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Travelling abroad is an excellent idea to explore numerous sites and cultures outside Dubai. However, several things are to be kept in mind while travelling like carrying the necessary documents, prescriptions, and travel insurance.

Regarding the last thing on the list, one can use comprehensive travel insurance to get financial protection against uncertain situations you could face abroad. To enjoy a safe trip and make the most of your tour, World Nomads provides some of the best comprehensive travel insurance plans in the UAE. 

Established in 2002, World Nomads Travel Insurance is an Australian insurance provider offering simple yet flexible travel insurance plans to mitigate the risks while travelling. The following sections provide insights into the travel insurance plans offered by World Nomads Travel Insurance, their features and benefits, and the claim process. 

Why Choose World Nomads Travel Insurance?

World Nomads Travel Insurance is known for designing plans on three main points - freedom, connection, and safety. It offers coverage to individuals from over 130 nations in terms of medical and evacuation coverage. The following are the reasons you could opt for World Nomads Travel Insurance - 

  •  Coverage for independent travellers like backpackers, volunteers, and students
  • Flexible plans
  • Online claim process so that you receive the required financial aid wherever you are 
  • Global emergency assistance 
  • Cover for baggage loss, medical or emergency evacuation, ticket or hotel cancellation charges, and more
  • Cover for the majority of the adventure activities
  • Easy insurance application
  • Extra coverage for electronic gadgets like notebooks, laptops, and cameras 

Features and Benefits of World Nomads Travel Insurance

The travel insurance plan from World Nomads proves beneficial when -

  • You require emergency medical assistance in case of an unforeseen injury or illness
  • There is a need for urgent medical evacuation when suddenly sick or injured
  • Your equipment is damaged or stolen
  • You need to cancel your trip owing to unforeseen circumstances 

With World Nomads Travel Insurance, you can expect cover for the following:

  • Emergency medical care abroad that may include hospital or clinic care as well as the medications and physical therapy prescribed by your doctor to help you recover and continue travelling
  • Your transportation to the closest and the most suitable medical facility, including medical deportation for additional care back home. Additionally, it covers acceptable extra travel and lodging costs for a friend or family member to visit the insured individual while they are in the hospital and/or during their /repatriation.
  • The costs associated with changing your travel plans and pre-paid expenses due to unexpected illness, significant injury, or natural disaster
  • Coverage for specific incidences of theft or unintentional damage to your equipment, such as iPads, laptops, digital cameras, and more - available up to individual item limitations

Discussed below are some benefits of the World Nomads Travel Insurance Plans - 

  • Extensive Coverage – Besides protecting you in case of a medical emergency, travel insurance is also necessary for dealing with problems related to theft, delays, and personal crises. More than 150 activities in the snow, ocean, air, land, sports, and adventure categories are also covered by World Nomads. Consequently, if you enjoy taking on new challenges, their insurance coverage could prove to be one of your best greatest choices.
  • 24/7 Support - Making a claim is one of the most difficult aspects of insurance. However, you can quickly submit your claim online with World Nomads! With the provider being well known for its 24/7 customer assistance, customers have emphasised the quickness and responsiveness of their customer care personnel while assisting consumers in the claim process. Moreover, besides the aspect of the claim, the World Nomads customer assistance can also put you in touch with medical staff or institutions or even set up transport, if necessary.
  • Flexibility in Trip Planning and Extending Plans – Individuals can often forget about or ignore the need for travel insurance. However, with World Nomads, you can have one even after you have left on your journey. On the website, travellers can also renew their insurance policies mid-trip. Trips of up to 180 days can be insured.
  • Access to Helpful Information - You get access to the most recent information on travel bans, health and safety precautions, and general travel advice with World Nomads as it is specifically maintained for ardent travellers. Thus, you can learn how to travel securely using a variety of materials including podcasts and articles. Additionally, you have the chance to acquire scholarships and study new languages.

World Nomads Travel Insurance Types

World Nomads provides two types of insurance plans to travellers including - 

Standard Plan: Pre and post-departure coverages including trip termination, delay, disruption, evacuation plan, emergency health coverage, and baggage and personal belongings coverage are all included in this cost-effective plan. Moreover, if you are injured while participating in a high-risk activity like mountain biking, parasailing, or bungee jumping, this plan also offers emergency medical aid and evacuation.

Explorer Plan: While all of the coverages contained in the Standard plan are included in this travel insurance package, the extent of protection is larger. Moreover, you receive a few additional benefits like rental car breakage insurance and protection for riskier activities like cliff jumping, free soloing, and scuba diving with this plan.

The following is a comparison table for the two plans -




Trip Cancellation 

USD 2,500

USD 10,000

Trip Delay

USD 500

USD 1,500

Emergency medical insurance

USD 100,000

USD 100,000

Trip Interruption

USD 2,500

USD 10,000


USD 300,000

USD 500,000

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

USD 5,000

USD 10,000

Rental Car Damage


USD 35,000

Non-medical Emergency Transportation

USD 25,000

USD 25,000

Baggage Delay

USD 750

USD 750

Emergency Evacuation

USD 300,000

USD 500,000

Baggage/ Personal Effects

USD 1,000

USD 3,000


World Nomads Travel Insurance Inclusions

As the most crucial aspect of your travel insurance policy is the coverage, it is crucial to take time to comprehend what the particular travel insurance plan may provide you when travelling. 

