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Denmark is beautiful and among the safest destinations for solo trips as well as trips with friends and families. However, it is important to have travel insurance in place to protect yourself and your loved ones from unexpected events that may occur while you are on your trip. 

Travel insurance is designed to ease your mind and provide financial protection in case of an emergency. With the right travel insurance, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about the ‘what ifs’. In this article, we have provided you with all the necessary information regarding travel insurance in Denmark. 

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to Denmark from the UAE? 

Obtaining travel insurance for Denmark is a fairly easy process. You can apply for travel insurance either through our website or via the provider’s website. Mentioned below is the step-by-step process of applying through both platforms -  

Via Policybazaar UAE

It is convenient to get travel insurance for Denmark through our website - you can apply with just a few taps! You can also browse through our online platform without any hassle and explore multiple options to choose from. 

In case you come across any issues while applying for a travel insurance policy, you can simply reach out to our customer representative team at any time of the day. 

Check out the steps to apply for Denmark travel insurance from our site -   

  1. On our website - - select the ‘General Insurance’ menu on the homepage and click on ‘Travel Insurance’. 
  2. Proceed further as per the on-screen instructions and fill out the lead form. 
  3. Select the relevant options and provide details related to yourself, other passengers, destination, duration of the trip, and so on. 
  4. Once you submit all the required details, the quotes page will appear. 
  5. Check out the plans and compare them. 
  6. Apply for your preferred plan and wait for a representative to connect with you with respect to the remaining procedures. 

The major benefit of applying for travel insurance from our site is that you can find the best plans from the leading providers in one place. So instead of visiting multiple sites or branches, you can simply explore our platform and comfortably apply for a plan. 

Via Provider’s Website 

If you wish to apply for travel insurance Denmark from the official website of your provider, refer to the following steps -    

  • Step1: Click on the travel insurance drop-down menu and select between inbound and outbound options.
  • Step2: For travelling abroad, click on the outbound option. 
  • Step3: Type in the destination you are travelling to.
  • Step4: Fill in other details like the start and the end date of the trip, the number of people travelling, and others.
  • Step5: Check out the available plans and complete the purchase process. 

Via Branch 

To purchase your travel insurance Denmark in person, you can also go to your nearest provider’s branch and get in touch with one of the experts. You can then follow the instructions of the assigned official and make the payment. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you.

Benefits of Denmark Travel Insurance 

Having a Denmark travel insurance policy, as mentioned earlier, allows you to explore the country without any stress. With travel insurance Denmark, you do not have to panic in case of any inconvenience such as the loss of personal documents, lost or missing baggage, emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation fees, and more. 

Let’s see what are the major coverages of this type of travel insurance in detail below -  

Stolen or Lost Luggage

In case you come across an inconvenience during your trip like stolen or lost luggage, you can rely on your travel insurance for financial assistance. Most travel insurance plans provide compensation for lost items and even help in securing replacements for important documents. 

Emergency Medical Expenses

In case you suffer an injury or an accident on your trip, travel insurance can surely come in handy. Your insurance provider can cover the costs of your medical treatment and even help you return to your home country if necessary. This way, you won't have to worry about how to finance the treatment in the event of a major injury. 

Personal Liability Cover

Having a travel insurance policy in Denmark will provide you with coverage if you are responsible for any third-party loss or damage as well as the associated legal fees. However, it is important to note that none of the travel insurance companies offer personal liability coverage if the loss or damage is due to the consumption of drugs or alcohol. 

COVID-19 Coverage

If you test COVID-19 positive while travelling, you can avail of coverage for quarantine, RT-PCR tests, and other associated treatments with most travel insurance plans. This type of coverage is now available to ensure that you are financially protected in the event of contracting the virus while travelling. 

Trip Cancellation or Trip Curtailment

If your flight is cancelled or curtailed due to technical issues with the flight or bad weather conditions, you may have to face a significant loss in the form of cancellation and other related fees and charges. However, if you file a claim for your trip curtailment or cancellation, your insurance company can reimburse you for any non-refundable expenses such as accommodations, flights, and so forth. 

Missed or Delayed Flight Departure

If unfavourable conditions cause you to miss or delay your flight, travel insurance can reimburse you for any additional expenses you may have incurred. With comprehensive coverage, you can be sure that you will be protected against the financial losses that could arise from such an unfortunate situation. 

What are the Different Types of Travel Insurance in Denmark? 

When purchasing a travel insurance policy from the UAE for travelling to Denmark, you can get the following types of insurance plans:  

Single Trip Travel Insurance - Single-trip travel insurance has been designed to offer coverage for a single trip up to the specified limit of days. The policy gets activated on the day of departure from the UAE and expires when the insured individuals return.  

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance - Those availing of annual multi-trip travel insurance get covered for all trips they make in a year. This type of travel insurance remains valid for a year and covers all the trips to the specified country or region in the said year. Similar to single-trip insurance, multi-trip travel insurance can be obtained for individuals, families, and even for business purposes.  

Both single-trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance plans have the following categorisations -  

Individual Travel Insurance - Individual travel insurance is a plan that covers the costs associated with a variety of unexpected events for a single person while they are travelling. This type of insurance provides coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and more. 

Family Travel Insurance - Family travel insurance financially protects the entire family when they are on a trip. It covers a variety of losses such as medical expenses, baggage loss, trip cancellation, and more. It's a great way to ensure that your family is safe and secure while travelling. 

