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Car insurance in Dubai and UAE provide financial protection against accidents, natural calamities, theft, total loss, personal as well as third-party damages. While third-party car insurance in UAE is mandatory by RTA law for all car owners, it is always recommended to have comprehensive car insurance Dubai to ensure complete protection. more

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Car Insurance UAE

Planning to Buy Car Insurance in UAE, Let's First Understand - What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a type of general insurance that works to protect the vehicle, passengers and you the driver, from damages and loss incurred in an accident.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE - Why it is Vital to buy?

Driving may be therapeutic but it is not always one hundred percent safe. Going out on the road in your precious car puts you, the passengers and other drivers at the risk of accidents, sometimes totally unavoidable. This is where vehicle insurance steps in and make it necessary for everyone to buy Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE to ensure your peace regarding the safety of your vehicle. You pay a yearly premium to the insurance company for insurance. In return, it takes on the responsibility and risk of handling the repair expenses in the event of an accident/collision/theft/total loss of the car, partially or fully.

Key Features of Car Insurance

Key Features Car Insurance Benefits Offered
Coverage Comprehensive
Third-Party Cover Mandatory, Up to 200,000 on Accident Benefits
Coverage Up to AED 200,000.
Minimum Premium Begin at AED 1300.
Process for Claim Insurer Portalsor Offline through their Local Branches.
Claim Assistance Yes
Savings Up to 45%
Add-ons Covers Driver Cover, Passenger Cover, Natural Calamities, Replacement Of Vehicle, Roadside Assitance, Oman Cover
Buy/Renew Process Online

Types of Car Insurance in UAE

Car insurance can be of two main types & Comprehensive insurance and Third party Insurance.These two types of insurance are segregated based on the coverage they offer, the scope and the tenure of the plan. It is mandatory to have at least a basic level car protection plan for your vehicle at all times. Any of the two types of available dubai car insurance can fulfil that requirement for you.

1. Comprehensive Car Insurance in Dubai & UAE

It covers damages and injuries of both the insured individual(s) and third parties. This vehicle insurance type covers damages or losses related to the car incurred due to accidents, theft, fire, and more. The cost of a comprehensive car insurance plan varies as per several factors like the drivers age, driving experience, type of car, previous driving record, and so on. On, you can compare different policies from the top insurance providers all at once to make your policy-buying journey even smoother.

Insurance Plan and Provider Annual Price
Al Sagar Comprehensive (Garage) AED 992
Tokio Marine Comprehensive (Garage) AED 1,470
Oriental Insurance Comprehensive (Agency) AED 1,943
Alliance Insurance Comprehensive (Agency) AED 1,995
Watania Takaful Mumtaz (Agency) AED 2,625
Salama Insurance Comprehensive (Agency) AED 3,410
Click here to Buy Comprehensive Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE

Note - All the plans and associated prices are relative to a brand new Toyota Camry GL 2.5L (2023) registered in the UAE. The prices are subject to change as per your car’s specifications, brand, model, and so forth.

2. Third Party Car Insuranc in Dubai & UAE

Third-party car insurance is a type of car insurance that covers only damages and injuries caused to a third party in an accident. The cost of third-party car insurance in Dubai, UAE is affected by several factors, including the driver's age, driving experience, type of car, and previous driving record. Other factors that may affect third-party car insurance costs include the location where the car is registered, the insurance company's policies, and the level of coverage selected by the policyholder. 

Its necessary to compare policies from different insurance providers to find the best coverage at the most affordable price.

