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Are planning to travel to the Schengen area soon? Then you may need to get a proper Schengen visa related to your purpose of visit in order to gain entry into Schengen countries. As per the travel regulations set by Schengen visa authorities, visa is mandatory to gain entry in the region depending on your citizenship status and country.

This article explains every major requirement related to Schengen visa for Filipinos residing in the UAE, including the documents required, the visa application process, etc. Let’s cover all important things that citizens of the Philippines in the UAE must know about the Schengen visa procurement process.

Do UAE-based Filipinos Need Schengen Visa for Europe?

Requirements for the Schengen visa for Filipinos residing in the UAE are as follows:

  • Short-stay Schengen visa is required if the citizen of the Philippines wishes to stay in the Schengen zone for up to 90 days within a 180 days duration.
  •  A long-stay Schengen visa is required if the traveller wishes to visit the region for longer than 6 months. 

Visa-free entry is allowed for Filipinos who have dual citizenship. The other citizenship must be from a country that has established a visa-free entry regime within the Schengen area. Filipinos with only a Philippines passport must get a visa as per the purpose of their visit.

Requirements to Apply for a Schengen Visa for Philippine Passport Holders in the UAE?

Given below is a list of documents and paperwork required to get a Schengen visa for Filipinos residing in the UAE:

  • Visa application form: The form must be filled out entirely. Mandatory section must not be left blank. After filling it out, take a printout and sign the form.
  • Photographs: Applicants must carry two passport-size photographs for visa application process. These photographs should not be older than three months.
  • An original valid Philippines passport: The passport should not be more than ten years old. Also, make sure that it remains valid for three months beyond the trip dates to the Schengen zone.
  • Document of UAE residence permit: Valid resident visa document for the UAE must be presented. Ensure that the residence permit is valid for three months beyond the trip dates to the Schengen zone.
  • Cover letter: The visa application process also requires a cover letter that mentions the purpose of your visit to Schengen countries. Remember to include the date and duration of your stay.
  • Evidence of accommodation: Add a set of documents that verifies your accommodation arrangement for your Schengen trip. The documents must mention the booking dates as well as the address of the property. Acceptable accommodation options may include a hostel, hotel, home of your relative/ friends or a rental apartment.
  • Flight details: Schengen visa applicants flying from the UAE will require to add copies of their flight tickets from the UAE to Schengen countries and back. The exact dates must be clearly visible on the ticket copies.
  • travel insurance: It is mandatory to get a travel insurance policy for all Filipinos residing in the UAE when travelling to Schengen region. Make sure to buy Schengen travel insurance worth EUR 30,000 at least right after you book your flight tickets.
  • Proof of financial support: Filipinos must show a document as proof of funds to self-finance their stay in any of the Schengen countries.
  • Employment status proof: The employment and income document requirements vary as per the applicant’s employment type.
  • For Salaried Individuals:
    • Contract of employment
    • Bank statement for the previous six months
    • A leave permission letter from the employer
  • For Self-Employed Individuals:
    • A valid copy of the business licence
    • Previous six months’ bank statement of the company
  • For Retired Individuals:
    • Previous six months’ pension statement
  • For Tourists: 
    • Your bank account statement for the past six months.


Additional Documents for Schengen Visa for Minors

  • Minor’s birth certificate
  • A documented proof of a family court order for custody of the child, in case of only one guardian 
  • Schengen visa application form with both parents’ signatures
  • Valid copies of passports of both parents
  • A notarized parental authorisation, if the minor is travelling alone

Additional Documents for Students

  • Student’s enrolment letter for an educational institute in the Schengen region
  • A No Objection Certificate from the college/ university/ school
  • Transcripts from their current school/university
  • A No Objection Certificate from the university or school the student is currently enrolled in

Additional Documents for Schengen Visa for Visitors

  • Proof of invitation: To apply for a visitor's visa, Filipinos must have a valid document mentioning that they have been invited to the Schengen country by friends or relatives who are valid residents of the Schengen area. This can include the following:
    • An invitation letter signed by the person staying in the Schengen country
    • Residence permit of the person inviting you (if applicable)

Additional Documents for Schengen Visa for Business or Work-Related Purposes

  • An invitation letter from a business organization in the Schengen country with the detailed address, contact number, and date of visits
  • A certificate from your present employer mentioning the purpose of your visit 
  • Previous six months’ bank statement and your company’s trade licence
  • Memorandum and Article of Association submitted as the original certified copy

Additional Documents for Student Schengen Visa

  • An enrolment certificate of the educational institute the student plan to attend

Additional Documents for Medical Schengen Visa

  • A medical report provided by the hospital in your home country mentioning the requirement for medical treatment in the Schengen area
  • Payment receipts for the medical fees
  • A valid confirmation report from the Schengen country hospital related to your appointment and treatment

Additional Documents for Schengen Visa for Sports, Culture, Religious, or Film Crew Purpose

  • Event details- invitation letter, tickets, details of the event
  • Documents of past participation in similar festivals, events, sports, and others
  • For Film Crew Members:
    • A letter from the film company mentioning the name, film synopsis, and shooting locations
    • A letter from the agency of the Schengen country as a confirmation document
    • A list of the crew members with their designations

Additional Documents for Schengen Visit for Members of Official Delegations

  • Official copy of the invitation from officials in the Schengen zone

How to Apply for Schengen Visa from the UAE?