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance - Individuals above the age of 65 years are eligible for senior citizen travel insurance in the UAE. Under this type of insurance, senior citizens will get coverage for emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation or delayed departure, and much more.  

Student Travel Insurance - A student travel insurance policy is available for those planning to pursue their higher education in Denmark. With this type of insurance, students get covered not only for their travel-related inconveniences but study-related interruptions as well.  

Denmark Visa Requirements 

After you have booked your tickets, the next step is to apply for a Denmark visa. As Denmark is a Schengen country, you are required to obtain a Schengen visa.

To carry out the Denmark visa application process, you must meet a few requirements - 

Photographs: You must have two identical passport-size photographs. Note that the photographs must not be not older than three months.

A valid passport: Keep in mind that the passport must not be older than 10 years and must be valid for at least 3 to 6 months after the arrival in UAE.

UAE residence permit proof: The validity of the residence permit must extend at least three months after you depart from Denmark.

Cover letter: You must mention the purpose of your visit to Denmark in the cover letter and provide details related to your flight and accommodation in the Schengen country.

Travel itinerary: The document must have your flight details, such as the date and time of arriving in Denmark from the UAE and departing from the country.

Accommodation proof: This type of document must have all the necessary details of your stay in Denmark. The accommodation proof can include hotel, hostel, rental apartment details, or even an invitation letter from your respective host.

Proof of finance during the stay: The Denmark Schengen visa applicant must have valid financial proof, such as bank statements, to prove the availability of funds during the stay.

Travel insurance policy: Obtaining a travel insurance policy before travelling to a Schengen country with a Schengen visa is compulsory.

Civil status proof: This document can include a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or even the death certificate of the individual’s spouse.

Employment status proof: The documents vary as per your employment type. 

  • For Employed Individuals
    • Employment contract
    • Leave permission from the current employer
    • Bank account statement for the previous six months 
  • For Self-Employed Individuals
    • A valid copy of the business licence
    • Bank account statement of the company for the past six months 

Note: That apart from these visa requirements, the other essential documents vary as per the purpose of your visit, your nationality, and more.  

What are the Documents Required to Travel from the UAE to Denmark? 

Here is the list of documents to keep in handy as you may be required to show them at the international airport -  

  • Original Emirates IDs of all travellers 
  • Valid passport of all travellers
  • Denmark visas for all travellers
  • Valid document mentioning your residential address
  • Relevant medical certificates 
  • Valid documents mentioning your journey details, including the date of departure and arrival 

If you are planning to visit Denmark soon and already making the travel itinerary, make sure to include the following cities in your visiting list -   

1. Copenhagen 

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is also the biggest city in the country. Along with its magnificent architecture, the city is also known to have some of the oldest monarchies in the world. Its jaw-dropping royal artefacts have been popular for ages. Additionally, Copenhagen is categorised as one of the happiest cities globally due to shorter workdays, tuition-free universities and colleges, and more.  

2. Roskilde

Despite being a smaller city, Roskilde is indeed worth a visit due to its quaint history. The city is even more charming during the summers as there are a plethora of activities to do. One of the most popular attractions is the Viking Ship Museum, which displays the five original Viking ships from the 11th century and is the only museum in the world to do so. 

Another popular attraction is the Roskilde Cathedral, the burial site of the Danish royal family. It is the oldest and most important cathedral in Denmark and has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1995. 

3. Aalborg

Aalborg is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the country. It has a rich history and an exciting culture to explore. Some of the top attractions in Aalborg are Aalborg Zoo, Aalborg Tower, Aalborg Cathedral, Aalborghus Castle, Aalborg Historical Museum, and Aalborg Waterfront. To see a variety of animals from around the world, Aalborg Zoo is certainly a great place. Aalborg Tower, on the other hand, is a great viewpoint to take in the stunning views of the city. 

4. Ribe

Ribe is a beautiful city with many attractions. As a visitor, you can explore the city's history at the Ribe Viking Center, an open-air museum featuring reconstructed Viking buildings and artefacts. At the Ribe Cathedral, you can admire the city's unique architecture and take in the peaceful atmosphere of this ancient building. 

Other popular attractions include the Ribe Town Hall, the Riberhus Castle, and the Mølleparken park. For a unique experience, you can visit the Wadden Sea National Park, where you can explore the unique marine wildlife of the Wadden Sea. 

Best Time to Visit Denmark

If you are planning to visit Denmark, note that the best time to visit the country is from June to August. The climate and weather are both pleasant enough to explore the country without any inconvenience. The temperature during these months generally ranges between 15 and 20 °C. The daylight hours are also longer during this time.  

Refer to the following section to find the most frequently asked questions related to travel insurance Denmark!

Travel Insurance by Age Group 
Travel Insurance for over 65 Travel Insurance for over 70 Travel Insurance for over 75
Q1. How to find the most suitable travel insurance Denmark when travelling from the UAE?

You can check out our digital platform and the most suitable travel insurance for yourself after comparing the top plans in one place.

Q2. Can I get travel health insurance Denmark through offline means?

Yes, you can visit your nearest insurance provider’s branch and get travel insurance.

Q3. Is senior citizen travel insurance available under an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy?

Yes, senior citizen travel insurance can be availed as annual multi-trip travel insurance.

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