Medical Insurance Cost in Dubai

In Dubai, it is mandatory to have medical insurance. Having a medical insurance plan in Dubai can be highly beneficial, as you can have financial coverage for treatments, diagnostic tests, post-surgery therapies like physiotherapy, and more. Most medical insurance Dubai, UAE plans offer maternity cover and coverage for declared pre-existing medical conditions as well. All the providers in Dubai offer an extensive network of top-notch hospitals for treatment under their insurance plans. You can even include riders to make the plan more comprehensive as per your requirements. more

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With increasing uae medical insurance prices, the cost of treatment is also rising higher. Meeting medical expenses from your savings can cost you a fortune and drain you out of all that you’ve accumulated so far. But with a best medical insurance UAE to cover your treatment expenses. Being the financial and healthcare hub, several medical insurance companies in Dubai, UAE, offer comprehensive coverage.

Medical insurance secures the policyholder against the expenses incurred during treatments such as hospitalisation, surgeries, medications, daycare procedures etc. As a policyholder, you can get your healthcare expenses reimbursed or receive cashless treatment at various hospitals in the UAE.

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Understanding Medical Insurance Prices in UAE

Need to buy the best medical insurance in UAE. You should be aware of What is Medical Insurance, and What it will cover in UAE.

A medical insurance plan is typically a contract between the policyholder and the insurance company that secures the earlier to meet the treatment expenses across the hospitals in the UAE. A medical insurance plan pays the medical cost of the policyholder either through cashless treatments or reimbursement. In the case of cashless treatments, the policyholder is not required to pay any treatment cost from his own pocket. According to federal laws, health insurance is mandatory in the UAE. Most employers in Dubai provide medical insurance, however, in other cases, you need to buy your medical cover on your own.

Cost of Best Medical Insurance in Dubai, UAE

Healthcare standards in Dubai are one of the best in the world, but the quality of treatment comes with a cost. uae medical insurance prices mainly depends on an individual’s nationality and the type of insurance plan they’re opting for.

 The average medical insurance Dubai cost is as follows.

  • An average medical plan for an individual can cost around AED 3,000 per annum.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance premiums for expats can cost around AED 5,500 annually. For a family of four members, the medical insurance Dubai cost can go up to an average of AED 15,000. 
  • Medical insurance Dubai for married females sponsored by husbands can go up to AED 1771.
  • Employees earning a monthly salary above AED 4,000 may require to pay AED 918 for essential medical insurance Dubai and those earning below AED 4,000, can obtain this plan for AED 588.
  • Couples with joint medical policy need to pay an annual average amount of around AED 9,000.

Note: As per the coverage of the medical insurance plan, the premium may vary.

Top & Cheapest Medical Insurance in UAE

The right medical policy provides you with extensive coverage and costs less. Following are the Cheapest Medical Insurance in UAE.

Medical Insurance Key Benefits Apply Now
Sukoon Insurance
  • Emergency treatment – inside and outside network
  • Daycare treatment including out-patient minor surgeries
  • General practitioner and specialist consultant fees
  • Diagnostic investigations and procedures
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Dubai Insurance Company
  • Both normal delivery and caesarean section expenses are covered
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Repatriation costs for the transport of mortal remains to home country
  • Emergency mental health treatments
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Takaful  Emarat
  • Diagnostic Tests,
  • In and out-patient service
  • Maternity cover
  • Treatment and surgery cover for non-emergency treatments
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Orient Takaful Insurance
  • Maternity cover
  • Covered pre-existing conditions
  • Hearing and vision aid
  • Physiotherapy treatment
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Orient Insurance
  • Newborn cover
  • In-patient maternity services
  • Emergency services coverage
  • Other services include radiology diagnostics, laboratory tests, and more
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Cigna Insurance
  • Emergency hearing and vision aids
  • Both in-patient and out-patient maternity services
  • Gum and dental treatment covered
  • Intensive care unit and coronary artery disease treatment coverage
  • Worldwide cover
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Hayah Insurance
  • Physician consultation
  • Prescribed drugs and dressings coverage
  • Laboratory tests
  • Hospital accommodation and related benefits
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Salama Insurance
  • Outpatient ante-natal services
  • Essential vaccinations and inoculations for newborns and children
  • Various therapies such as physiotherapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and more
  • Cancer treatment coverage as per the term of the policy
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Watania Takaful 
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Consultant, surgeon, and anaesthetist fees 
  • Ambulance fees in case of emergency
  • Companion room and board expenses
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Daman Insurance
  • Diagnostic and treatment services for dental and gum treatment
  • Newborn coverage for up to 30 days from birth
  • Psychiatric treatment included
  • Emergency services coverage 
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Al Sagr Insurance
  • Prescribed medicines and drugs cover
  • Accidents and emergencies, intensive care units, and theatre costs
  • General practitioners fees
  • Inpatient and outpatient maternity cover
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Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company
  • Lab and scan tests
  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions covered
  • Emergency treatments
  • Day-care treatment
  • Provides global coverage
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RAK Insurance
  • Hospital accommodation and related services
  • Recipient organ transplantation service, excluding donor charges
  • Physical consultation
  • Diagnostics and laboratory tests
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Medical Insurance Companies in Dubai, UAE

