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Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC), established in 1972, has played a crucial role in ensuring that UAE citizens have access to high-quality medical care without affecting their savings. The ADNIC SHIFA individual plan or the ADNIC family medical insurance plans are the individual and family versions of the ADNIC medical insurance, respectively. These plans are divided into four major categories: Bronze Tier, Gold Tier, Silver Tier, and Platinum Tier. more

Protect your health: AED 4/day for 1 million coverage
Selecting health insurance for
  • Self Only
  • Both Self and Family
  • Family without Self
  • Domestic Workers
  • Investor



<span>Worldwide Coverage</span>
Worldwide Coverage
<span>Covid-19 Covered</span>
Covid-19 Covered
<span>Claim Assistance</span>
Claim Assistance

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC), founded in 1972 in the UAE, is a leading multi-line regional insurer headquartered in Abu Dhabi. With a wide range of insurance plans across the Middle East and North Africa, the company offers insurance solutions for individuals and corporate sectors.
With ADNIC Insurance, you can find multiple health insurance options, including policies for individuals and families, retirees, and UAE travellers. 

Let’s learn more about ADNIC health insurance. 

Best ADNIC Health Insurance Plans for 2024

Plan Name Annual Limit (AED) Medical Appliances (AED) Price
Bronze 250,000 NA
Silver 500,000 5,000
Gold 2,000,000 25,000
Platinum 5,000,000 50,000
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Why Choose ADNIC Health Insurance?

Stated below are the primary reasons for choosing ADNIC health insurance —

  • Health insurance plans of ADNIC Insurance are tailor-made products suiting the needs of each customer.
  • ADNIC Insurance has a partnership with MSH International, a leading healthcare administration around the world, to provide worldwide coverage to its customers.
  • Users can conveniently keep track of their medical claims.
  • ADNIC has tie-ups with more than 3,000 medical providers across the UAE and other regions. 
  • The company has a large network of healthcare centres and some of the best medical professionals.
  • Medical emergencies are covered globally while travelling.

Features & Benefits of the ADNIC Health Insurance

The ADNIC medical insurance is available in individual and family plans, known as the ADNIC SHIFA individual plan or as the ADNIC family medical insurance plan. The features and benefits of an ADNIC health insurance plan are as follows:

Categories & Scope

ADNIC health insurance is available in four categories, known as its four tiers. These are namely the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers of the ADNIC medical insurance As is evident by the tier names, the Bronze tier is the least expensive ADNIC health insurance plan and the Platinum tier plan is the costliest.

Generous Limits

The Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company health insurance dubai plan offers a generous maximum annual limit of AED 5 million for coverage across the UAE and overseas alike. The ADNIC health insurance plan is available in more than 195 countries across the globe and at more than 700,000 providers globally.


ADNIC health insurance family plan members are may upgrade their tier at any time during their plan’s validity. This is unfortunately not offered for individual ADNIC medical insurance plan holders.

Pre Existing Coverage

It is very rare to find a health insurance provider that offers coverage for pre-existing or chronic conditions, however, the ADNIC health insurance does just that. The ADNIC medical insurance plans offer incredible protection for customers with pre-existing and chronic conditions unlike any other.

Work Assurance

The Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company health insurance plan covers its policyholders in the event of accidents or injuries incurred during the course of work. The ADNIC health insurance also offers a maternity leave cover up to the full annual limit offered by ADNIC.

Dental & Optics

While the dental and optic cover is not included in the ADNIC health insurance plan, customers can avail of the services in a few quick steps and a nominal additional charge. This is offered to individual and family plan members alike.

No Extra Charges

The ADNIC claim form can be submitted from anywhere around the world, even if it is at a hospital outside the ADNIC connectivity, for no extra cost. The ADNIC medical insurance plan aims to make medical aid as easy possible for customers.

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Types of ADNIC Health Insurance Plans

There are four major categories of the ADNIC health insurance policy, the details of which are provided below:

Bronze Tier

As members of the bronze tier ADNIC medical insurance plan, customers are offered a maximum available limit of AED 250,000 per year. Policyholders with a pre-existing condition can also avail of the full Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company health insurance plan limit of AED 250,000. Bronze tier policyholders may only access ADNIC health insurance coverage within the UAE.

