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A Schengen transit visa is simply a permit that allows travellers to change flights to reach the destination country via a Schengen airport. UAE nationals don’t need to obtain a Schengen transit visa to board a connecting flight to the destination country. However, the requirement would be present if you are a UAE resident with a passport of another country that needs a Schengen transit visa.

This article will offer insights into what are the requirements to apply for a Schengen transit visa and other key factors like the importance of travel insurance for your visa and more.

What is Schengen Transit Visa?

A Schengen transit visa is a grant for individuals to enter the Schengen region to change their mode of transportation to reach their destination.

There are two kinds of Schengen transit visas –

  1. Airport transit Schengen visa
  2. Schengen transit visa for seafarers

In this article, the focus will be on airport Schengen transit visa.

Overview of Schengen Transit Visa for Airport

Schengen transit visa for airport is a permit that enables you to change flights at the designated Schengen airport. With this visa, you can wait for your flight to your destination in the international transit section of the Schengen airport. However, you would not be able to leave this area of the airport even if you would need to wait overnight for your flight. 

If you need to transit between multiple airports within the Schengen region, the airport Schengen transit visa would not be valid in such case. Instead, you can simply apply for the regular Type C Schengen visa. This is so because the flights between Schengen nations are referred to as domestic, even if they are boarded for transit purposes.

Do I Need Airport Schengen Transit Visa?

Any UAE resident with a passport of a country whose citizens need a Schengen transit visa will need to apply for the same, irrespective of their country of residence. UAE nationals, however, do not need a Schengen transit visa to change their flights from any Schengen airport.


Requirements to Apply for Schengen Transit Visa

The following are the documents you need to keep to apply for the Schengen transit visa –

  • A filled out, printed, and signed (towards the end) visa application form. This form is your typical short-stay visa application form.
  • A valid passport with at least two blank pages to affix the visa label – the passport should be not older than 10 years and should be within the validity period
  • Documents associated with your further journey to the destination country –
    • Visa issued by the country you are travelling to (if applicable)
    • A return flight reservation that shows your ongoing journey to the destination country 
  • Two recent passport-sized pictures captured within the last three months
  • Travel insurance policy that offers cover in case of any medical emergency 
  • Proof of successful payment of the visa fee (the cost is the same as that of a short-stay Schengen visa)

How to Apply for Schengen Transit Visa?

To apply for your Schengen transit visa, you can follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Verify whether you even need to obtain this visa. If you are a UAE national or hold a passport of any country whose citizens are allowed visa-free entry to Schengen region, you simply won’t need this visa.  
  • In case you require a Schengen transit visa due to your nationality, obtain the visa application form from the authorised sources and fill it up 
  • Collect and organise the documents for the Schengen transit visa as per the guidelines from the visa office
  • Schedule an appointment with the visa centre, embassy, or the consulate 
  • Submit all the required documents at the visa centre 
  • Pay the fee for Schengen transit visa (EUR 60) 

You can submit your Schengen transit visa application at the designated visa authority of the country from where you need to board a connecting flight. These visa authorities could be -

  • The embassy of the Schengen nation from where you would need to change your flight
  • The consulate
  • The consulate or embassy of a third country to which the Schengen nation has delegated the visa application task
  • Visa centre to which the Schengen nation embassy has outsourced the visa application process (like VFS Global and more)


Do I Need Travel Insurance for Schengen Transit Visa?

Obtaining travel insurance is mandatory to successfully complete the Schengen transit visa application process. It’s also worth noting that a Schengen travel insurance plan must fulfil specific requirements as per the region’s guidelines. For instance, the minimum medical coverage of such a policy should be at least EUR 30,000 and it should be valid in all 26 Schengen nations.

However, besides being a necessity for the visa application, a travel insurance plan is also highly beneficial for your trip as it provides financial coverage in case you face some medical emergencies abroad. It also offers reimbursement in case you lose your luggage in transit or if there is a delay in flight due to unfavourable weather conditions. 

Listed below are the major benefits of securing travel insurance for your visa -

  • Meets the Visa Application Requirements - Travel insurance is necessary to complete the requirements of Schengen transit visa application process 
  • Covers Emergency Medical Expenses - You can get immediate cashless benefits in case a medical emergency comes up while you are travelling. You can avail of the required treatment at any of the top hospitals mentioned in the network list. Since the insurance provider will be paying the bill, you would be able to access medical care facilities without being required to spend thousands of Euros.
  • COVID-19 Cover - With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, most travel insurance policies provide COVID-19 coverage. Everything related to the disease – from the RT-PCR test to quarantine and medical treatment – is covered if the policyholder is diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Travel Inconvenience Coverage - Your travel insurance can offer financial cover in case of theft, personal liability, or trip curtailment 
  • Loss of Luggage Cover - If you lose your personal belongings or luggage during your trip or transit, this cover will provide you compensation so that you can purchase the required replacements 

The two main types of travel insurance for your Schengen transit visa are -

  • Single-Trip Travel Insurance Plan - This travel insurance is framed for individuals travelling abroad only once a year. This one is mandatory for the Schengen transit visa application process as well. 
  • Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan - This travel insurance plan is ideal for individuals who have to go abroad frequently in a said year 

Schengen Transit Visa Processing Time

You can get a reply to your Schengen transit visa application within two weeks. However, in some cases, the period could go up to 30 or 60 working days. For this reason, it is highly recommended to apply for the Schengen transit visa well in advance. 

When Should You Apply for Schengen Transit Visa?

You would need to submit your Schengen transit visa application at least 15 days before the trip to the Schengen area. However, you won’t be able to submit the Schengen transit visa application more than three months before the departure date. 

Schengen Transit Visa Fees

The Schengen transit visa fee is EUR 60. 

How Long is Schengen Transit Visa Valid?

Your airport Schengen transit visa will be valid only for 24 hours and that too in the international transit area of the Schengen country’s airport. So if you need to stay in the area for a duration longer than a day, you should apply for the Type C Schengen visa. 


If you are a UAE resident with a passport from a country whose citizens require even a short-stay Schengen visa, you would need to apply for a Schengen transit visa. To apply for the visa, you should provide all the necessary documents like passport, passport-sized photos, proof that you have paid your visa fee, a travel insurance plan, and so forth. UAE nationals, however, can do without a Schengen transit visa.

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