods, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.
  • National Emergency - Any damage arising due to an invasion, war-like situation (regardless of whether a war is declared or not), foreign enemy hostilities, civil war, riot, strike, rebellion, mutiny, insurrection or revolution.
  • Nuclear Emissions - Any indirect or indirect damage arising due to ionizing radiation, radioactive contamination from any nuclear fuel, nuclear explosions, atomic explosions, radioisotopes etc.

Salama Car Insurance Claim Process

In order to register your claim, all you have to do is follow these 5 simple steps. Here is the claim process for Salama Car Insurance Dubai.

Step 1- Download- Download the SALAMA app on your mobile phone (if you haven’t downloaded it yet)

Step 2- Select- Select your policy and file your motor insurance claim

Step 3- Upload- Upload police report, a copy of your license and a copy of your insured vehicle’s registration card.

Step 4- Upload- Upload a photograph of the accident. Make sure it is of high quality and isn’t blurred.

Step 5- Submit- Click on submit.