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International travel insurance has been getting its due recognition as a brilliant fallback option when you’re faced with inconveniences during your trips abroad. However, not many people are aware of the importance of domestic travel insurance plans. Traveling within the borders of your own country is not as daunting as going to a new country for your exploration, agreed. However, the role of travel insurance remains the same, considering the uncertain nature and probability of accidents on the go. Whether within the bounds of the UAE or outside them, you, as a traveler are equally likely to encounter an unpleasant situation while traveling. This piece will cover all the important details that you must know to find the best domestic trip insurance plan for your trip.

What is Domestic Travel Insurance?

Essentially, it’s a type of travel insurance plan that covers domestic travels within the country. Domestic travel insurance plans can only be used for trips that are taken within the political and geographical borders of the UAE. Domestic trip insurance plans provide the same kind of coverage that international travel insurance plans do, from medical benefits to trip inconvenience benefits. Similar categories, classifications, and types of travel insurance as that of international travel insurance can be found in domestic trip insurance.

Domestic Travel Insurance and Common Myths Associated with It  

Travel insurance is often laden with general misconceptions that prevent people from making the most of it. While people are becoming aware of the importance of international travel insurance plans now, domestic travel insurance is still regarded a non-essential. Let’s bust some of the most common myths about domestic travel insurance policies, starting with:

“You Don’t Need Travel Insurance for Short Duration Flights”

One of the most common misconceptions related to domestic travel insurance is related to flight duration. Many people believe that insurance is only required when you are flying for at least a few hours at a stretch. However, let’s not ignore the fact that mishaps are a matter of only a split second. Travelling for short distances does not miraculously eliminate the chances of mishaps. Missed or cancelled flights, lost luggage or delayed luggage, medical emergencies, etc. are some of the many potential troubles you may face during a domestic flight. That is why it is important to have a domestic travel insurance plan even when you’re flying for short distances. 

“Domestic Travel Insurance Plans Are Expensive”

That’s a myth. Domestic travel insurance plans are one of the most affordable types of insurance plans. They’re cost effective and budget-friendly as well. We, at Policybazaar UAE offer a range of brilliant domestic insurance plans start at just AED 24. These plans cover all the basic benefits that you would need on your domestic trip within the emirates. Additionally, domestic travel insurance plans can be customised as per your requirements with nominal changes in the premium amount. 

“Buying Travel Insurance is Quite Complicated”

The days of going through cumbersome paperwork, paying hefty middlemen fees, and spending days flipping through insurance plan pamphlets are long gone for good. Buying insurance may have been complicated earlier, but with onset of online platforms, buying insurance is as easy as ordering food online. Almost all top travel insurance providers in the UAE have gone digital now which means you can buy domestic travel insurance from the comfort of your home or on the go. You can shop with Policybazaar UAE to further simplify this process. You can compare, select and buy your domestic travel insurance plan using a single, universal insurance platform at Policybazaar UAE. 

“Claim Settlement Are Complicated”

Claim settlement is the end game of having a travel insurance plan. Claim settlement is generally high in case of legitimate claims that are coupled with the right paperwork. Just make sure that your claim documents are duly filled and all the supporting documents are present. Do not rely on your insurance agent blindly to get you the settlement. Take the matter into your hands and file the claim correctly to get your dues. 

Best Domestic Travel Insurance Providers in the UAE

Given below are the top providers of domestic travel insurance plans in the UAE with a list of domestic travels plans offered by them:

Plan Name  Medical Cover Max Duration Starting from Price
Alliance Insurance AED 150,000 90 days/trip AED 33
Orient Insurance AED 150,000 92 days/trip AED 183
See More Plans >>

Why Do You Need Domestic Travel Insurance?