All Philippines Passport holders need to apply for the Schengen visa as early as possible to ensure smooth application process and timely visa stamping. Here are the instructions to follow  to complete the Schengen visa for Filipinos application process:

  1. First of all, figure out the type of Schengen visa you need to apply for as per the purpose of your visit. It can be a tourist Schengen visa, visitors Schengen visa, business Schengen visa and many more. 
  2. Find out where you can apply for your Schengen visa in the UAE. You can apply for a Schengen visa at the embassy, general consulate or an authorised visa centre. 
  3. Be wary of any deadlines imposed by the visa agency for the submission of documents and interview appearance. Visa centres do not change the interview and document submission dates. 
  4. Fill out the application for a Schengen visa for Filipinos and make sure you do not miss any mandatory section of the form. 
  5. Keep all the essential documents handy and arrange them accordingly. 
  6. Request an interview with the visa authorities and schedule the appointment. 
  7. Once you are done with the visa interview process, pay the required fees. 
  8. Finally, wait for the results. Your application will be processed and an official will analyse whether to grant you the Schengen visa.


Do I need Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa?

Before travelling to any Schengen zone, a travel insurance policy with medical benefits worth at least 30,000 Euros must be bought by all travellers. It is compulsory to get a Schengen travel insurance plan to get a Schengen visa for Filipinos residing in the UAE as per visa rules of the Schengen region. Moreover, travel insurance helps to protect yourself financially if a mishap takes place. Travel insurance plans can offer several benefits depending on the coverage scope.

Insurance companies include a few basic benefits in most of their plans which are as follows: 

  • Loss of Personal Belongings: Travel insurance plans reimburse or compensate the policyholder for stolen or missing personal belongings like documents (ID proof), wallets, and bags while on a trip. Filing a claim for your travel insurance can provide you financial support as well as duplicate copies of the documents like your visa, passport, etc.  
  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Accidents may occur while travelling resulting in injuries, disabilities etc. Having a travel insurance policy can save you from the financial burden of handling unannounced medical treatment expenses due to injuries and illnesses. Your provider pays all your medical bills once you initiate a claim and begin the treatment procedure.
  • Flight Curtailment or Flight Cancellation: You may have to cancel your flight or make changes to the travel plan due to a previously unknown and unavoidable reason. However, cancelling or rescheduling your flights can result in financial loss. Fortunately, travel insurance plans cover flight cancellations and rescheduling due to covered reasons and offer a refund for non-refundable plane tickets.
  • Personal Liability Cover: If you accidentally incur any third-party liabilities during your trip, the travel insurance plan will cover all third-party losses and your liabilities towards them. 
  • Missed or Delayed Flights: You may face delays in flights or miss them due to technical malfunctions or previously unknown weather conditions. Your travel insurance reimburses all non-refundable amounts for pre-booked flights. The plan may even pay compensation for additional accommodation if you have to extend your stay due to a cancelled flight.

Types of Schengen Travel Insurance Plans

It is important to analyse which type of travel insurance you need before finalising the purchase. Insurance companies mainly offer two types of insurance policies- single trip travel insurance and annual multi-trip travel insurance.

Read below to know them in detail-

  • Single- Trip Travel Insurance: If you make trips once or twice a year, then you can opt for a single-trip travel insurance plan. This type of insurance covers you for short trips ranging up to 90 to 180 days and provides all basic coverage.
  • Annual Multi- Trip Travel Insurance: Purchasing annual multi-trip travel insurance is the best option for citizens of the Philippines in the UAE travelling to Schengen region more than twice a year. This type of insurance plan covers all the trips you make during the tenure of the coverage. Annual multi-trip travel insurance stays valid for 1 year.

Processing Time for the Schengen Visa

Schengen visa for Filipinos visa application process from the UAE takes up to 14 days. You will be notified if your visa application has been approved within this time frame. Your Schengen visa application might take up to 30 days to get processed in some cases. The reason for that can be anything whether related to errors in application or administration-related issues. Depending on the circumstances at hand, a Schengen visa application may even take up to 60 days to get processed in rare cases.   

When Should You Apply for Schengen Visa from the UAE?

Most Schengen countries start their Schengen visa application processes 3 months prior to the traveller’s departure date from the UAE. As visa authorities suggest, the most appropriate time to apply for the Schengen visa is one month before the trip starts. The mandated time frame to apply for your Schengen visa for Filipinos in the UAE is 3 weeks before the trip departure date. This is to ensure enough time for swift yet easy visa processing. 

Fees for UAE-Based Philippine Passport Holders for Travelling for Schengen Visa

UAE resident Filipinos travelling to a Schengen country are required to pay the following fees for their visa application:

Category of Travellers Fees (In Euros)
Adult Travellers 80
Children aged between the age of 6-12 years 40
Children aged below the age of 6 years Free

How Long is Your Schengen Visa Valid for UAE-Based Filipinos?

Citizens of the Philippines staying in the UAE can stay up to 90 days in the Schengen area within a period of 180 days if they have a short-stay visa. Short-stay visas can be obtained for single, multiple or double entry in the Schengen region. Holders of a long-stay visa can stay up to the duration specified on their visa. Long-stay visas are valid for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 5 years. 

Key Takeaways

The citizens of the Philippines in the UAE must apply for the Schengen visa for Filipinos at the earliest to avoid travel hassles. Remember to carry all documents mentioned in the required document section above when you apply for your Schengen visa. Once you purchase your tickets, get your travel insurance done immediately. Choose wisely which type of plan to buy.

You can easily purchase a suitable travel insurance plan for your trip from our official website- Here, you will find multiple travel insurance products from all top providers in the emirates. You can easily compare and buy the most suitable one for yourself. If you have questions related to Schengen travel insurance plans and mandatory insurance requirements, you may get in touch with our in-house insurance experts. Purchasing your Schengen travel plan and getting a Schengen visa for Filipinos is easy enough with this comprehensive guide at your side.

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