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Trip Cancellation Cover

An international travel insurance plan is designed to cover all trips you take outside of the UAE around the world. It is an insurance plan that covers all the important aspects of your trip including the travel arrangement, pre-booked accommodation, emergency medical expenses, luggage, financial assistance, etc. An international travel insurance plan is a crucial part of every trip you take abroad. Besides ensuring instant assistance on the requirement, it also saves you from massive financial losses due to mishaps during trips. With you being miles away from home if and when a mishap happens, having proper international travel insurance becomes necessary.

Overview of International Travel Insurance Plans in UAE



Types of Plans 

Number and Types of Travellers

Location or Destination of the Trip

Frequency of the Trip

Coverage Scope

Worldwide with some commonly accepted exclusions

Basic Benefits 

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Personal liability cover
  • Baggage loss and delay cover
  • Trip cancellation and curtailment cover
  • Hijack compensation cover
  • Flight cancellation and delay cover
  • Luggage loss and theft cover
  • Repatriation of mortal remains 
  • Emergency cash allowance cover

Add-On Covers

  • Cancel for any reason cover
  • Adventure sports cover
  • Terrorism cover
  • Stop-over destination extension 
  • Cruise cover
  • Gadget protection cover
  • Natural disaster cover
  • Rental car insurance cover

Covid-19 Cover 

Offered by most providers

Emergency Assistance

Available 24x7 worldwide

Claim Process

Available via both offline and online modes

Purchasing Process

Available via both online and offline modes

Coverage Commencement 

Begins instantly or when the trip starts

Claim Settlement Period 

May differ as per the provider and type of claim


Benefits of Buying International Travel Insurance

Protection Against Uncertainties: 

Travelling to a new territory may land you in situations you never thought of. travel insurance for abroad ensures that you are adequately protected from these unannounced problems. Whether you lose your luggage or miss a connecting flight, a travel insurance plan will compensate for every valid claim.

Immediate Accessibility to medical insurance Cover: 

Accessing emergency medical services in a country you are traveling to can be both difficult and expensive. A travel insurance plan covers this expense for you and allows you to get treated in the best medical facilities available. International travel insurance has a pre-specified network list for every country it covers. You can use any of the network hospitals to access healthcare services easily.

It is a Great Fall-back Option: 

Insurance, whether travel or any other, is a wonderful fallback option when you find yourself stuck in a financial pickle. Running into such a problem when away from home can be even more stressful. Be it a canceled flight, lost baggage, or even stolen money, your overseas travel insurance plan will cover it all for you.

Types of International Travel Insurance

Travel insurance abroad can be divided into two main categories and six sub-categories. Given below is the complete segregation of all types of overseas travel insurance.

As per Types of Trips

  • Single-Trip International Travel Insurance: Caters to one-time trips only. Single-trip overseas travel insurance can be bought for trips lasting up to 90-120 days. The maximum number of vacation days can depend on individual providers.
  • Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: Covers all trips taken within the tenure of the plan. This type of international travel insurance plan is ideal when you travel frequently for business or personal reasons.

As Per the Policyholder

  • Individual International Travel Insurance: Made for a single traveler only. Both single-trip and annual multi-trip overseas travel insurance plans can be bought as individual plans.
  • Family International Travel Insurance: These plans are designed for family members traveling together or a group of friends. Anyone older than 30 days and younger than 65-75 years can be included in a family travel insurance for abroad.
  • Student International Travel Insurance: Designed specifically for students traveling abroad for education.
  • Senior Citizen International Travel Insurance: Cater to individuals who are not eligible to be insured in an individual or family travel insurance for abroad. The age limit to buy a senior citizen travel insurance can range between 65 to 75 years.
Travel Insurance by Age Group 
Travel Insurance for over 65 Travel Insurance for over 70 Travel Insurance for over 75

Best International Travel Insurance in UAE

Here is a comprehensive list of cheap international travel insurance plans in Dubai, UAE :

Plan Name  Medical Cover Max Duration Starting from Price
Alliance Insurance AED 150,000 90 days/trip AED 33
Orient Insurance AED 150,000 92 days/trip AED 183
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Best Travel Insurance Partners in UAE

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RSA Travel Insurance Union Travel Insurance AIG Travel Insurance AXA Travel Insurance  

