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Finding the best health insurance in UAE for a good health insurance plan for yourself and your family is one of the necessities of life. Having adequate health insurance in UAE ensures financial backup in case you or your family members require treatment for a covered illness.

Health Insurance UAE Plans

The above plans and premiums are for AED 150,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 21 Years for Dubai city.

However, finding the perfect insurance provider and the ideal plan for yourself can be a bit tricky considering the overwhelming number of options for health insurance in Dubai and health insurance in UAE in general. 

This piece attempts to list the best 10 health insurance companies in UAE offering a vast range of health insurance plans at affordable rates in one place. Let’s begin with:

Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies in UAE
1. AXA Gulf Insurance
2. Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company
3. Emirates Insurance Company
4. Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance
5. Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company
6. Oman Insurance Company
7. Daman Health Insurance
8. MetLife Health Insurance
9. Adamjee Health Insurance
10. Orient Health Insurance

1. AXA Gulf Insurance

One of the best medical insurance companies in the UAE, AXA Gulf is widely trusted by users to extend a protective backup against a majority of medical conditions for themselves and their families. Whether you require domestic care or face a medical emergency when abroad, AXA Gulf is always present to assist you. 

You can find several health insurance plans from popular categories like international health insurance, regional health insurance plans, local coverage, etc. Besides these plans, AXA Gulf also provides the essential benefits plan which is designed to ideally meet the minimum health insurance coverage requirement set by DHA. Notably, most health insurance plans offered by AXA Gulf can be customized to satisfy the requirements of every policyholder. 

Given below are some of the key features you can expect from an AXA Gulf health insurance plan:

  • Instant coverage for all health insurance plans within minutes of purchasing 
  • Submit claims any time and any day of the week seamlessly with AXA Gulf health insurance claim settlement department 
  • An extensive network of hospitals is associated with AXA Gulf that includes both international and domestic hospitals and clinics 
  • You can find several kinds of health insurance plans available with AXA Gulf. This includes domestic, regional, and international coverage plans. 
  • AXA Gulf health insurance plans provide worldwide medical assistance on an instantaneous basis 
  • Add-on covers like personal accident cover, dental cover, optical cover, and more can be availed with most AXA Gulf health insurance plans in the UAE
  • With a dedicated 24x7 customer support comprising multilingual executives, you can seek help regarding your policy, claim settlements, terms of the plan, renewal, and more 

AXA Gulf has collaborated with over 3,000 hospitals, clinics, and medical services providers in the UAE. This number reaches 800,000 when considering AXA Gulf network providers all over the globe. AXA Gulf also offers investigative and treatment services for critical illnesses like cancer, hepatitis B, and so forth. Depending on your selection, you may either have to take a critical illness add-on with your basic comprehensive health insurance plan or buy a separate critical illness health insurance plan for these benefits to come in.

AXA Gulf services and health plans can also be accessed via MYAXA mobile application for a seamless experience. You will receive a unique health insurance dubai card that eliminates any requirements for carrying all your insurance documents with you. 

To know more about this insurance, visit AXA Gulf Health Insurance

2. Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC)

ADNIC is one of the several regional Best health insurance providers in the UAE, popular among customers for its extensive range of medical insurance plans. Established in 1972 with its headquarters located in Abu Dhabi, ADNIC deals with various types of general insurance and reinsurance products. 

Shifa health insurance plans from ADNIC are designed for UAE residents and citizens looking for a satisfactory comprehensive health insurance plan. The Shifa range of ADNIC health insurance plans includes Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum variants. As indicated by the titles, the coverage becomes more comprehensive as you move from Bronze to Platinum variants. 

In addition to the Shifa range, ADNIC also offers the essential benefits health insurance plan and a special health insurance program for your family members and friends visiting the UAE for a short duration. 

