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In today's digital era, Dubai offers a convenient online solution for renewing your car registration. Owing to the Dubai government's Smart City Initiative, the car registration renewal in Dubai process has become a seamless process. 

The online car registration renewal Dubai system saves considerable time and reduces the burden on individuals who, otherwise, may have to visit multiple government offices physically. The introduction of this digital service aligns with the city's commitment to creating a smart and efficient environment for its residents. 

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

In this article, we will go through the steps associated with vehicle registration renewal Dubai and all the points that you should keep in mind.

Key Conditions to Renew Car Registration Online in Dubai

Before initiating the renewal, it’s crucial to understand the key conditions to ensure a smooth process and prevent delays. Keep in mind the following points before moving on to the process of car registration renewal Dubai - 

  • Vehicle Testing: Your car must be tested at a testing centre certified by the RTA (Road and Transport Authority). These centres include Wasel, Shamil, and Tasjeel servicing centres. The testing fee must be paid as part of the renewal process. 

Note that if your vehicle is under 3 years old, it is exempted from testing.

  • Nationality or Residency: To be eligible for online vehicle registration renewal, you must be a GCC/UAE national or a UAE resident. 
  • Car Insurance: Before renewing, make sure that your car insurance is valid for at least 12 months. It is essential to have valid insurance coverage for your vehicle, as it will be updated on the RTA portal during the renewal process.
  • Traffic Fines Clearance: Clear all your outstanding traffic charges in Dubai prior to applying for the car registration renewal Dubai service. The fines can be settled through the RTA Dubai or any other RTA-approved app. However, please note that blocked fines or black points can only be paid at vehicle registration centres.
  • Expired Ownership: If your car ownership has expired, you must apply for re-registration. It is crucial to renew the ownership before proceeding with the online car registration renewal to ensure compliance with the legal requirements.

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Process to Apply for Online Car Registration Renewal in Dubai

The process of Mulkiya renewal Dubai is a fairly easy one and can be completed without any hassles. Here are the different methods to renew your vehicle registration (Mulkiya) in the UAE and obtain its copy online - 

Car Registration Renewal through Official RTA Website

You can easily complete your car registration renewal in Dubai online through the official website of RTA by following these steps -

  • Step1- Access the official RTA website and sign into your account.
  • Step2- Locate and select the ‘Renew Vehicle Registration’ option in the menu.
  • Step3- Find the ‘Access to your profile’ section and choose the ‘Click here’ option.
  • Step4- This will take you to ‘My RTA e-Services Account’, i.e., your dashboard.
  • Step5- On your dashboard, select the option that states ‘Click to view and renew your vehicles’. This will open a new tab.
  • Step6- In the new tab, scroll down to locate your car model or plate number.
  • Step7- Choose the option for ‘Vehicle Renewal’. 
  • Step8- Accept the website's terms and conditions by clicking ‘Apply for this service’.
  • Step9- After scrolling down, you will find the ‘Proceed to Delivery Method’ section.
  • Step10- From the drop-down menu, choose the collection point that is relevant to you. Select the date for collection and provide your contact details as well.
  • Step11- Tap on ‘Confirm and proceed to payment’.
  • Step12- A new tab will open which will display all the information related to the payable fees. Click on the ‘Customer eWallet payment option’ to make the payment.
  • Step13- The website will generate an e-receipt containing your payment details.

Car Registration Renewal Using the Dubai Drive App

To complete the vehicle registration renewal Dubai process using the Dubai Drive app, you will be required to follow these steps - 

  • Step1- Download the Dubai Drive app from the relevant app store (as per your device).
  • Step2- Open it and locate the ‘RTA Services’ option within the app.
  • Step3- After choosing this option, look for the ‘My Vehicles’ option on the app's dashboard and tap on it.
  • Step4- Choose the ‘Renew Vehicles’ option from the available options.
  • Step5- Provide all the necessary details such as the preferred delivery method, date, address, city, and contact information.
  • Step6- Proceed to make the payment for the renewal fees using a credit card.
  • Step7-Once done, you will soon get a valid certificate and expiry sticker through your selected delivery method.
How to Register Your Car in Dubai

Car registration renewal Dubai costs around AED 350 when done online, with the renewal being valid for a year. However, if your registration has expired for over a year, you must pay additional fees of AED 50, which brings the total cost to AED 400.

