Top Places to Visit in Germany


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Germany is a popular tourist destination, offering a wealth of places to visit. From scenic landscapes to bustling cities, there are so many places to explore. As a tourist, you can immerse yourself in the country's rich culture and history or take a break in the beautiful countryside. 

Germany is also known for its world-famous Christmas markets, stunning castles and palaces, and vibrant cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and more. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, or history.

To make sure you make the most of your trip to this country, here are the best places to visit in Germany. 

Tour the Country Like Never Before: Places to Visit in Germany

There is so much to explore in this European country. To make sure that you don’t miss out on any place, we have curated a list of the best places to visit in Germany - 

Places to Visit in Winter Places to Visit in Summer Places to Visit with Family
Berlin Heidelberg Nuremberg
Cologne Munich Berlin
Hamburg Rhine Valley Heidelberg
Dresden Cologne Frankfurt

Unmissable Places in Berlin

The capital of Germany, Berlin is a hub of culture, politics, science, and media. Its vibrant lifestyle, rich heritage, and classic architectural landmarks make the city one of the unique places to visit in Germany. Some remarkable tourist attractions in the city are the Brandenburg Gate, Rebuilt Reichstag, and the Gendarmenmarkt. 

Some other places to visit in Berlin, Germany are -

  • Museum Island - Nestled between the River Spree and the Kupfergraben, Museum Island (also known as Spree Island) is Berlin’s highly popular UNESCO World Heritage Site. On this island, you will find some of the most prominent museums in Germany including the New Museum, Old National Gallery, Pergamon, the Humboldt Forum, and more.
  • Berlin Cathedral - Inspired by the New Baroque style, the Berlin Cathedral Church is the largest church in the city. Here you can explore 3 main sections - the Memorial Church, Nuptial Church, and the Baptismal. Some other highlights are the Imperial staircase and the Imperial Gallery.
  • Holocaust Memorial - Called the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, this place has been a witness to one of the darkest phases of human civilisation. Here, you can visit the information office that has preserved records of the Holocaust. 
  • Charlottenburg Palace and Garden - This is Berlin’s oldest and largest Prussian estate that was the main residence of the German royal family in the late 17th century. Here, you can explore the New Wing, State Dining Room, Golden Gallery, and Old Palace. 

Get First-Hand Experience of the Old Town Vibes at Heidelberg!

Another beautiful city to explore in Germany is Heidelberg. One of the most romantic places to visit in Germany, Heidelberg is home to some picturesque old architecture, bridges, castle ruins, and historic sites. If you are going on a trip to Germany, do not miss out on these places in Heidelberg -

  • Heidelberg Castle - This is a 16th-century castle and a classic example of German Renaissance architecture. This historical site hosts several festivals, one of the most popular being the Heidelberg Castle Festival which runs from June to August. 
  • Hauptstrasse and the Altstadt (Old Town) - Start your tour of Heidelberg by exploring Hauptstrasse, where you can get a chance to explore the untapped medieval architecture, boutique stores, cafes, restaurants, churches, and galleries. This place is a must-visit in December as it hosts the renowned Heidelberg Christmas Market. 
  • Bad Wimpfen - This is an old spa town that remained unspoiled from the two World Wars. The best places to explore here are the Staufen Imperial Palace and Blauer Turm. 
  • Palatinate Museum - This museum houses a collection of some unique antiquities and remains like a cast of the lower jaw of a 500,000-year-old Heidelberg man. The art collection at the museum features fine pieces made from porcelain and pieces like medallions, coins, and glassware.
  • Konigstuhl (King’s Seat) - The King’s Seat is certainly among the best places to visit in Germany if you want to explore the countryside landscape enveloping Heidelberg. You can reach the site via Heidelberg Mountain Railway. 

Explore Art and Culture at Nuremberg

A historic city in Germany, Nuremberg offers a blend of medieval culture and art and contemporary science and technology. One of the best places to visit in Germany with family, explore some fun places here such as - 

  • Nuremberg Castle - Visit this historical structure that was once a residence to German emperors from 1050 to 1571. You can take a walking tour of this castle and explore the imperial stables, the Pentagonal Tower, Kaiserburg, and Palas quarters. 
  • Hauptmarkt - This is a conventional city centre and features a 14th-century “Beautiful Fountain”. At the Hauptmarkt, you can visit the Old Town Hall which is known for its gigantic corridors, dungeons, and more. This market is also famous for its seasonal Christmas Market and St. Giles’ church.
  • German National Museum - You can get a chance to view over 1.3 million items associated with the area’s art and culture here. Some of the highlights include a collection of over 300,000 prints, paintings, and drawings representing the major art schools. 
  • Frauenkirche - Also called the Church of Our Lady, this historical site is known for its Gothic architecture. Explore Frauenkirche for its intricate design at Tucher Altar and two monuments designed by Adam Kraft. 
  • Albrecht Durer’s House - Once a residence of the famous German Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer, this place and now has been converted into a museum. Here, you can get a glimpse of his most famous works like the printed maps. 

