Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements in the UAE for 2024

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The mass spread of the Covid-19 virus introduced a state of lockdown all over the world. However, with vaccination campaigns catching speed, many countries have opened their borders for visitors, tourists and residents. Since the pandemic is still not over, most countries have made it mandatory for travelers and visitors to be fully vaccinated. The UAE has its own set of protocols and regulations which are mandatory to be followed to get entry into the country. The Covid-19 vaccination needed for Dubai and the UAE differs for each country (country of origin) along with travel relaxations. The same applies to the residents and citizens of the UAE when they set out to travel to other countries. Let’s get to know the tests and vaccination needed for Dubai in detail.

Traveling from the UAE

Travel quarantine is mandatory almost everywhere in the world for tourists and visitors. However, the UAE has signed an agreement with several countries stating fully vaccinated people will not have to get quarantined upon their arrival. These countries are known as “travel corridors” or “vaccine bubbles”. The tourists traveling from the UAE must have all the required dosage of travel vaccinations in Dubai which are approved by the country they are traveling to.

Countries that will not require UAE citizens and residents with complete vaccination needed for Dubai to undergo quarantine are – Bahrain, Serbia, Greece, and Seychelles. The UAE has scored a travel corridor with these four countries which exempts the visitors from most travel restrictions. The process of adding more countries to this list is underway as well. Other countries that are now allowing vaccinated travelers from the UAE are – Angullia, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Estonia, Qatar, and Georgia. You will probably be exempted from all quarantine and testing formalities if you have a complete vaccination certificate with you.

Traveling to the UAE

If you were stuck in your home country due to the Covid-19 lockdown and travel ban situation, you can once again prepare to travel back to the UAE now. With a comprehensive set of regulations and rules for Covid-19 screening, the UAE is allowing visitors and travelers from several countries now. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have separate travel and vaccination requirements for the visitors depending on which group their countries fall into. Let’s explore this in detail.

From the Coved-19 Hotspot Countries

Several countries where the Covid-19 infection is still somewhat highly active are listed as hotspot countries. The UAE had banned all kinds of travel from these countries in the past. The recent development allows UAE residents, citizens, diplomats, and other people on official government business to enter the country if they have received the vaccination needed for Dubai and the UAE. Following are the traveling, vaccination, testing, and quarantine requirements for ex-pats, residents, and UAE citizens traveling to Dubai and Abu Dhabi from hot-spot countries.

Dubai Travel Guidelines

All residents and UAE ex-pats with valid vaccination certificates can travel to Dubai from hotspot countries. The vaccination needed for Dubai must have been taken at least 14 days before the flights and shall come with a scannable QR report. A few special groups of people are exempted from Covid-19 travel vaccinations for Dubai. This includes – silver and golden visa residents, diplomats, healthcare workers, government employees, participants under Dubai EXPO 2020 sponsorship. If additional testing and quarantine are recommended by DHA, the residents and ex-pats coming from hot spot countries may have to take them. UAE citizens are exempted from carrying a negative PCR test to board flights. However, they need to be vaccinated as per vaccination needed for Dubai and maybe tested upon arrival.

Abu Dhabi Travel Guidelines

All allowed travelers from the hotspot countries must be fully vaccinated and shall hold a vaccination certificate scannable by QR codes. The vaccination needed for Dubai can be any vaccine from the accepted list of vaccinations of the UAE. PCR tests will be done upon arrival and on days 6 and 11. A small quarantine may also be required.

From Green List Countries and Travel Corridors

Green list and travel corridor countries in the UAE and Abu Dhabi are those where the Covid-19 infection is either on the low end or has diminished completely. This includes several destinations including Iceland, Italy, Germany and Greece. Everyone including tourists, residents, ex-pats and citizens from these countries can travel to the UAE without apprehensions. Given below are the detailed guidelines.

Dubai Travel Guidelines

All vaccinated and not-vaccinated people can travel to Dubai from these countries. The Dubai-required vaccination protocol does not apply here. Every visitor will be tested upon arrival and on day 6 of their stay as well. Quarantine is necessary for people who test positive.

Abu Dhabi Travel Guidelines

Vaccinated tourists are allowed to enter the UAE from both the green list countries and the travel corridor countries. Tourists will not have to quarantine at all. They shall take a PCR test upon arrival and on day 6. UAE residents and citizens who have been vaccinated with Covid-19 travel vaccination for Dubai and Abu Dhabi will also go through the same protocols.

Other Countries – Apart from Green and Hot Spots

Countries with mild to medium Covid-19 infection fall into the “other countries” list, also known as the amber list. The vaccination needed for Dubai stays the same for these countries as well. However, travel requirements are a bit relaxed as compared to hot-spot countries. Given below is a preview of the same.

Dubai Travel Guidelines

If the visitors have taken the vaccination needed for Dubai and hold a negative PCR test, they do not have to go through quarantine. Expats, residents, and tourists must carry a negative PCR test to board their flights. The test should have taken no more than 96 hours before the flight. Everyone will undergo a PCR test upon arrival. If your test results are negative, you can continue your visit without any quarantine stay. If your test results are positive, you will be required to quarantine till further negative test results show.

Tourists, residents, and ex-pats who have not administered the Covid-19 vaccination needed for Dubai must carry a negative PCR test - taken no more than 96 hours before the flight. All quarantine and testing guidelines as stated by the Dubai Health Authority must be followed here.

Abu Dhabi Travel Guidelines

Tourists allowed from other countries are required to carry a negative PCR test taken a maximum of 72 hours before the flight. The Covid-19 travel vaccination for Dubai and Abu Dhabi is recommended but not mandatory as of now. All tourists (whether vaccinated or not) must quarantine for 12 days and get tested on arrival, day 6, and day 11 of their visit. UAE nationals and residents (not vaccinated) traveling from other countries must quarantine for 12 days and get tested upon arrival, and on day 11 after their arrival. Vaccinated UAE residents and citizens traveling from other counties are required to undergo a quarantine of 7 days and get tested upon arrival and day 6 after the arrival. Once tested negative, you are free to roam about in Abu Dhabi.


Even with the UAE and Dubai vaccination requirements and protocols in place, the danger of Covid-19 spread still stands. Vaccinated people may not be infected by the virus themselves, true. But they can easily be a carrier. So, make sure that you take all preventive measures for Covid-19 and follow social distancing guidelines. Since most providers cover Covid-19 quarantine and tests now when traveling, get good travel medical insurance before you board the flight.

If you fall into the category that needs to be quarantined whether vaccinated or not, you will save a lot of money with travel insurance. Always follow proper guidelines to stay safe during your travels and stay in the UAE.

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