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  | Published: 26 May 2021 | Last Updated On: 15 June 2021

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How to Submit Reimbursement Claim for with ADNIC?

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (PSC) or ADNIC is the third-largest insurance company in the UAE and is based in Abu Dhabi. The largest part of company shares is held by Abi Dhabi Investment Council making the company a public shareholding company. ADNIC offers a variety of insurance products and features one of the smoothest claim processes in the country. ADNIC claims can be applied in several ways depending on the kind of claim that you are filing. ADNIC reimbursement form is the common variant in all these ways. So, one must know how to properly fill the ADNIC claim form in order to let the claim process flow smoothly.

Download ADNIC Reimbursement Claim Form

Filling the ADNIC Reimbursement Form

Most of the work while filing a reimbursement claim lies in filling out the claim form, without errors. Following is the information that you will need to gather on hand before you start filling the ADNIC reimbursement claim form:

  1. Download ADNIC claim form pdf from ADNIC’s official website or a trusted source like
  2. Name and health insurance number as per the insurance card issued by the insurance provider.
  3. Medical Record – request the doctor treating you to prepare a brief report regarding your condition and verify that the treatment that you are taking for it is medically necessary.
  4. Healthcare providers’ information – add the address of every place you received treatment at including diagnostics labs.
  5. Medical Bill number – collect all the bills of all the services that you are seeking reimbursement for. Note down the bill number or the receipt numbers for each of them to fill in the ADNIC claim form.
  6. Add the dates on which you received the services with their respective bill number.
  7. Write a small description of the service that you add on the form explaining their nature, for example, doctor consultation, prescription medicines, hospitalisation, etc.
  8. Add the individual amount for each bill – exactly as it is on the bills, correct to decimals.
  9. Now, add the total of all the services that you have added in the ADNIC reimbursement form. State the original currency you made the payment.
  10. If you are filing a claim for a road accident on behalf of the insurance holder, attach the police report of the accident and mention your name, contact number, address and relationship to the insurance holder on the form, attested with your signature in the end.

Things to Keep in Mind When Filling ADNIC Reimbursement Form

There are a few important things that you need to keep in mind before and while filling the ADNIC insurance claim form which is listed as follows:

  • Ensure that the insurance provider has not submitted a claim form on your behalf already. This form is only to be filled by the insurance holder if the provider doesn’t do it on their behalf.
  • Even the smallest error in the form or missing documents can cause the claim to be rejected and you will have to go through the submission process again So, make sure you have everything on hand, crisp.
  • If one or more medical bills are in any other languages than English or Arabic, get them translated by an official public translator and submit the translated version.
  • If you are applying for more than one person at the same time, make sure to use a separate ADNIC claim reimbursement form for each of them.
  • Document required to be attached with ADNIC claim form:
    • Copy of Emirates ID and insurance card issued by ADNIC
    • All original bills and receipts of the services you are claiming for
    • Original copy of the prescriptions for the medicines
    • All laboratory and diagnostics tests.

Where to Submit the Claim

The submission place and process for ADNIC reimbursement claim forms will differ according to the amount you are seeking reimbursement for. All the methods of submission are explained below:

For Claims Less than AED 5000

Claims which adds up to AED 5000 or less can be submitted online via the ADNIC website or mobile application. You will need to get a scanned copy of all the aforementioned documents and upload them on the ADNIC claim submission portal.

For Claims More than AED 5000

If the total billing amount that you are filing reimbursement for is more than AED 5000, you will have to submit the claim via offline methods. There are three main ways you can choose from which are given below:

  • Through Your Broker: If have an insurance broker already, contact them and inform them about the claim submission and they will help you in submitting the ADNIC claim form. This can only work if your insurance card was issued by the said broker in concern though.
  • Ask Your HR: If your insurance cover is provided by your employer, contact the HR department and ask them to help you submit the claim form.
  • Visit an ADNIC Branch Office: If you have individual insurance and do not have an insurance broker, visit any one of the branch offices and directly submit the claim there.
  • Courier Us: If you feel that you cannot visit the branch office for any reason, you can send the claim form via courier service. The courier is to be sent to the head office of ADNIC located in Abu Dhabi, Khalifa Street.

ADNIC Reimbursement Claims – Essential Info to Know

  • Only treatments that you opt for in hospitals and facilities that are out of the ADNIC network of hospitals require you to submit a reimbursement claim. It also includes service like dental check-ups and treatments, prescription meds, etc.
  • You can easily opt for a cashless claim service for services like hospitalisation and therapy that you are taking from network hospitals by showing your insurance card issued by ADNIC and getting approval.
  • The amount that is allotted to you in case of an ADNIC reimbursement claim will be directly transferred to your linked bank account. You will receive a notification via text message as soon as the transfer of the reimbursement amount is done.


A rather hassle-free and easy process, submitting the ADNIC claim reimbursement form is a matter of minutes if you follow all the right steps and are prepared with every document and receipt. Ensure that you check eligibility for all the services that you are claiming reimbursement for so that the whole process goes by smoothly with no rejection and glitches.