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A dream destination for adventure seekers and leisure travellers alike, Indonesia is a paradise for travellers. The natural beauty of Indonesia is breathtaking. The beauty of this country has led to it becoming a popular tourist destination among both local and foreign travellers. The extensive network of beaches in Indonesia is one of the many reasons that draw tourists all year round. You can explore Indonesia's fascinating beauty without having to bring a hefty bag of worries with you. Include travel insurance for Indonesia when planning your trip to protect yourself from medical and non-medical emergencies.

Indonesia Travel Insurance

Indonesia travel insurance is a wise choice when visiting the country from the UAE. There is nothing worse than an unexpected incident occurring on vacation. An Indonesia travel insurance policy is the best way to protect yourself during a vacation from any unexpected instances. In spite of Indonesia's safety, travellers may encounter troubles such as luggage loss, flight cancellations, medical emergencies and lost passports. 

In the event of a natural disaster, while you are on vacation, you can feel protected with travel insurance. You may be covered for evacuation and medical assistance under travel insurance, as well as reimbursement for trip costs if a natural disaster occurs before your trip.

An Indonesia travel insurance plan can be just what you need to safeguard yourself in these cases. A travel insurance policy may also provide assistance if your luggage is stolen. Travel insurance covers its policyholders from such unforeseen events. Not only does it protect against delayed and lost luggage, theft, flight delays and flight and hotel cancellation, but also covers health emergencies. There is a range of cheap travel insurance for Indonesia on the internet available to you at your fingertips. 

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Indonesia?

Culture and scenery enhance each other in Indonesia, with beaches, mountains, lakes and city skylines combining to make a truly unique holiday destination. Indonesia is the perfect place for vacations. Having travel insurance is helpful when you are travelling from the UAE to Indonesia. A sound plan will allow you to handle any unforeseeable adversity and enjoy a stress-free trip, without incurring additional expenses. You can also opt for travel insurance for Indonesia online to make it hassle-free. Here is a list of expenses your travel insurance for Indonesia will cover for you.

Accidental and Medical Emergencies

It is absolutely safe to travel to Indonesia, but the risks of untoward mishaps can never be ruled out. In case of a medical emergency, while travelling from the UAE to Indonesia, your travel insurance for the country will cover your medical expenses. Travel insurance for Indonesia can cover all expenses incurred due to illness or accidents during your trip.  

Delay or Loss of Luggage

To protect you from severe financial difficulties while travelling to Indonesia, your travel insurance will provide you with emergency cash assistance and reimbursement for lost belongings. 

Theft or Passport Loss

When travelling abroad, your passport is the most important document. The loss of it while travelling can cause you a great deal of trouble. Having travel insurance for Indonesia can help you cover the passport replacement cost. Be sure to keep your passport and wallet separate, and avoid carrying all your money at once or in the same place. Keep an eye out in social settings, too.

Medical Evacuation in Case of Emergency

 Emergency medical evacuation is another problem that your travel insurance for Indonesia might cover. Your insurance provider covers all evacuation costs and medical facilities in the event of natural disasters like earthquakes and flooding. 

Flight-related Adversities -

Getting stuck at the airports because of flight cancellations or delays can be a nightmare while you're on vacation, but travel insurance for Indonesia covers these issues as well as other flight-related problems.

Other Liabilities

Other unforeseen travel liabilities can pose a problem. During your trip, you may be able to get reimbursed for these expenses by your Indonesia travel insurance policy.

Single Trip Travel Insurance for Indonesia

This travel insurance only covers one trip to Indonesia for the specified time period. Once you depart for a journey, the policy takes effect and ends after you return. You can obtain these policies under the following plans:

Family Travel Insurance for Indonesia

The policy provides coverage for each member of the family going to Indonesia

Individual Travel Insurance for Indonesia

This policy only covers solo travellers going to Indonesia. Among the plan's benefits is health insurance for travel to Indonesia, trip-related benefits and baggage loss coverage. 

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance for Indonesia

Senior citizens above 65 years travelling to Indonesia can obtain special travel insurance which caters to their needs.   

Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance for Indonesia

One policy covers multiple trips throughout the year. You can get multiple trips covered under the plan. It is the best choice for people who are required to visit Indonesia at least three times a year for work or other purposes. Business trips are also covered by this policy.

Other plans you can opt for include - 

International Travel Insurance for Indonesia

It extends coverage in every country you may visit around the world. This plan offers protection in any country you travel to including Indonesia. 

Student Travel Insurance for Indonesia

These policies are ideal for students between the ages of 16 and 35 pursuing their education in Indonesia. This plan also provides sponsor and study interruption coverage in addition to basic medical coverage. 

Indonesia Visa Requirements:

  • UAE residence permit valid for 30 days
  • Original passport (6 months minimum validity)
  • Original NOC letter stating designation, joining date, salary and the purpose of travel addressing the Indonesia Consulate
  • Copy of valid trade license and self-introduction letter stating monthly income for self-employed travellers; passport information for corporate partners, investors and owners
  • 3 copies of recent photograph with white background (size of 3.5*4.5 CM)
  • Bank statement from the past three months, either online with a bank stamp or the original
  • An invitation letter from a friend or relative in China can be a useful tool for applying for an Indonesia visa
  • A letter of invitation from an Indonesian company is required to obtain a Chinese business visa copy of Emirates id

Documents Required to Travel from UAE to Indonesia?