Health insurance offer banner

The following are some of the most enticing features of ADNIC health insurance plans in the UAE:

  • All ADNIC health insurance plans include coverage for pre-existing conditions as well as chronic illnesses. However, a waiting period may be applicable on the pre-existing condition cover depending on your chosen plan. 
  • Illnesses and injuries sustained while working are also covered by ADNIC health insurance plans. 
  • Offering direct cashless claim services in over 197 countries around the world, ADNIC makes it incredibly easy to get treatment for a medical emergency even when you are not present in the UAE. 
  • Several ADNIC health insurance plans offer maternity coverage up to the annual limit of the plan to ensure proper coverage for all essential pre and post-natal expenses. 
  • The assured sum ranges up to AED 5 million with these health insurance plans.
  • ADNIC health insurance plans can be combined with optional covers like the optical cover, dental cover, etc. 
  • If you get treated from a hospital that is not on the ADNIC network hospital list, you can apply for reimbursement claims for the expenses. 
  • Platinum Shifa health insurance plan covers special expenses like organ transplants as per the actual cost of the surgery and the transplant. 
  • Other vital aspects like maternity cover, pharmaceutical cover, vaccination, and preventive services covers are also provided.  

ADNIC health insurance plans are accompanied by impeccable customer support services. You can connect with any of the multilingual customer support executives at ADNIC and resolve your issues. Instant help when you are stuck in a medical emergency is also available. ADNIC is preferred by customers for providing unconventional covers like alternate medicine covers, unlike most health insurance providers. 

To know more about this insurance, you can visit ADNIC Health Insurance

3. Emirates Insurance Company

The Emirates Insurance Company, established in 1982, was initially licensed to provide insurance services and products in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The headquarters of Emirates Insurance Company is located in Abu Dhabi. It is a semi-government organisation also known by the name Eminsco. 

There are over 30 branches of the Emirates Insurance Company spread across Dubai, Jebel Ali, Sharjah, and Al Ain. The Emirates Insurance Company offers four kinds of health insurance plans.

Let’s cover the top features of Emirates Insurance Company health insurance plans:

  • Four types of plans are available – basic, standard, enhanced, and VIP 
  • The basic health insurance plan is designed for blue-collar workers in the UAE and other low-salary employees
  • The standard health insurance plan is an affordable health insurance option with all basic health insurance benefits like in-patient and out-patient services 
  • The enhanced health insurance plans from Emirates Insurance Company come with a high assured sum limit and enhanced comprehensive coverage 
  • VIP health insurance plans are designed to provide you with premium health insurance benefits all over the world 

Emirates Insurance Company, with its dynamic customer support cell, focuses on providing its customers with excellent support and satisfaction in terms of both products and services. An NAS card is provided to ensure easy access to all network providers of the company, as it allows the providers to instantly access information about your coverage for easy and swift direct billing. 

To know more about this insurance policy, visit EMINSCO Health Insurance

4. Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance Company 

RAK Insurance, or the Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance Company, was established in 1974. While the company was established with only AED 2 million paid-up capital, it has quickly grown to AED 121 million in the form of paid-in capital and established strong roots in the world of insurance. 

Among the oldest insurance providers in the UAE, RAK Insurance aims to create insurance products that ideally match the requirements of the customers and satisfy all individual needs.

Here are the top features of RAK health insurance plans:

  • Direct billing provided for treatment at any network hospital included in your health insurance plan 
  • Reimbursement can be obtained for services taken from out-of-network hospitals in the UAE 
  • Both in-patient and out-patient benefits are covered by all RAK health insurance plans 
  • The plans also cover pre-existing conditions and chronic diseases 
  • Swift claim settlements are offered in a transparent manner 

Prioritising the availability of helpful service to customers in need, RAK Insurance ensures adequate customer support solutions for all insurance-related queries. You can easily contact RAK Insurance customer support services and get assistance 24x7. Moreover, it also offers 24x7 access to all network medical facilities in the UAE and other countries to ensure optimum medical support for all. 