  • Instant, Quality Medical Coverage: Your domestic travel insurance plan allows you to get treated in the finest medical facilities included in the network from the Emirate you are traveling to. You can easily access healthcare facilities in case of emergency and have the insurance plan cover your expenses. In addition to that, you get the benefits like emergency evacuation and repatriation as and when required.
  • Personal liability Cover: Accumulating any kind of personal liability when you are in the middle of a trip can be a huge hassle. A domestic travel insurance plan helps in covering such liabilities towards a third party and reduces the burden several folds.
  • Accidental Cover: The concept of time and place is void when it comes to accidents. This uncertain and atrocious nature of accidents is what makes domestic trip insurance even more important when you travel. With the accidental benefit cover, domestic travel insurance ensures that you are safe from any such unannounced inconveniences.  
  • Peace of Mind: Above all, having a proper travel insurance plan will bring you peace of mind. Whether it is your gadgets you are worried about or the fear of getting hurt when trying an adventure sport, domestic travel insurance has your back.

Types of Domestic Travel Insurance Plans

There can be two basic classifications of domestic travel insurance plans – single-trip and annual multi-trip plans. Both these types can be bought as individual, family or senior citizen travel insurance plans, as per the need of the hour. Let’s learn about them in a bit more detail:

  • Single-Trip or Regular Plans: As the name suggests, a single-trip domestic trip insurance plan covers you for just one trip. The plan coverage begins the moment you set out on the trip. A few select covers begin even before the trip does such as trip cancellation benefit. The coverage simply expires when your trip ends. Anyone above 18 years who possesses the required proof of their residency or citizenship can get this domestic travel insurance online or offline.
  • Annual Multi-Trip Plans: Designed for frequent travelers, an annual multi-trip domestic travel insurance plan would cover every small and big trip taken within the tenure of the plan. The tenure is typically one year long. The maximum length of each trip taken using the annual multi-trip domestic travel insurance plan is pre-determined by the insurance provider. It can be anything between 90-120 days. Yet again, annual multi-trip travel insurance can be bought for families, individuals as well as senior citizens.

Best Domestic Travel Insurance Providers in UAE

adamjee-health-insurance allianz-health-insurance Oman Travel Insurance Orient Travel Insurance Emirates Travel Insurance
RSA Travel Insurance Union Travel Insurance AIG Travel Insurance AXA Travel Insurance  

Inclusions of Domestic Travel Insurance

The basic inclusions and benefits of domestic trip insurance can be divided into two parts – trip benefits and medical benefits. Given below is a complete breakdown of the same:

Travel Medical Insurance Benefits

  • Emergency medical treatment cover
  • Emergency dental cover
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Accidental death and repatriation
  • Compassionate visit for a family member
  • Hospital cost-benefit on per day basis

Trip Inconvenience Benefits

  • Baggage loss and delay cover
  • Trip curtailment or cancellation cover
  • Flight delays and hijacks
  • Emergency cash support
  • Burglary and theft cover
  • Loss of personal items and money
  • Personal liability cover

Exclusions of Domestic Travel Insurance

  • Adventure sports like skiing, scuba diving, etc.
  • Losses and damages attained as a result of war or act of war, invasion, rebellion, etc.
  • Non-medical expenses incurred by the insured person
  • When traveling for medical reasons or despite beginning advice against traveling by a medical professional
  • Medical help is needed for complications arising out of pre-existing health conditions
  • Normal pregnancy-related medical support
  • Elective surgeries or cosmetic ones
  • Damages due to radioactive, explosions, activities, and substance
  • Damages, injuries, and illnesses due to substance abuse
  • Damages incurred or sustained when driving illegally
  • Being involved in an illegal activity

Tips to Buy Cheap Domestic Travel Insurance

  • Evaluate Your Needs First: Buying insurance simply by looking at the benefits may not be a smart move. To buy a comprehensive and cheap domestic travel insurance plan, you need to evaluate your needs first and move forward accordingly. Find a plan that matches those needs and offers the same benefits you need. Always buy domestic travel insurance as per your needs and not the overly long list of benefits offered.
  • Compare Top Options: Obtain a few quotes and then compare domestic travel insurance plans you have at hand. Find the plan that offers the most benefits at the best price and go with it. It is incredibly important to compare domestic travel insurance plans to find the most cost-effective option.
  • Choose Your Insurance Providers Wisely: The insurance provider you pick makes a lot of difference when it comes to buying domestic trip insurance. Keep customer service, plan benefits, claim settlement ratio and customer reviews as your grounds to choose the best providers.
  • Buy Your Travel Insurance Separately: Instead of buying bundle deals of domestic travel insurance plans with your flight tickets, choose to find a separate plan. Bundles deals are often profitable but not in this case. The benefits offered in such travel insurance plans are far too less for the price. Always conduct your own research, compare domestic insurance, and then choose a plan accordingly.