Silver Tier

The silver tier of the ADNIC health insurance policy grants policyholders access to a maximum yearly limit of AED 500,000. Also offered to silver tier ADNIC medical insurance customers / ADNIC health insurance contact number is a medical appliance cover of AED 5,000. Silver tier ADNIC health insurance customers are covered all across the globe except for in USA, Canada and Europe.

Gold Tier

Benefits of a gold tier Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company health insurance plans far surpass the previously mentioned tiers of ADNIC health insurance. A gold tier ADNIC medical insurance plan offers maximum yearly limits of AED 2 million. This yearly cover limit also includes the use of medical appliances for up to AED 25,000. Gold tier ADNIC medical insurance cover is offered nearly all over the globe, with the only exception of the USA and Canada.

Platinum Tier

In addition to an extremely generous yearly limit of AED 5 million, the platinum tier ADNIC medical insurance cover limit also includes up to AED 50,000 worth of medical appliance costs. The platinum tier ADNIC health insurance policy covers policyholders all over the globe with no exception.

Inclusions of ADNIC Health Insurance

Although the ADNIC insurance coverage features vary as per the plan, you can check out the general inclusions of ADNIC health insurance below — 

  • Maternity Cover
  • Pre-existing and Chronic Conditions
  • Diagnostics
  • Psychiatry
  • Diagnostics

Exclusions of ADNIC Health Insurance

Let’s now go through what the health insurance of ADNIC does not cover — 

  • Dental and Gum Treatment
  • Hearing and Vision Aids
  • Alternative Medicine

Network Hospital

ADNIC health insurance products are some of the most preferred health insurance plans in the UAE with comprehensive coverage, high assured sum, and a widespread network list. ADNIC network hospital list is designed to ensure that every customer can choose a hospital of their liking

ADNIC Network Hospitals

Points to Consider Before Buying ADNIC Health Insurance

You must take the following points into account before buying a health insurance plan from ADNIC —

  • Make sure to choose the right coverage as there are a wide range of ADNIC health plans available. 
  • Explore the available add-on plans and riders. This is because such riders can enhance your base plan for free or at a minimal cost.
  • Thoroughly understand the insurance claim process to avoid later hassles.  

Benefits of Purchasing Health Insurance at an Early Stage

By purchasing health insurance early in the UAE, you can enjoy numerous advantages — 

Efficient Financial Planning

Health insurance provides financial security by covering unforeseen medical expenses. Without it, healthcare costs can be overwhelming and potentially lead to financial strain.

Low Premium

Buying health insurance early often results in lower premiums. Younger individuals typically have fewer health issues, making them eligible for more affordable insurance plans. 

Locking in lower rates early on can lead to significant long-term savings. 

Multiple Plan Options

At an early stage, the chances of developing health conditions such as pre-existing diseases are less. In terms of buying health insurance, this means there are wider health insurance options available. 

Documents Required to Buy ADNIC Health Insurance

Given below is a checklist of documents required for buying ADNIC health insurance in the UAE —

  • Emirates ID
  • Valid address proof
  • Medical reports

Note: The provider may ask you to submit additional documents as per its requirements.

How to Buy ADNIC Health Insurance via Policybazaar UAE?

The instructions below will guide you through the process of buying ADNIC medical insurance —

  1. On, choose health insurance from the ‘Insurance’ drop-down.
  2. Fill out the lead form with all the required details.
  3. Submit the form to view the health insurance quotes page.
  4. Locate ADNIC health insurance plans and go through their policy wordings.
  5. Select an appropriate plan and apply for it by following the on-screen prompted instructions.

Note: Once you make the payment, policy details will be sent to your registered email ID.

How to Renew ADNIC Health Insurance?

The renewal of ADNIC medical insurance is straightforward when you do the process through Policybazaar UAE —

  1. Log into your Policybazaar UAE portal.
  2. Locate your ADNIC health insurance policy from the list of purchased policies.
  3. Click on the renewal button and review the current policy.
  4. Customise the plan if required.
  5. Proceed and pay the required amount to renew your policy.

Note: You will get your renewed policy on your registered email ID.

How to Claim ADNIC Health Insurance?

