How to Check if Your Health Insurance is Active Online?

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Simply selecting a health insurance plan, buying and leaving it as is after paying the first premium is not where the whole ordeal ends. There are a lot more things you need to do after initially buying the health insurance plan, for example, checking that your coverage is still active. Whether it is about the first time checking your enrollment or rechecking it after a few months since the coverage began. There are several ways one can use to check their health insurance status. The easiest way to get familiar with your plan details or check the active status is to do it online. Let’s figure out how to check if your health insurance plan is active online.

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How to Check if Your Health Insurance is Active Online?

There is a multitude of ways you can use to check the active status of your health insurance plan in the UAE online. From using Emirates ID to the medical card, policy number and the aggregator, there is no dearth of ways you can use to check if your medical insurance in the UAE is still active and for how long. Following is a collection of top ways for you to check your health insurance active status online in the country:

Using Your Insurance Card

The easiest and most common way to check the status of your health insurance online is by using your health insurance card. Every time you buy new health insurance online or offline, you are issued a health insurance card. This card can be considered proof of your health insurance plan. Most medical facilities provide your healthcare services only after you present your health insurance card. The card would hold key information related to your health insurance plan which can be used by administrators at the facilities to get the details of your coverage. Either way, simply present your medical insurance card at a medical facility and they will instantly confirm the activation status as well as other details related to the plan.

Using Your Emirates ID

Emirates ID is a rather swift way to figure most details about yourself in the UAE. From your health card to health insurance plans, everything is linked to the Emirates ID. Since health insurance plans use Emirates ID as a form of identification and authorization when selling the plan to a UAE resident or citizen. You can easily get to know if your health insurance online is still active using the emirates id. Simply go to the official website of the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship. Locate the portal that requires Emirates ID sign in. Log in using your Emirates ID number. You will be presented with all the details related to your Emirates ID after successful login.

Many medical facilities like hospitals and clinics are in the process of Emirates ID scanner distribution. These scanners can simply read the Emirates ID and draw out all the details related to it. The medical facilities that already have these scanners do not require you to carry your medical insurance card. Simply present your Emirates ID to get the details of the plan – activation status, coverage scope as well as the next expiration date.

Using Your Policy Number

Another way to check if your policy is active is by using the unique number allotted to you as the policy number of your health insurance plan. Go to the website of your health insurance provider and log in using your unique policy number. Once logged in, you will be able to see all the details related to your current insurance plan. This will include the active status, the next due premium and the coverage of the plan. The policy number can also be used to check the active status of your health insurance plan at your insurance marketplace. Just follow the same login process to get the details you are scouting for.

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Using Aggregator’s Website

If you buy health insurance online from an insurance aggregator, you can also check the activation status of the plan using the aggregator’s website. Submit an online request with the aggregator using their customer support link. The concerned authorities or representatives will contact you soon enough. Ask the details that you require about the status of your health insurance online whether it is the active status of the plan or any other query.


It is essential to keep a track of your health insurance online and its active status at all times given that it is mandatory to have it at all times. If you happen to lose track and the plan expires, you risk losing a lot of benefits along with that insurance plan. Regardless of the ways you use, offline or online, make sure that you are on top of this task at all times and make necessary premium payments as and when they are due. This way you can save yourself the trouble of buying health insurance online again and losing the additional services, raise in the assured sum and other such benefits that you got after many claim-free years.

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