Dubai’s insurance market is quite competitive in nature considering the variety of medical insurance providers present in the market currently.  As a resident of Dubai, you get numerous best medical insurance dubai options. Additionally, the insurance providers offer various options to customize your chosen protection plan.

Top 5 Medical Insurance Companies in UAE

Sukoon Insurance
Dubai Insurance Company
Emarat Insurance
Takaful Insurance
Orient Insurance

Sukoon Insurance 

Sukoon Insurance, with over 47 years of health insurance industry-leading experience, is renowned for its innovative online solutions that help in the efficient claim payment process. This insurance company in the UAE provides maternity cover, applicable to post-natal consultations, investigations, and procedures. 

The coverage extends to laboratory tests, consultant fees, and in-patient services. There's a co-payment structure for consultation, outpatient procedures, and physiotherapy, with a maximum copayment per treatment set as well.

Given below are the types of Sukoon health insurance plans available along with the medical coverage amount – 

Sukoon Health Insurance Plans Medical Coverage Amount (Max)
Safe AED 150,000
Home Lite AED 250,000
Home AED 250,000
Max AED 500,000
Pro AED 3,000,000
Prime AED 5,000,000

Dubai Insurance Company

Dubai Insurance Company, established in 1970, is the first national insurer in the UAE and has amassed over 50 years of valuable experience in the industry. As a composite insurance provider, it offers a wide variety of insurance services ranging from life to non-life insurance policies. 

Its outstanding financial stability is underscored by its impressive ratings of A- (Excellent) with a positive outlook by AM Best and A3 with a stable outlook by Moody's. These high ratings certainly attest to the company's consistent performance and solid financial strength.

The company's health insurance package includes comprehensive maternity coverage, outpatient services, newborn care as per DHA guidelines, laboratory tests, dental treatments, alternative medical treatments, essential adult vaccinations, consultations with physicians, and more. 

Mentioned are some of the top Dubai health insurance plans along with their medical coverage limits – 

Dubai Health Insurance Company Plans Medical Coverage Amount (Max)
Dubai Care N5 AED 1,000,000
Silk Road AED 1,000,000
Pearl AED 1,000,000
Emerald AED 1,000,000
Dubai Care N3 AED 1,000,000
Green AED 1,000,000
Dubai Care N2 AED 1,000,000
Silver Classic AED 1,000,000
Dubai Care Exclusive N2 AED 1,000,000
Silver Premium AED 1,000,000
Gold AED 1,000,000
Dubai Care N1 AED 1,000,000

Takaful Emarat

Takaful Emarat is a progressive insurance entity that offers an innovative approach to insurance. As a cooperative insurance system, it aligns with both the UAE law and the principles laid out by an appointed Shariah supervisory board to represent a modern and ethical approach to the field of insurance. 

Unlike conventional insurance systems, which involve risk-incurring investments that generate profits exclusively for the company, Takaful Emarat operates on the basis of shared responsibility and mutual aid. This ensures that no individual member can exploit the system for personal advantage at the expense of others, fostering a sense of community and cooperation among policyholders for the shared benefit of all members.

Takaful Emarat health insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage. This includes both outpatient and inpatient maternity services, provision for alternate medicine, repatriation of mortal remains coverage, and more. In addition, any conditions escalating into emergencies are also covered up to the annual aggregate limit. 

Check out the table below for some  of the top Takaful Emarat health insurance plans – 

Takaful Emarat Health Insurance Plans Medical Coverage Amount (Max)
Ecare Blue AED 150,000
Silver AED 1,000,000
Silk Road AED 1,000,000
Marjan AED 1,000,000
Iridium AED 1,000,000
Emerald AED 1,000,000
Opal AED 1,000,000
Yaqoot AED 1,000,000
Silver Classic AED 1,000,000
Rhodium AED 1,000,000

Orient Takaful Insurance

Orient Takaful Insurance, a subsidiary of Orient Insurance PJSC, is a leading provider of Sharia-compliant (Takaful) insurance solutions. Adhering to the principles of mutual cooperation and shared responsibility, the company offers a range of Takaful products that align with Shariah laws. 