Inclusions of travel insurance for international travel

Overseas travel insurance cover inclusions can be divided into three basic parts – medical insurance, travel inconvenience, and flight and baggage cover. Given below is a breakdown of the same:

Travel Medical Insurance Cover: The medical cover offered by travel insurance abroad includes almost all services and benefits that you might need in a medical emergency. The plan benefits are generally limited to emergency services only. Following are the parts of travel medical insurance cover:

  • Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Emergency Dental Treatment
  • Compassionate Visit of a Relative

Flight and Baggage CoverFrom flight delays to cancellations and more, the flight and baggage cover ensures that you do not face any losses without compensation when traveling to your destination. Given below are the benefits offered in this cover:

  • Baggage Delay for checked-in baggage
  • Baggage Loss for checked-in baggage
  • Flight Delays and Cancellations
  • Missed Connecting Flights
  • Hijack Compensation

Travel Inconvenience and Interruption Cover: The most extensive coverage of all three parts, travel inconvenience, and interruption cover provide compensation benefit for the troubles you face during your trip. From losing luggage to getting an extension, every unforeseen trouble is covered in this cover.

  • Trip Cancellation or Curtailment
  • Bounced Bookings
  • Loss of Travel Documents
  • Loss of Personal Effects
  • Personal Liability Cover
  • Bail Bond Benefit and Legal Fee Cover
  • Non-Emergency Evacuation
  • Trip Extension Cover

Add-Ons for International Travel Insurance

  • Adventure Sports Cover: This can include several adventure sports like swimming, trekking, kayaking, and recreational sports. Some providers also offer specialized covers for sports like skiing, scuba diving, and rafting. These special covers also include insurance of sports equipment along with medical benefits.
  • Terrorism Cover
  • Stop-Over Extension
  • Cruise Extension Cover
  • Gadget Protection Extension
  • Rental car cover
  • Natural disaster cover
  • Cancel for any reason cover

Exclusions of Travel Insurance for International Travel

  • Traveling even when advised against it by a doctor
  • Trips that are taken for medical reasons
  • Claims arising out of a war or war-like situation
  • Damages did when driving without a permit or under influence of alcohol/drugs
  • Injuries/illnesses caused by substance abuse
  • Loss claims submitted without a police report
  • Self-inflicted injuries or suicide
  • Damages caused by nuclear and radioactive substances or activities
  • Damages/injuries incurred when involved in illegal activities
  • Adventure sports and activities, unless covered by an add-on plan
  • Non-emergency medical expenses
  • Damages caused by known events  
  • Adventure sports like hunting, off-season skiing, professional sports, moto racing, etc.

International Travel Insurance for Covid-19

Most travel insurances for international travel now offer a cover for Covid-19 diagnosis as well. This cover only comes into the picture if you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 when on the trip and are required to undergo mandatory quarantine. The length of quarantine days covered by an international travel insurance plan can differ for every provider. However, the most commonly available cover ranges for up to 7 days. Mandatory quarantine upon arrival is not covered by this benefit though. Quarantine following the positive PCR test results for Covid-19 is covered.

Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa

What Should You Carry When Travelling Abroad?

Packing lists always vary depending on your destination. However, there are a few things that must be carried along whenever you step outside of the UAE, irrespective of the destination. Given below is a list of some mandatory items that every international traveller must have on their person when on a trip:

Passport and other Travel Documents:

International or domestic, trips cannot happen if you forget or lose your travel documents. Make sure that every document required during your international travels is secure and with you at all times. As a passport even serves as your identity proof when you are travelling in a foreign country, make sure that you have all your travel documents safe with you. 

Travel Adapters:

Powerpoints are not similar across the world. Carrying a travel adapter becomes necessary in such situations. If you are travelling without an adapter, you may end up in a pickle when you will need to charge your gadgets. So, make sure that you either carry the adapter or conduct reliable research about the power socket type of the country you are visiting. Make sure they are adaptable for your cords as well. 

International Travel Insurance:

Another necessity on this list is your international travel insurance plan. Make sure that the coverage you buy is comprehensive to the extent of covering everything you need. Get add-on covers if required, but ensure that you evaluate your needs properly before investing additional money. 

Emergency Medical Kit:

Whether you are going for an international or domestic trip, preparing your emergency medical kit is essential. Research the area you are travelling to and prepare a list of medicines you may need. Another place to start is to visit your primary care physician and have them prepare a prescription for you to get filled. Keep all medicines handy, just in case. 