Cologne: The Old Cathedral City

Known for its magnificence and Romanesque churches, Cologne is one of the best places to visit in West Germany. Some of the best tourist spots worth exploring over here are mediaeval churches, Roman ruins, museums, and Baroque-styled palaces. 

Here are some destinations you should visit in Cologne on your trip to Germany -

  • Cathedral - Known for its Gothic architecture, the Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the largest cathedrals in Europe, it is famous for its remarkable interiors and works like the 12th-century Reliquary of the 3 Kings, the Treasure Chamber, and more.
  • 4711 House - This is the place that gave Cologne its fragrance-filled name. It is the flagship store for the famous brand Eau de Cologne. Here, you can explore the museum dedicated to the progress of the brand and buy perfume from the small shop inside the house.
  • City Hall - Situated in the centre of the Old Town, Rathaus is Germany’s most ancient city hall. You can explore this site for Hanseatci Hall and Gothic figures of 8 prophets and 9 good heroes. 
  • Schildergasse - This is certainly a shopaholic’s haven. One of the busiest shopping streets in Europe, Schildergasse is famous for trendy boutiques for apparel and several department and chain stores. 
  • Ludwig Museum - This museum was built in 1976 and is home to over 350 pieces of contemporary art that Peter Ludwig donated to the city of Cologne. You can find works from expressionist, contemporary, and classical modern artists in this museum. 

Relax in the City of Munich

Famous for its exceptional architecture, Munich is home to several historical buildings and landmarks. One of the best places to visit in Germany, Munich is worth exploring for its vibrant culture and world-famous museums and galleries. 

To make the most of your Munich trip, check out the following places -

  • Englischer Garten - One of the urban parks in Europe, the English Garden is a perfect place to have a fun and relaxing time with your family as you swim, sunbathe, or picnic with them. 
  • Nymphenburg Palace - This is a popular tourist attraction in Munich and is a classic example of Baroque architecture. This palace is home to the world’s largest collection of porcelain and can be explored for its astounding interiors that feature the Grand Hall of Mirrors.
  • Residenz - Previously home to the Bavarian monarchy, Residenz is now a popular site with several museums, galleries, and theatres. Visit this monument for exploring Cuvillies theatre, the Orangerie, and the Antiquarium. 
  • Marienplatz Square - Start your tour of Munich by visiting Marienplatz Square. This place is one of the most famous attractions that has witnessed several historical events. You can explore the New Town Hall which is built in Gothic style, and also relish the local delicacies at the nearby cafes and restaurants. 
  • Hellabrunn Zoo - This zoological park is home to over 1,500 animals of 150 species. You can visit this park if you are looking forward to some fun and educational activities in Munich with your children. 

Visit the Port City of Hamburg

This city is famous for its spirited culture, historical sites, and unspoiled beauty. It’s worth noting that most of the buildings in the city feature Baroque-style architecture, latent courtyards, and canals. 

When exploring this place to visit in Germany, you can visit local museums, stroll down the cobblestone streets, and check out the rose gardens and botanical parks.

Discussed below are some places worth exploring in Hamburg -

  • Miniatur Wunderland - This is one of the top tourist attractions in Hamburg that has the world’s largest railway display. You can get a chance to view more than 1,040 model trains that are operational in the mystic landscapes of Norway and other European nations.
  • Chocoversum - This chocolate factory is a sweet tooth’s haven. You can take a 90-minute tour and get some samples to try. You can also upgrade your knowledge about chocolates from different countries and visit the farms where you can look at the cocoa beans plant. 
  • Alster Lakes - Among the top tourist spots in Hamburg, the Alster Lakes have both inner and outer lakes also called Binnenalster and Aussenalester respectively. The lake is connected to the majestic Elbe river via canals and waterfront promenades. 
  • Reeperbahn - A contrast to the historic side of Hamburg, Reeperbahn is a popular street in Hamburg. You can roam around and explore nightclubs, restaurants, and bars to truly experience German nightlife. At Reeperbahn street, you can also attend concerts and shows.
  • Stadtpark - As a 100-year-old and the third largest park in the city, Stadtpark offers you the perfect opportunity to enjoy several activities like water sports and boat cruises. What’s remarkable is that the park also has a planetarium where you can learn more about the solar system. With all these things to explore, this park is certainly among the best places to visit in Germany if you want to have some family time. 