These products encompass various areas including life, health, and general insurance, ensuring broad-spectrum risk management for individuals and businesses alike. Orient Takaful Insurance sets itself apart by reinstating the fundamental principles of insurance to their original form which is to provide mutual help and assistance within the community.

Orient Takaful health insurance plans provide extensive coverage, which comprises in-patient and out-patient maternity services, pre-existing & chronic conditions, psychiatry treatment, and more.

Let’s take a look at the prominent Orient Takaful health insurance plans with their medical coverage amounts – 

Orient Takaful Health Insurance Plans Medical Coverage Amount (Max)
Plan 5 AED 1,000,000
Silk Road AED 1,000,000
Pearl AED 1,000,000
Emerald AED 1,000,000
Plan 4 AED 1,000,000
Green  AED 1,000,000
Silver Classic AED 1,000,000

Orient Insurance

Orient Medical Insurance, a leading Public Joint Stock Company in the UAE, is renowned for its extensive portfolio of insurance offerings that address a spectrum of needs. The company's breadth of insurance services encapsulates home, motor, and life insurance among others, while providing an impressive suite of health insurance solutions tailored for the residents of Dubai.

Among Orient's health insurance offerings, a standout feature is its generous annual coverage limit. With Orient medical insurance, policyholders can benefit from an annual coverage reaching up to AED 1,000,000. This level of coverage is remarkable in its magnitude as it provides substantial financial protection to the insured. Moreover, its health insurance plans span both local and international territories.

Listed below are the notable orient medical insurance plans – 

Orient Health Insurance Plans Medical Coverage Amount (Max)
Silk Road – Family Care Upto medical cover
Pearl – Family Care AED 1,000,000
Emerald AED 1,000,000
Green – Family Care AED 1,000,000
Silver Classic – Family Care AED 1,000,000
Gold – Family Care  AED 1,000,000
Silver Premium – Family Care AED 1,000,000

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Best Medical Insurance Plans in Dubai

In order to receive comprehensive medical protection, you need to find the best medical insurance plan in Dubai to meet your healthcare requirements. Following are the best medical insurance plans available in Dubai along with their benefits and coverages. 

Name of Medical Plan Maximum Cover Amount  Key Benefits
Sukoon Safe  AED 150,000
  • Both in-patient and out-patient maternity services are covered with a 10% co-insurance
  • Includes coverage for laboratory tests, consultant’s, surgeon, and anaesthetist's fees. Accommodation costs for an accompanying parent or family member during a hospital stay are also covered (subject to conditions).
  • Coverage of up to AED 150,000 per year for pre-existing and chronic conditions both inside and outside the UAE - subject to exclusions.
  • Coverage is extended for a newborn delivered in the UAE for up to 30 days as part of the mother's insurance, with conditions for continuity of coverage.
  • Provides coverage for emergency treatments, ambulance services, and laboratory tests with a 10% co-insurance.
Dubai Care N5 AED 1,000,000
  • This plan covers normal delivery and caesarean section expenses up to AED 10,000.
  • Additionally, it also covers medical emergency expenses related to maternity up to AED 150,000.
  • Laboratory tests are covered subject to a 20% co-pay per invoice
  • Provides coverage of up to 15 sessions of physiotherapy per year with a 20% co-payment
  • Dental care is covered with a 20% co-payment upon pre-authorisation
  • The geographical coverage of this plan is worldwide.
Takaful Emarat Silver AED 1,000,000
  • Normal delivery and medically necessary C-section are covered up to AED 10,000
  • Any declared pregnancy at the time of application will be medically underwritten.
  • Prescribed drugs and dressings are covered up to AED 5,000 subject to a 20% coinsurance
  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions are covered up to AED 150,000 per member per year, subject to the medical application form (MAF)
  • Covers local road and air ambulance services, cancer treatment as per DHA guidelines, and annual adult vaccinations
  • A cash indemnity benefit of up to AED 200 per night is provided for a maximum of 10 nights
Orient Takaful Insurance Plan 5 AED 1,000,000
  • Both out-patient and in-patient maternity services are offered, subject to 10% coinsurance - the coverage extends up to AED 10,000 for emergency conditions
  • The plan provides in-patient services with semi-private rooms.
  • Additionally, there's a provision for parent accommodation at AED 150/day for children under 18 years.
  • Offers coverage for dental and gum treatment, hearing and vision aid, and physiotherapy (up to 20 sessions per annum), all subject to 20% coinsurance
  • The plan is tied with the NEXTCARE RN3 network and offers worldwide coverage.
Orient Insurance Pearl – Family Care AED 1,000,000
  • Offers dental and gum treatments - subject to a 20% co-payment, and a sub-limit of AED 3,500
  • Coverage is provided for hearing and vision aids in emergencies, with a 20% co-payment by the insured
  • Out-patient services have a co-payment of 20% capped at AED 50 per consultation (restricted to clinics only)
  • The plan offers worldwide coverage and is connected with the Mednet - Pearl network for both out-patient and in-patient services
  • Prescription medication is subject to a 10% co-payment with limits up to the annual policy limit
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List of 10 Health Insurance Company in UAE

