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It is illegal to drive a car in the UAE without registering it or car insurance. It is easy to register your car in Dubai. You can visit the RTA to register your car or you can do it online too, in some cases. As for the car insurance Dubai, you can buy and compare the car insurance online.

We understand that a visit to the RTA of Dubai can be daunting if you are not prepared. If you have no idea how the process works, you might have to take multiple trips to the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA).

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Hence, we have prepared this guide to make the process of registering a car, in Dubai, easy for you.

Registration of Your Car in Dubai

You can register your car with the RTA for a year. It means that you will have to renew the registration of your car every year. However, they do provide a grace period of a month.

If your car is newly brought, the dealers usually take care of the initial registration in Dubai. After the validity expires, you will have to take care of the renewal.

To register a car in Dubai, you should have a rent lease under your name, valid Visa of Dubai, or proof that you work in Dubai.

You will need the following documents to register your car or renewals in Dubai

  1. Insurance documents: The insurance document of the car should have the validity of 13 months. If don’t have car insurance yet, you can buy car insurance Dubai online. However, make sure to compare car insurance online before you buy any car insurance Dubai.
  2. Result of Inspection: Result of the tested and inspected vehicle is needed. The car should have passed the inspections. Cars that fail to qualify the inspections are rejected.
  3. Clearance certificate: Cars bought with the help of car loans should provide the clearance certificate by the bank.
  4. Identification documents: copy and original driving license, Passport, and UAE residency Visa will be needed. If you are renewing your registration, you don’t need to bring these documents.
  5. Registration Card: The owner should bring the last registration card i.e, Mulkiya to renew the registration.
  6. Fees: About AED 700 will be needed for registration, testing, and new number plates of the car.
  7. Fines: Additional money for fines, if you have broken any traffic rule in Dubai.

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The Process of First-Time Registration

If you are registering your car for the first time, follow the steps given below for a smooth process:

  • You should submit the documents mentioned above at the center of RTA. You will also have to submit the ownership certificate.
  • After you have submitted all the documents, all you have to do it wait. You can collect the license plates, stickers, and registration card when it is ready from the counter.

This entire process is completed within 30 minutes if you have the complete documents.

Renewal of the Registration

If you have to renew the registration of your car, follow the steps given below:

  • Clear all your dues and fines before you for the renewal of the car registration.
  • If your car is older than 3 years, make sure to get it inspected. If you fail to qualify for the inspection, fix your car.
  • Submit the documents at any of the RTA centers or online through the website of the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority)
  • Pay the required fees
  • Collect your sticker and renewed registration card when it is ready

If you have applied for the renewal online, you can collect them personally at the RTA center. you can also have the RTA delivered the items to you, for a fee of course.

When you receive your sticker and renewed registration card, make sure to paste the new sticker over the old one.

Method and Centers of Car Registration in Dubai

You can register your car through the following ways too (if you don’t want to visit the center of RTA):

  • Through agents approved by the RTA
  • Through the kiosk, smart application, or the website of the Roads and Transport Authority

Online Application for Renewal for Car Registration in Dubai

If you want to apply for the registration of your car online, follow the steps given below, accordingly:

  • Ensure that your car is insured
  • Visit the website of the RTA and click on “renew vehicle registration”
  • Select the delivery process you prefer
  • Pay the fees or fines (if any)
  • Receive the temporary card of registration

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Registering Through the Smart Application in Dubai

To register through the Smart Application, you should follow the steps given below:

  • Ensure that your car is insured
  • Download the App “RTA Dubai Drive” on the Apple Store or Google Play
  • You can continue as the guest or register
  • Click “Vehicles”, select “Vehicle Registration”, and click “Renew Registration”
  • Select the delivery process you prefer
  • Pay the fees or fines (if any)
  • Receive the temporary card of registration

Registering Through the Kiosk

To register through the Self-Service Kiosk, you should follow the steps given below:

  • Ensure that your car is insured
  • Visit the nearest kiosk
  • Click “E-Services” and select “Vehicle Renewal”
  • Enter the details of your vehicle
  • Pay the fees or fines (if any)
  • Receive the printed registration card from the kiosk directly
Car Registration Renewal in Dubai

Over to You

Keep a track of the expiry date of your registration card in Dubai. As you know, expired registration cards will result in you having to pay a fine. However, you do have a grace period of a month in Dubai.

Also, it should be noted that getting a car insurance Dubai is an absolute must. If you don’t have one yet, you can buy the car insurance Online.

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