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A driving license is not the only valid, up and running document that you need to drive your beloved car in the UAE. Having a valid car registration is equally important. Any generic car registration must be renewed come every renewal date, which may seem like a hassle. But, if the date of your car registration renewal is just around the corner, there is nothing to worry about as the car registration renewal in Dubai is quite easy. Car registration in Dubai is the most recent service to be maintained by the government of Dubai to take a move towards digitization as well as the Smart City Initiative. The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) offers all car owners a wide range of option to choose from.

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RTA Rules on Car Registration Renewal

The Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) of the Government of Dubai has a pre-defined set of rules for car registration and vehicle registration renewals. Every car must have a valid registration at all times, and the owners shall renew the same before the grace period ends. As evident, there will be a potential fine for late registrations as well, which is paid on top of the general registration fee. In a nutshell, it is essential to renew your car registration in due time to avoid any late fees and fines. If you do not have a valid registration and physical documents of the same while driving, you will also have you end up in fines as per the situation.

Fine For Non-Renewal of Car Registration

The road traffic law states that the people who are found driving a car with an expired registration will face a fine of AED 400 along with four black points allotted against their license. The vehicle in question can also be impounded for seven days if the registration had expired over three months ago. There is a well enough chance for the car without a valid registration to be seized even if it does not have any active fines against it.

Car Registration Renewal Dubai Grace Period

Every car in UAE gets a grace period of 30 days after the expiration of the previous registration. Typically, car registrations are valid for 12 months in total. This means that your insurance will be valid for 13 months in total, starting from the initial date (date of purchase) and ending with the end of the grace period. You can drive the car during this grace period and treat it as a regular insurance period as well. But make sure that you renew your policy before your registration expiry to avoid fines.

What is the Vehicle Registration Renewal Fee?

The car registration renewal fee in Dubai and UAE as per RTA is AED 350. If you are renewing your car registration before the end of the grace period, these are the only charges you will have to pay as long as the registration-related fee is concerned. If the registration expired more than a year ago, the charges would become AED 400 per vehicle for re-registration or renewal of registration of the car. These charges are applicable for Light public/private vehicles only weighing less than 3 tonnes. 

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Car Registration Renewal Dubai Late Fee

A late fee of AED 25 is applicable on top of the car registration renewal fee in Dubai and UAE when you set out to renew the registration after the end of the grace period. The fine of AED 25 will keep adding on for every passing month on top of the base car registration renewal fee.

How To Renew Car Registration 

The steps involved to renew car registration in Dubai are rather simple. All you need to do is clear out the pending fines against the car, if any, and apply for the renewal of car registration via RTA. Explained following are the steps involved in the renewal process of car registration in Dubai:

1. Pay Fines

First of all, you need to ensure that there are no outstanding fines on your vehicle. If in case, there are any unpaid traffic fines, you need to settle them first. You can either do this by going through the RTA official website or via the RTA Dubai app on your phone. However, if you have any black points on your car then you will have to visit the police to resolve this before registering your vehicle.

2. Getting Your Car Tested

New cars are exempted from the test for the first two years. Thus, every new car can enjoy those twenty-four test free months.

After that, you will have to pay a visit to one of the RTA or ADNOC car testing centres to have your vehicle evaluated and avail of the ‘passed certificate’. The sole aim behind this test is to check that your vehicle is roadworthy, ensuring your car’s steering, tyres, braking, chassis, suspension systems, and chassis attachments are up to the mark.

The cost of this test is 170 AED and it takes around 20-40 minutes completely depends on the volume of customers and it is valid for thirty days.

Please note that if your vehicle gets fail in a test, you will need to repair all the damages and then get your car tested again. Thus, you will have to pay the test fees again.

3. How to Renew Car Registration Online

After you get your car tested successfully and have prepared all the documents, you can easily renew your car registration online from the comfort of your home. All you need to visit the official website of the RTA or use the RTA Dubai App. To proceed with your application, you will have to submit valid proof of UAE residency as well as car insurance.  