Listed below are some inclusions in World Nomads Travel Insurance Plans - 

  • Baggage claims
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Global medical care
  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • Theft of luggage or electronics
  • Stolen credit cards
  • Covid-19
  • Stolen passports
  • Adventure activities

World Nomads Travel Insurance Exclusions

  • Drug-related incidents
  • Mishandling of the possessions and luggage
  • Lost or stolen cash
  • Social unrest at the destination you are travelling
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Problems arising due to your irresponsibility
  • Non-emergency surgery or medical care
  • Periodic physical check-ups
  • Travelling to receive treatment for a medical condition
  • Childbirth or pregnancy (except for medical complications of pregnancy)
  • Taking part in professional sports as an athlete
  • Dangerous sports participation
  • Childbirth or pregnancy expenses
  • Self-harm done on purpose
  • Flying an aeroplane or learning to do so
  • Suicide or a suicide attempt

Paperwork Required for World Nomads Travel Insurance

You will be required to present the following documents to purchase the Travel Insurance - 

  • Valid ID proof
  • Proof of residence
  • Passport (for nationality)
  • Health certificate (if required)
  • Travel insurance form

How to Purchase an Explorer Plan?

Follow the steps mentioned below to purchase the Explorer Plan from World Nomads Travel Insurance - 

  • Click on the “Get a Quote” tab on the official World Nomads website.
  • Fill in the details related to your age, travel destination, and the time you would be travelling. 
  • Once through, click on the “get a quote” button.
  • The website will display plans as per your details. Click on the Explorer Plan Tab. 
  • Provide all the necessary information related to the luggage you would carry, any electronics, and personal items. 
  • Once you mention the details, click on the “Add Your Details” Tab. 
  • Provide the personal details of all the members travelling with you. Once through, scroll down to accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Click on “Continue to Make Payment”. 
  • Make the payment and avail of the plan’s benefit. 

Making an Insurance Claim

You only need to sign in, complete the specified procedure, and submit your supporting documents if you are already a member of World Nomads to make an insurance claim.

Follow the instructions mentioned below to make a claim:

  • Log in to the ‘lodge your complaint’ online portal with your member ID. 
  • In the newly directed portal, describe the situation regarding which you are making the claim. 
  • You can directly state the issue or inform the same by answering some questions. 
  • Upload the document files related to the situation. 
  • This will begin your claiming process. 

You will be able to receive your claim in a short while. Nevertheless, here are some tips that could make your claim procedure smooth:

  • Make sure you scan all the receipts and keep a soft copy of your tickets and boarding passes before leaving. 
  • In case an airline misplaces your luggage or electronics, notify them right away. Fill in the necessary forms and keep a copy for future reference.
  • If your personal belongings are stolen, report the loss to the police as early as possible.
  • Before seeking a claim, check for claims and refunds that you can first get from the transportation and the lodging service providers. 

All You Need to Know About Receiving World Nomads Travel Insurance Claim

The speed of your insurance claim depends on 

  1. The paperwork you submit
  2. How complicated the claim is 

For instance, if you are applying for a claim associated with trip cancellation or luggage misplacement, it will generally take 15 days to settle. However, if you are seeking a claim for a medical emergency, the processing time will depend on the complexity of the emergency and the documentation required. 

To ensure that you receive your Nomads Travel Insurance claim on time:

  • Maintain transparency in filling the claim form
  • Submit all the payments slips and invoices
  • Check the claim form once before submitting it and make sure that you have completed every section

Documents Necessary to Submit for World Nomads Travel Insurance Claim

Listed below are the documents necessary to file a claim:

  • For theft or loss: The damage, theft, or loss should be reported to the police and you should avail a copy of the report to submit for the Nomad travel insurance. 
  • For medical expenses: Provide a health report prepared by the physician whom you consulted along with the hospital bills and the travel insurance documents. 

Given below are some common queries related to World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Do World Nomads Travel Insurance plans provide coverage for COVID-19?

Yes, the global travel insurance provider covers Covid-19 as a medical condition. The coverage includes emergency medical coverage, trip interruption, trip cancellation, medical evacuation, and trip delay.

Does World Nomads travel insurance offer plans with “Cancel for any reason” coverage?

World Nomads does not provide ‘cancel for any reason’ inclusion in its insurance plans.

Can you purchase the travel insurance if you are already travelling?

You can buy Nomads travel insurance from anywhere, even while travelling. However, you will not be covered for the events that happened before you buy the policy.

Does World Nomads provide travel insurance for senior citizens?

World Nomads offers Silver Nomads travel insurance plans for individuals up to 70 years of age.

Does World Nomads cover volunteer vacations?

The Nomads travel insurance can be utilised for volunteer tours and vacations.

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