Insurance Company Pricing Inclusive VAT (AED)
Sukoon Insurance Third Party Only 525
GIG Gulf Third Party Only 519
Salama Insurance Third Party Only 473
Oriental Insurance Third Party Only 473
RAK Insurance Third Party Only 473
Insurance House Third Party Only 473
Tokio Marine Third Party Only 551
Watania Takaful Third Party Only 551
Adamjee Insurance Third Party Only 551
Alliance Insurance Third Party Only 788
Orient Insurance Third Party Only 788
Click here to Buy Third Party Car Insurance in Dubai

Difference Between Third Party and Comprehensive Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE


Third-party bodily injuries 

Third-party property damage

Car’s own damages 

Personal accident coverage

Car Theft


  • Accidental coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Theft cover
  • Fire accident
  • Car agency repairs
  • Key replacement cover
  • Conveyance benefit
  • Breakdown assistance cover
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UAE Car Insurance Premium Calculator

Computing insurance premiums on your own can be a huge hassle. What you can do instead is use our auto insurance calculator to get an estimate. Policybazaar UAE insurance premium calculator is an expertly crafted, online computation tool that helps in determining the estimated auto insurance premiums for your policy. Here’s a list of steps you can follow to use our car insurance calculator:

  • Starting from the top-left enter your car brand, year of manufacturing, model and the exact variant.
  • Once you enter these details, the estimated auto insurance premium for policies suiting your car will be displayed on the bottom-left side of the calculator. 
  • The computations can be changed by changing any of the four variables in the Policybazaar UAE insurance calculator.
  • You can also click “view plans” to view the most suitable car insurance UAE plans. 

Lets understand how the calculation of your auto insurance premium works with an example:

Factors Influencing vehicle insurance Premiums


Model Year 2018
Brand New Car No
Car Type Sedan
Last Year's Claim? No
Car is Modified/ Non- GCC No
Car Value AED 32,000
UAE driving experience More than 1 year
Driver Age Greater than 25 yrs
Premium AED 840 + VAT

Note: All mentioned amounts, premium rates, depreciation and add-ons in the above table have been assumed as an example. The actual rate of premium rates, depreciation rates and other amounts will differ as per industry trends and provider policies.

Find the Best Car Insurance Quotes Online in UAE - 2023

Finding the best motor insurance plan for your car in the UAE can be a lengthy process. However, there are a few simple tricks you can adopt to make sure you buy nothing but the best for your sweet ride. Given below are the top ways to find the best car insurance in Dubai:

  • Evaluate Your Needs: Every driver-owner has a set of unique needs which means that your ideal auto protection plan needs to be customized. So, the first to buy the right vehicle insurance Dubai for your car is to evaluate your needs. See what you want your vehicle protection plan to cover and find out whether there is anything special you would like to add. For example, if you take your car on dune safaris often, an off-road cover is a must for you. Make a list of all such unique covers your car requires and then start searching for a plan that can satisfy them all.
  • Scout Through Providers:Finding the best car insurance companies in Dubai or any other emirate is very important. Read vehicle insurance reviews online talk to your fellow car owners about their auto insurance providers. Choose the one with fair goodwill at the least. Make notes of everything from their plans to the claim settlement process and customer service.
  • Obtain a Few Quotes: Go ahead and get online car insurance quotes in Dubai for at least your top 3 plans. Compare these final car insurance quotes for Dubai, UAE and find out which insurance plan is the most cost-effective. Comparison of your top options is one of the most important steps to find the best auto insurance in UAE.
  • Research as Per Your Emirate: If you reside in Dubai, concentrate on finding the best insurance companies in Dubai instead of the whole of UAE. This will narrow down your scope of research and make it easier to find providers specific to your area. 
  • Check The CSR: Claim settlement ratio should always be considered before buying an auto protection plan from any particular provider. While you are at it, also find out what kind of claims get rejected or denied the most by the provider. This will give you important insights into the transparency policy of the insurance provider as well.
  • Examine the Coverage: Evaluate the coverage of your auto insurance plan well and see if it includes everything you need. Get a few add-ons if necessary and find the best possible comprehensive plan for your car.
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Black Points in Dubai

Documents Required to Buy or Renew Car Insurance in the UAE

Given below is the complete set of documents you will need to buy or renew your car insurance in Dubai, UAE at any given time. Online purchases may only require you to submit the details with or without scanned versions of the documents. The offline purchase will require you to bring the originals as well as a few copies, as mentioned below:

