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Jordan, one of the renowned Arab countries, is a landlocked nation with glorious ancient architecture, local homestays, spectacular holy sites, desert adventure, and much more. Its range of magnificent natural landscapes as well as famous historical sites certainly make it a popular travel destination. 

You can visit Jordan any time of the year and enjoy its rich culture and glimpses. However, despite sufficient preparation for travel to Jordan from the UAE, you may face any medical or non-medical emergencies which can make things go haywire quickly. To overcome such situations without depleting your resources, travel insurance in Jordan can greatly help!  

Let’s go through the article below to learn more about the process of buying Jordan travel insurance, required documents, places to visit in Jordan, and more.

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to Jordan from the UAE?

To buy Jordan travel insurance in UAE, you can opt for any of the following modes and follow the steps given below – 

Via Policybazaar UAE 

You can comfortably buy Jordan travel insurance policy at the best prices from Policybazaar UAE. This online platform offers comprehensive Jordan travel insurance plans from the top leading insurance providers in the emirates. 

To buy a Jordan travel insurance policy from, fill out the lead form available in the 'travel insurance' section of the official website by entering details related to the type of your trip and so on. 

This will take you to our travel insurance quotes pages, where you can compare the different types of policies as per their inclusions, exclusions, add-ons, price, and more. Once you zero down on a plan, you can apply for it right there.

Some of the key benefits of purchasing travel insurance from Policybazaar UAE are – 

  • You can compare multiple travel insurance policies and select the one that aligns the best with your needs and budget
  • Get the best Jordan travel insurance plan at the most affordable rates
  • Enjoy access to the round-the-clock customer care service
  • Get in touch with our experts to receive advice regarding your travel insurance plans
  • You can apply for a plan without stepping out of your home and enjoy the utmost convenience
  • You can also access your credit score for free 

In case you are stuck at any step while applying for a Jordan travel insurance policy, you can reach out to our customer care team or in-house experts and make a well-informed decision.

Via Insurance Provider 

You can also head to the official website of any reputed insurance provider and apply for a Jordan travel insurance policy on their travel insurance page. Once you are on the relevant page, fill out the lead form with details such as your trip’s start and end date, the type of trip, the number of people travelling, your nationality, and so on.

Jordan Travel Insurance - What You Can Expect from It

Adversities may come announced during your trip, which can cause considerable discomfort and bring additional costs. With a Jordan travel insurance policy in hand, however, you can be safe during your trip. Before travelling to Jordan, obtaining a comprehensive travel insurance policy is advisable to cover overseas medical costs, legal expenses, personal liabilities, medical repatriation or evacuation, and the repatriation of mortal remains. 

Besides covering emergency medical expenses, Jordan travel insurance plans also cover travel inconveniences including delays in flights, trip curtailment and cancellation, and more. With travel insurance for Jordan from the UAE, you can have peace of mind whilst abroad.

Do I Need Jordan Travel Insurance from UAE?

Jordan travel insurance policy will help you keep your financial concerns at bay if you fall sick during the trip, lose your luggage or passport, miss your flight, or face any other such difficulty. Such a policy can secure you and your belongings while you are on your travel spree.

Some of the key benefits of the Jordan travel insurance policy are discussed below – 

Personal Accident Cover:

Unfortunately accidents can always happen while you travel to Jordan. Personal accident provides financial coverage against accidents causing bodily injury, accidental death, permanent partial disability, or permanent total disability.

Trip Curtailment or Cancellation Cover:

While you may be excited about your upcoming journey to Jordan, there is always a possibility of it being cancelled due to some legitimate reasons. Through a Jordan travel insurance policy, you can get back the non-refundable funds spent on tickets, accommodation, and so forth.

Emergency Medical Expenses Cover:

With a Jordan travel insurance policy, you can be covered against emergency medical expenses incurred during your trip. So if you meet with an accident or fall sick while on the trip, your insurance company will bear the expenses and allow you to recover without any additional stress.

