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While the United Arab Emirates is replete with attractive places for visitors, Dubai is among the most popular tourist destinations in the UAE. The city attracts people with different tastes through its rare mixture of natural sceneries and architectural wonders. However, even though Dubai is one of the world’s best travel destinations to visit, nobody can guarantee a trip with no surprising events here (or anywhere in the world, for that matter).
To make yourself prepared for different types of uncertainties and emergencies, you can consider buying a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance Dubai helps you get coverage against unfortunate events like medical emergencies, accidental damage, flight cancellations, baggage loss, and more.
Keep reading to know the benefits of buying travel insurance Dubai, followed by the included and excluded covers, and steps to file a claim for the same.

Travel Insurance Dubai Insights

Particulars Specification
Travel insurance Cost Starting at AED 33
Age Range 30 days to 60-65 years
Covid-19 coverage

Mandatory quarantine stay expenses for 7 to 14 days, including the cost for RT-PCR tests and medicines.

Duration of Insurance Single trip: A trip of up to 90 days or up to the return date (whichever is earlier )
Multi-trip: Valid up to 1 year with maximum coverage of up to 90 days per trip
Medical Benefits
  • Accidental Death
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Hospital Daily Cash Allowance
  • Loss of Baggage
  • Trip Cancellation Cover
  • Missed Departure or Connection Flights
  • Emergency dental expenses
  • Adventure Sports Cover
  • Luxury Item Loss Cover
  • Pre-Existing Medical Disease
Covers Family Available with most plans
Claim procedure Can Claim both online and offline
Claim Settlement Period Varies with insurer

Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance Dubai

Here is a list of benefits you can enjoy when buying travel insurance Dubai.

Complete Protection:

With a travel insurance Dubai plan , you can get complete protection against any loss or damage caused to you or your family members while travelling. The coverage includes protection against trip cancellations, trip delays, baggage loss, baggage delay, etc.

Worldwide Coverage:

Most travel insurance Dubai plans offer worldwide coverage. So no matter what location you are travelling to across the globe, your insurance company always has your back. The best part here is that the insurers in Dubai offer full-time available help and support that you can contact in case of any emergencies.

No Age Discrimination:

Most life and health insurance plans in Dubai come with certain age limits and restrictions. However, travel insurance plans have no such limitations, and people from any age group can apply for travel insurance Dubai plans.  

Cancellation Refunds:

No matter how excited you are about your upcoming travel, you must always be ready for uncertainties. And while medical emergencies are possible, there could always be some cancellations due to avoidable reasons that cause significant loss still. Travel insurance Dubai supports you in such circumstances and compensates for your cancelled trip expenses.

Emergency Medical Expenses:

Besides various other benefits, travel insurance Dubai also covers emergency medical expenses incurred due to an accident or bodily injury caused while travelling. If anything like this happens, all you need to do is contact the insurance company and report a claim for the same.

What Is Covered in Travel Insurance Dubai?

Several covers are included in travel insurance Dubai that can be viewed below.

Medical Coverage

Covid-19 Cover:

Travel insurance Dubai plans cover coronavirus treatment in case you get infected with the same while travelling. You can visit the nearest network hospital of your insurance company and get quality medical treatment with a hassle-free cashless claim.

Medical Cover:

The injuries caused to you while travelling are also covered in travel insurance Dubai plans. You will have to visit one of the network hospitals and file a cashless claim to get the expenses covered. To get the approval, you will need to submit all the medical reports and other required documents.

Hospital Cash Allowance:

In case you cannot find a network hospital, you can utilise the hospital cash allowance provided by the insurer. Most travel insurance companies in Dubai offer this allowance to help you pay for medical bills at quick notice in case of a lack of network hospitals in the vicinity. 

Hospital Expenses:

Your travel insurance Dubai also covers hospitalisation expenses in case you get admitted to a hospital due to some medical emergency while travelling. Some insurance plans go a step ahead and also pay for ambulance and medicines costs.

Family Compassionate Visit Cover:

In case you meet with an accident and get injured while travelling,  travel insurance Dubai offers family compassionate visit cover for your family members to easily visit you in the hospital besides the usual benefits and covers.

Baggage-Related Coverage

Baggage Loss Cover:

Travel insurance Dubai provides baggage loss cover against the loss of baggage after checking in to the airport.

Baggage Delay Cover:

Besides baggage cover, travel insurance plans in Dubai also cover baggage delays as the latter can also potentially lead to changes in schedule and bookings in cases like connecting flights and so on. You can easily report a claim for the same by calling the help and support team of your insurance company.