  • Registration details of your car including the registration number. Originals are required when making an offline purchase
  • Engine number, chassis number and other details related to the car
  • Personal documents and details of the driver for example, driving licenses, address proof, phone number, etc.
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your resident visa
  • A copy and original Emirates ID
  • Number of your previous insurance policy, if you had any
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insurer your car

Factors Affecting Premium of Car Insurance in Dubai, the UAE

Several factors can affect the price of your insurance plan for your car. Some of these are related to your car while others are completely dependent on the driver. Given below are the top factors that can influence the price of your car protection plan:

1. Age and Condition of the Car

The older your car is, the more expensive it would get to insure it. Older cars are more susceptible to breaking down and facing other issues. This increases the risk that insurance companies take on when offering you an auto insurance plan. This also means that newer cars in top condition result in cheap car insurance in Dubai. If your car is old but you have kept it in good running condition, you can easily score some discount on the insurance price. The same goes for newer cars in bad condition. You may have to pay higher insurance prices if the age of your car is significantly less but the condition is not good.

2. Age of the Driver

Younger drivers cause more accidents statistically. This leads to higher auto insurance prices when younger drivers are included in the picture. Significantly older drivers also represent the same trend of increased accidents and can inspire higher car policy prices. The simple calculation here is that more experienced drivers who are statistically less inclined to cause accidents get comparatively lesser prices in their insurance plan.

3. Driving Record and Habits of the Driver

A good driving record in the UAE will earn you discounts on your auto insurance price while a bad one can jack it up pretty quickly. Your driving records are accessible by your auto insurance provider. A good driving record will show that you are a low-risk driver. This makes insurance companies lower their plan price or offer a discount. The opposite happens when you are a high-risk driver. The car insurance( تأمين السيارة) companies have to increase the price of the premium to manage the higher level of risk that auto insurance companies take on. So, maintaining a good driving record becomes one of the ways to find the best car insurance UAE.

4. Current Market Price of the Car

Newer cars with higher market value or price attract equally high insurance prices. The reason here is that when an insurance company insures an expensive vehicle and pays for the repairs, it costs them equally higher. The lower market price of the car would mean significantly cheaper car protection because the insured declared value of the plan will go down simultaneously.

5. Claim History of the Car

If you are the second owner of your car, you may have to check the claim history of the car when you buy it. If the previous owner of the car has made a lot of claims in the past, insurance companies may sell offer the new motor insurance plan at an increased price. The more claims you make against a policy, the higher risk your vehicle is considered for the insurance company. This is why the price of insurance plans increases several folds when the claim history is laden with several small and big claims.

6. Road Accident History of the Car

Yet again, a car that has been involved in a lot of road accidents is susceptible to get higher auto insurance premiums. The reason remains the same – it is branded as a high-risk vehicle to insure for any insurance company out there. When a vehicle or a driver has a bad accident or traffic violation record, they become a liability to the insurance company. Hence, the premium increases when the owner sets out to buy or renew the plan every year.

7. Type and Coverage of the Insurance Plan

Unrelated to the car or the driver-owner, the price of your auto insurance premium will also be influenced by the kind of services and benefits you opt for. As a thumb rule, a more comprehensive auto insurance plan would be more expensive than its basic counterpart. On top of that, if you go ahead and include a few add-ons or riders on it, the premium further increases. 

8. Deductible

When you choose to take higher amounts of deductibles with your car insurance UAE, the premium is lowered significantly and vice versa. The deductible is the amount that the policyholder pays out-of-pocket whenever a claim against the auto protection plan is submitted. The insurance company covers whatever cost remains after the payment of deductibles. This lowers the risk for insurance companies and hence the premium is lowered as a result. 