To avail this insurance, you can visit RAK Medical Insurance

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5. Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company 

Popularly known as AMAN, Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company was founded in the year 2002. As the name suggests, AMAN offers exclusive Islamic health insurance plans and several other types of Islamic general insurance products. AMAN is one of the few insurance providers in the UAE which offer coverage for unique medical expenses like fertility treatments. This, besides the high quality of all insurance products, is among the many reasons making AMAN one of the most popular health insurance providers in the country. All proceedings related to insurance plans are directly overseen by a Sharia committee of AMAN. 

Described below are a few major highlights of AMAN health insurance plans available in the UAE:

  • AMAN offers five different types of health insurance plans, with each one having a unique structure and benefits 
  • Al Shamel, Wiqaya, and Himaya health insurance plans offer worldwide coverage while Mo’azara and Sanad health insurance plans offer regional coverage 
  • AMAN insurance offers up to AED 1 million as the assured sum with its health insurance plans. However, customers also receive multiple options for the assured sum for each plan. 
  • If you go for the more comprehensive AMAN health insurance plans, you can access an array of medical covers related to alternate medicine, accidental death, and repatriation cover 
  • AMAN offers quick claim settlements for all kinds of health insurance claims – whether direct or reimbursement 
  • Base plans cover all fundamental medical requirements like hospitalisation, emergency ambulance rides, room rent, lab tests, and more 
  • Additional features like dental and optical covers can be obtained as add-ons with plans like Mo’azara and Sanad. However, as comprehensive plans generally include these benefits as basic covers, you may be able to have adequate cover without the add-ons. 

AMAN operates on the principles set out by the supervising Sharia committee of the company. Owing to this fact, you can find comprehensive family health insurance plans with AMAN to cover all your dependents in a single and more pocket-friendly policy. Expect quality customer support and quick response from the customer service executives when you deal with AMAN health insurance plans. 

To know more about this insurance, you can visit Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Co. Healthcare

6. Oman Insurance Company 

Offering one of the most diverse lists of health insurance plans in the UAE, Oman Insurance Company has been a part of the UAE insurance landscape since 1975. Headquartered in Dubai, it deals with most types of general insurance products. The majority of shares of Oman Insurance Company are owned by Mashreq Bank. And that’s not all, as the Oman Insurance Company is also one of the largest publically registered insurance companies in the UAE. 

Health insurance plans offered by Oman Insurance can be categorised into two HealthPlus plans and the essential benefits plan of Dubai.

You can find below the most remarkable features of Oman health insurance plans:

  • The essential benefits plan is designed to cover low-salaried workers like domestic help, labourers, and more
  • Oman health insurance plans start only at AED 560 and cover both pre-existing and chronic health conditions
  • The HealthPlus health insurance plans from Oman Insurance Company are available in 6 different variants, with each one being of a different comprehensiveness level 
  • Oman health insurance plans offer full coverage in all emirates except for Abu Dhabi, where only emergency services are covered
  • The pre-existing conditions cover of all HealthPlus plans extends up to AED 150,000, with sub-limits applicable on treatments taken outside the UAE
  • All Oman health insurance plans (barring the essential benefit cover) provide coverage for organ transplants 
  • Oman health insurance plans from the HealthPlus category also offer an AED 50,000 life insurance cover for death due to any of its specified causes
  • Additional benefits that you can enjoy with these health insurance plans include coverage for dental and routine dental services, wellness benefits, optical, alternate medicine, and psychiatric treatment as per the variant that you choose 

With Oman health insurance plans, customers get coverage regionally as well as internationally, depending on their selected plan. The only major exception to note here is that the worldwide coverage of Oman health insurance plans excludes coverage in the USA. Other than that, if you have hired house help, you can purchase the DHA essential benefits plan. With coverage of up to AED 1 million offered by Oman insurance, you can expect sufficient assistance in case of any medical emergency. The claim process here is incredibly smooth and requires only essential documentation for quick approvals and an even quicker settlement.  

