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Lebanon is a Western Asian country between Syria, Israel and Cyprus across the Mediterranean Sea. This country’s location in the Arabian Hinterland has played a major part in its cultural diversity and rich history.
Apart from oil and other trading operations, tourism has emerged as a growing contributor to this country’s economy. Every year, this country attracts tourists from across the globe to visit different parts of this country.
So, as a UAE national, if you have plans to visit this country, or are planning a trip, then do not forget to purchase travel insurance for Lebanon.

Lebanon travel insurance

A travel insurance policy is a curated financial product that extends monetary coverage in case of any mishaps during your travel. The scope of coverage includes coverage for loss of luggage, medical emergencies, etc.

Therefore, obtaining travel insurance for Lebanon will ensure that you have a great trip without worrying about anything.

Benefits of obtaining travel insurance for Lebanon

Travel insurance has several benefits that prevent people from facing any unwanted or unknown adversities. Following is a list of benefits of such policies –

Personal liability cover

Obtaining travel insurance allows people to claim it in case of any situations that threaten their life or damage their property. This comes under the personal liability cover of Lebanon to uae travel insurance. However, any liabilities due to participation in any unlawful activities will not come under the scope of such policies.

Third-party liability cover

Additionally, if any third-party liabilities occur during your trip to Lebanon, then a travel insurance plan like this will offer the needed financial coverage.

Travel-related assistance 

Frequent schedule changes are quite common where travelling is concerned. People are not strangers to sudden cancellations in their airline tickets or delays that jolt their itineraries. As such, being insured proves quite useful in preventing the expenditures and hassles that such changes incur.

Coverage against Covid-19 treatment

Despite vaccinations going on at an impressive pace throughout the world, the incidence of contracting COVID-19 can never be truly discounted owing to varying circumstances.

This is where travel insurance proves to be quite useful as it covers all the medical bills and other aspects of dealing with the same.

Coverage against other medical expenses

A travel insurance plan like this also includes coverage against daily hospital expenses, medicines, etc., as mentioned in the policy terms. 

Personal belongings misplacement assistance

In an airport, the chance of misplacing personal goods or luggage or having them stolen always remains or exists. In such scenarios, being insured allows for the financial reimbursement of personal items.  

These benefits should prove effective in answering the question of whether travel insurance is mandatory for Lebanon or not. The final choice, however, remains with you, the prospective policy buyer.

Travel insurance for Lebanon: Types

Following are some of the sub-types of travel insurance online for Lebanon –

Insurance for annual multi-trip

In case you travel to take multiple trips to Lebanon within a year, then this form of insurance is ideal for you. 

Insurance for a single trip 

This form of insurance extends coverage if you happen to be travelling to Lebanon for only a single trip, for, say, a vacation, etc.

Insurance for students

If students happen to visit Lebanon, then they can opt for an insurance plan like this. It will offer the necessary coverage during their stay.

Insurance for family travel

A family travel insurance will reimburse the expenses incurred during the trip. This will include the policyholder, his/her spouse, children and parents. You can also add other members if you want, with an extra premium cost.

Insurance for seniors’ travel

If you are travelling to Lebanon as a senior citizen, then this insurance plan can protect your financial interests from any unwanted mishaps or medical expenses. 

Lebanon visa requirements

For people arriving from the UAE, they need not worry about procuring a visa beforehand, as Lebanon allows them to have a free visa stamped on their passports upon arrival at the airport at the immigration centre.

Documents required to travel to Lebanon from UAE

  • Emirates ID
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of address
  • Medical certificates, if any

If you are visiting Lebanon, then do not forget to take a trip down to the following places –

Jeita Grotto

An ancient cave that spans two levels, the Jeita Grotto is one of those places in the city that tourists and visitors should not miss.

Baalbek Ruins

Baalbek was the site for the ancient Grecian city of Heliopolis, named for the Titan Sun God, Helios. As such, visitors can discover mostly well-preserved structures of the temple of Juno, the temple of Bacchus, the God of Wine, etc.


The ruins of Anjar make for a fascinating visit as Anjar was the site of a fortified city rooted in the ways of the Umayyad. People visiting this 8th century or 1200-year-old site can explore the Islamic architecture-style arches, the Roman baths, etc., that will enchant them.


A place in the city that has an 8000-year history, Byblos is one place where you can feel the ages gone by, due to the presence of popular landmarks like the Castle of the Crusaders, an ancient harbour etc. and so on.


It is a very popular spot for both natives and tourists owing to the place's free-flowing atmosphere. People looking for a spot in the city to unwind or party should visit Hamra, where they can sip coffee or something a little stronger and watch life go by.

Best time to visit Lebanon

To have the best experience possible, people should ideally visit the city of Lebanon in spring, when the weather and temperature are pleasant.

Top Places To Visit in Lebanon

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to Lebanon from the UAE?

You can now purchase travel insurance for Lebanon online with a few clicks from a policy provider’s official website. However, if you are looking for details, take a glimpse of what is there in the market. Head over to Here you can read about different policies from multiple insurance companies, compare and then choose.

Here is a step-by-step guide on the process of buying from PolicyBazaar –

Step 1: Go to the Travel Insurance option on PolicyBazaar UAE’s site.

Step 2: Click on the Proceed tab and select from the trip type as single or multi-trip annual. 

Step 3: Fill up the personal details.

Step 4: Click on the View Quotes or Get Quotes tab to see the offers from a host of insurance providers.

Step 5: Select a plan that meets your needs and pay the premium to complete this process.

You will get policy confirmation via registered contact details.



If I fall ill in Lebanon, will my travel insurance cover that?

Yes, your travel insurance will cover your illness costs.

What is the validity of my travel insurance?

The validity of your travel insurance for Lebanon starts the day you commence your trip and ends the day you come back.

Can I terminate my travel insurance if I cancel the trip? Will I get a refund?

In case you cancel the trip before the commencement of the policy, you can cancel it with appropriate reasons and proof. However, about the refund, that will be at the discretion of the insurance providers and their terms.

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