Loss or Delay of Luggage:

In case of lost or delayed baggage, your Jordan travel insurance policy will compensate you up to the sum insured amount. Moreover, some policies can cover your luggage costs during an emergency evacuation or other mishaps as well.

COVID-19 Coverage:

Most Jordan travel insurance plans offer COVID-19 coverage and cover the costs incurred due to RT-PCR tests, diagnostics, and quarantine.

Types of Jordan Travel Insurance 

Based on your specific requirements, you can choose from a trove of Jordan travel insurance plans listed below –

Single-Trip Travel Insurance:

A single-trip travel insurance policy provides coverage for a one-off holiday and remains valid till the time you are on a trip. This type of travel insurance covers medical and non-medical expenses, including flight delays, baggage loss, passport loss, and so on. It is suitable for people who are planning to go on a short leisure trip or business tour. 

Some of the key benefits of single-trip travel insurance are as follows – 

  • It is cost-effective if you plan to go on a single trip once a year
  • It can cover your entire trip

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

A multi-trip travel insurance plan, as the name suggests, provides extended coverage so that frequent travellers don’t have to go through the entire process of getting insurance for each trip. Some of the standard inclusions of multi-trip travel insurance are personal accident cover, baggage loss cover, emergency medical expenses cover, trip cancellation cover, and so on. With this type of travel insurance, you can enjoy flexible protection for all your overseas trips during the year.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior citizen travel insurance provides all the standard coverages as any other travel insurance policy. The important aspect here is that this type of travel insurance is specifically designed keeping the requirements of senior citizens (above 65  or 70 years old) in mind. Such plans offer additional advantages related to the general requirements of senior citizens.

Family Travel Insurance

Family travel insurance is specifically designed to cover families while they travel to Jordan. With a family travel insurance plan, the policyholder, their parents, spouse, and children are covered during the journey. The only caveat here is that infants younger than 30 days and individuals older than 65 years are generally not covered under such travel insurance.

Individual Travel Insurance

If you are a solo traveller, you can opt for individual travel insurance. These insurance plans are generally affordable and offer as good coverage to those travelling to Jordan alone as that of other plans on the list.

Some other major Jordan travel insurance policies are discussed below – 

Student Travel Insurance

Jordan is a popular destination for students interested in pursuing their higher education. Some of the popular courses in Jordan are subjects related to religious studies, ancient civilisations, and the Arabic language. 

UAE students moving to Jordan for higher studies can purchase student travel insurance policies to protect themselves against financial adversities during the trip and their stay. These plans are generally available for students between the ages of 16 and 35 and offer coverages associated with study interruption, sponsor protection, loss of laptops or valuable gadgets, and more.

Jordan Visa Requirements

Residents of the UAE need a visa to travel to Jordan only if their stay is of more than 30 days. In case you are going for an extended stay, you may be asked to present these documents – 

  • Passport with a validity of at least 6 months
  • One empty page for the visa stamp on the passport
  • Copy of your Emirates ID
  • Six months’ bank statement
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Travel insurance certificate 
  • Accommodation proof
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Flight Itinerary
  • 'No Objection Certificate’ from a local sponsor

After submission of the required documents, you would be required to pay the applicable visa fee using any of the approved payment methods. Once the payment is completed, an interview will be arranged within a stipulated time frame. Remember to provide correct responses to the questions asked and the valid documents to get a visa without any major hassle.