Personal Documents Cover:

In case you have lost your passport or other documents while travelling, the insurance for Dubai travels also helps you recover your documents. However, not all the plans cover all the documents as some of them only cover the loss of your passport. Make sure you check the same with your insurance company before purchasing a plan.

Trip-Related Coverage

Trip Cancellation/Curtailment Cover:

In case your trip gets cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the travel insurance Dubai helps you cover financial losses on travel and accommodation bookings.

Hotel Booking Cover:

in case of flight cancellations or missed departures, travel insurance Dubai covers the cost of accommodation bookings. 

Personal Liability Cover:

Personal liability cover is also included in travel insurance plans in Dubai. With this cover, you can get protection against all kinds of accidental personal liability incurred while you are on the insured trip.

Delayed Departure Cover:

Travel insurance Dubai also provides covers for delayed flight departures and pays for the loss or damage caused in such conditions. 

Missed Departure Cover:

Besides delayed departures, travel insurance plans in Dubai also cover missed departures and compensate for the amount you spent on your flight tickets.

Hijack Cover:

While plane hijacking is an extremely rare event, your insurance for Dubai travel compensates for loss or damage caused in case of such an event.

Optional Coverage and Add-Ons

Dental Cover: Dental cover is one of the optional covers that you can add to your travel insurance policy in Dubai to extend the coverage. With this cover, the insurance company covers all your dental treatments and medications you take while travelling.

Sports Cover: Several travel insurance plans in Dubai cover bodily injuries, loss, or damages caused due to adventures and sports. The add-on covers equipment, bookings, and medical treatment related to such sports if included in the policy.

Luxury Item Loss Cover: A travel insurance plan in Dubai allows you to get your luxury items covered along with the baggage. Simply include the cover in your insurance policy to provide cover if the loss of any of these occurs.

Pre-Existing Medical Diseases: You can discover various health insurance plans in Dubai covering pre-existing medical diseases. However, this is not the case with travel insurance Dubai plans. To get coverage for the same, you can include this add-on to your insurance policy.

Electric Gadget Covers: Customers have the option of including requisite add-ons to cover the loss or damage caused to valuable electrical gadgets like cameras, mobile phones, laptops, and more.

Best Travel Insurance Dubai Providers

adamjee-health-insurance allianz-health-insurance Oman Travel Insurance Orient Travel Insurance Emirates Travel Insurance
RSA Travel Insurance Union Travel Insurance AIG Travel Insurance AXA Travel Insurance  

What Is Not Covered in Travel Insurance Dubai?

While several situations are covered in the basic insurance and add-ons, there are also a few things not covered by travel insurance Dubai. Given below is a list of some of the key exclusions.

  • Bodily injuries or illnesses caused due to dangerous or illegal activities
  • Bodily injuries or illnesses caused under the influence of alcohol
  • Hospitalisation and treatment for pre-existing diseases are not covered unless an add-on is included
  • Bodily injuries or illnesses caused under the influence of alcohol
  • Self-inflicted injuries or events like suicide are not covered
  • Bodily injuries or illnesses caused by substance abuse
  • Damages or losses caused due to war or war-like situations
  • Any kind of pregnancy complications
  • Bodily injuries or illnesses caused due to radioactivity or radioactive substances 
  • Any kind of non-medical expenses
  • Medical treatments for obesity 
  • Cosmetic treatments 

Eligibility Criteria for Buying Travel Insurance Dubai

Here are the eligibility criteria you must meet when buying a travel insurance plan in Dubai.

  • You must be 18 years old or more.
  • You must be a UAE resident.
  • You are required to have a valid identity and address proof.
Travel Insurance by Age Group 
Travel Insurance for over 65 Travel Insurance for over 70 Travel Insurance for over 75

Documents Required to Get Travel Insurance Dubai

Keeping the list of documents required to buy a travel insurance plan in Dubai handy leads to an easy and hassle-free process. Following are some of the major documents required for the process.

  • Emirates ID
  • A valid passport with a residency visa
  • Travel Visa
  • Covid-19 travel documents
  • Flight tickets
  • Accommodation bookings
  • Travel itinerary details

How to Find the Best Travel Insurance Dubai?

Here are a few simple steps you can follow when choosing the best travel insurance plan in Dubai.

Discover Insurance Needs:

Before starting with the process, first analyse your needs and evaluate the amount of travel insurance you will need to cover your travel against unfortunate events like trip cancellations, baggage delays, trip delays, accidental injuries, and more.

