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Germany is the cradle of Western Classical Music. The country has presented the world with the best music composers of all time - Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and many more. The influence of Goethe and Beckett is undeniable in today’s philosophy and literature. The rich cultural heritage of Germany has coupled with the historical significance of numerous places.

The Black Forest or the banks of the Rhine and the Danube are some of the most enchanting places in the world. Besides the untamed wilderness, Germany offers a bunch of ultramodern cities. These cities too have a strong connection to history. 

You can now safeguard your dream trip to the European nation with the best travel and health insurance online for Germany. Here, we will be fabricating various travel insurance for Germany available on Policybazaar UAE.          

Germany Travel Insurance

People are opting for travel insurance online to protect themselves and their near and dear ones from unforeseen losses and damages. For example, you would love to avoid a miserable circumstance due to the loss of your passport. You may get into a sticky situation if your luggage gets misplaced. Moreover, accidental health conditions and emergencies can incur a lot of expenses. These unexpected costs can be reimbursed or compensated if you buy travel and health insurance online for Germany. There are numerous plans available for you. You can choose the most convenient one from a list of multiple fantastic policies. 

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Germany?

Yes, you need to furnish health insurance at the time of the Germany visa application. That is why you would see people looking for the best travel health insurance for Germany. As mentioned earlier, you would love to cover yourself for the immediate expenses which fall out of planning. Losses, misplacements, damages and emergencies could cost more than you can imagine. You can now cover these expenses rather comfortably with cheap travel insurance for Germany available on Policy Bazaar. Find below a detailed list of different types of coverage you get with these amazing travel insurance plans.

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Benefits of Germany Travel Insurance

Coverage for Covid-19:

It is needless to say that coverage for Covid-19 and related expenses are a must these days. That is why you would find each policy on Policy Bazaar has this basic coverage attached. You can protect yourself from the immediate costs incurred during RT-PCR tests or mandatory quarantine. In case of Covid-19 complications, your treatment will be fully reimbursed by this coverage.

Coverage for Other Medical Issues:

Apart from Covid-19, you can avail the best travel health insurance for Germany on Policy Bazaar. This scheme will save you from immediate financial requirements during hospitalisation, repatriation and evacuation from foreign soil. 

Coverage for Passport Loss:

A passport is the main document for a foreign trip. You must carry your passport wherever you go. From checking out of the airport to checking in at a hotel, your passport is the main proof of identification and authentication. If you lose your passport, you will be in trouble. But not anymore with the passport coverage that is available on Policybazaar UAE. 

Coverage for Personal Belonging Misplacement:

In extreme cases, you may face luggage misplacement. You may have some essential medicines that you can’t afford to miss out on. A personal belonging coverage protects you from such trouble and compensates you for the loss.

Germany Visa Requirements

Germany offers a short-stay visa for UAE residents. However, non-residents of UAE with a UAE passport are exempted from the short-stay German visa.

There are numerous types of visas available for UAE residents for a trip to Germany. These visas are: 

  • Airport Transit Visa
  • Visitor or Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Trade Fair or Exhibition Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Language Course Visa
  • Training or Internship Visa
  • Job Seeker Visa
  • Germany Visa for Film Crew or Sports Personnel
  • Working Visa
  • Medical Treatment Visa
  • Guest Scientist Visa

You have to choose the right option from these visas to proceed further with the visa application.

After filling in the required details, you have to schedule an appointment with the German Embassy for a round of official visa interviews. Once you clear the interview, you will be presented with a German Visa (based on your preferred type).

Documents Required to Travel to Germany from UAE

The documents required for the German Visa for UAE residents are:

  • A printed copy of the application form
  • A valid UAE passport
  • Two recent photographs 
  • Proof of accommodation (hotel bookings or rental deals)
  • Proof of return ticket
  • Proof of financial competency
  • Proof of employment
  • Health insurance
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Munich is one of the most happening places in Germany. The largest beer festival in Germany takes place in this legendary city. Music is another key attraction of the city along with the historical sites. The city was bombarded heavily in the Second World War. You will come across the relics of the period that will remind you of the scar the Holocaust left. However, today Munich stands as the city of celebration, overcoming the tragedies of the past.