How to Find Medical Insurance Quote Online in UAE

You can visit our medical insurance section at and enter your personal and contact details to find the online quotes. Based on your age and occupation, residency and dependent family members, you can find the estimated cost of your medical insurance plan and choose the best policy as per your budget and requirements. 

Alternatively, most insurance companies offer online quotes when you purchase the best medical insurance in Dubai. You can visit the insurer’s official website and fill out an online application form to get medical insurance online quotes. 

Compare Top Medical Insurance in UAE

It’s important that you conduct a thorough research before buying a plan of medical insurance Dubai. Evaluate, your needs and find a plan that suits your requirements. While doing so, you need to take a few things into account. Some of them are listed below: 

  • Coverage - Before buying an insurance plan, you need to go through the inclusions and exclusions. With this, you can find the coverage extent of various insurance plans. Once you have the list, you can easily choose the best medical insurance uae suiting your healthcare needs. 
  • Price - Along with the insurance coverage, you need to consider the price of your medical plan. Find a policy that provides comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price and falls under your budget. With a proper uae medical insurance prices comparison, you can find the best medical policy that suits your healthcare needs. 
  • Additional Riders - Every insurance provider offers additional coverage with a nominal increase in your policy premium. You can customise your medical insurance plan as per your needs. Choose an insurance plan that offers a variety of options for customisation. 
  • Company Reliability - To avoid getting scammed while paying your medical bills, you should check the reliability of the insurance company. A reputed provider focuses on customer satisfaction and hassle-free procedure. 
  • Claim Settlement Ratio - It is crucial to check the claim settlement ratio as it depicts how responsibly the insurer handles insurance claims. The claim settlement ratio is the ratio between total claims filed and the number of claims settled. With this ratio, you can predict how likely your claim will be settled. 

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Can I buy best health protection plans online in Dubai?

Yes, you can visit the official website of an insurance provider in Dubai and buy a best medical insurance uae that’s suitable for you. You can compare and buy best medical insurance at simply by entering a few basic details.

Is it mandatory to buy best medical insurance in uae, Dubai?

Yes, according to federal laws in the UAE, it is compulsory for an individual to possess medical insurance Dubai. While most employers offer best medical insurance Dubai, sometimes it may not be enough to cater to your medical needs in present. That is why it is judicious to buy a best insurance uae  that’s in line with your requirements.

What is the average medical insurance cost in Dubai?

The average medical insurance cost for an individual usually ranges between AED 3,000 and AED 4,000. Whereas, family health insurance ranges between AED 7,000 and AED 10,000.

Which companies offer cheapest medical insurance in Dubai, UAE?

Following are the insurer who offer cheap medical insurance in Dubai, UAE plans.

  • GIG Gulf Insurance (Previously AXA)
  • Sukoon Insurance (Previously Oman Insurance)
  • Metlife Alico
  • Takaful Emarat
  • RAK Insurance
  • Dubai National Insurance (DNI) Insuranc
Do I get maternity coverage in the best medical insurance in UAE?

Basic medical insurance plans may not cover maternity expenses; it is better to go through the insurance inclusions while applying for medical insurance in Dubai.

Does best medical insurance Dubai cover diagnostic expenses?

Yes, most medical plans cover lab tests and diagnostic expenses.

What is the geographical coverage limit for medical insurance Dubai?

While most insurance plans offer worldwide coverage (except the USA and Canada), you can also choose local policy at affordable rates in Dubai.

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