And then, you will need to select your vehicle and pay the service fee which is AED 350 for all the light vehicles. Upon the successful car registration renewal, a copy of the e-registration card will be mailed to you on your registered email id. Make sure, you keep a printed copy of the e-registration card if you drive your vehicle outside the UAE borders.

4. Vehicle Registration Renewal via Offline Methods

If you like, you can also get your renewal done the traditional way, i.e., offline. All you have to do is visit one of the listed registration centres in your Emirates and apply for car registration renewal. Once your vehicle has been tested and approved for renewal, you will receive your new registration documents and the new registration sticker with the extended expiration date. Place the sticker on the rear number plate of the car, and you are done. 

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Documents Required for Car Registration Renewal

In order to renew your car registration, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Renewed Car Insurance Policy
  • Old Registration Card
  • Car Test Certificate (It should mention that your car has passed the test successfully).
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When To Renew Car Registration Dubai

The ideal time to get started with the renewal of the car registration process for your car is right after the end of the basic 12-month tenure. While the new vehicles are exempted from the condition test for the initial three years, older vehicles will have to go through it. If a problem is spotted in the car during the test, you will have to go ahead and get it repaired. Then you will be required to retake the test and repeat the process until you attain the car test certificate for the car registration renewal.

There can be situations where the offline or online vehicle registration renewal process takes more time than you initially anticipated. If you set out to renew the registration only a few days before the end of the grace period, you may run into trouble. So, it is best to finish up the process at the beginning of the grace period to avoid any potential problems. 

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Vehicle Registration Renewal Abu Dhabi

Car registration renewal in Abu Dhabi can be done from several approved offices and websites. You can use the renewal portal of the UAE Ministry of Interior to renew the car registration, or you can go to one of the approved Happiness Service Centre for the same. Abu Dhabi Police web portal also offers the renewal of car registration services. You will need to get your car tested from one of the ADNOC vehicle inspection centres for renewing car registrations in Abu Dhabi.

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Where To Renew Car Registration in Dubai

You can visit the RTA website for online vehicle registration renewals in Dubai or head to one of the RTA Customer Happiness Centres. UAE Ministry of Interior also allows Dubai car registration renewals, but the fee will be AED 400 instead of the basic AED 350. You can also choose to contact RTA call centres for the same or visit one of the testing centres such as Mumayaz, Shamil, Tasjeel or Wasel vehicle testing centres for RTA car registration renewal. 

Final Verdict

By following the aforementioned steps, you can easily renew your car registration in Dubai. Also, don’t forget the expiry date of your car registration as well as the one-month-long grace period otherwise you will need to pay a hefty penalty. However, it is also very important to renew your car insurance policy every year as you won’t be allowed legally to drive your car on the roads of the UAE. So, renew car registration as well as car insurance in Dubai on time to avoid any hassle.

Q1. How long will it take to renew vehicle registration in Dubai?

Ans: Registration renewal requests initiated online take 3-5 days.

Q2. What is the cost of renewing vehicle registration in Dubai?

Ans: According to the price listing on the RTA website at the moment, the cost of renewing car registration in Dubai is AED 350 for light motor vehicles. This includes all kinds of cars, whether public or private. The registration renewal cost for private vehicles weighing between 3 to 12 tones is AED 400.

Q3. What are the documents that I will need for car registration renewal?

Ans: You will need a valid driving license, valid insurance documents of the car and your emirates ID to renew the registration of your car. 

Q4. What is re-registration? Where can I get it done?

Ans: Re-registration of a car is done when the previous registration expires as it was not renewed on time. Re-registration of your car can also be done through the RTA website or by visiting RTA office. 

Q5. What is the cost of vehicle re-registration in Dubai?

Ans: Re-registration cost for public and private light motor vehicles is AED 400. The re-registration fee for private vehicles weighing between 3 to 12 tones is AED 500.

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