9. Available Promotions and Discounts

Just like any other type of business out there, auto insurance companies keep rolling out promotions and special discounts. Some of these can be anniversary deals, festival bonuses, good driving discounts or simply online purchasing discounts. Depending on what you can score, your premium can go or higher. The way to find best car insurance Dubai is to scan such discounts and compare insurance quotes properly before buying

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Compare Car Insurance Plans

Choose Best & Cheapest Car Insurance in UAE 2022 - 2023

Following is a list of the best car insurance Dubai and the rest of the UAE and a brief on the types of insurance covers that they offer:

Car Insurance Company

Types of Insurance Plans Offered


ADNIC Car Insurance Platinum Cover Gold Cover Standard Cover View Plans
AXA Car Insurance Comprehensive Insurance cover, Third-Party Liability Cover View Plans
RSA Car Insurance Motor Executive (Comprehensive), Motor Smart (Comprehensive), Motor Value (Third-Party) View Plans
Oman Car Insurance Comprehensive Cover Third-Party Insurance InsureMyTesla High Net Worth Covers (premium covers for luxury cars/vehicles) View Plans
Noor Takaful Car Insurance Comprehensive Insurance, Third-Party Liability Insurance View Plans
Orient Car Insurance Comprehensive Plans, Third-Party Liability Plans View Plans
Salama Car Insurance Comprehensive Plans View Plans
Tokio Marine Car Insurance Comprehensive Plans View Plans
New India Car Insurance Third-Party Plans, Comprehensive Plans View Plans
RAK Car Insurance Comprehensive and Third-Party liability View Plans
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How to Buy Online Car Insurance in UAE Through Policybazaar UAE

To buy car insurance UAE online -

  • Step1- you can visit's car insurance section. - Log on to the website and fill out the lead form.
  • Step2- Our quotes page with all the suitable plans will appear. Here, you can compare plans and select one that suits your needs.
  • Step3- Choose the auto insurance plan and the provider you like from this list and proceed to payment page.
  • Step4- You will be prompted to enter additional details before making a final purchase.
  • Step5-Finalize the payment and you're set

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE is committed to providing you with a seamless experience of buying insurance online. While the benefits of purchasing insurance from us are extensive, some of the major ones are discussed below -

Category Online Experience Offline Experience
Easy and convenient processes allows you to buy, renew, and manage your policy from the comfort of your homes or offices - all without the need to visit a physical insurance office. You will need to visit the insurance office in person or be dependent on your insurance agent to access any details about your policy.
Cost-effective premiums offers plans at affordable premiums along with numerous discounts and rewards, which translates into cost savings for customers. Traditional insurers have to share a part of their sales with their agents, process servers, and more. This increase in cost is borne by the customers through higher premiums.
Compare policies from different providers On our platform, you can easily compare policies side by side from different insurance providers to find the best coverage at the most affordable price. Your agent may only share a few policies with you depending on their knowledge, profitability criteria, and other factors.
Instant policy issuance You can purchase vehicle insurance policies online and receive instant policy issuance, without the need to wait for long for paperwork to be processed. A lot of paperwork and higher processing times is involved
24/7 customer support Online vehicle insurance providers offer round-the-clock customer support through various channels - phone, email, chat, and more. You can only connect with your agents during official hours.
Ability to customise coverage to suit individual needs You can customise your coverage options to suit your specific requirements and budget, including selecting deductibles and add-on coverage options. As this is a more agent-involved process, you may be kept unaware of certain factors that add to your premium value without being of any practical use to you.
Policy renewal The auto-saved details make it hassle-free for you to renew your auto insurance policies online in a quick manner. Long renewal process with a lot of paperwork again
Access to online tools offers access to online tools such as premium calculators and online dashboards, making it easier for you to manage your policies. You rely on the knowledge of your individual insurance agent for all the paperwork and calculations, which can often lead to inconsistencies and tedious procedures.
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Coverage Under Car Insurance Policy in UAE

  • Inclusion

  • Exclusion

At the time of issuing car insurance Dubai, UAE, there are some common services that are provided by insurance companies in the UAE. Lets take a look at the inclusions here:

  • Towing assistance if the vehicle breaks down or is met with an accident.
  • Extraction and removal of the vehicle through the crane.
  • Flat or leaking tire assistance without labor charges.
  • Assistance to jump-start the engine in case of a breakdown.
  • Unlocking ignition key

Here are the general exclusions of car insurance UAE plans -

  • Damages due to electrical or mechanical breakdown
  • In case the vehicle was driven under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substances (may not be applicable with respect to rental cars)
  • Damages resulting from usage of the vehicle for any other purpose than that mentioned in the application
  • Damages related to natural disasters like tornados, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, hurricanes, and so on
  • Damages incurred due to intentional actions violate UAE laws
  • Racing or vehicle testing
  • Damages due to wars or warlike operations, strikes, civil war, coups, nationalization, radioactive substances, nuclear explosions, or any other related factor
  • Damages sustained while the car was being driven by an individual who doesn’t hold a valid driving licence or has an invalid/expired one (subject to certain conditions in case of rentals)

Its worth noting that if this is confirmed after the compensation is paid to the insured, the concerned car insurance Dubai provider can take steps to recover the amounts

Add Ons Cover in Car Insurance Policy in UAE

Also known as riders, add-ons are additional covers that you can buy online with your car insurance Dubai for an additional price on top of the basic premium amount. Add-ons for car protection plans in the UAE can differ for all motor insurance companies in Dubai. Some benefits may be offered as an additional service by one provider while the other may offer it as a basic benefit of their auto insurance plans. It all depends on how comprehensive the basic coverage is. Given below is a list of all popular add-ons car insurance UAE:

  • Personal accident cover for drivers: includes death and disability benefits
  • Personal accident cover for passengers: limited to the seating capacity of the car
  • Breakdown cover: for electrical and mechanical breakdowns
  • Roadside assistance cover
  • Key loss and replacement cover
  • Personal belonging theft cover
  • Courtesy car cover
  • Off-road cover for off-road driving of 4x4 vehicles like SUVs
  • Geographical extension cover
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Buy Car Insurance & Avoid Fine

Get Car Insurance Quotes For

Abu DhabiSharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Al Ain, AjmanFujairah

How to File a Car Insurance Claim in the UAE?

The claim process for your auto insurance plan is pretty much the same for all the providers in the UAE. Given below are the basic steps you need to follow to submit a car insurance claim in UAE against your car insurance Dubai:

  • Call the insurance provider and inform them about the claim you need to make about the incident that happened.
  • Obtain a police report of the incident if it involves theft, accident, collision or other similar kinds of damage.
  • Call the roadside assistance number provided by your car insurance Dubai and get towing assistance if you need it.
  • Obtain a claim form from the provider, fill it and attach it with the police report, registration documents of the car and the driving license of the person who was driving the car.
  • Take the claim documents to the nearest agency garage of your insurance company or the one assigned to you. Submit the claim documents there.
  • The documents will be examined there and a supervisor from the insurance company will evaluate the damage.
  • Once all these formalities are through, your claim will be approved and the garage will start the repairs.

What to do After a Car Accident in UAE?

Follow the steps given below in case you find yourself in an accident:

  • Call an ambulance immediately if someone is injured and require emergency care. If the injuries are minimal, make sure that everyone receives first aid.
  • Call the police and your vehicle insurance company or the car insurance broker immediately if you are in the position to do so.
  • Record the events of the accident in your own words too. Take photographic evidence of the site and note down the names of the people involved. Note down the license plate number of the cars involved as well.
  • Call the roadside assistance service of your auto insurance company and get the towing assistance you need. If the vehicle can be driven, drive it to the nearest workshop or the one assigned to you.
  • Submit the claim for your insurance for car in dubai once you have recuperated as per the aforementioned steps.
  • Keep track of your repairs and make sure that everything finishes up smoothly with your car insurance Dubai.
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Online Vehicle Insurance Renewal in Dubai, UAE

Auto insurance renewal in Dubai is a very easy process. Given below are the steps you need to follow to renew your vehicle insurance UAE:

  • Go to the online renewal portal on the website of your insurance provider. Log in using your account details.
  • Once you log in, you will be directed to the renewal form.
  • Fill out the renewal form as per the requirements. You may need details like your policy number, car registration number and related information like make and model and driving license number.
  • Select the car plan you need to buy as well as the insured declared value of the vehicle.
  • Add or remove add-ons as you see fit.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the plan and proceed to make the payment.
  • Make the payment and complete the procedure.
  • Download the payment receipt and wait for the confirmation email. You will also receive the policy documents via email.

