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How to Check Medical Insurance Status with Emirates ID?

By Neha Goyal
  | Published: 23 March 2021 | Last Updated On: 04 May 2021

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Get a cover of AED 1 milion at AED 4/day

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The Government of Dubai has announced a new development to make life a little easier for all its residents. Emiratis will now be able to use their Emirates ID cards not only to go through immigration gates at the airport but to avail of medical services in the UAE. Meaning that UAE residents can now use their Emirates ID cards as health insurance cards as well. The Government confirmed that the reason behind this move is to reduce frauds and eliminate improper use of health insurance services. Now, a patient has to show his/her ID for availing any medical services.

So, if your current medical insurance company has authorized this change then you can ditch your health insurance card since your Emirates ID will suffice.

How to check Medical Insurance in Emirates ID?

Medical insurance providers all over the UAE have been well-trained to check medical insurance status by using the Emirates ID number via a safe and secure online platform. This advanced online platform basically matches the number with the profile of the member on the database of Daman. Also, such checks can be made by using the member’s card number.

Which Medical Insurance Companies Are Involved?

All the leading medical insurance providers listed below will follow the change:

  1. Daman
  2. Orient
  3. Oman
  4. Noor Takaful
  5. RAK
  6. Dar AI Takaful
  7. Takaful Emarat

However, all health insurance companies in UAE will follow the suit eventually to improve the flow of digital information and make life simpler for Emiratis.

In addition to this, 2000 Emirates ID readers have been sent to medical clinics all over the city. Once the Emirates ID readers have been distributed fully, it will become a very common practice for medical clinics to accept Emirates ID instead of medical insurance cards. Well, the Emirates ID readers will help to determine the type of medical insurance plan, the type of medical insurance cover you have opted for, and the policy number.

How Is This New Initiative Fruitful?

The “Dubai Health Authority (DHA)”, “Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD)”, and the “Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA)”, “Health care services of Armed Forces & Pure Health” are all part of this giant project. This new initiative taken by the leading health authorities of the UAE will refine the medical care quality and also take care of the safety of patients. Also, the database can assist in:

  1. Determining performance
  2. Ensure a proper flow of the digital information
  3. Automate the medical care system in an effective manner
  4. Gives members the convenience of carrying only one card.
  5. Save previous medical records for the patient - building an adequate way to make effective medical decisions by keeping accurate clinical records & ensuring quick access to them.