5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Brand New Car

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
If you are planning to buy a new car, don’t visit the nearest dealer to get screwed. Before you visit any dealership, make sure to check the prices of the car online. After all, the dealers are in the business to earn money too.

There is no doubt that the car dealers will deal you the highest price possible to earn a profit. It is up to you to be prudent and careful of your finances.

Also, car insurance is an important factor when buying a car in the UAE. Detailed research is important before you buy car insurance in the UAE. Always take note of car insurance when you are planning to buy a car.

A plan for buying a car should involve detailed research on the prices of the car, dealerships and car insurance.

Here, we will discuss the 5 things to consider when buying a car in the car.


Anyone would love to have a high-end car, but you should pay attention to your budget first. As it happens, most people forget about the budget in the excitement of buying a new car. Stick to the budget. Straying from the budget will only harm your finances.

Better yet, make a note of the budget before you visit a dealer or dealers. Check your eligibility for a car loan, if you are planning to get a car loan.


Before you buy any car, do your research. Compare cars and prices. If you already have a car in mind, ask the dealer about the invoice. In fact, ask various dealers about the best price they can offer on the particular car that you want.

Comprehend that buying a car is a commitment. Detailed research is necessary when buying a brand new car.

You will also have to research whether the car uses diesel, petrol, or CNG. It’s no secret that the cost of a car will vary according to the fuel it consumes.


After you have decided on the car and the dealer, the next step would be the easy monthly installments. When it comes to deciding the EMIs, make sure to count in certain factors. These factors involve your monthly income, your expenses per month, etc.

Easy monthly installments won’t affect your monthly budget if you plan it carefully.

Add-ons and Freebies:

When you are buying a car from a dealer, don’t shy away when it comes to asking for add-ons and freebies. It depends on the dealer what they give you as a freebie or add-ons. Some might offer you extended warranties or free services.

To attract customers and boost their sales, some dealers offer various add-ons. Therefore, see if you can get a rebate on premiums when you buy Car insurance.


The last step in buying a brand new car would involve buying car insurance. Remember, research on car insurance is as important as buying a car. Car insurance is like life support for your brand new car.

Car insurance will protect your car from any unwanted financial emergencies in the future.

Before you buy car insurance in the uae, make sure to compare car insurance online. Note that car insurance in the UAE comes in two different types- comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance is a premium cover that will cover your car in case of any damage. Since it is premium insurance, it covers court-ordered funds to be paid to a victim in case of accidents.

Third-party insurance is for the third-party physically affected by your car. You won’t have to spend a single dirham on the third party involved if you have the Third-party insurance. The insurance company will cover all the expenses for the damages caused by your car.

Over to You

There are a few more points to note. Car dealers are in it to earn profits, as stated above. If you spot or are offered a good deal, take it. Second, when looking for a car loan, ask for lower interest rates and the highest repayment tenure possible. Third, before you buy car insurance in the UAE, always check and compare car insurance online.

Most importantly, test the car out for a test drive. You won’t know if the car is suitable for you without driving it around the block once.

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