To know more about this insurance, you can visit Oman Health Insurance

7. Daman Health Insurance 

Daman Health is among the few insurance providers in the UAE that deal only in health insurance products. Daman offers health insurance plans to both individuals as well as corporates in the UAE and includes both health and travel health insurance plans. The headquarters of Daman or The National Health Insurance Company is situated in Abu Dhabi. It is the biggest health insurance company in Abu Dhabi and the third-biggest provider in Dubai. Founded in 2006, it has been the top provider of health insurance in Abu Dhabi since. 

Listed below are the highlights of Daman Health Insurance plans in the UAE:

  • Daman offers 4 basic types of health insurance plans – individual, family, essential benefit, and senior citizen health insurance plans 
  • Daman has a network of over 2,000 healthcare providers in the UAE 
  • Health insurance plans from Daman start at costs as low as AED 800 and include pre-existing cover as a basic benefit
  • The essential benefits plan of Daman Health Insurance contains all the DHA-required insurance benefits and covers 
  • All plans cover both in-patient and out-patient services as directed by the Dubai Health Authority 
  • Worldwide and regional coverage is available for several plans of the this provider 
  • Daman offers a health insurance top-up plan for Thiqa members in the UAE 

Daman also offers two exclusive health insurance plans – a travel health insurance plan for UAE residents and citizens going out of the UAE and a visitor health insurance plan for UAE travellers. Besides that, Daman offers lifestyle and fitness classes to its policyholders and has organised over 300 fitness events so far every year to enhance the general fitness level in the UAE. 

Most Daman health insurance plans are highly flexible and allow you the freedom to design your own plan. These plans are accompanied by 24x7 customer support services to enhance the user experience for all. The company is a customer-favourite in Abu Dhabi for a long time now and has over 2.5 million customers in the UAE. 

To know more about this insurance, visit Daman Health Insurance

Health insurance offer banner

8. MetLife Health Insurance 

MetLife Health Insurance has been a part of the UAE insurance field for over 65 years now is consider as one of the best health insurance in uae. It offers several insurance products like limited or categories life accidental, health life, and life-cum-investment insurance plans. MetLife Health Insurance is a global health insurance provider with a stronghold maintained in several countries around the world. In the UAE, it offers two basic health insurance covers, i.e., health insurance abroad and critical health insurance plans.

The following are the details for the same:

  • The basic MetLife Health Insurance plan covers all general services including a visit to the physician in the UAE
  • MetLife Health Insurance has a wide network of numerous hospitals, clinics, and medical centres in the UAE
  • The MetLife Health Insurance plans available in the UAE also cover prescription pharmaceuticals
  • Emergency medical treatment is covered by all MetLife Health Insurance plans
  • Preventive services like vaccination are covered as per guidelines introduced by DHA
  • Access to world-renowned specialists offered
  • Financial cover for diagnostic tests, maternity cover, physiotherapy, and more 
  • Critical illness cover benefit of the plan includes 32 critical illnesses 
  • The coverage amount for critical illnesses is AED 500,000 
  • The coverage is available worldwide and also covers second opinions as a part of the plan 

Metlife has designed its medical insurance plans to cover all basic health insurance services that might be required in the UAE. On the other hand, its critical illness cover is designed to ideally cover most critical illnesses prevailing in the UAE. A lump sum amount is offered as compensation if the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness during the tenure of the plan. This ensures proper financial support to cover the cost of treatment for your critical illness or to replace the lost income during your recovery period. MetLife customer support cell is only a phone call irrespective of the type of assistance you require for your health insurance plan. 

To know more about this insurance, visit MetLife Health Insurance

9. Adamjee Insurance

A highly regarded health insurance provider in Pakistan, Adamjee Insurance has made its way into the UAE as a part of its overseas expansion program. Opened in 1960 and listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange, Adamjee first established its name as a pioneer in Oil & Gas and Wind & Thermal energy industry but later rose to become one of the top health insurance companies in uae the insurance field. 

In the UAE, Adamjee offers highly affordable comprehensive health insurance plans designed to fulfil all DHA standards as well as the individual requirements of the customers. 

