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HSBC UAE offers both consumer and corporate banking products and services in the country, with its large array of insurance products including travel insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, whole life insurance, and more. HSBC has operated a network of branches throughout the UAE for more than 75 years, with its offices located in Abu Dhabi, Jumeirah, Bur Dubai, Deira, Fujairah, Jebel Ali, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and so on.

Losing luggage, missing a flight connection, or getting sick on a trip can prove ruinous for your dream trip. However, if you face such unexpected incidents while you are on vacation, you will find HSBC UAE travel insurance to financially assist you. With this plan, you can continue enjoying your trip or make a return (if the situation is serious) without worrying about your finances. 

The article will provide you with all the relevant information that you must have regarding HSBC UAE travel insurance.

Ensure Coverage On Holidays with HSBC UAE Travel Insurance

Before proceeding further, it should be noted that AXA Insurance is the sole provider of the general insurance offered by HSBC Bank. As a part of general insurance, HSBC Bank thus offers travel insurance through AXA Insurance. 

With HSBC uae travel insurance, you can easily receive compensation for any losses incurred with traveling. This travel insurance plan can prove useful whether you are traveling domestically or internationally. The major travel insurance plans offered by HSBC UAE include

  • Travel Smart
  • Travel Schengen

HSBC Travel Smart Insurance covers you when you travel to Australia or continental Europe. With this type of HSBC UAE travel insurance, you can travel around the world with complete peace of mind and receive coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellation, and much more.

Subscribing to a travel insurance plan is not an option; it’s a requirement when you apply for a Schengen Visa. In order to move forward with your application, you must present a Schengen Visa insurance certificate that complies with the insurance directives of these countries. HSBC UAE travel insurance offers a specific policy named Travel Schengen Insurance by AXA.

HSBC UAE Travel Insurance Advantages

Customer Care Available Round the Clock

With multilingual professionals available 24/7 worldwide, it is easy to contact your insurance provider even when you are in a foreign land.

Quick Claim Processing

HSBC UAE Travel Insurance by AXA is renowned for its customer service as demonstrated in the ease of filing a claim and prompt reimbursement with it.

Extensive Protection Level 

With the travel insurance plans from HSBC, you can easily obtain financial coverage for you and your family, your belongings, travel arrangements, and more.

Ease of Applying

With the instantaneous registration feature on the website, you can enable your HSBC travel coverage in an instant. Nevertheless, it is recommended to purchase travel insurance plans near the time of booking for great savings and more options. 

HSBC UAE Travel Insurance eligibility:

HSBC UAE Travel Insurance is generally available to residents and citizens in the Gulf Cooperation Council aged 70 or younger. A trip not involving manual labor, such as a conventional non-working holiday, can be covered by HSBC UAE Travel Insurance. 

Steps for Filling Out HSBC UAE Travel Insurance Form

You can start the process by obtaining a quote on HSBC UAE Travel insurance. For this:

  • Visit the HSBC UAE website
  • Go to the ‘Travel Insurance’ Page
  • Click the ‘Get Quote’ button
  • This will redirect you to the AXA website
  • Enter the details as specified on the page to obtain a quote

The application form has mainly three sections to provide details: Personal Details, Travel Details, and Additional Members Information.  

Personal Information: Includes details of the passengers like name, gender, date of birth, nationality, contact number, and more

Travel Details: Consists of information like the type of HSBC UAE travel insurance that you require (Travel Smart or Travel Schengen), travel dates and duration of the trip, and type of coverages you need (medical inconvenience/travel emergency or both)

Additional Members’ Details: The details of additional members accompanying you on your trip are to be provided here.

HSBC UAE Travel Insurance - Types of Coverage

With this travel insurance in UAE, you can expect coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and more. The major coverage types and inclusions of these plans from HSBC UAE are discussed below

Emergency Medical Services

Medical Emergencies

Expenses incurred due to bodily injuries or sicknesses sustained outside the country of residence are covered by HSBC UAE Travel Insurance.

Evacuation and Assistance in Case of Emergency

Expenses related to transportation due to medical treatment, return of other beneficiaries to their home countries, visit of a close relative, repatriation of mortal remains, and first aid and rescue are covered here.