Documents Required to Travel from UAE to Jordan

Before embarking on your journey, keep the following documents in hand at the international airport - 

  • Valid passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Medical certificates
  • Jordan visa if the stay is of more than 30 days
  • Address proof
  • Details of your journey, including arrival and departure dates

One of the picturesque Middle East countries, Jordan is famous for its large number of tourist locations. Let’s check out some of the major ones below – 


Amman, the capital of Jordan, is one of Jordan’s largest cities as well. The city is an excellent blend of the new and old that can keep you intrigued. While Amman is widely known for its sky-high building buildings and ancient culture, it has some other popular locations as well – 

  • Roman Amphitheater
  • Jordan Museum
  • Jabal Amman
  • Abdoun
  • Multiple terrace cafes for brunch or supper
  • Sunset at Amman Citadel
  • Souk (open marketplace for shopping pieces of jewellery,  carpets, handicrafts, and so on)

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a famous lake in Jordan straddling the borders of Jordan and Israel. A remarkable feature of this place is that it can make you float on its water without needing any equipment. In addition, the water of the Dead Sea is enriched with different minerals and is used by many for therapeutic treatments. With multiple beach resort options, you can easily book accommodation as per your requirements and have a unique experience there.


Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is certainly among the best places to visit in Jordan. Carved on red sandstone, it is also famous among cinephiles, with the place being featured in Hollywood movies such as Indiana Jones. With several attractions there, you can spend multiple days in Petra and explore to your heart’s content. 

Here are some of the popular tourist spots in Petra – 

  • Djinn Blocks
  • Obelisk Tomb
  • Siq
  • Treasury
  • Colonnaded Street
  • Street of Facades


Also known as Gerasa, Jerash is located around 50 km from Amman city. If you want to take a glimpse into ancient culture, this is indeed one of the best places in Jordan. It has some of the best-preserved roman ruins and is enriched with superior-quality olives and olive oil. You can walk through Hadrian’s Arch and explore the Jeruish ruins.

Bethany Beyond the Jordan

Al Maghtas, officially known as Bethany Beyond the Jordan, consists of Elijah's Hill or Tel Al-Kharrar and the Saint John area. This place is believed to be the high-pilgrimage site where Jesus Christ was baptised by John the Baptist. You can find the biblical relics on the entire course of the Jordan River and get a chance to see an array of Christian and Jewish remains.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

Dana Biosphere Reserve can be a perfect choice if you plan to go hiking or walking on a breezing day. Several activities are conducted in Dana Biosphere Reserve such as stargazing, cycling trails, bird watching, cooking classes, and more. Besides activities, this place is home to many endangered species, like sand cats, spiny-tailed lizards, Syrian wolves, and more.

Do I need to carry a Jordan travel insurance certificate to apply for the visa?

Yes, it is advisable to apply for Jordan travel insurance before embarking on the journey. A travel insurance policy can financially protect you in times of adversity during your trip.

How to claim travel insurance for a Jordan visa?

You should connect with your concerned insurance provider to make a claim in case you face any inconvenience. One of the provider’s representatives will initiate the process and inform you about the steps to be followed and the list of the required documents.

Which type of Jordan travel insurance policy is best for me?

Depending on your length of stay, the purpose of the visit, and the required coverage, you can choose the Jordan travel insurance policy. Some popular Jordan travel insurance policies are single-trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, senior-citizen travel insurance, student travel insurance, family travel insurance, and so on.

Is COVID-19 covered under Jordan travel insurance policy?

Yes, most of the insurance providers in the UAE provide coverage for COVID-19. These policies cover the costs incurred related to RT-PCR tests, mandatory quarantine, and medication expenses up to the specified limits.

If there is any change in my travel dates to Jordan, can I make the necessary changes to my Jordan travel insurance policy?

Yes, some travel insurance companies allow the option of changing travel dates before the commencement of the Jordan travel insurance policy.

How can I buy a Jordan travel insurance policy?

You can buy a Jordan travel insurance policy by heading to and checking out the 'travel insurance' section. With Policybazaar UAE, you can find the best Jordan travel insurance plans in one place and make an informed decision after comparing the policies and including additional covers, if required. You can also visit the website of any of the leading insurance providers in the UAE or go to their offline branches to buy Jordan travel insurance online. 

What is the cost of a Jordan travel insurance policy from the UAE?

The premium of your Jordan travel insurance plan is determined by different factors such as the length of your stay, the sum insured amount, inclusions, and more. 

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