Explore Your Options:

Once you are aware of know what you need, start exploring your options by visiting our travel insurance section. The best part about choosing this option is that you get plenty of travel insurance plans in Dubai on the same portal. This helps you explore their benefits and make an informed decision.

Calculate the Premium:

Although Dubai travel insurance costs are reasonable for most of the insurers, make sure that you compare the plans and choose the one with higher coverage. You can use a travel insurance calculator to evaluate the amount of premium you need to pay after purchasing the plan. 

Go through Terms and Conditions:

Don’t forget to go through the terms and conditions of your chosen travel insurance plan in Dubai, as this helps you learn the plan better and equips you to get the best out of it.

Check the Schedule of Charges:

Checking the schedule of fees and charges is also essential to understand the travel insurance Dubai prices better and avoid paying any extra amount. 

Buy a Plan Online:

You can easily buy travel insurance in UAE by simply visiting your chosen insurer’s portal. Now that you have chosen the best travel insurance Dubai plan and know its premium requirements as well, you can go ahead and buy it without making any delay. You can also visit our travel insurance section and start with the purchase process by filling out the application form and providing the required documents at the time of purchase.

Best Travel Insurance for Dubai

Here is a comprehensive list of cheap travel insurance for Dubai:

Plan Name  Medical Cover Max Duration Starting from Price
Alliance Insurance AED 150,000 90 days/trip AED 33
Orient Insurance AED 150,000 92 days/trip AED 183
See More Plans >>

Types of Travel Insurance Claims You Can File in Dubai?

There are three major types of travel insurance claims in Dubai that you can report to your insurance company.

  • Medical Treatment Claims: Travel medical claims are the claims that you report when you get injured or suffer from some serious medical issues while travelling. Travel Insurance in Dubai offers coverage for such medical treatments, which can be obtained by contacting the insurance company and filing a claim by providing all the details. You can also avail of cashless benefits at network hospitals of your insurer. 
  • Trip-Related Claims: With travel insurance Dubai, you have the choice to file claims for trip-related issues such as baggage delay, baggage loss, trip cancellations, flight delays, and more unexpected events.
  • Loss of Personal Belongings Claims: Travel insurance Dubai also allows you to file a claim for loss or damage of your personal belongings, which can include documents, gadgets, cash, etc. 

How to Claim Travel Insurance Dubai?

Here is how you can easily make a travel insurance claim in Dubai.

  • Report the Claim: There are multiple ways of filing a claim on travel insurance Dubai. You can either visit the insurer’s online portal and fill out the claims form or call their help and support desk to report the claim. In case of medical emergencies, you can visit one of the network hospitals and claim cashless benefits. Just make sure that you carry your insurance card and show it at the chosen hospital to avail of the benefits.
  • Submit the Documents: After filing the claim, you will be requested to send your insurance documents to the insurance company via email or fax. 
  • Wait for the Approval: All the detailed reports of medical treatments, diagnostics, and tests have to be provided in order to get the claim amount disbursed. Once you have submitted all the documents, wait for approval from the travel insurance company.

How to Renew a Travel Insurance Policy in Dubai?

Similar to making a travel insurance claim in Dubai, renewing your travel insurance Dubai is a pretty straightforward process. Here’s how you can complete the process.

  1. Visit the Portal: You can easily renew your travel insurance Dubai by visiting your insurer’s online portal, where you can enter your policy number to fetch your details and click on renew.
  2. Pay the Premium: Next, you will need to pay the required amount of insurance premium to renew your travel insurance plan. This is the time when you can receive the no claims bonus adjusted into your premium amount.
  3. Check the Status: After paying the premium, your travel insurance plan will be renewed. You can check the status of your insurance plan by logging in to the portal again. 

Key Takeaways

  • Check the duration of travel covered by your travel insurance company. 
  • Make sure you go through all the terms and conditions of your travel insurance plan. 
  • Always keep the receipt of your travel insurance premium payment.
  • Do not forget to carry your travel insurance Dubai documents when starting your travel.
  • Make no delay in calling the insurance company and asking for assistance in case of any emergency.
  • Visit our travel insurance section to check out your options and make the right choice.


How to get medical insurance for a visitor visa in Dubai?

You can apply for a medical insurance plan for a visitor visa online in Dubai at Visit the website, compare the insurance plans offered, go through the reviews about the best plan, and include add-ons if required. You can also score special discounts on the premium rates.

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