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What is SME Package Insurance?

SME package insurance refers to a specific type of SME business insurance to meet the unique needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in the UAE. 

Essentially acting as a safety net, it bundles various insurance policies to cover different aspects of business risk. These packages commonly include property insurance, liability insurance, and more. 

With appropriate SME business insurance in UAE, you can get comprehensive financial protection against a range of potential threats that could impact the operation and financial stability of your business.

The primary objective of SME business insurance is to minimise the financial impact of unexpected events such as fires, theft, or legal claims. This form of insurance plays a critical role in safeguarding the business's assets, reputation, and long-term viability.

While SME insurance in UAE is not mandatory for all business types, it is highly recommended due to its strategic importance in risk management. 

Types of SME Insurance in the UAE

In the table below, we will detail all the key types of SME insurance and their purposes:

Types of SME Insurance


Marine Insurance

Covers loss or damage to ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport by which goods are transferred, acquired, or held between points of origin and destination

Public Liability Insurance

Financially protects against legal liabilities regarding third parties, potentially covering legal fees and payout for which the insured party would be responsible

Yacht Insurance

Provides coverage for yachts against risks like damages from accidents, fire, and theft, including liability for injuries or damage to other vessels

Group Life Insurance

Offers life insurance protection to employees under a single policy. This benefits employers by covering groups of workers, which is often mandatory for certain company types in the UAE.

Property Insurance

Covers business premises and their contents against risks like fire, theft, and natural disasters

Engineering Insurance

Covers risks associated with ongoing construction projects, machinery, and equipment, often vital for construction and engineering firms

Group Health Insurance

Health insurance for employees that covers medical expenses- may sometimes include dental and vision benefits


Who Needs SME Package Insurance?

SME package insurance, as we saw earlier, is for small and medium-sized enterprises across a wide range of industries in the UAE. These businesses often face challenges and risks that require tailored insurance solutions to protect their assets, employees, and future growth.

Industries that particularly benefit from SME insurance in UAE include-

  • Retail: Both physical stores and online retailers face risks like property damage, theft, and liability claims from customers.
  • Hospitality: Restaurants, cafes, and hotels require coverage for property, liability, and potential loss of business due to unforeseen closures.
  • Technology: IT companies and start-ups benefit from insurance that covers liability, cyber threats, and equipment damage.
  • Healthcare: Clinics and small medical practices need insurance to cover medical malpractice, property damage, and liability issues.
  • Construction and Engineering: Entities in these sectors require coverage for project delays, damage to property, and liability claims from third parties.
  • Education: Private schools and training centres need insurance for property damage, liability, and coverage against interruptions in their operations.


Why Get SME Package Insurance?

SME business insurance offers several compelling benefits that make it a critical investment for small and medium enterprises in the UAE-

  • Comprehensive Coverage: SME package insurance offers various types of coverage in one convenient package. This means businesses can enjoy broad protection against a wide array of risks — from property damage and theft to liability and employee-related issues- all under one policy.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By combining multiple policies into one package, SME insurance is often more cost-efficient than separately purchasing each insurance cover. This cost-saving aspect makes it appealing for small and medium-sized businesses that may operate with tighter budgets.
  • Customizability: One of the standout features of SME package insurance is its flexibility. Businesses can tailor their policies to match their specific needs, choosing coverages that are most relevant to their industry and risk exposure. 
  • Risk Management: With SME package insurance, businesses are better equipped to manage risks effectively. This insurance not only helps cover financial losses after an incident but also supports businesses in implementing preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of such incidents occurring in the first place.
  • Business Continuity: In the face of disruptions — whether due to natural disasters, accidents, or other unforeseen events — SME insurance allows businesses to stay resilient and continue to operate. It provides crucial financial support to help companies quickly recover and maintain their operations, thereby safeguarding jobs and the business’s future.

Inclusions of SME Insurance

Listed below are some of the general inclusions of SME insurance in UAE —

  • Property Damage Coverage: Financially protects buildings, contents, and stock against fire, theft, and other perils
  • Business Interruption: Compensates for lost income and pays for operating expenses if the business is temporarily unable to operate
  • Liability Protection: Covers legal fees and damages if your business is sued for causing harm to a third party
  • Equipment Breakdown: Covers repair or replacement of damaged machinery and equipment
  • Cyber Liability: Offers protection against losses resulting from data breaches or attacks on IT systems and networks
  • Goods in Transit: Covers loss or damage to goods and merchandise while in transit — either by road, sea, or air
  • Money Insurance: Protects cash, cheques, and other monetary instruments against theft or destruction — both on-premises and in transit
  • Group Health Insurance: Provides medical coverage for employees, usually in the form of hospitalisation, dental, and vision benefits
  • Group Life Insurance: Offers life insurance for employees, providing benefits to their families in case of the employee’s untimely death


Exclusions of SME Insurance

While SME business insurance provides extensive coverage to businesses, it also has certain exclusions or scenarios typically not covered 