Travelling without a camera is a big no. Safety and precaution aside, one must take plenty of pictures of every beautiful place they visit during the trip. While phone cameras work fine on most occasions, carry a professional camera if you plan to visit scenic destinations. However, you should also carry proper storage bags to protect your camera from damage. 

Global Cash Cards:

These special cards are simply prepaid travel cards that can be filled with the currency of your destination. They can be used just like your debit card to make transactions in local currency. 

Weather-Appropriate Apparel:

Needless to say, one must pack proper clothes and footwear as per the weather at your destination. Make sure you have warm enough clothes for cold places and summer-appropriate clothes for hot and humid places.  

Skincare Items:

Sunscreen for the heat and moisturizer to beat the cold, skincare lotions, creams, and soaps are all essential. If you find it challenging to bring all of them, you can carry a travel-size version of the items generally used at home to stay regular with skin protection. 


Things to Consider While Planning an International Trip

Now that you know what to pack for your trip, let's discuss some important things you should consider when planning your international trip:

Conduct Thorough Research:

Research and read everything about your destination before you set out to travel. Make sure you are aware of the transportation system there and have made concrete accommodation arrangements. Run a thorough search about popular tourist destinations and prepare an itinerary beforehand to save time and cover more ground. 

Keep Travel Documents Handy:

Make sure you have all the required travel documents before you set out of the house. Consider keeping these documents in your handbag that you can carry on the plane, as you may need them for verification at several checkpoints. 

Carry Cash:

While you may not realise, international transaction charges are pretty real and can be equally hefty. Considering this, it makes sense to carry sufficient cash. Additionally, if you are planning to explore some local off-beat gems, you may need cash for even basic payments. If you want to get more value on your money, exchange your currency when its value is higher. Studying the currency value fluctuation trends will allow you to keep a track of this.  

Buy Insurance Early:

Simply buying your travel insurance plan is not enough. You need to make sure that you have bought your plan well in advance, as the earlier you get your insurance coverage, the better scope of benefits you may receive. Benefits like trip cancellation cover begin from the moment you buy the plan. Moreover, international travel insurance is cheaper when bought early. Consider these factors and get to insurance shopping as early as possible after booking the trip. 

Sort Your Emergency Numbers:

Note down all emergency numbers at a place, and set emergency SOS contact in your phone as well. Another thing you can do is write down some of your important numbers and keep them with you, which will prove handy in case you lose your phone. This list should include the police helpline, phone numbers of your travel partners, medical helpline number of the country, women helpline numbers, and the contact number of your insurance provider. You can also note down the phone numbers of some of your family members to send a message if required. 

Eligibility Criteria to Buy International Travel Insurance

Anyone older than 18 years can buy a travel insurance plan in their name. The category-wise eligibility can differ a little. For example, senior citizen travel insurance can only be bought by folks older than 60-65 years, depending on the provider terms. The upper age of buying international travel insurance can also differ as per the providers. However, the standard trend suggests that the bracket is 60-70 years for an individual, family, and other travel insurance plans that do not cater to senior citizens. As long you are a UAE citizen or a resident with valid documents to support your application, you can buy any international travel insurance plan available in the country.

How to Buy the Best International Travel Insurance?

You can easily buy your international travel insurance online as well as offline. To buy international travel insurance online, you can visit PolicyBazaar UAE, choose the provider you like the best, browse through the plans and select one, and complete the purchasing process using the purchasing portal. The steps are pretty straightforward and the procedure is streamlined. You can also provide a website if you like and buy your international travel insurance online from there. To buy your UAE travel insurance plan offline, you either need to find an insurance agent from the provider you want to go with or visit a branch of the provider. The further purchasing process will be handled by an agent or executive assigned to you.

How to Choose the Best International Travel Insurance?