Here is the step-by-step process of filing an ADNIC health insurance claim in the UAE —

  1. On the official website of ADNIC, select ‘Claim Services’ from the menu.
  2. Choose ‘Medical Claims’.
  3. Select ‘Personal’ and download the claim form.
  4. Fill it out and attach the required documents.
  5. To submit the form, check out the following channels:

If the bill is less than AED 5,000

You can submit your claim with copies of the required documents via online means — either through ADNIC’s website or mobile app.

If the bill is more than AED 5,000

You will be required to submit original documents in this case. Note that your medical claim can be submitted through —

  • A broker: If the medical insurance card is issued through a broker, submit the claim through them.
  • Your HR: If your medical insurance card is issued through your employer, submit the claim through your HR.
  • An ADNIC branch: If you are an individual medical insurance cardholder, submit your claim at one of the company’s main branches
  • Courier: Original claims can also be sent through courier to ADNIC's Head Office

How to Calculate ADNIC Health Insurance Premiums?

Assessing the ADNIC health insurance price or premiums is an effortless process. With the health insurance premium calculator of, you can conveniently know your monthly or yearly premium amount beforehand. 

Here’s how you can calculate ADNIC health insurance premiums via —

  1. Go to our website’s homepage.
  2. From the ‘Banking Products’ drop-down, select ‘Financial Calculators’.
  3. Choose the health insurance calculator.
  4. Enter the requested details — for whom you wish to buy insurance, sponsor age, cover amount, and city name.
  5. Hit the ‘Calculator’ button to instantly get your result.

Why Buy Health Insurance via Policybazaar UAE?

When you buy health insurance with, you unlock a range of benefits —

  • The best health insurance plans in one place due to collaboration with the top health insurers across the UAE 
  • Tailored plans to suit the requirements of each individual
  • Option to compare different plans from various companies in one place and select the best one
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Quick and hassle-free purchasing process
  • Convenient and effortless renewal process
  • Easy to switch from your current provider to a new one
  • Prompt customer care assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the insurance claim process take?

Health and medical insurance claims under AED 2,500 are generally processed within 7 working days. However, claims worth more than AED 2,500 are usually handled in 14 working days from the date of filing.

What documents should you submit to get pre-approval for within network and overseas treatment?

For pre-approval within the network, the provider will take care of the documents for you. For overseas treatment, on the other hand, the documents to be provided include the medical report, preliminary cost estimate, and investigation reports. 

How long can pre-approval take in the UAE?

Usually, pre-approval requires one to two days for non-emergency cases. However, no pre-approval will be required if it is an emergency.

What is ADNIC Essential Benefits Plans?

More widely referred to as ADNIC basic Medical Insurance Plan, this type of plan provides cover for all your necessary medical needs. Most of the medical services offered both as an inpatient and an outpatient, including costs associated with diagnosis, medical treatment, medications, child vaccinations, pregnancy, and maternity, are covered by the ADNIC Basic Medical Insurance Plan. 

Moreover, the ADNIC Basic Plan also includes a number of value-added features such as the Global Emergency Services Package, which can help you if you are travelling or away from home.

What is Shifa Individual Plan?

The Shifa individual health insurance plan offers both domestic and international health insurance plans and a tier-based selection system. 

What documents are required for ADNIC Health insurance reimbursement claim?

The following are the documents necessary for making an insurance claim –

  • Original medical invoices with payment receipts
  • A duly filled claim form
  • Medical referrals for physiotherapy
  • Discharge summary
  • Authorisation form for bank or wire transfer
  • Medical report or investigation report
  • Medical prescriptions 
What all lab services are covered under the plan?

The following are the key diagnostics covered under the plan –

  • MRI
  • CT Scan
  • PET Scan
  • Chemotherapy
  • Endoscopies
  • Sterile Services
  • Dialysis
What are the benefits of the health insurance card?

The ADNIC health card includes information about your coverage and deductibles as well as the duration of your health insurance plan. You can use this card to avail yourself of the required medical benefits as soon as you are enrolled in a legitimate health insurance plan. 

What are the facilities offered under GOLD plan?

With the exception of the USA and Canada, the Gold plan provides complete coverage for both inpatient and outpatient services worldwide. Notably, groups can choose between regular dental care and extensive dental care here, with even vision care being available as a group option.

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