Remember that the renewal process can differ a little bit for every provider. But the basics remain the same. Make sure that you read any additional information available for the renewal of your auto insurance plan. You can contact the provider to get a better idea.

renew car insurance

Consider Before Renewing Car Insurance Dubai

  • Re-evaluate Your Needs: Your vehicle insurance needs are bound to change after a few years of owning the car. You may not need a lot of benefits you had before or may require different ones. Re-think what your car needs and customise the plan when the renewal for the plan is due.
  • Compare Auto Insurance Quotes: Get a few vehicle insurance quotations online and compare them. Comparing insurance quotes will help in choosing a cost-effective & best car insurance online deals in UAE.
  • Take or Leave Add-Ons: Curate your car insurance Dubai using the add-ons. Take or leave a few as per your needs.
  • Explore for Better Options: Check out which are the best auto insurance companies in Dubai currently and see if you would like to switch. Auto insurance companies in the UAE often roll out promotional discounts as well. See if there is something that can further benefit you and help in getting the cheapest car insurance in UAE.
  • Conduct Area-Specific Research: Try and find out the best auto insurance companies in the UAE and the plans in the emirate you live. Search using keywords like best auto insurance in Dubai to get area-specific results.
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Car Insurance Dubai Guide

Engine Damage and Auto Insurance Cover Guide Guide to Renew Car Registration in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Car insurance Cover if my Friend is Driving my Vehicle in Dubai Guide

Guide of Car Insurance Claims in UAE Guide For New Driver Looking for Car Insurance Guide for Renewing Your Car Insurance in UAE
Diff b/w Comprehensive & Third-Party Insurance Guide For Car Insurance in the Desert in the UAE Guide for Documents Required for Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE

Compare Cheap Car Insurance Dubai, UAE

With so many options available to purchase vehicle insurance online, it has become easier to browse through a list of the best car insurances Dubai, and the rest of the UAE and opt for one that suits your needs. To bag yourself cheap car insurance in UAE, all you have to is:

  • Step1- Visit the Policybazaar UAE
  • Step2- Fill out an online form with all the specifications to get car insurance quotes Dubai, Sharjah and the rest of the UAE
  • Step3- You’ll be presented with a list of cheap car insurance Dubai plans that are designed to cater to a variety of needs and budgets.
  • Step4- Compare car insurance plans and choose the plan that best fits your requirements.
  • Step5- Submit relevant documents and make a payment at the end.

Why Should You Buy Car Insurance Through

Policybazaar UAE is committed to offering an extensive range of insurance products to cater to the needs of a variety of vehicle owners. You can buy cheap car insurance in Dubai, UAE by comparing various plans at Apart from this, we allow you to easily navigate through a platform that lists some of the best car insurance Dubai online, all in one place.

Here is a list of reasons for you to buy your online car insurance UAE from PolicyBazaar UAE:

  • Amazing offers on car insurance Dubai, UAE online.
  • You can compare car insurance online plans and their features offered by various car insurance UAE providers and selecting the best plans.
  • You have access to some of the most affordable and suitable car insurance policies.
  • We have a team of insurance advisers to provide customer assistance through email and phone.
  • has the provision of after-sales service to offer unparalleled sales assistance.
FAQs About Car Insurance Policy
  • General
  • Coverage
  • Policy
  • Claim
  • Premium
Q. What is the complete tenure of car insurance in UAE?
Ans. Auto insurance plans in the UAE are valid for a total of 13 months. You can renew the same plan when the renewal date arrives and continue the coverage as long as you like.
Q. What is the grace period? Can my car insurance plan expire?
Ans: All car insurance plans come with a grace period of 30 days in the UAE, with this one month out of the 13 months of tenure being treated as the grace period for the insurance plan. If you fail to renew the plan within this timeframe, it expires.
Q. Can I transfer my vehicle insurance plan to another car owner when transferring car ownership?
Ans: Yes, four-wheeler insurance plans can be transferred to the next owner. When you sell it or transfer ownership to your family members. However, there must be at least 7 months remaining on the plan for it to be transferred. Otherwise, it won’t be transferable.
Q. What are the two types of car accessories?
Ans: Car accessories are broadly divided into two types – electric and non-electric. Accessories like the air conditioner, music system, brake lights, etc. are considered electric accessories. Interior fittings, alloys on the wheels, car seat covers, etc. are considered as non-electric accessories.
Q. Can I transfer vehicle insurance when selling the car to a new owner?
Ans: As long as the current policy still has 7+ months remaining before its expiration, it can be transferred to the new owner of the vehicle. If it is less than 7 months, you will have to file a cancellation of the policy and the company will settle the refund amount on a prorated basis. 
Q. Is comprehensive car insurance coverage mandatory in the UAE?
Ans: No, comprehensive insurance plans are optional in the UAE. However, third-party liability insurance covers are compulsory.
Q. Is off-road damage covered by my car insurance plan?
Ans: Some insurance plans for car in the UAE cover off-road driving and damages as a basic benefit. Others may require you to buy a separate add-on for off-road damages.
Q. Can auto insurance plans be cancelled anytime I want?
Ans: Yes, you can easily cancel your vehicle insurance plan anytime you want. Simply approach the provider or the broker and submit a cancellation request.
Q. What is the renewal deadline for car insurance UAE?
Ans: You are advised to renew your auto insurance in Sharjah, Dubai and the UAE a day prior to the expiration of last year’s auto insurance. However, in case if you are unable to renew vehicle insurance on time, as per the laws of RTA, you will be granted a grace period of 30 days after the expiration to renew your car insurance UAE.
Q. What is the basic issuable period for car insurance Dubai and the rest of the UAE?
Ans: A standard policy cover is for 13 months and the registration is valid for 12 months. This simply means that you will have to renew the policy after 12 months. However, there is a grace period of 1 month which makes the issuable period to be 13 months.
Q. Is it possible to have more than one policy for the same car?
Ans: No, one car can only be insured under one policy at a time. You can choose to get multiple add-on services but it will still have to be under a single policy only.
Q. Can I add hired drivers to my car insurance plan?
Ans: Yes, you can add as many named drivers to your vehicle insurance plans as you like, including both hired drivers and family members. However, the names should be added with care, as the driving record of every named driver can affect the auto insurance price of your car.
Q. Can I transfer my no claim bonus to another car owner?
Ans: No, the no claim bonus cannot be transferred to the next owner of the car. You can only transfer the no claim bonus to another policy you buy yourself.
Q. What is NCB retention cover and how does it work?
Ans: No claim bonus retention cover is an add-on available with comprehensive insurance plans. The no-claim bonus retention cover allows you to make one or two own damage claims in a year and still keep your no-claim bonus. However, the actual number of claims allowed can differ as per the provider.
Q. Can a filed claim be cancelled?
Ans: Yes, you can always cancel a claim after you have filed it already and happen to change your mind. Just contact the insurance company via your broker or the customer service portal and ask them to initiate the cancellation process.
Q. What effects do car theft devices have on car insurance in Dubai prices?
Ans: The premium of your car insurance Dubai will be higher if it is recognized as a high-risk vehicle by the insurance company and vice-versa. Since anti-theft devices for cars lowers the risk of theft significantly, installing them significantly lowers the premium of policy that you are buying.

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