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Just like everything else, motor insurance in the UAE is quite expensive. Consequently, many of the car owners choose to purchase only the third-party insurance plan, which fails to provide coverage to you, your vehicle, or your passengers during a road accident.

For purchasing the best car insurance in UAE, first and foremost, you should have a residence visa for the UAE as well as a driving license in the UAE.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

What are the Types of Car Insurance Available for New Drivers in UAE?

There are two types of insurance plans available in the UAE. It depends on you whether you decide on selecting the comprehensive insurance cover (usually recommended), or remain stuck on the obligatory third-party insurance cover.

Third-Party Car Insurance

This type of car insurance offers coverage for the other vehicle involved in the accident and the passengers inside it only. It does not offer coverage for you or the passengers sitting in your vehicle.

You can find the cheapest car insurance in dubai in this category. Hence, obviously making it a cheaper option amongst the two.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive motor insurance in UAE offers coverage for everybody involved in the accident that took place on the road. However, premiums on this kind of insurance can be costly. Your insurance coverage is extended to explosions, fire, vandalism, theft, and more.

Courtesy Vehicles as Standard

Without considering the type of car insurance policy you are holding, both locals, as well as expats in the UAE, are entitled to courtesy car from their insurance company in case of an accident.

Before Applying Car Insurance Calculate Your Car Insurance Premium


What would be the Cost of your Motor Insurance?

In recent years, the cost of your auto insurance has been increased dramatically because of the legislative changes that have been made in the UAE. The insurance authority in the UAE has introduced minimum premiums on insurance. Because of this, a lot of motorists in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE have selected third-party liability insurance as it is quite cheap comparatively.

Keep in mind, if you select this kind of motor insurance and your vehicle gets involved in an accident, you may end up spending way more for getting it fixed as compared to the funds you would have spent if you had opted for a complete comprehensive insurance cover.

What are the Factors that Affect your Insurance Premium?

There are various factors that determine the rates of your insurance premium. If you are below 30 years of age and have not driven a car for quite some time, then there are high chances of your insurance to be much higher.

Moreover, if you own an expensive luxury car, and/or you are looking for a breakdown cover, then you may have to bear a relatively high premium.

The off-road cover is advised to be considered seriously in Dubai. This is because even the best car insurance in UAE will cover you only for the accidents that take place on the road. Since there are various opportunities here for off-road activities like dune bashing, then you must definitely consider getting relevant insurance that covers this too.

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Selecting a Car Insurer in the UAE

Like always, looking for suitable car insurance in some other country may often get confusing and overwhelming. Because of the increasing amount of expats living in the UAE, car insurance providers customize their car insurance products, especially for these expats.

High-Value Cars

Due to a large number of high-end vehicles in Dubai as well as the other Emirates of the UAE, there are various insurance providers that have specially tailored insurance plans for covering these luxury cars too. Still, these cars are usually more difficult to come by.

Looking for car insurance for some old car models, specifically high-value classic models could be even more difficult. There are insurers that offer uniquely customized insurance covers for classic old cars.

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What do you Need for Applying?

For getting motor insurance in the UAE, you will have to present copies of the below-mentioned three documents.

  • Valid driving license in the UAE
  • Passport along with a residence visa
  • Documents for vehicle registration

When you have access to all three documents, you can present them to your insurance company so that they can calculate your insurance premium. This premium is dependent upon your driving experience, age, and history.

You must also keep in mind that you would not be able to get your vehicle registration renewed without having insurance proof. Renewal of vehicle registration is something that has to be done every twelve months within the Emirates.

The Closing Thought!

We always wonder, why car insurance is so confusing, especially for new drivers? It is simply because it takes time for understanding the paperwork of the policy. Going through the terms and conditions may sometimes prove to be an arduous task. However, when your hard-earned dirhams are involved in it, drilling down to the details is quite important for the owners of the car. Once you have come across the cheapest car insurance in Dubai, that suits your needs and preferences the best, you can easily apply for it online.

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