  • Intentional damage or fraud committed by the business owner or executives
  • Wear and tear or gradual deterioration of assets over time
  • Losses due to acts of war or nuclear hazards
  • Damage from earthquakes or other natural disasters unless specifically added to the policy
  • Claims arising from professional errors or omissions that require separate professional indemnity insurance
  • Liabilities related to motor vehicles that must be covered under a separate motor insurance policy
  • Pollution or environmental damage unless specifically covered under an environmental policy
  • Contractual liabilities where the business assumes liability under a contract that would not have arisen in the absence of the contract


Eligibility Criteria for SME Package Insurance

The following table lists the eligibility criteria for SME business insurance in UAE-


Eligibility Criteria for SME Insurance

Business Size

Typically, small to medium enterprises with a specific range of employees or annual revenue

Type of Business

Must be a legally registered business in the UAE operating in eligible industries

Business Age

Businesses often need to have been operational for a minimum number of years — usually 1 year

Risk Management

Businesses may be required to show that they have basic risk management practices in place


Must comply with all local laws and regulations, including those specifically related to the industry


Common Risk Scenarios Faced by SMEs in UAE

Some of the common risk scenarios for SMEs are as follows-

  • Increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber threats targeting business data and financial information
  • Incidents of break-ins and theft of valuable assets and equipment
  • Risks such as workplace accidents, employee dishonesty, and litigation for wrongful termination or discrimination
  • Potential for significant property damage from fire outbreaks and water-related issues such as plumbing malfunctions
  • Disruptions to normal business operations caused by external events such as construction, major public events, or supply chain issues
  • Lawsuits or claims made by customers or third parties injured by the business's operations or products
  • Cash flow problems or any major financial losses triggered by market fluctuations or poor financial management


Factors Determining the Premium for SME Package Insurance

Mentioned below are the key elements that determine how much a business might expect to pay —

  • Industry Type: High-risk industries such as construction or manufacturing typically face higher premiums due to the increased likelihood of filing claims.
  • Business Size: Larger businesses with more employees or higher revenues may incur higher premiums due to a higher scope of potential risks.
  • Coverage Scope: The extent and variety of coverage options selected — more comprehensive coverage generally leads to higher premiums.
  • Claims History: Businesses with a history of frequent claims may be perceived as having higher risks, resulting in higher premiums.
  • Location: Businesses located in areas prone to theft, natural disasters, or other risks might face higher insurance costs.
  • Security Measures: Effective security measures such as alarms, surveillance systems, and strong cyber security can reduce premiums by lowering risk.
  • Deductible Amount: Choosing a higher deductible can lower the premium cost. This is because in such cases, the business agrees to cover a larger portion of any loss.

How to Apply for SME Business Insurance in UAE?

Applying for SME business insurance in the UAE is quite convenient through the website. 

Offering a user-friendly interface, this platform helps you comprehensively compare different insurance options tailored to meet the specific needs of small and medium enterprises. It simplifies the process of finding and securing the right insurance package, meaning that businesses can get the best possible coverage at competitive rates.

Here's how you can apply for SME business insurance through

  • On, locate the business insurance category, which includes SME Package Insurance.
  • Provide the necessary details about your business as specified in the form on the site.
  • Once your form is submitted, a representative from Policybazaar UAE will reach out to you. They will assist you further, helping you through the details and finalisation of your insurance package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the difference between SME package insurance and individual business insurance policies?

SME package insurance bundles several coverages that are essential for small and medium enterprises into a single policy. This usually ensures benefits in terms of cost compared to buying individual policies for each type of coverage.

Q. Can I upgrade my SME insurance coverage as my business grows?

Yes, most insurance providers offer flexible options so that you can adjust your coverage as your business needs change. This way, your insurance grows with your business.

Q. Are temporary employees covered under SME package insurance?

This depends on the specific policy. Although some SME insurance policies can be extended to include temporary or seasonal workers, it's essential to confirm this with your insurer.

Q. How quickly can I file a claim under SME package insurance?

Claims should be filed as soon as possible after an incident. Additionally, as the specific timeframe and process for filing claims can vary by insurer, it's important to review your policy details.

Q. Does SME package insurance cover online businesses?

Yes, many insurance providers offer options that cater to online businesses. These usually cover cyber risks, data breaches, and other online-specific liabilities.

Q. What are the typical exclusions in SME package insurance that I should be aware of?

Common exclusions include intentional damage, general wear and tear, and acts of war. Note that detailed exclusions will be listed in your policy documents.

Q. Can I cancel my SME package insurance policy at any time?

Policies can typically be cancelled. Note that terms regarding cancellations, such as notice periods and potential fees, vary by insurer.

Q. Are contractual liabilities covered under SME package insurance?

General liability within SME package insurance usually does not cover contractual liabilities unless specifically stated. You may need to purchase additional coverage for this.

Q. How do insurers determine the premium for SME package insurance?

Premiums are calculated based on several factors including the size of the business, industry type, coverage scope, claims history, and security measures in place.

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