Here are some key features of Adamjee health insurance plans in the UAE:

  • Available as a family plan with up to AED 1 million annual limits
  • Adamjee health insurance plan offers worldwide coverage with up to 4 different hospital network coverage options
  • Cover for in-patient treatment services like hospitalisation, doctor consultation, intensive care, ambulance services, and more provided
  • Out-patient services are covered with deductibles that depend on your chosen plan 
  • Additional benefits like alternate medicine vaccination and other preventive services, work-related injuries, and dental cover are also covered 
  • Maternity benefits of up to AED 10,000 

Adamjee health insurance plans are ideally designed to meet variating health insurance needs of all potential policyholders. You also get the option to customise your plans as per your current requirements. Adamjee Insurance also offers a hassle-free purchasing experience and a swift claim process. You can easily submit direct claims for treatment in network hospitals and get reimbursement for treatments done outside of the network. The 24x7 customer support centre of Adamjee Insurance ensures that customers face no troubles during the tenure of their plan. Seamless online renewals and claim settlement support are also available at all times. 

To know more about this insurance, visit Adamjee Health Insurance

10. Orient Insurance Company 

Orient Insurance Company is a part of Al Futtaim Group which has been in operations since 1982. Orient has gained a distinguished stature in the insurance market of the UAE as one of the top providers of highly affordable health insurance plans. While the company deals with several types of general insurance products, it is best known for its health insurance policies. In terms of profit, it has been among the top-performing firms in the UAE. 

Covered below are the top characteristics of Orient health insurance plans available in the UAE:

  • Most Orient health insurance plans offer worldwide coverage while the other ones offer comprehensive coverage in the regional areas
  • In-patient and out-patient benefits are covered by all Orient health insurance plans 
  • The plans cover pre-existing conditions as well as chronic illnesses 
  • Highly comprehensive maternity benefit with coverage for all kinds of deliveries and pre and post-natal services 
  • Highly transparent and swift claim settlement procedure 
  • Covers all basic benefits including dental and optical services, hospitalisation, ambulance services, emergency medical treatment, and so on 
  • Keep in mind that some plans may require you to buy covers like dental and optical as add-ons 

Orient health insurance plans are available as both individual and family health insurance plans, allowing you to choose a variant as per your current requirements. The company offers plans with both worldwide and regional coverage so that you can select the ideal suitable option for yourself. In addition to generic health insurance plans, Orient Insurance also has an essential benefits plan designed for non-working UAE residents or dependents. Finally, you can contact the Orient customer support centre at any time to receive emergency assistance for your health insurance needs. 

To know more about this insurance, visit Orient Insurance Company

In a Nutshell

The UAE’s insurance landscape is laden with insurance providers offering highly competitive health and life insurance plans besides general insurance as well. However, the selection of an insurance provider and a plan that will fulfil all your requirements can ideally be done only after properly comparing the top options. 

Policybazaar.ae can help you draw a detailed comparison of the top health insurance plans as per your requirements. You can select, compare, and buy your health insurance using our universal platform with maximum ease. To ensure that you get the most value out of your health insurance plans, initiate your search for health insurance in UAE with policybazaar.ae. 


Q1: Which health insurance companies in Dubai and UAE offer cashless hospitalization facilities to the insured?

Ans: Almost all top insurance companies in UAE and Dubai offer cashless hospitalization for treatments done in one of the network hospitals. Reimbursements are available for out of network hospitals.

Q2: Can I change my health insurers? Can it be done at any point of time during my coverage period?

Ans: You can change your health insurance provider easily but this can generally be done only during the renewal or new enrolment period of your health insurance plan. The new health insurers should be notified beforehand as well.

Q3: Can I port my current health insurance plan to other health insurance companies in Dubai?

Ans: This depends on the terms and conditions laid out by your health insurance provider. If plan portability is allowed by both the current company and the new company, you can port the plan.  

Q4: How many health insurance companies are there in UAE?

Ans: There are 62 health insurers in UAE as per the data available in 2021 out of which 35 are national insurance companies based in UAE and 27 are international insurance companies.

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