Explore the Unspoiled Beauty of Rhine Valley

Here are the top places to visit in Rhine Valley to make your trip to Germany memorable -

  • Rhine Gorge - One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Rhine Gorge flourishes with incredible flora and fauna. Some of the places to explore in the Rhine Gorge are towns of Boppard, Bacharach, and Braubach. 
  • Mainz - This is a Cathedral city located on the west bank of the Rhine River. You can explore the city for its museums like the Roman-Germanic Central Museum, Gutenberg Museum, Museum of Ancient Seafaring, and more. 
  • Worms Cathedral - Located in the city of Worms, this cathedral has intricate interiors featuring 5 Late Gothic sandstone reliefs, a stunning Baroque altar, and more. You can also check out other churches in the city including the Trinity Church (an 18th-century structure) and St. Magnus Church (a 10th-century structure).
  • Mannheim - Mannheim is Rhine Valley’s famous inland harbour and a cultural centre of the city. Some of the popular places here include the Old Town Hall, Lower Parish Church, and Mannheim Baroque Palace. If you are into shopping, you should visit the Planken and the Kurpfalzstrasse as well. 
  • Wiesbaden - This city is famous for its thermal springs. You can visit spas like Fountain Colonnade, Kurhaus, Kaiser Friedrich Baths, Opel Baths, and more and relax to the fullest. 

Check Out the City of Baroque Architecture - Dresden

This is one of the biggest Baroque-style cities and is famous for its wealth of historic, cultural, and artistic sites. The artefacts here, such as preserved royal clothing, a world-class museum, and riverside palaces and churches make this city one of the best places to visit in Germany. 

Listed below are some exceptional places to visit in Dresden -

  • Royal Palace and Museum - The oldest public museum in Dresden, you can visit the Dresden State Art Collection section and see contemporary collections of art, court clothing, and the garden tools of Augustus the Strong. At the Royal Palace and Museum, you can also visit the Green Vault where you can see the Turkish Chamber, Numismatic Cabinet, Print Cabinet, and Dresden Armory. 
  • Frauenkirche - Constituting one of the most remarkable reconstruction projects that happened in Germany, this structure can be explored for its spectacular interiors that feature a restored higher altar highlighted in gold. 
  • Bruhl’s Terrace - Also known as the “Balcony of Europe”, Bruhl’s Terrace is the perfect place for your evening strolls. You can have an exquisite view of the Dolphin Fountain and stroll around to see the College of Art, Moritz Monument, and Terrassenufer. 
  • Pillnitz Palace and Gardens - Built by Augustus the Strong on the banks of Elbe, Pillnitz Palace is worth exploring for its New Palace, Pleasure Garden, and more. The garden features wooded landscapes, Europe’s oldest camellia trees, and a  lily pond. 
  • Moritzburg Palace - This is one of the famous summer palaces and an Electoral hunting lodge. You can explore this historical site for its furnishing and decorations and see the Little Pheasant Castle as well.

Enjoy the Mainhattan of Germany - Frankfurt

One of the most attractive places to visit in Germany, Frankfurt is famous for its enriched history, culture, great tourist spots, and adrenaline rush-inducing outdoor activities. If you are planning to visit Frankfurt, you can take note of some places worth visiting -

  • Stadel Museum - This is one of the top museums in the city and is home to the works of famous artists like Goya, Bacon, Baselitz, Vermeer, Rembrandt, and more. Here is the museum in numbers - around 4,600 photographs, 660 sculptures, 3,100 paintings, and 100,000 drawings!
  • The Palm Garden - One of the most beautiful gardens in Frankfurt, you can visit this garden with your family on a picnic. The Palm Garden has an array of flora. You can take a walk in the shade of the gigantic plants and trees and relax your mind. 
  • Goethe House and Museum - If you are a literature aficionado, you should definitely visit this place. This place was home to the famous German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Now a well-decorated museum, the place has about a 14-room gallery that showcases some of the best artworks of the Late Baroque and Romantic eras. 
  • German Film Museum - If you are interested in learning the nuances of filmmaking, you should visit the German Film Museum. The museum has a range of exhibits and shows dedicated to directors, different film genres, and more.

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