Eligibility Criteria to Buy Domestic Travel Insurance

Any UAE resident or citizen older than 18 years of age is eligible to buy a domestic trip insurance plan in the UAE. The upper age limit of buying travel insurance can range between 65-75 years, as per the unique policies of each insurance provider. One must have all the required documents to prove their citizenship or residency when buying travel insurance. This includes a passport, resident’s visa, an emirate’s ID. Plans made for senior citizens can be bought by folks older than 65 years. Again, the upper age limit can differ as per the providers. For children, you can include a child as young as 30 days in a family insurance plan.

Travel Insurance by Age Group 
Travel Insurance for over 65 Travel Insurance for over 70 Travel Insurance for over 75

How to Buy Domestic Travel Insurance in the UAE

There are two simple ways to buy domestic travel insurance plans in the UAE – online and offline. You can buy your domestic travel insurance online from either a provider website or right here. Simply go to the domestic insurance purchase portal and choose your provider. Obtain a few quotes as per the benefit you need. Compare the quotes and the benefits offered in the plans. Finalize one plan and proceed with the buying formalities. You can also visit the provider's website and buy your domestic travel insurance online. The offline purchasing procedure mainly depends on the brokers and representatives of the insurance company you choose. Visit one of the branches of your insurance providers and apply for the insurance plan you want to buy. You will be assigned an agent who will take care of the insurance process further.

How to Proceed with Domestic Travel Insurance Claims

  • In case of trip inconvenience claims: Contact the insurance provider and inform them about the kind of claim you would like to initiate. If it is a checked-in baggage loss or delay claim, provide the required details and fill the claim form to raise an official request. The insurance company will determine the eligibility of the claim and offer compensation. This applies to most travel inconvenience benefits including trip cancellations, curtailment, flight delays and hijack.
  • In case of accidental claims: First and foremost, submit a police report regarding the accident. This can include driving accidents, theft, public liability cases, and other similar situations. Inform the insurance company about the accident and gather the required documents including the police report of the accident. Submit an official claim request. The compensation arrives as soon as the claim has been processed.
  • In case of medical claims: Most medical claims are direct cashless claims in domestic trip insurance. As soon as you are at the hospital for emergency medical treatment, have one of your travel companions well-informed about the insurance. You or your companions simply need to call the insurance company and inform them about the emergency. They will initiate and approve the direct claim request so that you can get treated.

Domestic Travel Insurance FAQs

Why do I need a domestic travel insurance plan?

A domestic travel insurance policy is essential to ensure that you will be ideally protected against most potential mishaps and emergencies during your journey to other emirates. These plans cover all kinds of flight and luggage-related emergencies, medical emergencies as well as personal liabilities.

When will my coverage begin after buying the plan?

Your coverage begins from the moment your trip begins. If your domestic travel insurance plan includes benefits like trip cancellation, the coverage will begin from the moment you buy the plan. If your trip happens to get cancelled due to an unforeseen reason, the plan will cover charges for pre-bookings that cannot be cancelled now.

Is there a limit on the maximum number of trip days covered by single-trip domestic travel insurance?

The maximum number of trip days covered by single-trip domestic travel insurance plans can differ for each provider. However, the limit may range between 90 to 120 days for most domestic travel insurance providers in the UAE. 

Will my domestic travel insurance plan cover pre-existing diseases?

No, domestic travel insurance policies do not cover pre-existing diseases as a basic benefit of the plans.

What should I do if I am in a medical emergency during my travels?

Immediately contact your insurance provider and for the nearest network hospital. Have someone arranged to take you to the hospital immediately for starting the required treatment.

What kind of domestic travel insurance claims would require a police report for settlement?

Accidental, theft, personal liability and any kind of lost item claims would require you to submit an official police report for settlement. 

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