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One of the major problems a first-time investor faces is where to invest money in UAE. Considering their lack of exposure to investments, it’s possible for them to end up making wrong choices. To avoid this issue, it’s important to understand the types of investments available in the country. 

Based on the tenure, you can invest in long-term or short-term investments. Long-term investments often include stock market, mutual funds, and real estate investments. Short-term investments, meanwhile, include venturing into money market funds, national bonds, and more. 

If you want to invest in short-term investments, here are some investment options in UAE presented just for you! 


What are Short-term Investments? 

As the name suggests, short-term investment options allow you to invest your money in instruments for a short tenure. This period can be from a few days to around 3-5 years. 

Compared to long-term plans, these investments are generally more liquid. This way, you can easily access cash if your circumstances demand so.Another feature of this type of investment plan in UAE is the difference in the goal. 


While the aim of investment naturally depends on the investor, long-term plans are usually obtained for wealth-creation or the fulfilment of future goals — marriage, children’s education, and more.Short-term investment options in UAE, meanwhile, are usually popular among those who wish to protect their capital or get quick returns. 


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Top Small Term Investment Options in UAE

If you are someone new to the world of investments, it’s obvious that you don’t want to venture into market-based investment options immediately. This is why starting by investing in a short-term investment option in Dubai is a better option. 

To help you start, we bring to you a curated list of some of the best investments for short term in Dubai:


Certificates of Deposit (CD)

This is a fixed-term financial instrument that usually has a higher interest rate than your regular savings accounts. Here are some features of this investment option in Dubai —

  • A secured and more traditional investment plan than stocks or bonds 
  • Usually short investment tenure — from 6 to 18 months
  • Assured rate of return — less risky investment option than volatile bonds and stocks. 
  • Usually offered by banks and credit unions 
  • The best CD rates are usually 3 to 4 times higher than the average interest rates. 
  • Lock-in period for a specific term — fees may apply for early exits 


Money Market Funds

These are debt funds with low-risk tolerance. The money you use to buy money market funds is invested in different instruments to offer you promising returns for up to 1 year while ensuring high liquidity. 

Some characteristics of this type of investment option in UAE are —

  • Type of mutual fund that invests your money in high-quality, short-tenure debt instruments
  • Low-risk investment option 
  • Major types — treasury bills, repurchase agreements or repos, commercial papers, and more.
  • Ideal for creating a temporary cash reserve 
  • Option to withdraw invested money at any time without any additional fee 


High-Yield Savings Account

This investment option in Dubai is ideal if you want to earn a higher annual percentage yield. While the regular savings account usually earns below 1% APY, a high-yield savings account has a high variable or fixed APY. Check out the key features of this investment option below —

  • Interest compounded annually 
  • Ideal for those with short-term savings goals
  • Easily accessible funds 
  • Minimal or no maintenance fees 



Short-Term Fixed Deposits

There are two types of fixed deposits — long-term fixed deposits and short-term fixed deposits. You can opt for a short-term fixed deposit if you want high returns on investment in a short duration. Usually, the investment tenure for this investment option in the UAE ranges from 7 days to 12 months. 

Key features of this type of investment

  • Option to renew fixed deposit at maturity 
  • Highly liquid with a higher rate of return than short-term contemporaries 
  • Facility to add beneficiaries 
  • Option to withdraw funds in advance (subject to a premature penalty) 
  • Investment not affected by market fluctuations 
  • Suitable for those with short-term goals like buying a new car or a gift for a family member.


Recurring Deposits (RD)

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to invest a lump sum amount in a go, you can always open a recurring deposit. As one of the best monthly investment plans in Dubai, it allows you to invest every month. While the investment tenure can vary from 6 months to 10 years, this is mostly a short-term investment option in UAE. Have a look at the main features of this option —

  • Among the best investments in UAE if you want to learn how to invest and save  
  • Interest rate is usually the same as the fixed deposit interest rate — higher savings than regular savings accounts 
  • No need to remember dates — you can simply opt for an auto-debit facility 
  • An RD can be opened under a minor’s name but under the supervision of a parent or a guardian
  • Premature withdrawal option available (subject to penalty) 


National Bonds

National bonds present one of the unique investment options in UAE. These bonds are flexible and help individuals make savings and investments across varied income brackets. These bonds comply with Shariah and function as per the Mudaraba model. 

Some important aspects of a national bond are discussed below —

  • Option to invest in national bonds via exchange houses, banks, and government-run organisations
  • Low risk level and usually high returns on investment  
  • Penalty applicable if you go for premature withdrawal 
  • This is a community-oriented investment product
  • You can start investing in this investment plan in UAE with an amount as nominal as AED 100


Gold Investments

Gold is one of the more traditional and highly popular short investment options in the UAE. Thanks to innovations in the field, you can invest in gold through various methods — physical gold, gold mutual funds, digital gold, gold mutual funds, and more. 

Some benefits of gold investment include —

  • Hedge against inflation and devaluation of currency
  • Easily liquidate the asset as and when required 
  • Less influenced by market fluctuations than other volatile investment plans in Dubai
  • This type of investment is always in demand
  • Investing in gold can be either for the long or short term based on your risk appetite
Did You Know?
In terms of consumer gold jewellery demand (per capita), the UAE ranks 2nd in the world. Its per capita demand of 5.07 grams is surpassed only by Hong Kong at 5.12 grams (as of 2023)




How to Choose the Short Best Investment in UAE?

With so many investment options, it can be difficult to decide where to invest money in UAE. For your convenience, the experts have come up with 3 major aspects to help you choose the best small investment plan:

Risk Appetite — Understand whether you can tolerate risk or not. Usually, short-term investment plans are less volatile compared to stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other options. 
Liquidity — One of the many features you should look into is its liquidity. With a good short-term investment, you should find it easy to cash out the funds whenever required. 
Costs — The best short-term investments in UAE are ideally those that are affordable and have fewer agents involved. 

We hope these aspects make it easy for you to select a short-term investment option in the Dubai. 

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