Coverage for Personal Accidents

HSBC UAE travel insurance pays compensation in the event of an accident that results in death, total disability, amputation, or blindness of the insured individual.

Individual Liability

You can avail of financial cover against legal liability for damages caused by you to a third party during the trip with this insurance plan.

Inconveniences Associated with Travel

Money & Baggage

In case your baggage or personal money is lost, stolen, or damaged during your trip, you will be able to receive compensation if you have HSBC UAE Travel Insurance. However, one must take note that the compensation for the baggage will be charged based on its current market value, which takes into account wear, tear, and depreciation.  

Curtailment or Cancellation of Services

If it becomes necessary or unavoidable for you to cancel or curtail your trip, the HSBC UAE Travel Insurance reimburses you for the non-refundable expenses incurred.

Passport Lost or Stolen

Passport replacement costs while on a trip abroad will be borne by HSBC UAE Travel Insurance.

Unscheduled Delay in Departure

In the event of a strike or weather-related delay of 6 hours or more, you will be paid by your HSBC UAE travel insurance plan.

Delay in Baggage

Upon arrival at your outbound destination, you will be paid for clothing, toiletries, and medication by HSBC UAE Travel Insurance if your baggage is delayed by at least 4 hours.   

HSBC UAE Travel Insurance Exclusions

If you face any damage due to involvement in any of the following situations, you won’t receive any compensation from your insurance provider.

  1. Expenses for specific medical treatments that are not approved by AXA Gulf
  2. Coverage in your home country
  3. Physiotherapy, pregnancy, pre-existing conditions, prosthetics, cosmetic plastic surgery, and other such treatments
  4. Non-emergency dental care
  5. Direct or indirect consequences of HIV infection and/or any HIV-related disease
  6. The act of deliberately inflicting injury or illness on oneself, sexually transmitted diseases, alcoholism, drugs usage, and so forth
  7. Dangerous sports 
  8. Weakening, degradation, mechanical or electrical breakdown, of your equipment
  9. Failure to report the theft within 24 hours
  10.  Damages incurred due to illegal acts
  11.  Risks associated with war or terrorism are not covered under HSBC UAE Travel Insurance

Cancellation of Policy of HSBC UAE Travel Insurance

You can cancel your HSBC UAE travel insurance policy within seven days of the issuance date provided that no claims or losses have been made or reported. In this case, you will receive a refund of your premium subject to the administration fee.

Note: HSBC UAE Travel Schengen Insurance cannot be cancelled and no refunds will be given.

HSBC UAE Travel Insurance Plan Prices

Find below the HSBC UAE travel insurance plans’ prices. While the VAT is not included in these prices, you can expect the following changes in terms of the price of the plan if you add or remove the specified add-ons:

  • Increase of 20% for adding terrorism extension
  • 25% off for removing Medical Coverage
  • 20% off for removing Travel Inconvenience
  • Adventure sports (winter, water-sports, trekking, and so on) – 100% increase 
  • People in the age group 65 to 70 can see a 100% increase in the prices
  • 50% discount for children under the age of 16 years (except for families)

*Discounts are based on the basic premium prices for an adult

Travel Duration

HSBC Travel Smart Plan (Excluding USA & Canada (AED)

HSBC Travel Smart Plan (Worldwide) (AED)

HSBC Travel Schengen Plan (AED)

up to 5 days




up to 9 days




up to 15 days




up to 22 days




up to 31 days




up to 45 days




up to 62 days




up to 92 days




Annual (Each Trip up to 62 days)




Claims Declaration Form for HSBC UAE Travel Insurance

The AXA UAE website has a claim form that you can use if you wish to file a claim on any of the travel insurance plans. The information that you must provide includes:

  1. Policy information - includes the policy number, policy holder's name, email address, claimant's name, contact details, and the date of the incident
  2. Description of the incident
  3. Police report if the incident involved baggage or theft
  4. Details like the date and time you last saw your property, the place and time of the incident, your departure and arrival times, and a brief description of the incident
  5. Details about your health insurance (if any), the type of treatment you received, and the type of medical emergency you experienced 
  6. Banking information
  7. Details such as the Beneficiary Name and IBAN Number of your bank for reimbursement. 

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