Black Forest:

The Black Forest is a mystical place with numerous grooves, sycamores, swamps, water bodies and meadows. You will come across varied and very unique flora and fauna in this region. Moreover, the gothic feeling of the Black Forest will transport you to medieval Europe. 


Berlin is the capital city of Germany which also bears an enormous historical significance. The rise and fall of the Nazis and the fall of the Berlin Wall are some of the historical events that took place in Berlin. However, today the city has established itself as an ultramodern European city. Music, sports, entertainment, heritage tours, cultural packages - you can simply spend your entire vacation in Berlin to enjoy the nooks and corners of the city.

Rhine Valley:

Your visit to Germany is incomplete without a walk through the upper valley of the Rhine River. Rhine Valley is a photographer’s paradise. Very recently (in 2022), Rhine Valley got the tag of UNESCO Heritage Site. You will love to bask in the sun on lazy afternoons.

Lake Constance:

This lake is regarded as the gateway to the great Alps. You can have a glimpse of the blue mountains from Lake Constance. If you are up for a round of water sports, then this is the ideal place in the entire country.      

Best Time to Visit Germany

The tourist seasons in Germany have got interesting names. Summer, which is by far the ideal season to enjoy the Alpine beauty, is regarded as the tourist season. Autumn is the ‘shoulder season’ that gives tourists the best bargaining opportunities. You can get the most pocket-friendly offers during this season. Winter, in Germany, causes heavy snowfall, and if you enjoy the serene tranquillity of the frosty surroundings, then you must plan your trip to Germany in the season of ice and frost.  

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to Germany from the UAE?

Please refer to the instructions below if you have concerns about how to get travel insurance online for Germany. On Policybazaar UAE, you will find a list of top insurers who give you the best protection at a reasonable cost. The steps to take advantage of any of these outstanding offerings are:

  • Click on the ‘Travel Insurance’ tab to get started.
  • You will be asked whether you are going out or landing in the UAE.
  • Choose ‘Travel Out’ since you are flying to Germany, a foreign land.
  • Then, you have to choose from ‘Single Trip’ or ‘Multi-trip’.
  • If you are planning to visit Germany frequently in a year, then choose multi-trip. Unless click on the single trip option.
  • You have to specify how long you would stay in Germany by choosing the date of departure and the date of return to the UAE.
  • Provide some basic information such as an active email ID and your phone number as the points of contact.
  • Once you finish sharing personal details, click on the ‘View Quote’ tab.
  • A list of policies offered by top insurers in the country will be shown to you.
  • Choose the most convenient one for you and proceed with the premium payment.
  • Your trip to Germany will be covered by the travel insurance you buy online for the foreign tour. 

Points to Remember 

If you decide to purchase the top travel insurance for Germany, then your trip will be perfectly safe and more pleasurable. Any of these efficient plans will cover a wide range of expenses. While visiting Germany, you can cover the loss or damage of your possessions and passport, and receive reimbursement for any medical care. Visit our travel insurance section right away to access a ton of other features! 

Travel Insurance Germany FAQs

Is travel insurance mandatory to visit Germany?

Yes, a German visa application requires proof of health insurance. You can buy the best travel insurance plans on Policy Bazaar at an affordable price. Visit our travel insurance section on Policybazaar UAE for more information.

Do I need a German visa to visit the country?

UAE residents are allowed to visit Germany with a short-stay Green Visa. This is valid for 90 days. So, if you are planning an extensive trip to Germany of more than 90 days, then you have to apply for a tourist visa. Please make a note that non-resident UAE citizens are exempted from the short-stay Green visa benefits.

What is the best time to visit Germany?

German summer is the most sought-after season for tourists. However, you can plan a pocket-friendly trip during the autumn. If you are fond of snowfall, then you should not miss out on the winter months in Germany.

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