How to Get Orange Card for Oman?


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Travelling from the UAE to Oman requires a special document known as the Oman Orange card.

Acting as a replacement for standard insurance packages, this card is an essential travel permit for those journeying between these two countries.

In this write-up, we will explore the important details of the Orange card Oman online application process.

What is the Oman Orange Card?

The Oman Orange card is a crucial document for vehicles traveling from the UAE to Oman.

The Orange Card system was implemented after discussions between a UAE-Oman joint insurance committee. This system is part of the Arab Insurance Card Convention, which includes 20 Arab countries.

The Orange card serves as an insurance document when traveling in countries that are part of the General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF) — this includes Oman as well. This card helps in dealing with various issues that may arise in case of an accident, like court proceedings and compensation claims.

Note: The Orange card Oman is issued by insurance companies and is available either for free or for a price.


Why Getting an Oman Orange Card is Important?

The Orange Card is mandatory as it acts as an insurance policy so that any vehicle-related incidents or accidents in Oman are properly managed and compensated. The importance of the Oman Orange card lies in its role as a replacement for standard insurance packages for vehicles traveling between these countries.

A significant difference between the Orange card Oman and standard car insurance policies is the specific coverage and streamlined process offered by the former for cross-border incidents. While standard insurance might cover vehicle damages, you can certainly have a more comprehensive option with the Orange Card.

How to Get Orange Card for Oman?

Take note of the following steps to get the Oman Orange card online for your vehicle -

  • Check Your Current Insurance: First things first — before applying for this card, check whether your current car insurance policy covers driving in Oman! You'll need the Orange Card as an additional insurance cover only if your policy doesn't provide this coverage.
  • Contact Your Insurance Provider: Approach your insurance provider or aggregator to inquire about the Orange Card. Most insurance companies in the UAE offer the Orange card as it has become a mandatory requirement for vehicles traveling to Oman.
  • Online Application: As of April 2022, the Orange Card can be issued in a digital format. This eliminates the need for hard copies and makes it convenient to apply online and carry the insurance certificate electronically.
  • QR Code Verification: The electronic format of the Orange Card includes a QR code for verification by authorities. This is part of the new system developed to facilitate insurance underwriting and cross-border movement.
  • Coverage and Utility: The Orange Card serves as evidence of motor third-party liability insurance. It streamlines the process of confirming insurance coverage in traffic accidents.


Key Takeaways

  • The Oman Orange card is a mandatory travel permit for vehicles travelling from the UAE to Oman.
  • This system was established after UAE-Oman joint insurance committee discussions and is part of a broader convention involving 20 Arab countries.
  • The Orange Card serves as an insurance policy in GAIF (General Arab Insurance Federation) nations, including Oman. It covers issues like accidents and compensation claims.
  • The card replaces standard insurance packages for vehicles traveling between the UAE and Oman, offering specific coverage for cross-border incidents.
  • You can contact your car insurance provider or aggregator to apply for the Oman Orange card.
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