Note: The fees mentioned above are for informational purposes only and are subject to change. Additionally, you must pay the innovation and knowledge fees of around AED 20. 

To stay informed about the latest fees for your car, please visit the official website of the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority).

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Benefits of Car Registration Renewal in Dubai

Renewing your car registration on time offers several benefits that are worth considering - 

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Renewing your car registration on time allows you to comply with the laws and regulations set by the relevant authorities in the UAE. By following these rules, you contribute to road safety, help reduce the risk of accidents and mishaps, and avoid the fines associated with delayed car registration renewal Dubai.
  • Decreased Risk of Road Accidents: Regular testing of vehicles during the renewal process plays a crucial role in minimising road accidents. With regular testing, one can ensure that their vehicle is in good condition and get the necessary servicing done (if required). This, in turn, creates a safer driving environment for all road users.
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Documents Required for Car Registration Renewal in Dubai

Keep the following documents ready to apply for car registration renewal Dubai online - 

  • Emirates ID card
  • Car registration card (Mulkiya) 
  • Valid proof of insurance for over six months
  • RTA road safety certificate 
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Car Registration Renewal Dubai Grace Period

Every car in UAE gets a grace period of 30 days after the expiration of the previous registration. Typically, car registrations are valid for 12 months in total. This means that your insurance will be valid for 13 months in total, starting from the initial date (date of purchase) and ending with the end of the grace period. You can drive the car during this grace period and treat it as a regular insurance period as well. But make sure that you renew your policy before your registration expiry to avoid fines.

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What if Your Car Registration Expires in Dubai?

In the UAE, vehicle registration or Mulkiya, is typically valid for 12 months. If your car registration lapses before you can finish the renewal procedure, you can still have a 30-day grace period during which you can complete the Mulkiya renewal Dubai without penalties. However, failing to do the renewal in this grace period may lead to fines and penalties like confiscation of your vehicle for up to 7 days.

If your Mulkiya has expired, make sure to initiate the vehicle registration renewal Dubai process as soon as possible within the grace period. Taking swift action will help you avoid unnecessary inconveniences and potential legal repercussions. 

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When should I consider getting a car registration renewal?

Car registration renewal is required when your current registration is nearing expiration. Renewing your car registration before the expiry is crucial to avoid fines and other penalties.

Q. What are the necessary documents for vehicle registration renewal in Dubai?

The documents required for vehicle registration renewal in Dubai include a valid Emirates ID card, existing car registration card (Mulkiya), valid proof of insurance, RTA road safety certificate, and so forth.

Q. Do I get a car registration renewal grace period in Dubai?

Yes, drivers in Dubai are granted a grace period of 30 days after the car registration expires. During this grace period, you can renew your car registration without penalties. However, make sure to get the renewal done in this period to avoid fines and vehicle impoundment.

Q. What is the next step after my car passes the vehicle inspection?

Once your car is inspected, you can initiate the car registration renewal process. After completing the renewal and paying the necessary fees, you will receive a new car registration card (Mulkiya) and an expiry sticker.

Q. What are the consequences if my car fails the vehicle inspection?

If your car fails the vehicle inspection test, you must get the necessary repairs and maintenance done (within 30 days) so that your car meets the required safety and roadworthiness standards. Once the issues get resolved, you can schedule a retest to proceed with the car registration renewal.

Q. Is it mandatory to renew car insurance before renewing car registration?

Yes, it is necessary to have a valid car insurance policy before proceeding with the car registration renewal.

Q. Are there any other methods to renew vehicle registration/car registration in Dubai?

Yes, apart from the online method, you can take the offline route and pay a visit to the Roads and Transport Authority office in person to renew your vehicle registration. However, the online renewal process is generally preferred given its convenience.

Q. How can I check the expiry date of my car registration (Mulkia)?

To check the expiry date of your Mulkiya online, you can visit the official RTA portal for Dubai. Once there, select the ‘Check Vehicle Expiry’ option and enter your vehicle's licence plate number. This will allow you to retrieve all the necessary details regarding the Mulkiya expiry date.

Q. Can I renew my car registration which was registered in Dubai in any other emirate?

Yes, if a car is registered in Dubai but the owner lives in Abu Dhabi, they can register the car in Abu Dhabi instead of having to travel to Dubai. This applies to other emirates as well.

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