Consider the following factors when you are buying your travel insurance for international travel:

  • Destination: Several countries have made travel insurance mandatory for tourists and visitors. Along with that, many countries may even have a minimum specific requirement related to the assured sum of the travel insurance plan. Check and see if the country you are visiting has any such requirements. Choose an international travel insurance plan that corresponds to those specifications.
  • Trip Duration: The duration of your trip will help you decide the number of days you need to get with your travel insurance. If the trip is longer than usual, you can get an extension at an added cost.
  • Frequency of Your Travels: If it is a one-time trip that you are taking, a single-trip international travel insurance plan will be more than sufficient for you. However, if you are to make several trips within a year, it will be best to get an annual multi-trip plan. It will cover all the trips taken within the tenure of one year.
  • Traveling Companions: Individual international travel insurance plans are the best for lone travelers. But if you are traveling with family or friends, it could be more cost-saving to get a family travel insurance plan instead. If senior citizens are accompanying you on the trip, you may need to get a separate senior travel insurance plan for them.
  • Assured Sum of the Plan: Determine the assured sum limit that you would like to have beforehand. Compare travel insurance quotes and find the plan that offers the highest assured sum at the best price.
  • Coverage Scope: If you planning to buy travel insurance for working abroad, you may need to buy an additional cover for your gadget and electronics. Similarly, you may need added protection if you are planning to partake in adventure sports of some kind. The coverage of your plan should be customized according to your trip schedule. Apart from that, check that the basic included benefits are as per your requirements and whether you would like to have a rider with the basic plan.

How to Claim Travel Insurance for International Travel?

Submitting your claim against travel insurance abroad is a rather easy but variated process. Since there are a lot of different elements covered by travel insurance, the claim process for each can differ. Your emergency medical expenses are covered by cashless claims. Just inform the insurance company and get the claim approved. Benefits like trip cancellation, curtailment, baggage loss, and baggage can be obtained in the form of reimbursement or compensation. The first step is to call and inform your insurance company in case there is a problem. Obtain a police report if the incident involves any kind of theft, accident or public liability. Raise an official claim request by filling out forms and required documents. You will receive the reimbursement/compensation in a short while.

International Travel Insurance FAQs

Can I get my visa before getting the travel insurance plan?

If the country you are traveling to does not have mandatory requirements for travel insurance, you can get your visa before buying the travel insurance plan. However, if there is a mandatory requirement for travel insurance, you will need documents related to the insurance to get your visa.

Do I need to go through a medical exam before buying international travel insurance?

Most travel insurance providers do not require you to go through medical examinations when buying a travel insurance plan. However, you must declare if you have any existing health complications.

Are pre-existing conditions covered in international travel insurance?

No, most travel insurance plans do not offer medical coverage for the treatment of pre-existing diseases. However, you may be able to find an add-on for this coverage with a few providers.

Can I cancel my single-trip travel insurance with a refund?

You can cancel your single-trip travel insurance and probably get a refund if the trip has not already started. Cancellations are still available after the trip has begun but there will be no refund.

Is there an age limit to buy travel insurance for international travel?

The minimum age limit to buy a travel insurance plan is 18 years. The maximum age of buying travel insurance can be anywhere between 65-75 years, depending on the provider.

When does the coverage begin?

The coverage of your travel insurance plan starts from the start date of your trip. Benefits like trip cancellation due to unforeseen reasons are active from the date you bought the plan.

Are trips to multiple countries covered by travel insurance for international travel?

Yes, most travel insurance providers have the arrangement to include several destinations in one single insurance plan. Make sure you inform your provider beforehand to add additional countries to the plan.

Can I change the date of my international travel insurance if trip dates change?

Yes, you can postpone your overseas travel insurance dates up to one year generally.  

Is a limit on the number of vacation days I can get in single-trip overseas travel insurance?

Single-trip international travel insurance plans can be bought for trips that last no more than 90-120 days. The exact limit can differ according to the provider’s unique terms and conditions.

What is the minimum age to get insured in a travel insurance plan for children?

The minimum age to include children in an international travel insurance plan is 30 days.

Can I buy travel insurance before buying trip bookings?

Yes, you can get your travel insurance even before buying travel tickets or booking accommodations.

Can I get treated in any hospital of my choice?

Yes, as long as the hospital you choose is in the network list of your international travel insurance plan.

Is pregnancy covered in my travel medical insurance for abroad?

No, pregnancy is not covered under the medical benefits offered by your travel insurance for abroad. However, some plans may cover complicated pregnancies. It is best to check with your provider beforehand.

How many trips would annual multi-trip travel insurance for abroad cover?

Annual multi-trip travel insurance plans cover all trips you take within the tenure. However, the length of each trip that you take within the tenure should be within the prescribed number of vacations days by the provider.

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