In addition to travel insurance documents, here are some other essential documents you should have with you when travelling to Indonesia from the UAE:

  1. Travel visa for Indonesia
  2. Valid passport with a 6-month or more validity
  3. Your proof of stay in Indonesia
  4. ID proof and residential proof of the UAE
  5. Medical prescriptions of illnesses if required
  6. Covid-19 vaccination certificate or covid-19 negative report according to the guidelines

There is something to appeal to everyone in Indonesia, from beach lovers to adventurers looking to experience thrilling hikes. A day relaxing on a beautiful beach or just strolling while you explore this country are just some of the activities you can enjoy while you explore this country. Here are some of the famous tourist destinations you must visit on your Indonesia trip: 


The capital of East Java and a vibrant port city, Surabaya blends old colonial charm and modernity. It is known as the "City of Heroes" because of its modern high-rise buildings, canals and Dutch structures. Indonesia's second-largest city, Surabaya, is home to the birthplace of the independence movement and has a rich history.


Sabang is made up of the largest island, Weh, as well as a number of smaller islands off the northern tip of Sumatra. It is located 14 km northwest of Sumatra on Pulau Weh, a magnificent volcanic island. Unspoiled coral reefs surround Sabang, offering great opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving. Sumur Tiga Beach, just 5 km east of the town, is one of the best places to visit here. Besides the old colonial villas, Sabang is also full of traditional fishing hamlets with a calming feel. A visit here is perfect for simply relaxing and rejuvenating.


The sprawling capital and port of Lembar, 64 km east of Bali, has a number of delights including some beautiful beaches. The peaceful temples and well-maintained gardens of Mataram are just a few steps from Lembar harbour. Take a ride in the colourful Bemo bus, a local favourite. In Lembar, there is the well-stocked West Nusa Tenggara State Museum, the well-kept Narmada Park and a temple dating back to the eighteenth century.

Komodo Island:

The Komodo Island, which boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Komodo National Park, is famed for its terrifying monitor lizards. The combination of white sand beaches, emerald grass and steep hillsides is breathtaking. A major attraction of Komodo is its pink sand beach. Komodo offers you the laziness of a tropical retreat. Explore the east coast on guided walks and treks.


Jakarta, Indonesia's sprawling capital, will astound you with a plethora of things happening at the same time. Modernised restaurants, clubs and malls exist in the city, but the city also preserves its history through the historical town Kota and the well-kept museums. The stories of Jakarta will never cease to amaze you. Jakarta is also renowned for its friendly citizens. There is a lot to discover in Jakarta, from Chinatown's aromatic streets to the wild nightlife in northern Jakarta. The city offers a wide variety of attractions, including historical museums, amusement parks, zoos and religious sites.


Belawan, the fourth-largest island in the world and Indonesia's busiest port outside Java, is located on Sumatra, the world's largest island. For its impressive Chinese and Dutch architecture of the colonial era, Medan city is a must-see in Belawan's port.  As well as being the entry point to the largest volcanic lake in the world, Lake Toba, this city is a flourishing sanctuary for orangutans. The Belawan Waterfall is one of the most delightful attractions in the area. Besides enjoying the sumptuous local cuisine, you can also visit museums and a zoo while on a cruise to and from Belawan.


There are many things that make this pretty Indonesian island so popular, including terraced rice paddies, coral reefs, tranquil beaches and volcanoes surrounded by lush forests. Numerous sacred sites dot this region, including the Uluwatu Temple perched on a clifftop. There is a strong following of Balinese tradition among the people of Bali, which makes them stand out from other people. A strong culture is evident in their dances, crafts, temples and rituals.

Best Places To Visit in Indonesia

Best Time to Visit Indonesia: 

In terms of tourist seasons, May, June and September are the ideal months to travel to Indonesia. This is the time when the weather is pleasant and the crowds are minimal.

Low seasons, which last from October to April, also coincide with rainy periods. Papua and the Maluku Islands are perfect places to go scuba diving during these months. You can find some exceptional accommodation deals during these months. 

Tourists flock to Indonesia during the high season, especially in July and August. Consequently, prices can soar up to 50 per cent during these months. The most popular tourist attractions will also see large crowds of visitors, so be prepared to spend more on your trip.

How to Get Travel Insurance for Indonesia Online from UAE?

Visit the insurance provider's official website to buy travel insurance for Indonesia online or use Policybazaar UAE to make the purchase. The following steps can guide you through the process of getting travel insurance from a UAE provider:

  • Go to the official website of the insurance provider
  • Choose between the inbound and outbound options when you click on the ‘Travel Insurance’ service
  • Choose the outbound option if you are travelling to Indonesia 
  • Specify your nationality as well as the date the trip starts and ends, the number of people travelling and the destination to which you are travelling
  • Next, select the ‘Get Quote’ option 
  • Various travel insurance for Indonesia plans will be available to you; you can choose the one that suits your needs 
  • On the new page that appears, you will need to enter the personal details of each travelling member 
  • Choose whether to review your policy or submit it 
  • Read through the details and pay the premium 

If you are interested in purchasing a plan from Policybazaar UAE, please follow the following steps:

  • Click the ‘Travel Insurance’ tab on our website 
  • To travel outside the UAE, select the ‘Travel Out’ option and then click the ‘Proceed’ button 
  • State whether the trip is a single trip or an annual multi-trip
  • Give the dates of your trip and the country to which you are travelling, i.e. Indonesia
  • You will need to specify the number of people travelling with you and their age
  • You will be redirected to a new page with the best quotes when you fill in your personal and contact information and click on the ‘View Quotes’ tab.
Do we need travel insurance to Indonesia?

Indonesia will require international travellers to purchase travel insurance as of April 12, 2022. The specific travel insurance coverage required to enter Indonesia is medical coverage for covid-19 and medical evacuation.

Do I need health insurance for Bali, Indonesia?

Covid-19 covered medical expenses are mandatory for visitors to Bali.

Does Bali have a good reputation for safety?

Bali is a safe place to travel because the Indonesian Government has implemented strict measures to combat terrorism. It is therefore recommended to make sure you are financially secure before you travel to Bali by acquiring a travel insurance policy.

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